Destruction Of Firaun – Part 2

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muscle aches and strength that he hits a person once and he doesn't knock them out. He kills them.

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And so Allah subhanaw taala immediately Masada. Sam felt regret for this and it Toba to Allah subhanho wa Taala and repented to Elijah. But nobody knew who had killed the person. Other than that it was a crime punishable by death and an Egyptian would be killed. Nobody's allowed to kill the Egyptians, and that is punishable by death. The next day musala acnm had done Toba to a to Allah Spanish Allah and Allah forgave him. The next day moosari Sudan saw the same person from Venezuela in fighting with another person from the Egyptians.

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And Musa alayhis salam set in a setting in Nicaragua where you move in. He said, You are like a very clear troublemaker. You're You're a deceit at this deceitful person.

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And the beautiful lesson here and then this person said to Moosa Carla, to review and talk to her and he came up to me and he said, you want to kill me like you killed so and so last time, like yesterday. And so you can see even this person, he's he instigates fights

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and yet he was from Venezuela. Yeah. And then the Egyptian who heard this, then the news went out. Moosa was the one who killed yesterday. And then someone came to Moosa, they said, I've been told them in mela yet, Tim, you're on a bit earlier to do the mela again, the word medic comes up, it comes up again and again and again, in the story of our own, and lamella Otto and his meta his aristocrats, as we said that the grasshopper the people that are leading that small group of people, the aristocrats they started plotting to kill to kill musante Center. First, Raj, so they said, Lee, what's interesting, a lesson that you learned from this is even though as Muslims, nobody, you know,

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there's always you know, this thing that you have all good and all that, you know, all Muslims are good at all kuffar. A bad right? This may be like a concept, but you see from videos that are ill, they were not all good. Such as this person who moves out a sentence that you're the problem, even though he was from his own people, he was the problem this person from Venezuela he and then you will see from finance people from the Egyptians, are they all bad? Are they all bad? There could fall but are there? But were they all bad? No, unless one adata guided them from the highest level of them was Asya. Elaine center, and she was the wife to fit our own. And so it's not all in one

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sweeping generality. And they're all at the same level, as he is set out Allah subhanaw taala says, well, Allah who method Allah, Allah gives the example in Lavina. Amma No. Is it for the believing women?

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No, it's for the believing men and women, all the believers till the end of time. Well, a lot of Allah who method at their example, is in Morocco for the home, the wife of Fidel, because it doesn't matter who you're married to. You can be married to the most noblest person and you can be in hellfire. And you could be the most noble this person could be married to you and you could you know, vice versa. It goes both ways. We spoke about the wife of Luke,

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and she was in hellfire. And now we're speaking both in our own who was one of the biggest tyrants who ever walked this earth, and his wife, Alice Punnett, Automator, an example for all believers to the Day of Judgment. When sent out her that she had believed in Moosa, what does he do? Is he going to argue with his wife, he turns to torture.

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Again, we said, there's misconceptions, and then fear, obviously, materialism, he's like, oh, give you this guy. But if there's misconceptions, and then there's fear, and so, once around her that she had believed in mooses, Lord, he began punishing her and torturing her. Imagine he's torturing a woman, not only is he torturing a woman, he's torturing his wife. He's torturing his wife, to the point of death. To the point of death, it's not that he tortured her and let her go. he tortured her to the point where she's praying to Allah subhanaw taala. He's nobody to help her. There's nobody except Allah subhanaw taala. And so who did she turn to?

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She turned to Eliza. And so people might think who is going to help me who's going to help me? There's nobody that can have. There's people that can help you to handle that. But imagine if there's nobody that can help you. You have Allah subhana wa Tada. Look at fabula Tila.

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She's saying Laura baby Neely in Dec debate and fifth Gen. Oh my lord, build a home for me near to you in

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What up baby Neely? Endeca beighton Phil Jenna when a gentleman for our family when a gentleman Oklahoma buddy me and save me and protect me from that I wanted his actions and save me and protect me from the transgressive ingest people, which were the henchmen and these meta and these people are fit around. And Allah subhanaw taala took her back to him Subhana who was Ana

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musala is Sam he left. He left Egypt. He took that advice and when you see Mossad he said he didn't go back to his home and pack his clothes and and get obese to ride and so on and so forth. When he got that news was Allison and left. He left for her Raja Minh. Ha ha ha Tara. So with no food, with no, with no preparation with no riding animal musala sam just left like that. How long do you survive in such a situation? How long do you survive walking into the desert with no food, no clothing not proper, you know, you have no provisions. And so musala a sin um, he went to a place near medya and he's like collapsed.

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After all of this, the fear and the situation that he was in.

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And then he saw some people gathering at a waterhole. He saw some people with their sheep in their lifestyle, getting the water. And then he saw

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these two girls, these two women, and they were standing to the side, they were standing to the side, and they weren't watering their their sheep. And so even though Moosa de Sena was in this situation, and so tired and the city he went to them, and he asked them, Why aren't you you know, taking your sheep too, because this business of tending to the sheep, and take them to the water and all is very difficult work. So you see, there's only men in that area, and he sees two women there, and they're not even allowing their, their sheep to, to go forward. And then the women said that they can't, you know, push and shove with the men, they wait till the men finish. And then they try

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to bet their best to get the water for the sheep. And so Musa alayhis salam said that I will get the water for you. Again, that his his demo, sorry, Sam said, you know, make a deal with them, you're gonna pay me this much, or anything like that. He saw these women in distress in need. And even though he was in need, he was still taking care of them. So merciless. And then he went, and he, what the men used to do is they when they finish their watering, they cover up the hole with a huge rock, and the rock, this watering area is very difficult to move. musala is ministering, he's pushing and shoving with the men moving the rock and he gets water for for the sheep gives it back

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to the women and that's it, they're gone. And Musalia Sam went down and you know, sat down. And then he made you out to Allah subhanaw taala part of the Neela anzahl to Allah em and fade in here. He said, My Lord, that indeed I am very much in need of your credits to come down upon. At that time was that is cinnamon, made that job to Allah subhanaw taala Imagine all the situation. And then he lands his dream job. These girls they came and they said my father, you know, he wants to you know, the father saw them. He said how can you came back so early? And they said this man, he helped us very strong man and so on. So he sent his daughters to go and bring them bring this man. And so they

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brought Musab acnm and they fed him and then the daughter said yeah,

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in the Hydra minister Jonathan for you. I mean, she said oh my father hire him.

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The father of this of one of the daughters for medion he said to her How do you know he's me?

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How do you know he's I mean, how do you know that he's trustworthy? Well, let's find out protect us and and let us learn many examples from this inshallah Tada. When she went back, they went back to call Masada acnm to come to their home. What in Masada. I said, I'm due to her. He told her to walk behind him.

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He told her to walk behind it. Now she's the one leading the way.

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But she would just like, you know, like, throw a rock in this direction, throw a rock in that direction, and you go in this direction or go in that direction. Why did he do that?

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So that he wouldn't walk behind a woman and and her body would be showing her clothing would show and so on and so forth the whole the whole time and he's not married to her is not his mom. And he's a prophet of Allah. And so he said, I walked with you but you walk behind, so that to protect her modesty and to protect her and so on and so forth. From this, she concluded that this was a person of integrity. This is a person

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And, and so she said her father hire him. And so her father hired him. And so he landed the dream job, like eight years or 10 years, that he would work with him, and that he would marry one of his daughters. And he got married to such a righteous woman. And this is the wife of Masada.

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After about eight years, between eight or 10 years musala Cena had that desire built up in him, Allah, Allah placed in his heart, the desire to return back to Egypt.

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Subhan Allah as you see this built up,

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala had prepared Moosa Allah subhanaw taala says, that I manufactured you for myself,

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that Allah subhanaw taala all of these tests, all of the preparations, everything that he had been through Allah subhanaw taala is manufacturing all of these gifts that musalla Sam had been given, so that he would be that servant of Allah subhanaw taala. And that allows it had a mission for Masada, a sinner, when they're traveling through the desert. It's very dark, obviously there's no streetlights, there's nothing like that. It's just the darkness. And then they went to tour de Cena and then at that place musalla sam saw fire and so he told his wife he told her stay here I'm going to that fire either I will get directions from that area. Or I will you know, get one of the embers

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like take one of the flames and come back and you know we can benefit from that.

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And then when Mousavi sin entered that area, Allah has to adjust spoke to Moosa

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spoke to move so

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you saw a Sam came into that area

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analyzes spoke to Moses

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in the NRO book,

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on your Lord flajnik take your sandals off in the capital word in DeSoto. That you are in the Holy Land of

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the Pure Land. What Antarctica and I chose you first me Halima so listen carefully to what is going to be revealed to you.

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In the ANA La ilaha illa Allah Farben wooden kind of saw that and I think, indeed, I am Allah, there was no god except me. So worship Me and established the salah from I remember