Does Dua Change Qadr

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People ask for profit and the Select was what do you think of the medicines presentations and the questions we used against sickness? Will they change the color of the decree of the law at all? He said they are part of the decree of the law. In another honey, he said, Do I supplication and, and decreed Catholic calamities meet and wrestle between heaven and earth? This both of those, Heidi

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are they but both of them have some weakness, but the general meaning is correct and is established through other ideas.

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And hence, we have the question here does do I change? Does do I change the cutter? And I think no one wants to answer that question.

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Anybody want to answer that question? Does do I change the cutter?

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Yes, changes cutter. Okay. What does that mean that it changes cutter?

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Something might be written for you, but if you ask a law law change

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do it yourself as part of Canada. Okay. And, and so, how do we? How do we understand that?

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Because they are resisting the cutter with the cutter. Yeah, what's happening here? When those had these were the Prophet sallallahu wasallam talks about

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that it pushes away of Qatar is from Qatar. And a person doesn't make do I accept that Allah Subhana Allah did what he knew he was gonna make that dry. He wrote it down he will for and he created it. So as part of as part of the cutter is part of the decree it's part of what allows parents to ordain itself and what is written in a low health

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does not change that does not change. So what does it mean that do I repels Qatar?

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Similar? Let's let's take a step back. And hopefully we understand this. If we say if we said eating repels hunger, Would anybody like think that there was something strange?

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Eating repels hunger? No, why? Because these are physical realities that we can that we have experience with. Similarly, similarly, do I. What it resists or repels the evil of the cutter.

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So something your father Yani something, had you not made that something bad may have happened, but Allah subhanaw taala decreed for you to make that and so that bad thing did not happen the same way it was decreed that you eat and so you're no longer hungry. Okay? But many times the Prophet sallallahu wasallam highlights those things, which do not have, let's say, are not based on a person's experience, if you will. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for example,

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says that, from the causes of one's life span being increased, and from their risk, increasing their sustenance and their wealth as well.

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silica rahem

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Okay, that they join those ties with their family. That's not the first thing you think about when you think about how to increase your wealth or how to make your life longer. And if you go to any doctor on the planet, that's not Muslim, and you say, Listen, I want to live longer wish I did diet exercise, do this, right. Nobody's gonna tell you to keep good ties with with your family. So the privacy Selim brings our attention to these things that may not be that may not come to your mind right away.

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Anytime a dude pushes away something as evil or prevent something that that is evil. That's an example of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam statement.