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The customer discusses how they enjoyed art projects during the pandemic and how they were inspired to pursue them. They also mention their dream of creating daily v facing videos and how they collaborated with Kobe app to create a YouTube video. The customer emphasizes the importance of teamwork and watching success for guidance.

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They say when the lockdowns first started April 2020, how did you spend your time? Did you take an online art class for example, maybe you really love art projects. Recall specifically what you focused on. Because at times of distress, your heart told you that this is what matters. So what did you do? For me? I was compelled to make daily videos, you might remember them. I was outside shouting, good morning.

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Every single day giving Islamic reminder later, when things got a little busy. I never forgot how much I wanted to pursue those daily videos. And hamdulillah The good news is my dream has come true. True, true. Here's what happened. This Ramadan, I did a video collaborating with Kobe app. There are parts to producing videos that are not my skill, the editing and production, etc. But can be produced my video scripts so nicely that I said, Hey, would you guys like to collaborate? Let's make a ton of videos together and win awards? Yes, yes. Yes. Calbee said yes. Bottom line. I'm following my heart and I'm diving fully into scripting videos, releasing them consistently in sha Allah. I do

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the scripting and recording hobby does the editing and production. Teamwork makes the dream work. Allah Akbar. First series that we're making is called

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curious Muslim is a blend of two topics that I love unsolved mysteries and seeking of Islamic knowledge. keep watching this space for intelligent videos that you'll learn from and make you smile. This is the team up of a hammer initiative and Calbee app. Our job for you is to see you succeed at the highest level