Curious Muslim Episode 2 Interior Design – What Does Islam Say

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The speaker discusses Islam's importance of cleanliness and physical altercations in living spaces, and how they use pictures to motivate people to clean up. They also mention a person who removed something harmful from the people's path and offer advice on how to clean one's home. The speaker concludes by encouraging viewers to see success at the highest level.

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interior design. These days, I'm trying to beautify my living space. And I was curious, what does Islam say about interior design? Let me show you what I found. First up cleanliness. Islam isn't just internal beliefs. It's also physical cleanliness, cleanliness of clothing, with the Becca for

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cleanliness of living spaces, praying in a clean place. For example, half our Eman is cleanliness of bahala to shop through a man. So keep your home clean. Next, pick things up, put things in their proper place. In Hadith we learn about somebody who removed something harmful from the People's path, this person one Paradise because of that, hear that again. They went to Paradise because they put things in their proper place so that others would not be harmed. Allah Akbar, how's that for motivation for tidying up here home, nice smells, the Prophet peace be upon him loved nice, sweet smells, and disliked foul smells. He said, even the angels are harmed by stinky smells. A clean

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environment includes sweet smells, so maybe light a fragrant candle. Actually, I'm gonna go light one right now. Organization five times a day we pray, we stand in straight rows before salah the Imam reminds us to straighten up, get organized. Believers are organized. Our worship is organized so to should be our environment. I hope this short video that you're gonna want to show your kids has motivated you to clean your living space, pick things up, organize things, and maybe light a vanilla candle here and there. This is Muhammad Sharif. My dua for you is to see you succeed at the highest level