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Saramonic Kumar hummable law

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I said I want to go home to labor cat oh sorry for the late beginning but I'm trying something new. So

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different camera different setup. Let's see how it goes.

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They sound like your friend. We'll get started in two minutes

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we'll get started in two minutes

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Ahmed Ahmed radical Assam sha Allah visionary is going to start this is not visionary is gonna start in half an hour. So this is still

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neurotic Muslim, so they Yannick Mr. Nam Zaha Alec Mr. Nam Farhan the Kama Sutra

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or Gaza in UAE while ik macera

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neuron in Dhaka or the coma Salam

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good stuff good stuff. Nemo.

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Laila Ali from Assam Chicago

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setting looks spooky Yeah, right. Dark and light. So anyways, let's get started. Because we don't have much time. It's going to be a short

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a short one today.

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Take One i said I'm gonna take what I can deliver together Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah Allah Slappy Manuela and my bad so today our topic is going to be about the names of Allah subhanaw taala in the ninth of June does Allah subhana data

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actually know this is day nine? Is it the ninth digits Yeah, it is.

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This is sort of odd off which is surah number seven, and the a number is a a 180 Allah subhanaw taala says

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I will be lying in a shape on your body.

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When you lie as

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close enough that there will be hot weather I will let you know hey do you want to see me Esna so you disown America and we are on this verse says when Allah Allah smell has done Unto Allah belongs the most beautiful names a smell has now federal will be here so call upon Him make dua to him with those names.

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With whether Lavina you're gonna see SNL here and leave aside those who do it had in his names. And it had is people who be lie or deny or other in, in pious speech, keep the lie or deny or other empires speech in the living your hidden FEMA, so you Zona McHenry, Ahmed and they will be rewarded and there'll be requested for what they used to do.

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So here in this verse, Allah subhanaw taala says, what Allah Allah smelled pasta and to belongs Unto Allah belongs the most beautiful names, these are names and characteristics and there is nothing and no one from his creation that shares in the perfection of these names. So every characteristic every name of Allah subhanaw taala is the perfection of that the the machete kin, the polytheist and Mecca who used to associate partners with Allah subhanaw taala, they would take names of Allah and they would give it to their idols. So for example, you had two famous idols in Mecca called alat. With Ursa right, and that was if you read this, you know you've heard about them.

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So these idols, when you say the Ursa comes from the name of Allah, subhanaw taala, Allah Aziz, and as he so they would say, that comes from Isla comes from Allah. So Allah they got that and from Allah disease, they got Eliza. So they used to call these idols they used to attribute names of Allah and Karish characteristics of Allah subhanaw taala to alert when, like

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when they were in a herd and they called out Allah, hobo Allah, you know, Lenin rasool Allah, Allah calm things like that. Those were idols that they associated Names of Allah subhanaw taala. To

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somebody asked the question about can you how do you make dot with the names of Allah subhanaw taala so if you have the name of Allah, such as ELWA dude, such as the most loving do you say the word dude? Or do you say Yeah, well, dude,

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or lol so that so the question was, how do you add that

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to your to your dog when you're making it. So here's the thing if you put the yeah in front like yeah, hola. Like if you're saying yeah, hola like that. Yeah, the most often I haven't really checked all the names to make sure. But most often you're going to drop the Elif lamb before so if it was a man is the name of Allah, you would say yeah Rama you would drop the LF lamb and say yeah Rama if Allah subhanaw taala is Al Aziz, you would drop the LM and say yeah as he's yeah as he is. We are Jabbar so you dropped the LF lamb when you started with a Yeah. When you start with like yeah oh my lord like that. If you say

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if you make a DUA and then use in Mecca en del, you are the indica ental as Ezel Kenin indica and tell Eduardo De you can you can leave the LF lamb if you say before it in NACA enter Verily you are if you say that in Arabic, but if you just saying yeah, and the name of Allah you're going to drop the and if lamb

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so these names of Allah subhanaw taala. When what does it mean that it it's it's perfect. So if you take the name of Allah Eileen, the All Knowing, so that means that his knowledge of how the data is you know, encompasses everything and nothing comes out of Allah subhanaw Donnas knowledge so perfection and it also is of knowledge and it's from the past, the present the future everything that Allah subhanaw taala has knowledge if you look at the name of Rahim, the one who gives mercy to others the Mercy giver Allah him that means that there is nothing in existence except that ALLAH subhanaw taala has mercy reaches them are Rahim if you look at Al Qadir, the name Al Cadila

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the powerful are the one who's capable of the one who is capable I think that's how you translate it. It means that there is nothing that empowers Pilate Tada. Income is as perfect as Allah subhanaw taala there is nothing outside if Allah subhanaw taala has power so and every name of Allah subhanaw taala that you come across is going to be like that it's going to be perfection

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there's a dua that the Prophet sallallahu sallam said about anxiety and grief, anxiety and grief so when you're feeling anxious or you're feeling sadness, this is

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where you say yeah Allah in Nabi doc, we are your slaves Benoit Vidic, the sons of your slave. Ben will ematic the sons of your female slave no Alsina be added or for lock is in your hands. Maldon fina healthmark Your command is forever executed on us. I didn't fina called that your decree over us over me is just as alchemical lisman Horlock I asked him this is the other prophesy seven taught us I asked you with every name belonging to you because lisman Horlock some made to be enough set the names that you named yourself. Oh, Ansel, Delphi, Tadek. Or names, the Beautiful Names of Allah that You revealed in your book? Oh, I had them and how thick are names that you taught your

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Christian? I was thumped the behavior element was Arabia and there are names that you have preserved in the knowledge of the Unseen with you and Tejon Quran Allah Halima Robbia KHUDOBIN that you make the Quran the life and the life of our of my heart and my breast.

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Until Donald Khurana Robbie Kobina Nuwara Selena and the light of our breast,

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La Jolla, Nina and make it a departure for my Sorrell weather have a hormone Mina will booming, and a release for my anxiety and my grief. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that whoever says this By Allah, Allah will take away his sorrow and grief, and give him instead of that joy. And so this is what we do with the names of Allah subhanaw taala. We call upon Allah azza wa jal with these names. Let me finish off with one last. One last point, there's a common statement that we have that is said in English and that is, God is love. God is love.

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And I thought about that I was preparing this and I don't know the full answer, but I feel like it's not right for a person to say God is love one of the names of Allah subhanaw Dona is ELWA dude, which is the all loving, the all loving, but to just claim something so you can claim that Allah is a thing. So nobody says like wealth. Somebody doesn't say God is money or God is wealth, or God is love. What does that mean? God is love. And so we mean when we attribute to Allah subhanaw taala name, we actually need proof for those things. We don't just, you know, come out and say, oh, you know what, I just I'll

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Just do it. Love will save the days. I'll say No, I love it. I will save the day when we turn about him. Zack Allah. Hi, Don, I apologize. It was a short tolerate troubles but we are going to be starting our virgin air course. It's going to start in 20 minutes now. So I just wanted to continue on with these Turtleback travels. The best deeds are those that are continuously even if small, so this might be something small

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and insha Allah Tala will be here tomorrow and the days after that Gala. If you haven't registered for visionair I don't know if it's open. Open. That helps you guys there if you are, I know a lot of you. I can see in the names you are there and Visionaire. If you're not check it out. There is 20 minutes left until we begin so that I like what I'm going to live in