The Ruling on Oppression and Abuse

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The topic that I chose to speak about today is the only one of oppression in the light of Islamic teachings.

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So I'm going to just basically look at, you know, what is oppression? You know, how is it defined in the studio, and the consequences of whom, you know, oppression means boom in Arabic, and how to recognize it what to do.

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And the reason I chose to speak about this topic, and the reason I feel it's so important to speak about, is because as most of you would know,

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when was the women are abused by their spouse, you'll find that one of the weapons that there has been use against them, to justify his abuse, and to manipulate him is the deal itself. So because that's happened, what normally happens, it's important that we take the antidote where I see the antidote, which is talking about how does this view fully thrive? How does the exam view oppression.

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And as most of you know, when when someone is using the dean, as a source of manipulation with I call it weaponizing, the Dean right weaponizing, the dean in order to manipulate or control that we call spiritual abuse.

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Now, there's one thing I just want to also add in here before we continue, and that is that we shouldn't think that only men who are perpetrators of spiritual spiritual abuse, right. Anyone who may have grown up here, for example, with an abusive mother, as well, we'll know that unfortunately, the women can fall into using the data to oppress others. So it's possible but we have we have to realize it's not just a gender specific type of abuse, talking about spiritual abuse, right. The other thing to realize here too, is that using religion to instill guilt, or you know, others of someone else, is not something that is unique to the Muslim community. Okay, don't ever think that

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that's something that only happens in the Muslim community, you'll find similar patterns happening in Christian communities, Jewish communities, even if even if a person's not even religious, okay? You have to realize, and I'm sure most of you probably know that anyway, you most people who go through abuse gone research and work out what's going on, right. But we all know that, you know, abusers will use any means they can, that's what that that's the nature of abuse, right to use any means they can in order to manipulate and control others.

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Because whenever you have any type of imbalance, or power or authority, then you can have a situation of someone using an upper hand or authority to abuse others. And when it's we're talking about when someone's you know, got some type of religion or something like that they don't look for fall for what they can use from that as well, you know, it just becomes kind of a package of what they can use.

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So moving on to talk about the wielding of oppression exam. You know, we have to understand that one of the most fundamental leaves in Islam, is that transgressing upon the rights of any other person is something which is haram. Okay, that's one thing that Islam gives us. Everybody has certain rights and responsibilities and everyone has a protection they have like a certain sanctity, that is that is given every every Muslim individual rights in particular. So regardless of what that transgression wants, we were talking about, upon the person's self upon the person's wealth upon a person's honor and reputation, any right that person has the Allah have given them, then

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transgressing upon that right is a type of oppression.

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A lot of times I'll give you some cleavers is to show you a lot of times when it says whether you're directed to to not transgress, transgress in Namaha ly you Hebrew more to deep, do not transgress because Allah does not love those who transgress.

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And the Prophet SAW localism said in a very powerful speech to over 100,000 of you know, all the Sahaba in Punjab were down the final pilgrimage right in the in the in the address in the footpath on Arafah. He said in a Dima ACOEM what I'm Where where are all the hormonal Aiko? Matty yo me calm Heather. Fishermen econ Heather are the dialectical habits that vary your blood and your lives and your wealth and your reputations and honor, and how long for each of you as sacred for each of you, just as the sacredness of this day of alpha, just as the sacredness of this one

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I'm about to heat up just as the sacredness of this of this city of Mecca, right?

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Also in a hadith good see you right by a human Muslim,

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or recorded by a Muslim and narrated by the

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doctor, the Messenger of a hospital Lochness and said that among the rabbit that Allah has said, and I love this, I love this hadith so much. And I'm sure you all come to love. And if you haven't heard before, our model Tala calls his a bet. He calls his servants and he said, yabby bad D over are my servants in the home to

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see, I have made something home for myself. Something haram forbidden for myself, what you're allowed to be in a coma, hell, Rama and I have made it something haram to be permitted between you phyllanthus why evil, so to not oppress one another?

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And Subhan Allah is a lot of times I had only said I have been beaten oppression for myself, that would have been more than enough. Because whatever Allah has made forbidden for himself, how could it ever be enough for anyone else, right? But instead, he goes on to further emphasize how much she's forbidden by saying that I have made

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something forbidden for you. And then further to command us explicitly fanatical volume Do not oppress.

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So now we come to what exactly is considered as oppression. So the scholars have stated that oppression is when a person goes beyond the limits of what is permissible to be done, right. So either they go too far in doing something beyond what is permissible, or not doing enough of what should be done. So in addition to weight is a choice, right. So in other words, if someone goes overboard and too far in a certain matter, in a way that infringes upon the rights of another, and especially if that hurts, and harms that person, that they have fallen into oppression. And similarly, if a person does not fulfill the rights of another and fall short in fulfilling those

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rights, that other that other individual has upon them, they also fall into oppression. So the two ways we have that for you have to be conscious about, you know, everything in our relations in a relationship with others.

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So now we come to the consequences of oppression. And I think it's so important to speak about because I've asked a lot that it gives some healing to anyone who's been oppressed, okay, because it's this is the hardest thing for a lot of victims that you've gone through this and you'll see the ongoing results that go on and on year after year, you're still living with the fallout, this quote, the fallout of having gone through the oppression, and you might see that person looking like they're running around scot free, what's happened to them, they got away with it. And that's sometimes that's sometimes even adds to the pain. That's why I want to talk about the consequences

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for oppression. Okay. So from the consequences of oppression with your sisters, number one, that the dua of the oppressed, we have to understand is responded to it answered.

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Okay. So we need to realize that someone could be sleeping looks like they say be peacefully in their bed.

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And yeah, it's a one day repressed, quit making block against them day and night. And the message of a loss, although some told us that the dua of the oppressed is not rejected. That's the scariest thing. And when you say, even juggling for your loved one Bucha Yemen, he told him, it w downs and Moton feel the drama of the Milan fee, the two of the one who is oppressed, for even more lace up Bayonetta will make no money he is no barrier. There's no barrier between the of the prep the oppressed and Allah.

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And another beautiful, beautiful Hadith.

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It mentions how Allah raises the dua of the oppressed person above the clouds.

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And he says to us,

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wise that he was allegedly by my glory and by my sublimity law.

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When Obama did he bother him, I will very NCU and I will support you and I will save you even if after some time to never despair that Allah isn't with you. When you're going through some type of repression. Allah is with you, but he answers it in ways in the time that is going according to his

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He's doing okay. Just realize he is answering and he is responding to your to our even if you can't see it right now.

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So, this morning if a person has been given some, you know position in this world where they have the ability to oppress someone, and they cause harm and hurt to that person, they need to be reminding themselves that Allah is a body,

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He is ideal along with you, he is the most able he is he has full ability and control over that person.

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And in reality, they are only a weak and vulnerable human beings they should actually be scared from Allah they should be scared from Allah right. The next thing is, these consequences of oppression is oppression is what hastens men protect us hasten the punishment to come down upon a person in this world before the next the Prophet SAW loads of and he tells us that if nanny Giada will now along with the dunya, you are Gina philosophy is nanny yet you are Gina who loves the dunya, that there are two things which are hastens in this world. He says anybody you want to consolidate, so the two things are

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oppression, oppressing others, and being you know, being disobedient. And, you know, treating one's parents

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in a very bad way, right, treating one's parents a very bad way. So these things may take us data, things that Subhan Allah, you know, can hasten can hasten punishment for someone, we have to be very careful about these two things, right. So we shouldn't think that this is why we should not think that you know, that person who's oppressed, he might like I said, they might say to you, like they're hopefully they haven't moved on in life. And nothing's nothing's happened to them, you know, they've gotten away with it. But we need to realize that unless that person repents and see for what they've done, and tries their best to make amends for what they've done to you right in this dunya

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before the era, then this can be the cause for all types of

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punishment may protect us to come down upon them. And then we say this, one of the greatest punishments, my desistance, that could come down upon a person is that a person's heart becomes so black and so sealed, they can no longer even recognize the volume, the oppression that they have done to the victims in order to be able to repent from it. So that that's a huge that's a huge misfortune, attitude, punishments, pile them up. Because if you can't repent for what you've done, that means you're going to make with a log that you're going to make a law with that with that, with that harm that you've committed, right? So just realize that often those you've oppressed others,

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they can be deceived by the fact that Allah has not put down any punishment on them. And they think that they've got away with it, like I said, but they don't realize that it's only that Allah is leaving them. He's leaving him for some time. Until but when Allah you know, chooses to bring down his orbit, like his punishment and so on, he doesn't after that, he doesn't, he doesn't, there will be no escape from it. Okay.

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So, is that normal oppresses another in this world? Except that that is a causes that, you know?

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No, the cause is for a long time to hate these punishment for that person. That's why we should people need to be scared from oppressing others, right. Another thing I'll say is that oppression is darkness on a day resurrection, oppression will come in the form of romance on your piano. The message of elastic is not one little man's one young piano that barely oppression will come as darkness on your pls from the law. So that's why if someone is allowed to Allah has given someone

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any type of power or authority in this dunya they need to feel this darkness come into the on your piano and realize that you know, oppression is what will bring darkness and the darkness will surround that person on your piano and when is that going to happen? You know, as you know, we have to pass over subrace like in this developed towards her with the pass of the SU arts and that's the rocks that bridge is stretched over the surface of Johanna and wilder binder. Now as you know, it's here and sharper than a sword and slippery and it has thorns it has, you know, hooks on it. So no one can pass over that except if you've been Tofik and a log is a mite to be able to pass over it.

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Right? So it's it's due for pressing demand in our Metal Sonic hat that does the light alone give someone right but if someone has oppressed others in this world, that is a cause of

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a cause of glomacs cause of darkness to surround them they will not be able to they will not have the light to guide them oversee right right now if you didn't have a guiding light to guide you over. So what does that mean? It means that you are you know you are risking

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If you're causing yourself to fall into the fire, because you don't have a light if you don't have that light on your piano, right.

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So that's another thing. Then the next thing too is that the oppressors we brought to account on the day of resurrection for what they did. And they were made to recompense those who they oppressed from the has an x. Right, so the product size until this had hidden behind in red Boy,

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that whoever was impressed they brought up them everyone's impressed they're brought up. And when we say brand, that doesn't just mean

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consistent, right? Even this stuff, like you oppressed your brother or sister in Islam, okay? They need to make amends for it today with before they will no longer be any deal of do harm 14 hours because it is done. Yeah, if you oppress someone, you can go and you can pay them denies and do house in dollars, you know, to to make up for what you've done, you can give them some money to compensate, you could do something physical to compensate, right. But on your piano, but with nothing, you have nothing with you to go to compensate. So therefore, how is the compensation done?

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That the one that they oppressed will take from their Hassan ads. And then what happens is, if I have no more Hassan had left, if I run out of pass on that, then he's that person that victims say at that victim since will be given to them and added to his burden of sins, even though he didn't do those things. Okay, so that's how that's how it's recommended on your piano. And imagine just sisters for a moment, imagine that person being brought to stand before us upon Tada. And because that person has oppressed people in this world, that they find the victims surrounding them. And by the way, as most of you would know, most of these people were press oppressed to some person, you

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know, there's a pattern. These people were present to press, one person is a part of a press, they press multiple people, so it's gonna take us a lifetime for that, right? So imagine them coming on your piano, surrounded by all these people, one person saying and this is just even small, this is even small, like types of models and other small types of oppressions. This person swore at me, right? This person called me names and abused me, this person hit me and other ones said this person, you know,

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he's first in fact, it may have spread false stories about me not once did this person have this person oppressed me is mediated with all different types of oppressions. Oppression comes in so many different forms. That's why when the scholars defined form, it's not like a strict definition because it can, it can, it can go into so many different things, you know, it can come to say different things. So that's why we see how you know, the oppressed, that will find all of those that are pressed in this world surrounding them. And like I said, the way that I'll die is going to recompense donors you name for the oppressed, is by taking from their husband that first of all,

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okay, and they did that with no more good deeds, then he's taken, he takes the sins of those oppressed, and we have to realize that they will have justice. And this is one of the biggest things that gives us hope, and keeps us going right is thinking about that, even if I can't get my justice in this dunya I know that I'm gonna get my justice outfit on, you know, and to the level, the message of Allah told us that the iPhone shapes the shapes an animal doesn't even have half a brain, right? An unknown shape that fought with a horse shape in this world will take back its heart from that important shape. That's the level of justice and be meted out on your piano. So that's just

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sheep. They're not even I didn't even have tech leaf, but they don't even they don't even come under being accountable. That what about humans? That's that we have to remind ourselves, my dear sisters.

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So remind yourself of the justice on your piano. This is one of the great things that does and humbler help us to get to give us your relief in this dunya because we know that this world is filled with injustice. And like I said, the only thing that often keeps us going is just remembering that we will get our justice in sha Allah in the law and never see that what happened to be forgotten by Allah because Allah says in the Quran, when I can know what we're gonna see, y'all want does not forget anything, nothing is forgotten with Allahu taala. The next thing is how a Christian is for those things that prevents a person from entering jungla as well. So it's not just all the

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other things I mentioned, even it can prevent them from entering Jannah that's why the Prophet says and tells us that about the bankrupt person, the bankrupt person who is the real bankrupt person, right? Isn't that bankrupt from my Alma is the one who comes on your piano with prayers that can be fasting, the company can, but he will have insulted this one. He will slandered that one. He falsely consumed the wealth of that one

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it shed the blood of this one, and he can beat this other one. Right? And then all those people, these victims, will he be given from his good deeds, and if he's good deeds right out before he's before the, you know, the scores are settled between them, then some of these they, as they say, ads will be, you know, the amount of what he did to know will be given to that oppressor and then it will be thrown into the fire mail protect us. So imagine a system this is a person swipe people get astounded like this person is deprived this person is required no. This is the message of autos this can happen in the study, the discussion used to find they used to pay to fast but yet they're thrown

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into the fire. Why? Because they did not stop themselves from hurting and harming others. And they use the power and conditions to oppress and humiliate and cause harm to others. So that's why the prophets logos and showed us that this person is a truly bankrupt person

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because that person may have done an acts of worship in this world

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do not imagine that you're in his world and you actually you realize you're actually working for others like you to be back so that's something you can say so five keys if you've really gone through something major with someone and you see them doing hard show you see enjoy so how are they working for me because I can't do all that myself Maybe I'll come to as much as them but that's good, you know, keep them doing stuff because inshallah that's going to be financial and you're not you're not

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afraid freight dates, right?

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So that person will come on your monkey or they might find a hunch they did. You know that way to find the stuff they gave, or those days they fasted why? Because they've already determined given to those who they pressed time along.

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So this is why if you know that you have been oppressed in this role, we should never lose hope. You know, our hope is with Allah right? We our hope is always with Allah never despair because always remember that Allah you know it won't Kaffir the levy shut me down enough is Allah is my weakness. He says in his everything and he's a witness of over everything. A lot of data says intuitive Rahim Allah Subhan Allah Hello feelin Yun mellow Foley morning do not think that Allah is not is unaware of what the body mean do have a depresses do in them are your people on your main dish hustle fee that you saw he's just giving them respite until the day when eyes will stick in horror of having a

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loss so powerful these verses but yet how company has waffle victims.

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So now I just want to quickly mention on the finishing up Inshallah, and that is recognizing oppression and what to do about it. Now, I'm not going to give you all the solutions right now, because we get the whole days about, you know how to say you know what to do take things we can do that just quickly, I want to mention a few things. And that is number one. The *tier obviously, came to protect and uphold five main necessities, right there are 5 million necessities recognized as Shediac that the shipyard particularly came to uphold. What are those five? First of all, the protection of one's deen the protection of one's religion, the protection of one's nests, the

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protection of one's life, right. And self, the protection of one's mind. Right, the protection of one's wealth and the protection of one's own reputation. The big five?

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Sorry, so first of all, number one is protection of one's day. Secondly, the protection of one's life and self. Thirdly, the protection of one's mind for the protection of one's wealth, and then the protection of one's reputation of Honor. Okay. And especially the last few they can be interchangeable is not necessarily in that order, especially the last few. Okay.

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So what I'm going to say to you, my dear sisters, is this if you're no longer able to adequately maintain these five things in your relationship, especially if those three if you know you cannot, no longer you're not no longer able to uphold your deen, you're no longer able to uphold, you're protecting yourself and upholding your mental health. They will testify as warning signs that you need to get out. Okay.

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The second thing I want to say to you is that accountability is a two way street in Islam. Accountability is a two way street and your snack. So no one has been given absolute authority simply because they're a male

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or because they're more religious or they have a greater power status. All right, so we have to also realize, similar to that point is that there's no absolute unrestricted obedience. Viva, like the rest of all told us about biotech, the amount of female CTO. There's no obedience to the creation in the disobedience over

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All right, so we know from this that there is no absolute unrestricted obedience to ad created being number one. And then number two, with greater authority, the more authority that someone has been given, it's what people do not get in our own mind. Now, unfortunately, with greater authority comes greater accountability before Allah. So the more authority you are given over others, the more accountable you now become before Allah azza wa jal and this is what people are not focusing on, right. as the messenger Allah said, could look online, Maquila Coronavirus hormone and Riot TV right all of you have got some type of authority over some others. And all of you will be questioned about

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the authority.

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The other thing as well is everyone has rights in Islam. And that's why it's important regained knowledge about what our rights are, because they may say this distance, your rights are your boundaries. One of the problems licensees have is working out where their boundaries are. If you don't know your rights, you won't know your boundaries. That is why getting annoying good knowledge, solid knowledge around your team is very important so that people can twist the deen to make you doubt yourself about whether you have those bytes or not. Okay.

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And the other thing I wanted to mention as well is it's not the DNS imbalanced, it's not the DNS imbalanced, but rather those who are imbalanced themselves, they are already the imbalanced once they are already unbalanced ones right. They are the ones who make the deen imbalanced. And it's through their cherry picking verses and Hadith to suit their narrative. That's what you have to understand with this person in any context was Christian Jewish guy theist. So we do the same thing. We have to understand that, okay.

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When someone loves and has a sense of entitlement, okay, this is what makes them believe that they have a free license to treat others the way they like without accountability. So in teaching our dear sisters I ask a lot of times that that, you know, what I've tried to share today is beneficial

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but we should all you know, have that you know, feeling in ourselves that this person may be able to you know, heal certain themes and try to break down if they may be able to break down your power in some ways. But let's say this never let them take away your Amen. Okay, they may be able to kind of break you down in other ways, but never let that be a means to allowing them to take away your Eman enough they've taken away from you. Right it's enough what they've taken away from you but never let them get to the point where they're taken away your event okay my mouth protect you all I still don't I like that. You know, you all find healing big in the next hour through these this. We're

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sharing today the internet. And I asked the Lord to honor that, you know, when you've gone through inshallah is a means for you to enter Jannah may make it a means for you all to enter Jonah. And I asked a lot to to gather us all in the highest levels of Jannah where we will never hear anything that makes us sad ever again. We will never go through anything that makes us anxious or sad or depressed. Not even when we hear a word that makes us sad or depressed. Subhan Allah only goodness and Salam aleikum, WA salatu liminality entering upon us and saying Salam aleikum, females about peace be upon you for what you have enjoyed in this dunya May Allah subhanaw taala bless you all in

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sha Allah and I ask Allah Tada to forgive us all in sha Allah. Well, who will call the head west offer along with he will not come as a political headache nor shall

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recover to winning