Minute with a Muslim #089 – Stay Balanced Between The Extremes

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of not getting dragged down by contemporary issues and staying balanced in between. They also talk about the roles of feminism in shaping society, including women being considered oppressed and women being considered "oppressed." The speaker suggests that feminism is not useful in shaping society because it takes women out of the wage economy and is oppressive to women.
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We're dealing with contemporary issues, you want to have an Islamic perspective, you want Islam to be your paradigm for understanding these things. One of the most important things is to not get dragged down to any of these extremes, to try to stay balanced in between brief detour for factors in life that lead to doubts and confusion. Okay? And this is extremely relevant when we talk about how do we get sucked into the extremes. Okay, what's responsible for okay, we go down this path, this person's all the way they've down the rabbit hole on red pill, the gynocentric order and all this other stuff. I mean, I'm not trying to throw shade, but you know, it's like, you know, if you

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can go down a rabbit hole and some people that that's all that they ingest in the media, it's like, okay, hold on, like, like, that's not the whole story. And then feminism is a similar rabbit hole, right? That's like, to the point, man, and people don't understand because, you know, I used before I was a Muslim, like, I studied feminism quite a bit. Okay, like, and I was a feminist, okay, like, so I understood myself as one and I read Judith Butler and I read bell hooks and I read De Beauvoir and all these these folks, and people don't get some of the stuff that's in radical theoretical feminism.

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The idea that the best type of feminist as a lesbian, because she's more committed to women than she is to men. Right? You'll find this stuff in the books, you know, people don't get it. People think that just feminism is just about, you know, treating people equally. And, you know, like, you know, having respect for women and voting rights. It's deeper than that, which is part of why feminism as a as a concept is not very useful term, because it's so imprecise. It means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. But, you know, you can go down that rabbit hole. And you know, some people you know, I think it was De Beauvoir who said that childbirth is inherently oppressive

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to women.

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Childbirth is inherently oppressive to women, because it takes them out of sort of the wage economy, and they're not able to sort of have the sort of same privileges that men have, et cetera, et cetera.