Should Muslim Women Be Trapped at Home

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that's gonna put on separate. So it does say three plus five is equal

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to this verse

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says, stay in your homes and don't come out like, you know, the Japanese.

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Two points of interest is referred to the mothers of the minima. So there's a discussion among the,

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among the jurists, whether it applies to all of the women, we know even if that first is to say that is to apply for the woman, there will be so many exceptions, which would render the most basically, you will say that it's a common thing. Number two is more important, which is not many one will give you some information here.

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Yes, I'm going to give you some information, which is not available in any Quranic translation, the problem has come

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out, and this all ties in, together. So one of the ones saying like, you know, you have half sign offs, and

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so the bus comes in two different formats, this will cause nothing, we will take one and what kidnapper guilty.

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Okay, so what does this what's the second woman? What can enough beauty goodness means and have tranquility, from the Word

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of God with?

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tranquility, relaxation. So when you put both things together, it means stay when you're staying in your homes, do so with relaxation.

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See, do so relaxation. So the profit is not it's not a prison. And this is the thing is when you take this person you make a mess out of it. It will make it seem like I was in a prison or a border mentioned.

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The verse in the corner. way also says what kidnap?

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Which means to say?

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And this is by the way, the opinion?

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No, I don't think

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any man

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No, no, no, you can't do that. Because the verses clear. It comes in two different cannot. And if you put them together as

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point to this is something else, there is an incentive a real incentive from the Islamic perspective, what kind of data?

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He says, basically,

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his wife, and she asked outcomes, it's the case that men get more rewards than women for more opportunities for awards because they can go to get, they can do this, they can do generous praise.

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They get more projects to do. So this this is that. He said, so I set up the same thing.

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As a home visit, looking after the children and doing their thing.

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They should get the same boat as that. Now, if you really think about it, when going to do the things that the bromances said, No, so the man won't get that reward.

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However the woman is doing so you could say that from a design perspective.

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A woman is entitled to a lot of rewards from staying in the house to deal with the children and to help the children with the children. I don't see much difference by the way. Actually, I personally believe what we as a mother should be seeing the work.

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Working as a mother, and looking at upgrading children is in many ways more honorable than many of the professionals because it combines different talents. You combine your teacher, you know you will you are a support worker, you there's so many things that you have to be good at psychology, a lot of things that favor a woman's natural advantages, when we can do multitasking, that they can look up to the children and do things at the same time.

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That from that perspective, this is one of the differentiation points of demarcation between feminism and

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the some it does encourage women to to be natural, and stuff like that and help this kind of thing.

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But it doesn't say that we should be trapped in the house. So that's the balance that we should have when doing the house that should make a comfortable environment for themselves. As the Quran says, relax at home you shouldn't be a prisoner. The contrary is you can't use that verse to say the thing in prison. The contrary is true. And one last thing I just want to mention about another point of demarcation between feminism. I know there are Marxist feminists I understand.

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The majority feminists self identify as liberal feminists, which means that there is a presupposition a capitalistic

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framework, the capitalistic framework is a framework economics, class and governance, which is based on basically competition. So it follows perfectly. If you're having that presupposition for a woman, in order for her to, to sort of compete with men or to be on equal grounds, to go out and compete with him in the industry, a lot has a different criteria for success. This is their criteria. So Western criteria, the idea that you should be making money in order to be successful, the American dream, which end up in Denmark in 1929 34, for the Wall Street crash happened in the Great Depression happened over the 30s end up being the nightmare because of greed and capitalism. And it

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continues to be the anomaly today, with the World Health Organization and Forbes magazine come up together and concluded that Westerners according to their studies are the most depressed. In fact, they dig, they counted the 20 most depressed countries, and 90 of them who I might remember from my memory, were Western countries, only.

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One of them

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was Africa, but the majority of the countries and so capitalism hasn't worked for them. It's not. It's not the pursuit of happiness, you don't get happiness from capitalism is a failed system from that perspective. Yeah. So if you put that as a presupposition to feminism, and then presuppose that then a woman should

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to make money, so she compete with the masses to break the patriarchy. In fact, what you're doing is you're setting up for depression, let her have the right to tell her husband to go outside, make the money for her, come back, give her the money. Now, if there's an agreement between those two people, that she should be working something he can be working, so she isn't talking to her money, he's entitled to his money to give her money as well.

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Which is the right by the way, that's a positively discriminating right for women and for men, it is that it positively discriminates against women, and against men in this regard, but no one, if it was the other way around, believe me, there would be controversy as your religion tells a woman to go out and be slave workers, believe me, that would be the criticism. But the opposite is true. We have as men, we have to go out and make the money. And a woman if she's working, she gets to keep all that she has. That's the reality. So the point I wanted to make is if you put because you have to understand what you're dealing with, you're dealing with a Western construct, which has a

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presupposition, capitalism, and basically incentivize women to go out to the marketplace. So for capitalistic game, because it helps the capitalist economy, the capitalist elites, to get tax money. And to get this better, you're dealing with that you realize, okay, a lot of set different standards was the moment in chapter 58 of the unwashed masses, they'll find them within a

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project. That was pinata raises, the ones who've been given the knowledge from You are the ones who will

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inform you and those who have been given knowledge in degrees. So the two criteria for success is different from a capitalistic criteria. If a woman goes to the top Institute of big bank, yeah, she becomes the leader of the bank, what effect will that have in society, believing the maximum, she can have an effect on that internal institution, she will not be able to have an effect on society. That's the problem. So in other words, Islam, equipping women with something which is more powerful than money, which is knowledge, this knowledge, if it's, if it's absorbed by women, and disseminated to the masses, will change society in a stronger and bigger way than if she had money. I will say

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this shouldn't be a balance. But what I am saying is that the criteria that they've set is a failed criteria. A woman, a successful woman in Islam, is a spiritual woman, and a knowledgeable woman. And Islam is a religion who has had more female scholars than any other world religion, I say go, I say Islam is a religion, we should have more female scholars, that more Hadith scholars than even the scholars of enlightenment and renascence, I say, therefore, let the Muslim woman go back to the thing that was giving them success. Let them be educated, let them educate themselves, let them become scholars, and then they will be telling them what to do because they will have to listen to

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them that will regard a woman scholar who has the knowledge that a man has to have has the right to give the man that knowledge. But it's not the case that a woman capitalist can tell them what to do. No,

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you know, we're seeing it. Hillary Clinton was elected. They're not really doing too, we have to understand the patriarchy will not be broken with a capitalistic strategy. So the Islamic strategy, I think is stronger for for these things. For my personal perspective, I think that if this is if it's implemented, not only will rights be given to them, but they'll be able to elevate themselves higher than the position of men. They can do that they have the opportunity that they should take the opportunity to jump