How To Effectively Manage Your Time

Zohra Sarwari


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Okay, you mentioned to me that we'll pick up some more phone calls later, when you call us, please turn off your TV so that we can hear. inshallah, I want to ask you a question. We talked about this earlier, too, before the prior to this program was that you mentioned that you are married at the age of 19. Right? And at the time you were going to school, and you mentioned your husband

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was going to squat the same time. So tell me, how did you were you able to have children, obviously, go to school, pursue your masters, you can even begin with a PhD? How are you able to manage your time in a sense, and I know that you also wrote a book called time management, which we can also find a new website. So tell me about that.

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SubhanAllah, it's,

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I realized I had goals, I had dreams. And one of the things my father, you know, had told me at a young age was, I don't even when I was getting married, he was worried that if I got married, I wouldn't pursue my dreams and my goals and get my education done. And I knew that my parents brought us to America for a reason, you know, they struggled and they came here for us to get that education. And so when I was getting married, and my father was in tears, I was like, Father, I'm not dying. I'm just getting married.

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It was but I wanted to prove to people that we could do it, you could balance your life you could you just have to have sacrifices in life in order to get what you want. And what most of us don't want to do is sacrifice because it's they think it's so hard. It's so hard. It's so hard. And I wanted to show a different image that it can be done and that we need to do it and nothing should stop stop on the line I've seen you know, girls and guys who are blind and handicapped and there's so much of a successful because they don't let their handicap stop them. So what is marriage? Is that supposed to handicap us, as children supposed to handicap us as like they should only empower

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us to do it more for the purpose of getting other people to see that as well as encourage our children to see that, you know, we did it in with and we weren't worried because we had a lot of fun. So managing your time is vital to your success and and somehow it is something people should learn if they want to continue if they want to. If you want to have successful like you have to be able to learn how to manage your time or else your time managers you and you cannot get everything that you need to get done.