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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of learning the meaning of the holy grail in the eyes of others, particularly in the face of major and minor sins. They stress the need for people to learn Arabic language and the holy grail in the eyes of others, as well as the importance of forgiveness and avoiding minor sins. They also discuss the need for people to follow the Quran and not insist on synthetic major wrongdoing. The importance of financial independence and boundaries in marriage is also emphasized. The Al Qaeda Institute for learning is also mentioned, and viewers are encouraged to visit their website for information.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa rocker to everyone. Welcome back to our q&a, which are gonna do this q&a is on Thursdays 6pm BST. We did take a small little break. So we didn't have a q&a Last week, but inshallah we're going to be back and running.

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From today in sha Allah, I know we've had quite a few students send us emails and messages asking when the next q&a is we've had some questions

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pre asked beforehand, so inshallah we don't want to waste any more any more of your time, we'll get started in sha Allah, for anyone who's new. If you have a question, just send it in the comment box of wherever you're watching from. So we're live on Facebook and YouTube. If you put in the comments in sha Allah will try and take the comment the questions in order. But yes, we did have

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two people that reached out that had been waiting to ask you a few questions. So I do want to start with a question that

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we were asked by a dear sister in sha Allah and her question is in non anonymous, but if you give me one moment,

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okay, she wants to ask how can you deal with family members and parents who constantly ask why are you studying a specific course or planning to study?

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They don't want her to be studying Islamic scientists in Arabic And they believe she should be focusing on more important things in life, for example, marriage,

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getting married learning to cook,

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and often it just leads to family disputes and them lecturing her.

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How should someone react in this situation? And how should you be advising and treating your family

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mobile home, you know, one thing I'd like to you know explain, which will be good for everybody Inshallah, in whenever you have to do something, and when you have to walk on the path of any virtue, it is not easy. It always had difficulty and don't wait for the people to encourage you to praise you, generally, they will discourage you, and they will criticize you that always happened. It happened with the Prophets and Messengers with the help of all the people. And because the Quran mission very clearly

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that we are aware they make the shutdowns you know, to put off tackle sound problems in the path of the people who work on alas path, that always keep happening, nothing new. If you don't do anything, maybe, you know, people don't criticize you. But whenever you do even more for example, if you go to the to prayer in the mosque, some people will criticize you even if you just read the Quran the morning somebody will come and criticize, find find some fault you to this or whatever happened to first thing will never be discouraged. You know from people so what's under comments, what you need to know is that the path that we're working on on is a good path is the right path, you should have

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argument and evidence from the book of Allah subhanaw taala from the right people to once you know you are on the right path. And you are convinced with that, then don't worry what people say. Nevertheless, at the same time, you also need to call to explain to the people to maybe they are also encouraged to walk on the same path. So this ultra duty to you know, you can see in the Quran, there are people who call the prophets Allah Allah some mighty noon, you know, my person, some people say Massoud, he had been, you know,

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afflicted with the magic to there are so many accusations against the prophets, Allah Listen, the Quran ministers do the accusation under Quran on the back. So you have to make explanation.

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You have to say to the people, no doubt that you know marriage is important. And no doubt in many other tasks in the life are very, very important. But all of them are connected with the celebrity of Allah subhanaw taala with the Alibaba with being pious i right. Yes. You know, this Islamic analogy will make me a better person. And once I better person, it will help me in my marriage life. It really helps me in my life in general. And but if you don't learn

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Islamic science, and don't learn how to worship Allah subhanaw taala maybe I get married, but the marriage will not succeed. And you can see people around you know, they don't don't even know the meaning of the of the marry. So many people are getting married and married failing.

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This morning I was with one of my students. And she asked me this question that why you know, marriage you know, I the failure

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I explained to her another major reason, one important reason is people don't know what to marry means, you know, people think of marriage as something, you know, like a romantic idea or entertain enjoyment or something like that. It is not the responsibility, why bother. So people have to understand your deeper. So it's very important for everybody in the in the world really, before doing anything they need to learn, they need to study. And Part A major part of this study is to know what Allah wants, because he's the one who created us to he knows the best really what we need to whatever he commerce, that is the most important thing to learn in life. You can learn about the

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marriage from the angles of the people, but we need to learn about the marriage from the angle of the Creator, that what why he made the marriage and what he's expecting from the couple, if we don't learn that, our marriage will fail, or it will be really unproductive. So you have to spend to the people, that this path is important, but not only me, even you and everybody else, they need to learn Islam, and they need to learn Arabic language, they need to learn the meaning of the Quran. And these are the personnel so it will help them you know, in all the matters that you think is important, or more than more than that, really, that people have been created for the life after

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death, not for this life, in under success in the life hereafter only depends on obedience of the commander Phyllis Mottola, and that we must learn because you can't obey Him, unless you know what his commands are.

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Exactly harsher. Let's go to we have a question from say it here. And it's a very interesting question. He says, Is it allowed to collect the cat money to cover the running cost of a nonprofit organization that produces dere materials like videos and books?

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Yeah, do you know,

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in Jakarta, there are actually eight categories that you your failures apart to one of them. Were FISA be the law in the path of Allah subhanaw taala you pay your zakat. It are people who are working for the sake of Islam. And you know, that you can pay zakat to them to among them are in our time, people like your teachers, those who teach Islam, people who call people to Islam, to you know, all the materialists that they need to like, you know, books or syllabus,

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you know, things to distribute with the people, they all actually connected to the data

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and preaching. And it's very, very important for the people, you know, to we certainly, you know, we should pay our part of this data to anything connected to the part of Lesotho anything connected to go into the part of Masada.

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Okay, let's go on to the next question. We have a question from Okay, let's take this if it has a question from Facebook.

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She's asking us and it can share what is what's the allocator referring to in verse 32, also referred to and the verse is the My eldest Nikki Dabba lentinus Davina I mean are you bad enough? I mean hon volume or lean FC?

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I mean, I definitely don't women home Serbia home Bill hayati be it nila, I don't know if she's mentioned the whole thing. And she says any who are actually those who we have chosen from our slaves as mentioned in the previous ayah which is one lady Oh hyena electromechanically Tabby who will have almost like De Lima Albania day

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to allocate our refer to the book of Allah subhanaw taala. And the book of Allah subhanaw taala has been Torah has been gospel. Now in this verse, the book of Allah Sonata is the Quran, that is the book, people who

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received this book, and they believed in it, their chosen people their stuff, I mean, I buy dinner, unless chosen the people who got the Quran, the company's the parcela Salam, and the believers in Islam generally until the day after Yama, but the people who have been chosen to receive the book there are three categories The Quran mentions

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men who are liberal enough some people are wrong themselves, miss the received the book, but they did not follow it properly. You know, they're chosen, but sometimes they don't pray properly. Sometimes they don't pay the card. Sometimes they don't make effort to understand the Quran. So they are not still the chosen people is still a lot of mercy upon them. But that lowest category of the chosen people. Then in between, there are people who act upon the Quran. They understand the Quran they follow the Quran they pray, and the faster they do

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all the duties properly they are marked as it is between they are the there are the third category that the first category sod.

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They want to be for runner in everything that compete, they want to be the best. They don't only play the further, they actually do more and more players, they not only pass the cut, they even give enough charity. They don't want to go for hygiene. They do hygiene in Africa and many many hombre they help people, either they prefer people's need or their own need. I know their hearts are in a fearful of Allah subhanaw taala like in the prophets and messengers and the Companions, people like that, to me, the believer, some people are saying that, you know, the first foreigners will come in competition. And then most people will be more interested in between. And there are people who lower

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the best believe in the book, they believe in Lasala. But they don't follow things i They are required to follow, but it's still their followers that Allah will forgive their sins. They are the pill Allah called him with the wrong because if you don't do things as you have been commanded, certainly it is wrongdoing and injustice.

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Okay, let's see if we can go on to a question from YouTube. So we have a question from Rheas. Is there a difference between major and minor sins? And how can we differentiate between them?

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You know, start early, you know, the major sins and minor offenses, there are two different things that are a major since they're very dangerous. You know, sometimes people commit them, it can lead them to the COFRA unbelief, and people die and the major sin it could be they're never forgiven, or luckily forgive them but they need to repent from their minor sins are things

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which are easily forgiven. When you go for the prayer. Your minor sins are forgiven. When you do minor sins dropped from your body. When we saw the minor sins or whenever you do any good deed, your minor sins are forgiven, but a major since there needs repentance. They need even more than that, really, that if you have taken somebody the money stolen from somewhere, that you need to pay back, and then ask Allah to forgive.

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What are the major sins? What are the minor sins? You know, the people have been difference opinion. But generally those sins of the Quran has made very clearly forbidden. You know, there are the major sins

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like Xena, you know, adultery, killing someone.

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backbiting, slander, you know, accused of abusing a woman after of adultery without any proof. So this hurting anybody, hardly anybody is stealing, taking money from the people for no reason. wronging the orphans. So these are the major things that Quran has mentioned. But there are minor sins that connected to these sins, sometimes even you don't realize them, and sometimes you realize it, but therefore given sometimes insisting other miners is going to be like a major sin, believer should not insist on this, it still can happen by chance, what are minor sins, minuses could be that you know, walking on the path, you know, ate something and drop something on the road, which can

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hurt people sometimes people don't enter the careless, it's a minus in which can be forgiven, the people should be careful about this matter. Also looking at someone like minded walking, and he sees a woman and he looks at her or she looks at him. So, this is not a major sin but is minus in when they go for the prayer they do it it will be forgiven, but if people insist on that, further people go to those places where they can see the women or women go to those places where they can see the men and they insist on that then the the minor sins can become a major sins.

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So, simple matter really the major sins are those which are mentioned in the Quran very clearly. So there are major and minor sins are those which are connected to them, or people do things unintentionally, they're minor, but believe us never should really insist on any synthetic minor major and whenever you do a sin, repent to Allah subhanaw taala give some charity, it will help you and generally you know good deeds per se naira. Huseynov youth hipness,

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good deeds, the remove the bad deeds and their Hadith at parcela.

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A companion care to the personnel he said. And he said to him that I guess, Omen in my shop to the professor turned his face. Then he came from the other side he turned face to three times. And then the prophets and I went for the prayer. And after this, returning from the prayer he asked, ready this man who asked me this question. He came here I am. He said here I am. The professor said, Didn't you pray with me? He said yeah, I just pray that the Prophet said Don't you know in Huseynov

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hipness a yard in good use the Remove the bad deeds to the man became very happy he said is a worldly for me of our everybody the prophets to notify everybody. So from here we know that minor sins are forgiven by you know by good deeds and also there are so many Hadith about the whoo how how many people do their sins are forgiven when people walk to the mosque how their sins are forgiven? So believers always should do all the good deeds so that we do so many minuses all the time. So they'll be forgiven major sins should not happen from the believer but they happen repent don't sit on hope more likely Allah will forgive you wish Allah

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in sha Allah just okay.

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Okay, let's take a question from Imran

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so he's asking about an iron Certainly, sir. And designers Yeah, you heard NASA tecora bucho lady Holika calm enough Silva that they were holla come in has Oh J our best I mean hamari gel and cathedra when you said and it continues. So he's asking so it was how I created from Adam or Adam soul as the Quran says, Your Lord you created you from a single soul and from the heads he created to meet

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the Quran very clearly because other people have gotten the mind that Allah created Adam, and then he created Eve a holdover from the rebirth them or something like that, to that is never in the Quran that more likely had been taken from the people up the book from the Jews or from other belief that in or something actually in the Quran and the Hadith did not there. The word Quran is thinking this verse is very clear that men and women both are created from the same soul, the same sort, Allah did not make you know a soul for men differ from the woman. So to Allah, the Halacha could mean nothing Wahida He created you for him same suit, and from the same suit, he could also the wife

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to the sewed in life, fish for amateur lacquered Adam, and from save life, he created how Wallace so that no mentioning in the Quran, that he was Korea from Adam know, them and he both have been created from the same soul. It also goes against the Christian belief. The Christians have been believing for a long, long time that women didn't don't have sold, only men have sold. So that's not right, you know, Karateka men and women are bought or sold. And both have same soul. You know, none of them actually agree to buy from the other. Both are peer and peer it means that they are independent. They don't they compete complete each other, but they're still independent creation. So

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any belief that women have recruited from the Rebbe for them or something like that, that is not from Islam. This has come from the non Islamic source of Quran it is very clear that men and women both are clear from the same source.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's go to the next question. And Chef, this question is, I can't put you on the screen. But this student previously attended your course on the woman's status in marriage. For anyone interested shifted hold the course and the woman said to the marriage last year was a two day course if I'm not mistaken. And you can actually say on our on demand platform Sharla. And she had a follow up question after attending it. So her question was in your course, on the woman's status in marriage, you say to that a woman has a right to choose her own husband. However, I have learned that there is an agreement amongst the form of their hip, at a preview pubescent child can be

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entered into a marriage contract when they are too young to consent. How can she get out of such a marriage? Moreover, the dominant opinion of the Maliki and Shafi method is that a father is allowed to force his virgin adult daughter to marry there's a dominant opinion of the Maliki and Chef it might have been that women have no right to choose their own husbands. If a father decided to follow such ruling does this mean he's not sinful?

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Yeah, you know that filter you asked

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originally Booker, or Islami volume three, which I think I shouldn't have, come inshallah soon. All these questions about that in more detail many, many times I ask answer the question anywhere, since you ask summary of the matter is marrying a child when she or he does not know anything, you cannot decide anything, you know, minor child is not something you know, Islamic or you know, you know, but sometimes people need to do it like a pirate who is a father he dying out of pants or something. And he thinks, you know, when I die, what will happen to he wants to marry in the interest of the child does not want to harm the child.

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To date, right what allowed, because the father, you know, is known to have love for the child he will never go to harm. By our time things have changed. And really there are fathers who have the child they don't understand their interest, or the amount of forced marriage for other read so many different reasons.

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You know for somebody pressure or something like that, so that way the fatwa that I give in our time is different and I have got a, you know, support for that, too. There have been jewels in Islam before ever that came to shove Rama and some other people who don't allow the child marriage. They said nope not allowed, because a child had no concept and marry like a contract, it must have been said that you never allowed the case of Aisha a different case in the Prophet X exception, everybody loves their daughter to marry with the prophet, but otherwise, you know, it should be with the consent, you know, and if anything happened like that, in the history, you know, that exception of

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maybe this is not right. Anyway, these people said there must be child marriage not allowed. The what I do, I combined between both of them is the first thing children should not be married, you know, before being adult, if father needs some time for some interest, then he should not do on his own, he should get approved to the authority to judge as to some involve them, they will see their supervisor theory little fine. The if they allow them fine. Most countries illegally they are not allowed child marriage anyway, but in the Muslim countries where it allowed, I would request really, that authority should be involved, because sometimes parents have in a wrong interest. So this is

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one thing, Shafi mother, other mother, the daughter, the father can force what the thing is

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that women need a volley. So the Father will work for her in find out to someone and she will accept it. Then the father is the one who is going to conduct a marriage. The women cannot do on their own or marry in Hanafi madhhab a woman can make her own marriage woman can say to mine, I married you. And he said yes sir. And there's no there's no need for anybody or any peritonei Guardian Hanafy mother. But other than that, I have to say no, they're the Willie, but what he cannot force Nobody said with the powers that are very much against forcing anybody and the prophets and Larson said that virgin guards they should be consulted, and even the widows they should be consulted. So if the

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Shafi people are doing differently, it all culture like in Hanafi madhhab there are so many people in India, Pakistan, they married their daughter, they force them without their consent it all wrong to injustice, wrongdoing, that one of the wrongdoings society is still going on. Really.

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The Marietta women did not consulted, they are forced into marriage. For so many of these I don't understand how the parent or you know, why can't you look at your other interests of your own child, certainly with a cashless society enough for the mother who it is and the culture that people

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okay, Inshallah, let's go to a question from SN. And his question is, how does one recover from the heartache and the pain from betrayal and emotional abuse, when one's do as to forgive the person don't seem to work?

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In the dwad, always work, you know,

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try to understand really Allah subhanaw taala is much more powerful

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than anything else I can he can do things in soap it quickly, you cannot imagine. But we women are weak. He does everything to our need our interest, and sometimes he needs he wants it, to read our Eman, our trusted data. There's so many persons, we don't know all those things. Allah knows all the best. Allah not only understand these two things, Allah not only taught that when we make dua, what we think unless God is all powerful to white, and he do, he can do so easily. And let all powerful, but he also Hakeem with all the ways, you know, like, you know, he can create the heaven and earth in one moment, it was a be it by he said he created in six days. Why can't he create in just one

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moment he could create, by the interest of the reverse word in your other tensegrity I couldn't one of my article was that he makes any stages to similarly when your dwell are not accepted the way you want, not because Allah cannot do. The reason is because your interest is something else, which you don't know, when it will happen, you will know really, and there's so much rewards, when the two other are delayed. So don't have any emotional pain, or anything like that. Really refer your metric to Allah and be happy. Because once you give it to him, he will do much better than you think. And he's going to do it much quicker than you can really imagine. People have no idea from the moment

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you ask him. He really accepted and he's doing but you are not aware because he wants to teach you something. He also wants to teach you the patience and the sovereign. So I already found a dua that are accepted immediately. The only difference is that we don't know hikma of Allah. So Allah wants to teach us to trust in him to believe that Elijah Hakeem and you know, hockey, be happy. Always give this to what's in your mind are light hockey, and hockey hockey means he judges whatever he wants, and hockey means whenever he judges

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Something he is wise he has wisdom, which we cannot comprehend. If you do that your Eman will increase, or you become Yatra allows you to become nearer to him, he wants you to be strong in the in the belief that why some time he does not do things the way you want and also because we don't know really what is best for us, the way we ask is gonna be harmful the way he does, that is the best for us.

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Okay, let's see if we can take one or two more questions, inshallah. And this next question is quite interesting.

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And I think this chef, again, this relates back to the course that you did last year on the woman says in marriage, but this question is, why do Why do parents remain number the number one priority even after marriage for men, whilst for women, her husband becomes first? How would women still serve her parents often marriage if a husband doesn't permit this?

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You know, the pirate data to be loving. And working on doing things in the interests of the children, to the parents are not like another party or opposition of the child or they are not enemy. If something like that happened with there's something like the independent pirate basically are considered to have full love. And, you know, fuller sympathy for you, to work for you to support you, that has allowed us now to proceed. But it's something wrong, then yeah, certainly the parents don't have a right like a gun came to the parcela cinema. She said, My father had forced me to marry surrogate who I don't like the father or the person no father has no right. Your marriage canceled.

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So the prophets Allah did not allow that. So this fasting, understand that pirate don't have every buddy had the limits, understand limits boundaries.

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Limit not, but parents don't own their children. They don't own the only children are in under their guardianship.

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And the Guardian and must behave, work under the law and the rule of the guardianship that Allah has made. Only Allah owns people, nobody else wants your father, your mother don't own you. They never own you. They are they just like a trust, a trust people have trust they should work according to the law that trust the law admit that nobody can you know, record that.

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Even when you are not married, you to know that your parent can do whatever they like no, it still you have boundary is still you have your own rights in the house of your parent. And when you married, you have your own right. You know, your father, your your husband is not your master, your husband had certain areas where you have consult him where you have to listen to him to him, but we're all your life is not under him. You can eat what you like you can drink whatever, like you can drink, whenever you like you can wear what you like, all these things you can study, you can follow any mother, you know, whether you want to over your parent or not. It's up to you, whether you want

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to pray or not, your husband cannot force you to pray, it will not let you sit the wives of numerous ramen noodles, they are unbelievers.

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And their husbands are believers, they do not listen to them. But still marriage was fine. Because in the married life, they listened to them, but not in the Oba and not in the belief. So people could be a different belief, he still can see they have been married to your husband had no right to force you for a mother, if you want to obey your parents, you want to be nice to them, your your husband cannot stop you from that he does not have any any power or that you have what you can, he can do. He will, He can stop you from using his money to serve your parrot. The money that your husband gives to you, for you to spend upon you. That is just for you. You're not allowed to spend

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that money on your planet without his permission. If you permit that $5 permit, then you're not allowed because he had no responses towards your husband, your parents, but you have to if you have your own money you can give to them. So understand that in Islamic law. Everybody has boundary you have boundaries. husbands have boundaries. Parents have boundaries, and nobody has the right to own you. Nobody neither parents own you. Neither husband, nobody, everybody independent.

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So just a quick follow up question on this. Would you say then that you think it's important for women especially once they're married to have some sort of financial independence because like you mentioned, you have right you have a right to your husband's money but you can't spend it I mean, you can spend it on yourself and your family but anything beyond that. You can't it's not. It's up to him, right? Yeah. So your money is what you inherit from your father from other people. That's your money no husband cannot take if you make a little earning that with your money you can remember like, it's always good to know when you have money, your value because the better in if everybody

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money brings value that why Islam we will get more we will get all these things. It gives them value sometimes

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People say why women inherit if they're not going to spend because by inheritance they get power they get money and if your money is not enough you can do some work in return not hurt the family life you have no right for that then you can help your parents then can you help the poor people that you know there are so many women in Islam who build the mosque who really matter Assad in the first major ministry of the world actually is built by by a woman Fatima Federica. She are the woman she built her first major ministry so you know the women and so many mosques in India I have seen really they just don't buy the women's money and even now really we will keep making Moscon mother

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Assad and they spending money so they get the money but they're nothing to spend too they can do charity they can give to the rate of the cut to the parent

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the money is important if the women have some way to earn money they should not

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okay, just not gonna for sure for expanding on this and I think we will leave it there inshallah as we have gone a little bit over but again, just share for your boys giving us your time and and and answering our questions. We'll say it's an answer for now and inshallah continue this next week. But just anyone who's kind of had more questions has more questions on this. This topic. We like I mentioned, we did have a short course on this. So if anyone did attend, maybe some people here did attend it. But we had a short course and the woman status and in marriage last year by Shuhei, Karim. It was a two day course if I'm not mistaken. So if you go onto our website, And

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you'll see, there'll be an on demand option, you can actually purchase this course and attend and watch it back in shot in sha Allah. So if you have any more questions about your rights, in marriage, and husbands fulfilling their wives rights and get to understand

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what you should and shouldn't be doing. This course is perfect for that. And there was a big q&a at the end. So you may have some of your questions answered in this course in sha Allah. And also just a quick announcement, we did have quite a few new launches in the past week or two As Salam Institute. So chef Akram, you may be excited. We haven't had a short course for a while which I couldn't, but we do have one coming up. So we have one called S bourbon azul, on the context of revelation in the Quran of the Quran. And this is actually how commits a one day short course it's only 25 pounds at the moment and sha Allah, this is where the earlybird discount. So if anyone has a

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particular interest, and their student of the Quranic studies seeking to gain a deeper understanding in the subject area, Jeff icon will be outlining the traditionally held opinions of Ibn Taymiyyah shareworthy Allah definitely as well as Mowlana Farahi in order to gain a new perspective on this fascinating subject area, which is as bourbon nuzzled the context of revelation of the Quran. So if you head on to the URL that will be on the screen just now in sha Allah.

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You can find out more, or you can just go onto our Facebook, our Instagram, our website, and you can find out more information. This is a one day short course you have, if you purchase it and you can't attend it live, you will have access to the course for I'm not if I'm not mistaken five days as well to watch it back in Sharla. So I highly recommend we haven't had a short course which had come for a while. And we have also launched a new program. And she hokum has been kind of behind the just kind of launching this. And this is a if that specialization program. So for people who are graduated islands, and they want to delve deeper into the science of FIP and photography, photo formulation.

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This is perfect for you in sha Allah this kind of course, if you finish your item your program, you want something else, or you don't really know where to go. This is a newly developed program that we've launched in sha Allah. So again, head on to our website, we also have just many, a lot of things coming up in sha Allah. So just keep up with us on social media. We will continue this q&a Next week, Thursday 6pm In sha Allah and if for whatever reason we do cancel, just keep an eye out for any any announcements on our Facebook and YouTube in sha Allah. And other than that, we will leave it there and we will see you next week in sha Allah Salam Alikum