Mohamad Baajour – Surat Yusuf lessons and Exhortations #16 Jail is more beloved to me

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a series of conversations and interactions between various individuals, including a woman named Kadiya who refuses to mention her behavior and refuses to give her the name of the person she was approached by. The transcript also uses language changes and examples of language changes that have occurred in the past. The segment also touches on the struggles of Islam, including loss of people, the desire for women to wear dresses, and the need for fearless behavior to avoid becoming annoying. The segment ends with a mention of a woman who wants to be a doctor and a woman who wants to be a doctor.
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Salam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi over a cat Smilla hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah Melinda main fauna on finally my lymph Tana was at night in many hammerlock Amin ask ALLAH SubhanA wa taala.

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Teachers would benefit benefit us from what he told us and includes some knowledge. I mean, you're blind I mean, and ask Allah Subhana Allah

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to bless this gathering in sha Allah, Allah and make us from the people at the end of the gathering, they will be told como Mokona lecan Cabo de la se yeah to compassionate. I mean, Robert I mean

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left last week before

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the wife of disease

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the people over

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she made a plot. She made a gathering.

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And the whole idea is to prove them wrong. You're making fun of me. Let me show you.

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Let me show you what kind of man we are talking about.

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So Allah subhanaw taala said phenom Sania to be Mercury

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alternate la him out of sanity lay in

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that Where did he that in sikinos work on it. Work on at the apologia and a

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third I'm

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gonna welcome Tanya ADA no Hakuna Herschelle in

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welcome now her shell in HEMA Basha or inhale her mother in Morocco carry

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on it further early can the long term nanny fee well according to

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see if I still some weather in lemmya

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Morrow la use Jana

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Kuhn um you know sobbing on out of the city you know a Hubble Ian in your own any you know you we're in Sullivan, Nick Ada,

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also in our communal uni in first

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sort of okay, you

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know, was here early.

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when they saw him, they cut their hands and Burma who this is something great this is beyond the imagination and they cut

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Wakanda Harshad Allah, this is no way that this person is a human being by the way this statement. It could be something bad when you say this is not a Bashar.

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If you stop right there could be good. It could be bad. It could be this is not a bunch of this a Haiwan.

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This is an animal but he or she they follow that immediately know how the mother can carry him. Even up to this date. When you want to praise the beauty or the Aflac of someone you

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you say that they are an angel. So here, the beauty was so immaculate, so be dazzling that when they saw him they said no, this is not a human being. This is an angel. This is an angel Kareem SubhanAllah. Now here, this is where we ended last time. Now, Garnet when the whole plot took place on the Qatar

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arms and they saw the beauty of Yusuf Ali Salam call it Fidel he couldn't lady Lymington. Any

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If this is what you have blamed before, this is what you have blamed me for.

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Now she has an evidence. She has a physical evidence on their hands. And she has a verbal evidence when they said Hi Shelly Lahemaa Heather Bashara, she has two evidences.

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At least I did not cut my hand when I saw him. Look what you did. You're worse than me. You are worse than me. This is how the criminals work with each other they try to prove each other wrong. They're not going back to the did you notice they're not mentioned in the sin here? They're just saying Look what you did look what I did. No, no mention about fear of Allah. How can we do this to a man No, no. Finale couldn't Allah the long, long llama. Your normal lung is

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Blame clothes namah lay blame. So

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this is what you blame me for. This is what you blame me for?

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What occurred? Subhan Allah now She's admitted, you know in the beginning.

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Who hurt? He attacked me? What should we do with them? Should we join him? Carlat?

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Well, I could draw what to who and Neff say I am the one who started the seduction. I'm the one who started it. And never say she admitted that he did not want it. I'm the one who pushed him to do it. Yes, welcome to undersea for style. Some he refused he here if you see Subhanallah like we always mentioned that there are so many words in the Arabic language that you cannot get in English. Right one word. What is some mean?

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Escaped? No.

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We all know what what is meant by the word. But can we have one word to explain it? He escaped. He ran away. He refused. But all of that does not come close to asthma. You know when we say as soon as I tell them is my son. Right? Here's this word from the first person. He refused immediately, but really refused Rafa Abba. Right, like bliss.

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And yes, he refused ever, but start some is very deep, honorable word from asthma. He used his asthma as a prophet here for assassin he did not fall into his desire and fall into the trap I plotted for him. I'm a beautiful woman. I'm a woman of status. And I did this to him while I had Robert to an FCC for Stetson.

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He asked for a star some

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when you add when you add Elif seen tab to a verb that means you're asking for that verb.

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Repeat. When you add Elif scene tag to a verb. That means you're asking for the verb that is simple example is a stuff, right? Yeah, hola. I'm asking for mcphedran

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Isata the verb is

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asking for Laos and asking for help iStan and asking for out for help. You know. So here estas some he asked Allah to give him the ESMA

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what does that mean? Jaquan. This is the second time right?

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That we see that use of Alia Salam. It's mentioned in the Quran that anytime he is afflicted by any kind of temptation, immediately, he goes back to Allah. First, when she said Hey Turlock come and get me. He said now of Allah,

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now of Allah and he asked Allah subhanaw taala to protect him. Similarly here yeah one first Assam she used the word to start so he went and asked the smart from Allah azza wa jal. The lesson is first like we repeated mentioned before, the first thing you do, anytime you are in difficulty, run, Flee to Allah azza wa jal run to Allah azza wa jal first, no matter what it is, no matter how tough things are, no matter how sick you are, no matter how broke you are, whatever it is, go to Allah subhanaw taala and Allah azza wa jal will make the people come to you and help you. You can go and ask for help but first, ask Allah first. Always ask Allah first. He is the only one. His name is

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Owen, right? So make him an Owen when you ask also. Alright, make him an hour. Well when you decide the matter, make him an hour. Well when you ask also. Okay, first class

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Whether Illa Mia falna guru who look at these words look at she's showing off now. Now imagine you proved all the people around you wrong. How do you feel?

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Okay, now you see you're blaming me, you saw yourself and look at your arms. Look what you said an angel. And this is why I try to seduce him against himself. And look at the second next strong statement. And if he doesn't do what I'm gonna tell him to do

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now look at that statement. What a woman

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she was caught with him by her husband, and her husband has told her is that freedom became in their continual Hatim

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now from this statement, we conclude that she is going to

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what? Try again. She's gonna try again. Whether Olivia Morrow who? Well I ordered him I'm going to order him again.

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is limited to be more stronger word. What is this? What kind of woman is this? And at the same time, what kind of beauty is this? Subhanallah so she is not going to give up

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they use Jana why they

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are sorry. I am here look at this now look Subhanallah look at the Quran. The language have changed. What did she say the first time

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managers are open Allah wa Alika Su and Allah a use Jana? How are they able to LM? So first, the first time she used the word, she's getting the husband option, right? Either jail him or punish him severely. Hear what you say. The second time if he does not look at the Quran, you can look at the and we all understood what she's asking for Allah subhanaw taala does not say these kinds of terms in the Quran. We all understood what she wants. But because of this holiness and the greatest of this book, Allah does not say she was looking for Xena and all that. No, we understood. What is she ordering?

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We understood Subhanallah look at it. That's also another lesson that when you want to explain something that is even as bad as this don't go into details. Everybody understand when you send somebody you know, there's a brother who committed they know something with a woman, you don't have to go oh he did this and this and one day or hotel or that

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he understood the Quran teach us how to be polite, how to be respectful, even in such a situation. If he does not do become the language change from over there, use John here. Lay your suggestion now. What does that mean?

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When you add lamb, toe kid

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and noon, landed that kid on a toe kid on a verb what does that mean?

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That verb 100% will happen

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100% Lennar blue and

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we will definitely test you we are all going to be tested Allah said then a blue one. Shaman how to do one extra minute I'm 100% Let us work for our beaker. Let us Ellen Nahum Ultramarine lamb and known 100% We are going to ask every single one of them here. Let us Jana the language have changed. I'm gonna 100% put in jail there's no more options

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and there's no more.

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They use Jana whether you're cool with them.

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Now look at this Subhanallah Why did you use they use Jana supposed to say what I used to Jana. What are your Coonan Mina saw when she did not say that? She said whether use Jana when a Hakuna Mina slavery, why

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he will be definitely put to jail and he will be humiliated. Sahil, you know, so here, he'll be from the he will be humiliated Subhanallah the ultimate said she used just genuine because it's in her hands, but humiliating A prophet is not in her hands. So the language have changed. She did not use the Quran and because she cannot control that. Allahu Akbar Malaya Coonan Mina soggetti that noon, Mata Ki is gone from the from the verb. That's the show. Maybe you can put him in jail, but you will never ever humiliate a prophet Subhanallah whether you're Coonan min Asahi

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Now she keeps repeating session the first time she said jail and the second time jail why jail? Why? Let's stone him.

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Why Let's beat him up.

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Why jail always? Anybody

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use of

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this grace

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first of all

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to be

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excellent. He's still close. Jim was gonna be like, here you go seven hours. The chair is gonna be downstairs in the basement. So she wants him to be stay close, number one. Number two, she still have the feeling. She loves him, obviously. Look what she's saying. She loves him so much. She doesn't want him to be harmed. Allahu Akbar Yanni couldn't run and kill him. He's definitely obsessed with use of Alayhis Salam so Subhanallah she wants him to be close. That's why she mentioned jail. twice now he answered. Call Subhanallah cannot be a seed. You know. Ilya Minaya don't own any LA.

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Well, let us refine the que de Haan a small ILA hen. What a con. pinata hearing ya allah

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decision. JL is more beloved to me to commit that major sin. And he'll look at this now. What did he say? He had to own any I don't want any a singular or plural.

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Plural. So now it's not one woman anymore.

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It's the whole village. The whole people that we will gather

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from SME democra hin this is what will fill Medina or this one or this woman now tell us that your own any, for first was a woman by herself. Now the whole crowd.

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It's a bunch of women asking me to do the fascia or asking me to fall into a major Scindia Hola, Yara, cision, but they're threatening me with the jail the prison is more beloved to my heart than to commit anything that will upset you Subhanallah a sigil a humble Ilya Minaya don't any like now we are this is a situation we are faced with a lot of times you have to have to pick with two evils

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being as being in jail is not something beautiful you know, but Subhanallah the

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the Saudi when they are ready to give their freedom

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if it comes close to the if anything comes close to their dean

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Yep, don't Solly him for return. Either Musa Deena

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the Salahaddin are ready to give up their freedom. But don't come close to my dean. Jeremy do whatever you want.

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Don't ask me to leave my dean. This is the true believers sarking Allah Masha Andaman honorable Alameen so called her up be a surgeon who had the Ebola men don't own any LA.

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Again, Yusuf alayhi salam went back to Allah Subhan Allah when he went back to Allah Ya Allah, every step of the way. He's seeking help from Allah azza wa jal. He did not say I'm a prophet I'm this I'm that he's begging Allah Allah that asked me to join Okay, anything but not to disobey you. Now,

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where Allah this is a prophet Jaquan listen carefully. This is an extremely important point. We're just refining Qaeda on a small hint what a committal Jai Helene, your Allah if you do not keep their plotting away from me.

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I might fall us boo. We will explain what possible means. us know. I might be tempted to go towards them. And I wouldn't be amongst the ignorant

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the fitna of Nyssa is the biggest fitna ever fitna of women. Yeah. When fitna Foreman is the big fitna, huge fitna. The Salah salem said is the biggest thing I've ever left. This is a prophet, son of a prophet, son of a prophet, son of the Prophet. He's saying, Ya Allah, if you do not protect me, I might fall. So who am I? Who are you not to fall into sin with a woman?

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This is why that free mixing that we always call for very dangerous Yeah, when very, very dangerous, and you will only learn when something huge happened in our community or our home. Then we say you know what we should have listened to shaitan is always working. You

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He tells the woman you are my test arrow. You are my arrow that does not miss you are my arrow that does not miss some people are tempted by a smile some teacher people are tempted by by hands by feet

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this is this is the man this is a human being.

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So the best way is always to separate them the brothers from the sisters always Wallahi that does not mean the sisters are bad or the brothers are bad no just taking protection. Just being on the safe side. This is a prophet yeah when I'm not saying this, this is Quran why are we learning these stories? If a prophet a prophet

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telling Allah azza wa jal ya Allah if you do not protect me from this I would fall

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What do I say?

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No, no brother. We will lower our gaze. We will

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put that in this app. Fitness in these two major fitness

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Lasala so I sell them from the seven people under the shade of Allah. You know, this is these are heavy duty people. One of them is a man who was seduced by women.

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Beautiful, the status and he said Ma Ma No way. Don't ever ask. Don't ever say Allah test me. No, no, no, no, I will never come close to him and don't ever say that. You never know how you're gonna react to that situation. You never know how weak you're gonna get. This is a prophet asking for protection. Y'all know protect me from them. Otherwise a small you know you hidden What does the word us boomin

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Yanni, Mal.

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Yeah, and he shifted.

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What did the kuffaar of Quraysh used to call the people who follow Muhammad salallahu Salam

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Sabha, right. They used to say Saba Fudan that means this, this person have left our deen and went to the dean of Muhammad. So here, Ya Allah, if you do not protect me a spoon, I will

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tend towards the

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prophet or spoiling him. What a communal journey John in here even though we translated it into ignorant, but here it means that

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anyone who fall into sin at that moment, if he's committing the sin, he's ignorant

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because As Suzanne said, there is this journey with

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men the journey at the time of committing Zina his last his that is belief it went down so bad that he committed the sin that does not mean he's not a moment anymore, but at that moment

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he got hit so bad That's why Allah opened the door of repentance Tober otherwise imagined that you know with every major sin you're out

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Subhan Allah Ya Allah if you don't save me from their plotting que de Haan now it's plural. Or they're plotting

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a sport in a hint welcome Elijah. Hey, look at this beautiful iron after

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Vestager Vela horrible.

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This fat

00:23:36 --> 00:23:37

what is it called an RV

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for infer li

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we have heard this fat in which Surah festa Java

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and Bs right. New ask for stage Abdallah a YouTube as a celeb faster job nella Zakariya faster job he'll use of Alayhis Salam o Allah keep them away from me. festa Jaya Bella who are Abu instantly the DUA was so strong was so sincere. Yeah, imagine someone is tempted with all these women, beautiful woman, rich woman.

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And he's begging Allah, how sincere is that person, ya know, protect me from this woman, Allah Who were the brothers that are which was a lot of us, if not most of us, who are working in the, in the in the field with with non Muslims most of the time. We should make this all the time because there's a lot of plotting going on. And a lot of temptation on a daily basis. You are

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seeing people that are not dressed properly, people that are not talking properly, people are not mixing. So you always have to ask Allah to protect you from this fitna. First agenda Bella Hora boo.

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First agenda Bella who rob Boo fissara fan who que de Haan instantly I

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Law answered his dua and kept away their plotting from him in now, who was semi on Ali? Allah subhanaw taala. Here he picked those two beautiful names Semia Allah Subhanallah one of the best ways of worship of Allah azza wa jal Jaquan. One of the best ways to worship Allah is by his attributes by His names, when I feel when I feel that Allah is Semia.

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Right, I want you please, before you make your DUA from now on, remember that I am making dua to the Samir, I am making dua to the Mujeeb I am making dua to the cordial

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the dye would change that will change the man Okay, you you're meeting the man and they told you that this man is average. He's okay. And he could help you hear some connections. And then you heard that there's another man, he's a billionaire. He's so generous, he's so influential. You go to that next meeting stronger because you know that he has more power.

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Now I'm asking ALLAH, so knowing that he is a Sameer, he heard what the woman said. When they said it and he is also alim, with what's in their heart. For the plotting in the future, he saw and listened to what they did. And at the same time, he is Alimi his own knowing from for their plotting. So Allah used in who, who was sunny on a limb, he is the oil hearing, he is the own knowledgeable, he protected use of Allah His Salam and he could Allah subhanaw taala can protect anyone, anyone Subhana if we ask him sincerely, Yak when

00:26:56 --> 00:26:57

we sometimes Himachal

00:26:59 --> 00:27:03

we sometimes ask for ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. to guide our children for example.

00:27:05 --> 00:27:07

You have to do two things you have to

00:27:08 --> 00:27:13

put your trust in Allah azza wa jal and take by all the means.

00:27:14 --> 00:27:17

I put my trust in Allah as diligent and

00:27:18 --> 00:27:24

I want righteous children. I start from the marriage. I marry Mr. Righteous wife.

00:27:26 --> 00:27:31

And from the moment the kids are born, I start immediately doing my best,

00:27:32 --> 00:27:33

my best

00:27:34 --> 00:27:39

to teach them about Allah. And about rasool Allah Azza wa sallam about Islam.

00:27:40 --> 00:27:42

And that's it. That's all we are asked for.

00:27:44 --> 00:27:59

And the guidance is from Allah azza wa jal Yusuf alayhi salam he begged Allah Ya Allah keep away their plotting from me and I am ready to go to jail yeah Allah I'm ready but not to disobey you for a second. So we are in the

00:28:01 --> 00:28:14

approaching the longest night so yeah, when let's get that beautiful habit of pm you know, to raka you know, somebody sent me a message said Subhanallah every slot

00:28:17 --> 00:28:26

has an event that a human being will call and say hey Allah solid Buckingham is by Allah Hellman sellin Fauzia.

00:28:28 --> 00:28:38

Allah has asking, but a human being Allah is asking is that any set in anyone who wants something so I can give him Subhan Allah so now fishers at six o'clock almost

00:28:40 --> 00:28:45

up to 535 45 to rock and your sujood Allah Allah

00:28:46 --> 00:28:48

whatever you want, yeah, one

00:28:49 --> 00:29:34

please let's get the habit of the pm all of us. I remind myself first and Sharma and then by the time it becomes very tight, and while I'm already addicted and trained in Cha Medina, so I can perform it as much as I can. Second in sha Allah Tala Saturday, Sunday, Monday, are the three white days of forbidden Oh, well, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, so have a break tomorrow. And then you continue back Saturday, Sunday, and Monday 13th 14th and 15th of the month of probably an hour. So please, again, what a great opportunity. 525 19 today, very easy, so I'm not gonna try to fast as much as you can. Tamara Zuma makes a lot of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi. Salam, as you heard from

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Imam Slotta officials at 1660. So Subhanallah you can have breakfast and come for vision.

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But the other way around. So come and pray Faisal and Jamar May Allah reward you also kind of along with the handshake that should allow the stockbroker when I talk

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