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AI: Summary © The upcoming release of Suraj on Facebook features a brief appearance from the Westerner and a long-awaited appearance from the Rosu. The episode discusses the weakening of bones and hair in older individuals and the use of shaven and shaven-onsed individuals to make shaven-onsed individuals. The speaker provides personal stories of past experiences and reminds everyone to take care of themselves. The video also touches on the importance of showing weakness in one's life to gain power and avoid loss of power.
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Okay, so I'm going to go on to the level of cattle say Sam where you're from and we'll get started in life

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we'll get started and how long 30 seconds give me a quick one today got a class to teach very soon. So

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give me a moment to check in once people started saying so lambs that will be

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homeowner says let's say five slabs old school style five slabs. How not like Mr.

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David I like Muslim neurotic Muslim and homodimers let's get started.

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Take one, I said I wanted to delay but I can throw this one out and allow salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah heroes

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welcome to today's shortened episode of toto we truffles today is Day 16 of Ramadan and may Allah accept what we have done so far and may Allah azza wa jal give us good life and good guys good or bad in the upcoming days and today's Suraj today's either we're gonna be talking about is in social media, a number for Allah's Pentagon it says about Zakaria is

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gonna be one morning Westerner walks through shame. wash down and wants to shame him. One

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this verse, Allah subhanaw taala says about ZACHARY And what he said the color of the he said oh my lord in new analog, so he starts explaining in situation to Allah subhanaw taala allow them are the bones when that is my bones have become weakened? What style Rosu Shaybah and my hair has in my head has filled with white hair. When I'm a computer, it cannot be Shukria and never have I ever been. Never have I ever been displeased in my dua to you, oh my lord, displeased or unhappy.

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So let's look at all translated again. That's the best translation that we get from the English translation partner. He said, Don't be in New analog. So he's complaining his situation to Allah subhanaw taala complaining not in a bad way. But as we'll see in a second, it's a double edged sword, it's coming closer to Allah subhanaw taala. By showing the weakness that he's in, he says that his bones have become weak. And it's a keen eye as you will that.

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For his old age, his bones have become weak, meaning that his body has become weak, his hair is starting to Shava it's, it's ignited like a forest fire with a spark. It's ignited in white hair. So his hair has become white also externally, internally, he's weak internally, externally, he's become old. And then he says, I've never I've never been unhappy with, all of us. So this idea,

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we actually learned some etiquettes of making dua to Allah subhanaw taala by the etiquettes of Ibrahim on a zakat. iadis. So first off, what he's actually preparing to do, as you'll see in the next verses, we're not going to bring it up here. But he's going to ask Allah for a child, even though he's in his old age, a child that would inherit from him. And then he starts off by presenting his weakness to Allah by presenting his weakness to Allah, his weakness.

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When we have been

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when we have been teaching in our visionary Classroom, we talked a lot about da one of the main blocks people are how when they want to make dua to Allah subhana Ghana is

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they find that they're not able to do something. So they'll say I want to make God for it. But how is it possible I want to make dua for this. But you know what, there's no way that that can happen. I don't have time this isn't gonna work. So they focus on their weakness. But see here is that Katie on a snap does focus on his weakness, but that doesn't turn him away from Da he actually brings it forward in his dog that Oh Allah, this is my weakness. I am weak, my bones are weak, my hair is is is is ignited in whites, and he's become old, but he's never displeased with his lords. Donna, I used to.

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It was one year when I was preparing my dogs for Ramadan. And I wanted to find out I wanted to research what did the prophets I think it was Saddam, make dua for or what did Allah's parents I mentioned us are making

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Not far from the dunya so we know a lot of the aphylla type of dogs but what do they make dog for from the dunya and the actually the off recurring you'll see this as a pattern and a theme throughout the Quran and the Sunnah is dot for a child from the dunya is making dog for a child. The story was Acadia, the story of Maryam

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and new Halle CERAM, with his son and an on and on Musa his mother, putting in the in the, in the river in the baskets. There's a lot of that theme of making dua for a child.

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You'll see the second era, Suriname is also presenting his weakness as a tawassul to Watson is trying to accelerate and come closer to a loss of power data in one's da and so zakat era Sam does this he presents his weakness, which is also an etiquette that we learn is that when we raise our hands to Allah subhanaw Ivana, we're not complaining, I think that word in English means like somebody's displeased with Allah and they're complaining, but rather it's expressing or showing Allah that I am weak. And I'm, I've never been unhappy by making it all out to you. So it's not a complaining and I'm angry. It's a complaining and I love you all lower. It's a it's an expression of

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this is how weak I am. And there's no power that I have. And that's why I'm turning to your power, oh Allah. And when somebody's power, and you realize that you don't have any way to get this job done, or it's out of your control, the power of that

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is in knowing that all power is in a laws hands.

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There's something really beautiful about this, this versus well is.

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The last part well, I'm a computer I got a visa Korea and with my dot two, oh my lord, I've never been displeased, or I've never been unhappy. There's two things I'd like to bring up. And we'll finish it with their number one is, I said, you come closer to a lot by showing the weakness of your situation to ascertain what Salah is to come closer to Allah with your weakness. But you'll also see that second year is praising Allah, because Allah has always been kind to Zack getting it and answering this is in the past. So he's saying, I've always been pleased. And you know, always taken care of me when I made off to old law. That's what I've never been displeased, and my job to Oh

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Allah. And this last reflection that I have, is not through the Tafseer books. It's my own reflection. And, and it's all these other things that I mentioned to you these are like from the books have to see this one is last point that I want to mention to you is my own reflection. And it may be wrong. It may be right, but I'm just giving you that caveat. So here we go. This is my final reflection on this one. He is accuracy and answers while I'm a computer

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here which is it which is the negation, he said I've never been displeased with my got to you oh Allah.

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And the opposite could have been true. The opposite could have been said the opposite could have been. I've always been pleased when I made dua to Allah. But secondary Sam says I've never been displeased with my daughter to Allah and I thought about this the negation what's the difference? Between the two we'll move on I guess this is just a on my own personal reflection is that sometimes we think that we're only going to be happy when we get what we make job for. And sometimes what we're making up for isn't good for us, or the times not right. And a lot of the prophets like Prophet Muhammad said a lot a sentiment they make doc like 10 years later, the DA is manifests in

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maybe the Battle of better even though the process I made this die in Mecca 10 years earlier. So it's not that these prophets they made Dawn and every time they made something happens, but they were never displeased and how Allah's Pentagon answered their dogs. So it's not that Oh, I was happy with everything that came by, but it's an opposite effect, which is, Oh Allah, even if this dog gets delayed, or Allah if you have something better for me, I've never been displeased when I may drop to old law, which is like a higher level of respect and honor in one's relationship to a less common thought. If second year had said something like, every time I made up actually, that's my brother.

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We're done, Zack. I have a class to teach and it's coming up very soon. I'd like to say Sam to all of you guys.

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Will see y'all later inshallah Tada, the class for those who are not taking visionair with me the classes today and tomorrow. And then we're done Visionaire. So inshallah Tada. We'll go back

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back to regular it's always trouble length but for now it's just a short reminder tomorrow a short reminder and then we're back to normal right exactly love and take care

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bye bye