Don’t Let Your Ibadah Dimish Muhammad Alshareed #Shorts

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That's what I was thinking to myself. I'm like, Yeah, Allah, I don't only want to worship you when massive pain happens to me, I want to worship you in thankfulness. Even though my child is in sick, I would love to worship you at that level as if my child was sick. Oh Allah, even though I don't have an immigration issue, but Oh Allah, I want to worship you and make doc to you, as if, you know, like my life depended on a decision the next day. And all of that comes from not from summer, because summer is when the pain happens. It comes from shocker, like thankful to Allah subhanaw taala his blessing but at a higher level. So maybe you'll better understand based on what I just

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said, when the prophets that Allah has sent him would pray all night, and he prayed so much that I sort of the line is saying, like, be merciful on yourself. His feet would crack from how long he was standing. And the eyeshadow the Alana asked the province of a live system. Why do you pray so much when Allah already forgave your sins, all the past and all the future? And now listen to what the Prophet said a lot of centum said and hopefully inshallah Tada, you kind of see it in different light at this point. And he said, I fella Hakuna Abdon Shakira, shouldn't I be a thankful slave, Oh Allah subhanaw taala like Allah is giving me everything. And that doesn't make the prophets or items

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of worship, diminish it, in fact, makes his worship become stronger. When Allah subhanaw taala has blessed him. And so for a lot of people, no, the worship just kind of like dwindles when things are going good. And then it intensifies when there's pain. How about it becomes intense in both locations. Whether pain happens, or positivity happen or good times are hard times the worship is at the same level or magnified.