Muhammad Alshareef – Don’t over stuff your brain

Muhammad Alshareef
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. How are you?

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We will start in five minutes or six minutes to be exact

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tune in say Sudan where you're from

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and let's get our slams going on.

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Get that slam going on

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slams going on

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far too much share hands and while it must

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ultimately in the Netherlands land of bicycles

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who else slams where you from?

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Noreen Adnan is answering the Biddle

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No, time is not the answer that I have for that riddle.

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It's more fun when you guess right. Some people they just Google it and then what's the point of that?

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slams where you're from where you're tuning in from?

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That's nice.

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Northern from Dhaka oligomer Salam

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thanks for tuning in every day nor

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Noreen I Adnan Malik Massena.

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Sena salat wa salam ser wala in San Antonio Alec Massara as Matt ismat like I'm a cinema SMAP hope you're feeling better. Mrs. Han in Chicago. aligment Salam Rahila Malik Madame Noreen slow, and Sharifa Alec Messiah. It was funny yesterday brother was saying oh, I only say salaam to the sisters. And it was funny because there's only SR sinks and now and I had said so that until we got Michelle on Musa from the Netherlands but from Birmingham Inman that got Marissa from the kingdom. Good Morning, Vietnam.

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Medina, in Bosnia, are they gonna Sudan call? Zuma Begam minus? I think you're trying to say set up

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your mama.

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I think my salami Amala has Nadler there today. Zara in Mississauga likoma Sana

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Mau Raj sedan from Raja Yan is throb. Mahayana and the Bihar and Nazir Olick masarap rahmatullahi wa barakato

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Nila Raja salaam brother I'm Raja heme from Colombo, Sri Lanka, leg of Assam brother. I've been to Colombo.

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Allah keep everybody safe.

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Noreen says I can sit still and there's a riddle to solve ha ha.

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Pilot Naheed Wallach Muslim

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Rubino Atacama salaam

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Michelle says please make dua Subhan Allah please make dua for my dad not Muslim few minutes from fruit few moments from dying

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are you with him?

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Munira and thank you for coming on and sharing with us sister.

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I will tell you so everybody can

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win the erotic Mustang Rahila. What's the riddle? The riddle is in the text. The more you take of me the more you leave behind what am I

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gonna get started? At the top of the hour Aisha identified Madame Patricia Raj up in Philadelphia like

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us as Matt says after nine days I managed to make some chicken broth today Alhamdulillah orbera Alec Mr. Lamb

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on May 1 and salaam to your eight year old daughter

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I don't know how to pronounce it

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is Sheil. It's an

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I had

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so can you phonetically spell it so I can pronounce it properly inshallah.

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King dower says what is the topic today

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it's about overloading your brain how to unload your mind.

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is not talking to me

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CNN from Nigeria Ceman Harlan welcome us

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and Michelle is in the Netherlands stuck their fathers in the UK with two Muslim sisters with

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Tina says deeds and rewards as the answer to the riddle the more you take of me the more you leave behind what am I? No that's not the answer that I have

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no Baris says her daughter's asking for the answer alright the answer to the riddle the answer okay let's let's do this. I'll tell you guys the answer to the riddle when five of you share this Facebook Live before we get started some more people can share it. So if you share then post share after five people share it then I will I will tell you guys what the answer to the riddle is.

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Shared shared

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to hang gear like it was

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shared, shared, shared.

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Good. Forget it taking too long.

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Let's get started. Take one SNL Malik we're not going to live in a ghetto Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While earlier Sabino Allah Anna died.

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Good Morning, Vietnam. Welcome to today's session.

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I wanted to tell you guys, well, the answer to the riddle is, the more you take of me, the more you leave behind what am I the answer is footsteps? The answer is footsteps. The more you take of me, the more you leave behind what am I an answer is footsteps.

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And before we begin as well, I wanted to remind you guys we're doing a it's a mental health summit. And we planned this before all of this took place. All of these fun things in 2020 took place. And because of what's happened in the past, like 10 days, two weeks, one month, we have changed the program so that every topic is focused directly on the mental health related to the situation that you're in now. So if you'd like to register for that we have opened up registration. So anybody can you can pay whatever you want for registration. So there's no you want to come for free. You want to pay whatever you want. It's open, and the link is discover you the letter u dot online for the time

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to thrive Summit. So pay attention to that one, we got an amazing lineup of mental health experts are going to be dealing with the topic of time to thrive, and we've been preparing for it for a while now. Alright, so having said that, today we're talking I'm actually going to talk about something related to mental health. So it's, it was a long time ago when I was a little kid. And

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and somebody asked me this question, they said, What is your parents phone number? What's your dad's phone number? What's your mom's phone number? And I said to them, I don't know. So they immediately assumed that I'm like the worst son in the world, because I didn't know the number to my parents phone number. Now, this is very common nowadays, because everybody's got contact lists, and nobody memorized the numbers. In fact, if you ask me, What is my number? What is mindful? I might also tell you, I don't know because I don't keep it in my mind. I keep my mind blank. You know, those suitcases back in the day, maybe you still have these kinds of suitcases, where you try stuffing

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things into it, stuffing things into it, stuffing things into it, and then you have somebody sit on the suitcase and try to push it down so that you can close it. Unfortunately, we tried doing that with our brains. We try and nowadays when we're at home and you'll hear people say things like I have a lot on my plate. There's a lot on my mind. I want to help you with that here right now inshallah Tada. The problem is, the mind isn't the best location for storage. It's not a suitcase that you just stuffed with information, phone numbers and this and that and this ain't

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Anxiety and future and past and, and present and everything's just going in your mind. In fact, if you ask him, but this is what I do when somebody is feeling overwhelmed, overwhelmed, I'll tell them something like write 20 Things that are on your mind right now write 20 things, write it down 20 Things that are on your mind right now. And you'll find that this person might only be able to think of about seven things if they pushed it. So the overwhelm that they're feeling isn't necessarily that they've got a million things on their mind, even though they might say I've got a million things on my mind. In fact, as it said, once you pass four things on your mind, your brain goes into

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overwhelm. So for example, if you're giving a speech, and I tell this to a mother, my instructors and people are giving clippers, I'm doing like HIPAA training, I'll tell them that if you ever make a bullet list of you know, you're giving a speech and you give a bullet list 1234 I tell the share, whoever is going to give the speech, once you pass three things, nobody will remember after that, they will get overwhelmed. And when asked afterwards about the hook for the speech, they will say it was a good speech, masha Allah, but I don't remember anything. Because the mind goes into overwhelm people. So when I make my list, sometimes I just like to make it two things. And I'm like, good

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luck. If you remember the two things, two things, three things. That's it, once it hits four or above, goes into overwhelm. So if anybody gives a speech, like, these are the 12 habits, or these are the seven things are, these are the 14 pips. And soon as it goes into those kinds of numbers, we all know minds going to go into overwhelm. It sounds good. Like it's a nice list, but nobody's going to remember that because we get into overwhelm.

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So how do you deal with that if your mind is going to overwhelm you're at home, there's a lot of things on your mind, how do you get over that kind of overwhelm in your brain, I'm gonna give you three techniques on how to deal with it Inshallah, tada, number one.

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The first technique is,

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so actually, all of these are related to journaling. All of these are relating to journaling. I've been a fan of journaling, for like, my whole life, probably good 20 years, and I journal all the time. And consistently, in big moments in my life, big turning moments in my life.

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The journal always had something to do with it. And so I'm going to give you some techniques on how to use a journal to clear out your mind so that you can, like just walk around smiling at your family members, because there's nothing on your mind other than being present with the person in front of you knowing that, hey, whatever was on my mind is in its correct location. So the first technique that I will give you actually, you know what, this isn't even in my list, but I'll share with you anyway, is you open up a note on your phone, and then you'll say something like, what are the top two things that I need to get done today?

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What are the top two things that I need to get done today, these top two things, if I get them done,

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it's been a productive day. It's been a productive day, I get these two things done, it's been a productive day done deal. And then I have a list underneath that, that says, if I have more time, here are some other things that I might want to take care of. And I have another list underneath their appointments, if there's things that are time based. So these top two things to get done each day, I just entered the day where like, what are the top two things I need to get done? Whether I keep focusing on it as throughout the day or saying what should I work on? I keep going back to what are the top two things that I need to get done today. And then it may seem like unproductive even

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though somebody say Muhammad, you're pretty lazy, I get things done, because I'm just focusing on the priority. So that's one way to get through instead of having going through a list of 12 Things To Do list and I have to do this, I have to do that. What are the top two things that you need to get done? Next thing is when your mind goes into overwhelm.

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When your mind goes into overwhelm, write it down in point form. So if you've ever been awake at night, and your mind is just circling about, what about the economy, what's gonna happen in the future? What's your mood? Or what about the rent? Or what about this? What about that, and your mind keeps going, you don't have to journal at that time. You don't have to journal but what you can do is make a bullet list of everything that's on your mind. So you'll say, Hey, I'm worried about the economy. You know, tomorrow, I have to wash the laundry. I have to you know, I have that workout that I need to be doing those all those Instagram workouts that everybody talks about. And then you

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keep doing that you just make a list. Don't go into any detail about it. Just make the list and hey, try to get 20 things you probably won't get 20 Things which is fine. That reassures you that you don't have a million things on your mind. You actually maybe have seven things or 12 things or whatever, but just

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Make a point form list. And then tell yourself your mind, you don't even have to tell yourself, your mind will go to sleep after that, because you're like, you know what, I've written it down, it is somewhere, I don't have to have it in my head. I can refer to this tomorrow when I need to. And you'll find yourself drifting to sleep. So that's one way to get the emotions out. Get it off your mind, get it onto paper. The other thing that I'd recommend another way of journaling is

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750 words. There's actually websites about journaling. 750 words every day. If you really, especially if you're in those, that time of your life, maybe it's like midlife crisis, or there's a lot of emotions going on in your mind.

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This is my right hand.

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When there's

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a lot of emotions going through your mind, you can do this activity 750 words, this is for a lot of the introverts a lot of the people that are really in their head every day, write out 750 words, and this is freestyle.

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This is freestyle writing, where you're asking and answering questions. So I'll open my journal, and I write on my on my phone, I use the app day One day one for journaling, you can you can do it on any notes, but day one is nice. And then I'll start saying to myself, hey, what's on your mind, Muhammad? Well, these are three things that are on my mind, I start writing it down. And then and then I'll say, Well, tell me more about it. Hey, you know what this, I just have a series of asking back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, I might write about 500 words and feel like hey, that's it, I want to stop. But I said no, I'll push to 750 and 750, it gets past the shallow phase,

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just the tip of the iceberg stuff and helps you get to the things that really matter. And you'll find it's just such a mental relief and such an emotional relief. To get it out on paper, I'll give you some tips for those for the 750 words, from my experience, it takes about 818 minutes to write 750 words.

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And the other thing I would recommend with 750 words is to you could also dictate it so on your phone, you can just turn the microphone on and, and text dictate your

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your journaling so that and it'll go faster, then you can do it like in 11 minutes or something like that. 750 words every day, another activity a third one, this will be the final thing that I recommend for you guys, Inshallah, tada. And that is

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there are different journaling things where you're trying to find the root cause of something. Because if you deal with the root cause, you know, sometimes just knowing what the root cause what's what you're really afraid of,

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can resolve the issue. And if you don't know the root cause then sometimes you're dealing with one thing like maybe there's a family member, like a child that's screaming, and the issue isn't the child screaming, you've heard the child screaming before, the issue is maybe you're afraid for the future, for example, or you're afraid something else. So if you just figure out what's really bothering you, it can help. So there's some activities that take you to the root problem. Yeah. And then there are other activities that are not the root problem, but they follow your fears. So that you can see, hey, this lead doesn't lead to something that you're afraid of. So I want to share the

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second example not you know how to get to the root cause but rather

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how to go to the next go to the next level. So this is the so what activity so you write down something that you're afraid of. So I'm afraid that next month I won't be able to pay the rent, then you put you do this like five levels you put So what then what will happen

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okay, so what will then will happen if I don't pay the rent, and then you know, landlord's gonna send me a message saying hey, better pay the rent. Okay, great. So what then what will happen? Okay, if he sends me this message, I'll tell him hey, you know what, I have a loss of income due to the Coronavirus and that's what I'll respond. And then you say okay, so what then what will happen? Then you say to yourself, Okay, if I tell him that he's either gonna reject it or he might give me some facilitations let's suppose he doesn't give me facilitation okay. So what then what will happen then what will happen is he can't do you think about it because you know, this is the situation that I'm

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in So what then what will happen? Nothing inshallah Tada things will you know, the sun will rise on another day inshallah Tada everything will work out and in the lobby able to pay my landlord back and pay my rent done deal. Yes. So, so what then what will happen? You do it five levels. So when you starting to feel a little anxious about something, so what then what will happen to five levels and inshallah Tada, it'll move you out of just circling or

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looping around one scenario. And that's why it's so essential to get this down on paper, mental health wise, get it out on paper, get it out of your brain, your brain should always be like empty, just flowing so that sometimes people come up to me and they go, You know what Muhammad, I know you're really busy and you have a lot on your mind. And this is my responses. I'm like, I'm not busy. I don't have anything on my mind, to be honest. To be honest, that's such a British thing.

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And why is there nothing on my mind is just like I said, at the beginning here with the phone number, I don't memorize any phone numbers, I don't have anything on my mind. I don't join any WhatsApp groups. And a lot of people are getting offended by this. But I'm like, I don't want to be constantly my mind entering a discussion every like 30 seconds, my mind entering and discussion my mind, I'd like to keep my brain just free. And I would like to keep my emotions just free. So I'm so that when an opportunity comes where I do want to pay attention, or I do want to give some focus, and I do want to give time to something, I have the time and I have the mental energy to do those

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things. Ajala Donna, alright, so I would like to give you guys a little task.

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You can do this in the text of the Facebook Live. Or if you'd like to write it on paper, write down five to 10 things that are on your mind right now five to 10 things that are on your mind right now. And let's see how it feels after you get that down. So what are five to 10 things that are on your mind right now you can write it in the in the text here, or if you'd like to write it in your notes. Let's take like one minute or two minutes to do it

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write down five to 10 things that are on your mind right now. I will do it as well. How about that? I'll do my own

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five to 10 things are on on right now. First thing is the time to thrive Summit. Got a lecture that I'm going to be doing

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five to 10 things that are on your mind right now, you know what the problem is, if you only listen to lectures, I know there's a lot of Facebook lies everybody's doing stuff these days. But if you're just listening and goes out one year comes out some stuff sticks, most of it doesn't but you're going to benefit more when you do the activity and you'll feel it you'll feel it from the activity so five to 10 things

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that are on your mind right now.

00:22:51 --> 00:22:56

Five to 10 things that are on your mind right now write it down and then see how you feel after you've written it down

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what's interesting is if you can get five to 10 things if you get like three things or four things and you're like look how I can't even get to 10 Good for you then you know that you benefited because you think you're overwhelmed but you can't even think of 10 things

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All right, great if you did the activity, how was it? You've written it down now how do you feel how do you feel compared to this was in your head versus written down? I'd like to hear your feedback on that. How does it feel having this in your head versus having it written down?

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i She says I got three pushes to seven.

00:24:10 --> 00:24:16

Patricia says I still feel overwhelmed keep writing them for Patricia if you've got only like five things.

00:24:18 --> 00:24:21

And I she says made me feel like I'm worried about crayons.

00:24:24 --> 00:24:50

He says I'm thinking about it now more because it's out there. And if it's out there a halo like they say about gas better out and in. If you keeping all that toxic gas in your body, it'll mess you up inside here. Some people are saying later, the 100 saying she feels relaxed. I'm happy that I wrote it down. Now I can deal with it. Like not deal with it. But I'm like, you don't even have to deal with it. You're just like, hey, it's written down.

00:24:51 --> 00:25:00

And as much as I feel this is not as much as I thought. I'm the law. Great. That's what I wanted you to experience and you wouldn't have experienced this. If you

00:25:00 --> 00:25:04

had just heard me and then I ended this Facebook Live and we'd be like claws

00:25:06 --> 00:25:09

and your mama says My problems are not as bad since it's all how stuff

00:25:22 --> 00:25:39

and men are saying none of it is in my control really I have this habit of doing my best it's pure Allah's Will the results and Alhamdulillah that's also if you write things down that are not in your control, that's another thing to pay attention to. By the way, if you written things down, did you write things down that are in your control?

00:25:40 --> 00:25:46

Or did you write things down that are out of your control? And if they're out of your control, then why are they on your list

00:25:57 --> 00:26:20

Alright folks, that's it for today's Facebook Live Zack Allah Hi Ron. The time to thrive Summit is about mental health. Everybody that we're bringing on this thing we brought them from before. This is an event that we have switched up so it deals with all the issues that we're dealing with now. We've got sister Deleon with jacket myself Shakira Hey Brahim, Sister Mina there's

00:26:21 --> 00:26:25

brother will lead Jacqueline we've got Chuck mica eel and

00:26:27 --> 00:26:29

amazing sister presenters as well inshallah Tada

00:26:31 --> 00:26:59

each topic is going to be dealing with mental health related to the situation that we're in and inshallah Tada I'd love for you to attend this is we've opened it up so even though the ticket prices were so low, you can pay whatever you want to attend it you can pay whatever you want it and to buy your tickets for whatever price doesn't matter. We'd love to have you come in sha Allah Tada and let's benefit the link is discovered you dot online

00:27:00 --> 00:27:01

discount I will type it for you

00:27:06 --> 00:27:07


00:27:10 --> 00:27:13

this gaffer yeah

00:27:17 --> 00:27:18

this is annoying

00:27:23 --> 00:27:23

There we go.

00:27:26 --> 00:27:56

We are done folks. Zach Mala Herons of hog llama communication. Hola. Hola. Hola. And Estelle Federica are too late. Thank you Zara. I really needed this talk today as my brain was overwhelmed I wanted to tell you the how to and everybody I actually because I'm preparing my speech for the time to thrive Summit. This is from my content. So if you feeling like a little mentally relax and just these five minutes 10 minutes then inshallah I got a lot of amazing stuff for you. And that's just my topic

00:27:57 --> 00:27:59

as salaam alaikum warahmatullah

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