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Spend that usefully and actually bring something out to the world something that will benefit the people inshallah Tada. Now today, we're actually going to be taking our first steps. So when you have a wild idea or you have an idea you believe as well, and you want to get it out to the world, what is step number one? I'd love to hear from you guys in the comments. What is step number one? What do you do? You have an idea, what do you do?

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What do you do? Tell me in the comments.

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What you got.

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Zacher says I'll write it down. Farhan says I will jump

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my aim says is to Hara underboss, it says validate your idea. I'm gonna says Make a plan. Nadia says share it.

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Evaluate, brainstorm ideas. Also think about other people, friends that you may have had when they had an idea. What do they do after they get the idea? Things that comes to my mind is they probably talk about it a lot.

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Don't necessarily do anything but they talked about it.

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Nobody said you know make a logo or choose a name for the idea or start an Instagram account. And then when he say started Instagram account, because that's a big one that a lot of people do. I have an idea. Let me start an Instagram account and

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let me share with you guys a story first, I have multiple stories on in this regard. But here's the story. I was once I think I was traveling in Australia. Any Australians here. And when I was traveling Australia, somebody said, a friend of a cousin wants to speak to me. So this person said, you know, I like okay, let's talk. And we're driving in the car on speakerphone. And this brother started presenting an idea to me that he felt was wow, I think it was a radio station. Again, this was many years ago radio station, not like podcast, but radio station and was going to he wanted me to team up with him. Okay, so I'm basically in a car ride in like in on the other side of the world.

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If somebody's cousin's friend, who I'm speaking to the first time, and they're saying, Let's get married, let's let you know, I want to team up with you. And I can't imagine that my response to that would have been like, Wow, I'm so excited you're doing a radio be my partner, I want to do that like, so that wasn't going to be my response. So this is what I say.

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I said on a scale, you have 10 paces, you have like, let's say from zero to 10. And 10 is like you've completely finished this project. And zero is like you haven't started. What number are you on? And I would assume this person is on from zero to 10. They're on step number one. Basically, they had the idea woke up. And now they're discussing it with, you know,

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discussing with Minister and others. So that's what I said to him. And then I said, You know what, when you get to about stage four, or stage five, then let's talk.

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So this is what the brother responded to me. He said, I knew you wouldn't help me.

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Okay, hold on a second here. He put me down. And he said, I knew you wouldn't help me. Okay, what do you guys think about that? I'm interested. What do you guys think about that, that comments from things that we've learned here or from your own experience? He said, I knew you. I'm gonna shriek wouldn't be of help.

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What do you guys got? I'm interested. What do you think?

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A DJ says he's blaming me, okay.

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It's cringe. He sounds defeated already. Negative thoughts. Morale says he's projecting. It's an excuse. He's making excuses. That's his story. It's sad. He was putting his insecurities on me. Okay, so here's what I tell people that if you if you want to take note of this, all star team members, a player's A players that you want on your team will never volunteer to be on your team from the get go. They will never volunteer. I take that as like a golden rule. If you ever have somebody come up to you and say, I'd like to work with you when you're just starting off. They are not an A player, because that's not how a player's act. A players must be

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recruited, a players must be scouted and recruited, they never show up at your door. Okay? So take note of that. That's a big one. So what would have been better for this brother is before seeking to team up with all stars, he should have began the journey himself and become an all star himself. That's really what I wanted to tell him. Don't be a nobody Don't be like blaming people become an all star yourself, because it is in your hands. I'm saying that to all of you guys. It's in your hands to become an all star in your niche in your field. And that was again, that's like 20 years ago, you could have done it nowadays, you can do it from your hand, on the toilets, you can become

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an all star, go in the bathroom and spend like, you know, you're already you know, scrolling through whatever you're part of somebody else's plan, you can become an all star and you can build yourself up and then team up

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with other people.

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All right.

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So here's step number one, here's the first thing you should do is make a list of everything that you need to do to get your business started. I would encourage you to make a list of 20 things, what are 20 things that you need to do to launch this business? Let's make it really simple. What are 20 things that you need to do to launch this business? And how about right now? Let's write it down. You can type it in the notes or you can type it in your own on your own? What are 10 things that you need to do or should do to launch your business? Let's start writing in the comments. What are 10 things for you? What do you think you should do to launch your business? To launch your idea?

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Make a list of 10 That's a what's a list let's make the list right now my friends what is on the list?

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tells me what would be on the website I'm the boss it says set up a website okay write it down

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phase a legal research

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one thing that I like to do is choose a name for my business

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second thing might be I'd like to if I've chosen the name I'd like to secure the social media accounts of that name

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list the products that you want to sell somebody said now said that Amira says categorize my target market good for you Amira to categorize meaning like make like a snapshot of your target audience.

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Brand name break Okay, come on. Give me Give me some more folks. I said 20 steps so far, we got like about five or six. What else would you do?

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For an exit plan? Okay, let's start first before the exit, but I know what you mean. Like how will I sell this? Set up a Zoom account make this specific? How about I like that Sarah, how about setting up an email autoresponder service? How about setting up a PayPal account where people can pay you?

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How about creating something for free that you can give in exchange for people's content, or sorry, in exchange for people's

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contact information.

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I like it serve a target audience Jamila says that so serving meaning grab it, maybe even a focus group, grab your target audience a couple of them maybe about like eight or 10 of them and have a conversation, sit them down on a zoom call, start asking them all these questions.

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The boss said creating a lead magnet

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So you guys see that if you made a list of 10 steps, do you see how concrete this has now become for you? And even as it becomes concrete, my question for you is who is starting to get nervous now now that you see that it's concrete? Who is who is actually really ask yourself, Are you actively seeking an excuse as to why you can't do this? Is your mind right now trying to find a way out? I'm just curious about that.

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Is your mind excited? Or is your mind trying to find a way out?

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Your mind is trying to it's like your mind doesn't even know what the way out is and how to stop doing this. But it's searching. It's like I

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How can I desist? How can I pull away from this, that's the story that you have. That was deck number two, the story, the old story. And now that you're moving forward, that other part of your brain is like telling you, we must find an excuse. We must, there's no good excuse right now, but we will find it. And we will present it to everybody so that we will let ourselves off the hook, basically. Okay.

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So moving along, as you now enter a new start taking action on here, day number three are kicking off, you want to understand your audience, you want to understand your audience.

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So one of the courses that we do is one of the courses that discovery that we do is called like a garment by Shafia sort of quality. And I'll tell you guys, a little background story, like a garment is, is basically like

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it's like a course on sexuality. It's like husband and wife, that kind of thing. And so the language can be pretty intense. So this is what I did. I tried to picture a target audience of one one person, I tried to imagine one person and the initial name that we had or that was presented was like,

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I think it was like Muslim sexuality or something like that, like something kind of like cringy. Yeah. And then and then I tried to picture like, so imagine this is not the target person. But let's suppose the target person is a woman named trying to thing a name or name, Deborah. Deborah, okay, a sister named Deborah trying to think a random name. And I tried to imagine Deborah is sitting at her computer she receives an email from I don't know how I'm gonna stream that says sexuality.

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Like, and then I'm, then immediately I'm like, There's no way now she might open it, or she might open it, but there is no way she's gonna share it with anybody. She's not going to share with her, like, Hey, friends, check this out sexuality, like, it's not going to work. And so I went back to the team. And then I said that, look, we cannot have a name like that. In our Muslim community, we understand our audience, they're not going to appreciate that kind of language, maybe they will like the course but they're not going to share it, we need a more we need a better name for that, that goes according to our audience. And so came the name like a garment and I think everybody

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appreciates that, like a garment is such like it's, it's, it's, it's the language that the Quran use for this topic. And it's such a beautiful name and you know, over the years, I think we've done this course for at least like 12 years and handle a lot of anatomy and that comes from understanding your audience and understanding where they would what they would appreciate

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you know, I want to share with you guys something that happened to me

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at Mr. Nebo we

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do any of you like to

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people watch people watch meaning like sitting in a train station and looking at people and try to understand things about them where they from, you know, stuff like that people people watching so I think a lot of us like to people watch. So Medina is like perfect for people watching because whole world is there and stuff like that. So it was after Salah one time after Isha and people were coming out of masjid and nebo we

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were coming out of messin nebo. We like, like, it was like a river, like this flowing river of people coming out of maisonnette buoy. And I'm like, in the middle of the river, I'm standing near a garbage bin. And all of a sudden, somebody comes out from the comes out from Mr. Nebo. He touches one side of his nose, and then blows out all the snot and nastiness from the other side of his nose into the garbage bin. Okay. And I was like

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and I was like, Oh, that is so disgusting.

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Okay, and then and then like, one minute later, then somebody else comes out of this out of the crowd and walks into goes up to the garbage bin and grabs his nose and and blows out his nose into the garbage bin. And then later on a third person does it a fourth person does is

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that like they kept doing it? But I noticed something here. I noticed that everybody who was doing this, everybody who was doing this

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was wearing the same Koofi and had the same clothing, meaning that they were all from the same

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country. And they were all like I would assume in their country, this is how you know, this is normal behavior, that when you see a garbage bin, you blow your nose out in the garbage bin or something like that. So understanding your audience. So even in a crowd, there's going to be things that run through your audience, even in the big crowd that you understand your audience understands, and boom, boom, boom, you know, you can get a message across through the noise, if you understand your audience correctly. So

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you don't want to segment your audience like, Who are you going to be selling your idea to, don't segment them according to like, male, female, this age, 35 years old, who live here and stuff like that? Segment people according to what they value, okay, so that's a big one, segment them according to what they value.

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So if you guys said, for example,

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here's, let's say, here's a Muslim coach. And here's a mom that, you know, doesn't want people to tell her to get married, doesn't want people tell her to have children, she values like, I don't want to have kids, I don't want to get married. And then you're a coach that speaks directly to that type of person. That's the person coming out of the ground and blowing their nose, in the in the in the garbage bin, you're like, Yes, I understand what you're saying. And then you start talking to that person, the people who are not like that will will move away from you. And the people who are like that are gonna find that a hero in what you're saying. And they're gonna connect to you based

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on what they value, what they value.

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I wouldn't even say you know, what there was a few years ago, let me let me not talk too much about it. But I saw a lot of Muslim like entrepreneurs going online, and showing off money, showing off money, meaning like, hey, this person is giving, giving, like a reminder. And they got a table next to them with like a stack of like money next to them, or taking pictures with like Lamborghinis, and Ferraris and stuff like that. And they might be speaking to somebody who values that, but from what I understand in the Muslim community, that yeah, maybe people Muslims might secretly want to do that. But you don't show those kinds of things off, you don't show it off. That's not how our

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community understands things. And you'll see that those kinds of entrepreneurs, Muslims who did stuff like that, like things collapse, it just doesn't come from our audience. That's not our community. That's not how we speak in our communities. They took that from a non Muslim context, tried to apply it to a Muslim context. And it failed, because that's not how we talk. So understanding your understanding your audience, and what they value.

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All right, the next thing that you want to do is you want to look at your customers. Secondly, is what are they trying to escape from? What are they trying to escape from? And what are they trying to arrive at?

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What are they trying to escape from? And what are they trying to arrive at?

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So what I mean by that is,

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let's look at the

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let's look at the get married scene. And there's a lot of like, there might be matrimonial websites for that. There are people doing courses for that. There's like, if a woman's divorced versus like, can't find a husband, or whatever, right? There's a lot of Muslim businesses surrounding the matrimonial. But let's look at the journey of a woman who wants to get married or a brother that wants to get married. What are they trying to escape from?

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What they're trying to escape from? You can tell me the comments to share with me and learn learn kind of like if this is your customer, what are they trying to escape from? They're trying to escape from, I don't know, loneliness. They're trying to escape from

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being singled out as not having a spouse or like, Oh, you're not married yet. They're trying to escape from you know, maybe their younger years, their 20s and still not being married. That's what they're trying to escape from. So right from the get go, right from the get go. You can understand that if you were to sell them a product that didn't address what they're trying to escape from your product is going to fail. Your idea is going to fail. So

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it's just getting hot here. Let me just need to turn the AC on a little bit stronger. One moment please.

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What are they trying to escape from? Yeah, so the solitude the loneliness and what and what have you, and what are they trying to arrive at? They're trying to arrive at

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you know, happy marriage

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you know, get married in the younger age and so on. So you want to look at their journey if you were to make like just like I say, hey, there's these five steps to launching your product so for your wild idea the five steps for me are you know, come up with a wow idea be a one man show do it yourself be a one man show become an all star. Number three is attract all stars. After you yourself are an all star number four is manage those all stars and build kind of like a replicatable system. And number five is now distribute that system around the world. So if you come to me and you say, hey, I want to escape from not having an ID or anything like that, and I want to build a business,

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like discover you like a Milgram Institute, and I want it to go around the world. These are my five steps. What is your five or six step formula that will lead a person to escape from something and arrive at something else? When you understand the journey? You will, you'll stop thinking about yourself as like, Hey, I think you need an ebook. You need an ebook? No, they don't need an ebook. They need to

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not feel lonely. So if so tell me this, you guys, if our audience was single brothers and sisters, and step number one is they don't want to feel lonely anymore. What would you do on step one? What would be like what would you do for them? Jamila says companionship No, specifically, what would you do? How are you going to deal with the companionship?

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I have an idea but I'd like to hear from you guys. What would you do? If they're step number one is you want to immediately satisfy their loneliness? What would you do?

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Okay, Amira create events, okay? Let's get specific people we're talking about like up in this up in the clouds get very specific. If you say make an event, what is the event?

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If you guys tell me things like self love, validate them blah, blah, blah. That's still wishy washy stuff. We're talking about products and services here. Not not adjectives.

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Okay. kodra says create a group chat for them.

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What's step number one, maybe later down, you're talking about a matrimonial service. But what's step number one so escaped arrival? There's multiple steps, what's the first thing that you would do? How do you connect them? How do you capture this person so they want more?

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You know, you know, what comes to mind, I'm thinking about these.

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You know, there's like, these bars or nightclubs or whatever, or beach party places, they say something like, girls are free until midnight. Or girls get, you know, such as they're trying to, so they're actually advertising to the men. They're advertising to the men, they're telling the men that there will be girls there because because it's they're gonna get free entry and they're gonna get like free drinks, something like that. So what the offer is, is free drinks for Sorry, sorry for starting with that kind of example. But you'll see it all around you

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so that the guys can come correct. Introduce them to other single people. Okay, so what I hear from what what I see in the comments, a lot of what you guys said is very abstract. Like I said, it's adjectives self love companionship. So like that. That's not an idea. That's an adjective. How are you going to deliver that? How are you going to step number one, help this person with loneliness, maybe your Wow idea is everybody who signs up you personally call them and welcome them. Maybe like let's say here in in the Facebook group. I did a live even before we started, and I encouraged you guys to to press like and comment on each other's videos. So that might be like a step number that

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literally is a step number one for me to create an atmosphere or to facilitate an atmosphere where you feel welcomed from the very beginning. Okay, so you have to get specific on these ideas. And then you take them to a step two to step three to step four, step five, until they've arrived at their destination. If you take people along that path

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Get and it really works. And it really arise for them at at what they're seeking, guaranteed you can charge people along that path. It'll be fun, it'll be beneficial, they're going to benefit from it, they're going to get married, you're going to solve the problem, and they're going to arrive at the destination, and you my friend will be their hero. They're like at Hamdulillah you came along, they will not be shy to pay you, they would rather pay you more. Is there anything more that they can buy from you? Have you have any upgrades, they're going to arrive at the destination, they're going to ask you, Hey, can I get an affiliate link? Because I want to tell all my friends about your

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services. This was so great. And that's the power of this escape to arrival. The reason that so many people just flop when they go out there is that

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they just don't have a system that will lead someone to a destination. They'll just be like, Well, I'm a coach for divorcees. Okay, so what? Like I have a system but you have to sign up with me or something like that? No, take them along this path. Take them along this journey from step one. Step two, even actually, if you see and discover you, a lot of our programs are like it's a continuation of a journey. If you take Visionaire and visionary leads to Hey, taking action, and taking out Dreamwalker. And Dreamwalker leads to like, Hey, here's one of your dream dogs related to business, hey, here comes you know, soup challenge. They keep moving along in a journey, because we look at

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our audience and we try to understand what do you need next? What do you need next? What do you need next? And that's where it's like, oh, man, I don't even want to list on how to shoot because I know I'm going to need what he's talking about next. And that's because I'm not doing this out of like random thoughts. We're actually trying to listen to the audience and see what's needed. Next.

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Yes, man says I noticed that well, now Yes, mean, you can do it too.

00:27:09--> 00:27:16

I wanted to tell you guys about if you've ever seen like YouTube ads, and YouTube ads, where

00:27:18--> 00:27:57

they're kind of like, Do you need more money? They start off feeling they have five seconds to capture your attention. And then they'll say that people start with like, Do you ever wonder why, you know, they start with a problem. And for me, I don't I'm like, I know there's a problem out there or whatever money or whatever they're talking about, or weight loss, or whatever it is, I don't really care about somebody describing the problem to me. I would rather like people present solutions. I already know what the problem is, and the issue, but I would like to listen to solutions. Somebody to take me on this journey. A step number one. So I'll give you an example.

00:27:57--> 00:28:41

There's one ad on Instagram, where the it's a it's kind of like a yoga instructor. And he's talking about hip flexibility. And his advertisement, and I actually like to watch his advertisements is because in his advertisement, he's not saying, Hey, do you have problems with your hips? Who cares just skipped garbage like that? This guy in his like, 15 second video, he shares with you a stretch that you can do for your hip so that it can be like mobile and flexible. And I'm like, wow, and then you could like literally like you're sitting there with your phone. And then here I'm doing the stretch right now. Like, oh, yeah, that feels good, feels good. And then you'll watch more, because

00:28:41--> 00:29:00

you're providing value to people. And then they want to continue the journey with you. Okay, tell me more. I got this stretch. What other stretches? Can you do for me? Hey, can you help me with my shoulder? Can you help me with my lower back? And so on? Right. So that's the conversation that you have not just talking about problems? And

00:29:04--> 00:29:05

the next thing is that

00:29:08--> 00:29:38

iPhones have proven to us you know, like, how much time I don't know I think Android has it too. Which is how much time are you spending on your phone every day, started calculating it out? And I did like a kalbi video you might see it. It's like about distraction and I spent on aid on every day I spent 11 hours on my phone 11 hours. I'm like it was crazy. And now I averaged like eight hours a day on my phone

00:29:44--> 00:29:53

and I don't like that. I don't like that. Screens home. And I was actually at I was at a barber shop just like last week.

00:29:55--> 00:29:59

And at the barber shop, I it's like the only place where I don't

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I play with my phone at a barber shop because you're getting a haircut, you fall asleep instead.

00:30:07--> 00:30:48

And I And as I look around, you know, everybody waiting for their hair cuts all these guys and stuff like that, like there is nobody there is nobody not looking at their phone, there's nobody, every single person has got a phone and they're attached to it. And their mind is there. Back in the day, I did this clip about the third parent about television. And I was talking about like, Oh, our kids are spending, like eight hours a day watching television. And I was like, This is bad, this is bad, they shouldn't be spending so much time. And I realized I became that, like, I'm the one now spending eight hours a day, maybe the phone is a little bit better. And that you can choose what

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you're watching and not just sucked into the television set. But at the same time, I would say a good 90% of what you're spending time on you don't need to be spending time on it. It is sucking you in with their algorithms and algorithms or a wild idea. By the way, tick tock, kind of a lot of tick tock.

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But if you're spending that much time, what I really like about it is that it is proving to you that you do have time.

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It is basically punching your excuses in the face and telling you before you say hey, I need to spend time with the kids. Or I'm not going to have time out you're already spending eight hours a de you're already spending that time. But instead of spending the time just being a consumer of other people, why don't you be the producer? Why don't you be the content creator? Why don't you be the one who was like Intel and believe me then the time you spend will be exciting and you'll be helping people and it'll get addictive in a different