Destruction Of Firaun – Part 1

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The story of the biggest tyrant to have lived on this earth, Firaun… this is the story of his destruction.

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Sam came into that area,

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and Alaska spoke to most.

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Take your sandals off in neck a bit while

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you are in the Holy Land of

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the Pure Land.

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And I chose you first.

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So listen carefully, what is going to be revealed to you?

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Illa Illa and

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indeed I am Allah, there's no god except

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worship Me, and established the salah from I remember

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saying that the pinnacle, the essence of the message and the essence of the sin that fit our own did was till the end, which is injustice from the major sins that Allah subhanaw taala brought up and mentioned in the Quran, number one was his claiming that he was the Lord Most High, his statement and our book of Allah Allah. And when he said to his Congress, man, I think de la comunidad de vida, he said, I don't know of any Lord for you except myself. So the sins the major things that Fernando was involved in number one is claiming that he was Lord. Number two is that he enslaved and detained many slaves in so a whole nation of people that our own had enslaved them and made that made them

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into a slave, thirdly, was the killing of the children of any Estonian and so that our own what he did, is he had a dream, either he had a dream or someone had the dream and they mentioned this to fit our own. He had a dream that a fire had come from, you know, like,

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like Philistine that area had come into Egypt. And, and the fire had killed away all the the clips, the people have been on their their race. And so when they asked about an interpretation, they said that there is a child that's going to come from Venezuela in it's going to ruin your kingdom, take away your empire, and stuff that I own commanded that all the children were born to benissa Isla de be killed. Now this is really you know, it's very cynical, what's been around like, of his sins of the highest level, which you'll see repeated again and again, is his stick, Bob, his arrogance. his arrogance is mentioned in so many, so many verses.

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He wanted to he his first commandment was that all the children of any authority would be killed.

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But then if you think about it, if they're killing all the boys were born. And all the male adult, all the adults, you know, the elderly of vinius, rape are dying, how many years before they've eradicated Venezuela in if there's an all the boys are being killed, and all the elderly people are dying out, then actually, it was his economists that went and spoke to him about this. They said, it's not financially smart to kill all their children. It's bad for business, because your manpower will be lost. And therefore your empire will fall because you've been slaves. And so you're actually killing all of them. We need them as slaves. And so what found did is like yeah, that's a smart

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point for economical reasons that I want changed the killing of vinius. About Us boys to not every year but every other year. So this is the year that all the boys would be killed. This is the year that their spirit Hold on. I said I was born in the year that the children were spared. And the year when musala son was born, this is the year that they were going to kill the children. Now a lot of times one on like, say FBI ceases or something like that comes knocking on your door. What did they say to you? We just want to talk. Now imagine if these agents were the henchmen of their own.

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They would be much more stronger. Physically, like they're, they're like criminals. The henchmen have been around and they're not asking politely. They are barging into the house searching if you have any children, or if any neighbors heard the crying of a baby in your house, and they will take that child and take their swords and they will chop their heads off your child.

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This is what they're doing.

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Allah subhanaw taala says about the test of vinyasa

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And in this, it was a Bella a test from Allah subhanaw taala alim, an enormous test from a large region that he tested with Allah subhanaw taala says to only Moosa if you're afraid for your son, take the child, put them in a basket and throw them in the river

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and let the water take him. Now, if you're a parent, you'll understand a little bit about what's happening here. A parent normally doesn't even let their eyesight off of their child. But this is what Allah subhanaw taala said that if you're afraid then do this. What it will mean Moosa do, she did that she put Musa in the in the basket musala acnm arrives at the doorstep. The river step because they have a lake castle. They have a river castle that goes on to the river. And so the musala arrives at the home of phenol, the baby killer himself, who's the first person to see Masada, a sinner,

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the wife of

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the wife of Pharaoh, she picks up Moosa, she kisses Moosa and she says kurata hein and Lee Wallach. She said, He is the delight of my eyes, in your eyes.

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And frown you know, and this is a husband wife lesson that you learn. He wants to please his wife

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Asya is that um, didn't have children, wife, she didn't have children. And and this concerned her very much. She was very saddened by this. And now a child was brought to your doorstep now the love that you know, her love came out and she wanted to protect Moosa and you'll see that she says, por la Trianon Lee well, Atlanta.

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She said, He's the delight of all my eyes in your eyes don't kill him. Like mondelez she's married to the killer.

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Immediately second sentence, you saying don't kill them, because they know this child is if any sort of child that he is from the venue. Israel is not from the fifth, he's not from them.

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And so musala cinema, Allah subhanaw taala protected him so much that he wouldn't take the milk of any woman until mooses sister she's following the launch to see what happened. And then she said unless Karnataka says that, she said, I don't know Kamala elevatyr coluna Hola, como nos upon? She said, shall I not tell you about home that will do Capella for him? Qatada and you know, nursing and then Allah subhanaw taala, the mother of Masada Sam came, and immediately masala scented Mother of milk from his mother. He's very happy

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around seeing this. He's like, why is this so? Why? How can no other woman that he would take milk from but he takes milk from this woman. And so she said in response to fit around, she said that my milk is very sweet. And my smell is very beautiful. All the children loved me

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and was happy with her response. And so he led her. So now Look, she placed your trust in the last panel tada which is a theme that you will see when we ask the question what saves the nation when the fitna comes down upon them, what will save them placing your trust in the promise of Allah soprano john, a lot of times that statement, place your trust in Allah, people don't understand what that means. It means that if a loved one a thought of promise something, even though in the here and now you might not see that the promise is true. And so what a person needs to do is have a man and tell a club, which is believed in Allah Spano Tata, and placing the trust that if Allah tells me

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he's going to do something for me then unless I will fulfill what he promised that he will do, and that is to look good and it saves the person. Allah subhanaw taala says about only Moosa for that now we not only that we returned Moosa to his mother, and Allah subhanaw taala didn't say to her that you know she's going to be you know, the nurse didn't explain the details, unless monetize, told, put them in the river.

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So we return Moosa to his mother Kate,

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so that it would be a delight for her eyes while a toxin and she would not grieve because notice, even if most is in the home of their own, and she's in the village, she's going to be very sad what happened today. She wants to hear his news all the time. But if she's the nursing mother of moves, that she will always get to be beside him for the rest of his life. In the home of brown, imagine this is the nursing mothers have their owns, you know, the the boy and put our own home. So what kind of special status that she gets. She's living now in the castle. She's living in the castle.

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being treated with so much respect and musala. Sam, you will see when he went to medion, when he went to med Yeah, and for those who are familiar with the story, after he left Egypt, he went to med dn. And then wanted to return 10 years later back to Egypt. And they said, Allah subhanaw taala doesn't mention why you wanted to return. But he took his wife from India. And he said that we're returning back to Egypt, his desire to go back to see his brother to see his mother to return back to his land where he grew up and so on. It doesn't mention the details of it. But this is he would be able even to see his nursing mother. And then Allah subhanaw taala says, and so that you would

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know that the promise of Allah is the truth.

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Well, I can act or an se lie Allah, who most people don't don't understand it don't know this. Don't know this. musala is Sam.

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As he was growing up, and he saw the injustices that were happening to his people, again, Moses from buddies that are in and so he's not from the clips, even though he's growing up in the home of Phnom

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Penh, he sees the injustice again and again and again. A very interesting point and a very beautiful point was when musala a senator he was once going out in the in the city and he saw one of the venues that are in people in a fight with one of the the Egyptians

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so the person Mazel s&m was known to you know, support justice and, you know, stand up for this. And so they called musala. Sam that Benny is right up your alley, Sam, come and help me help me. And so Miss Allison is breaking up in the fight and got very angry, he hit the Egyptian person. He hit him so hard that he killed him.

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Now, that's giving you a little glimpse of masala acnm strength