Can you fulfill a religious obligation when being selfish

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You might think that if you go to the gym if you go and exercise, do you feel guilty for taking time away from your family, that you could be doing something more important stuff like that? Anybody feel guilt like that? Hashtag that feels so bad that I'm actually spending three hours, extra seconds.

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The reason that I say that because I have experienced that as well, I actually feel that even. So I used to exercise a lot. And then And then somebody from discovery, you newer would come and ask me. So what are you doing these days Mohamed and I'm embarrassed to tell him like I'm an exercise.

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I feel like we're not allowed to say that that's something that we do. You know, it's like I shouldn't be saying, Oh, I built my business or something like that, but actually taking time to exercise.

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So for those of you who feel guilty about taking time to take care of yourself, I want to point out this this part of the story here is a man story where he says, in any bed, any collega your body has a right over you, meaning that when you are taking care of your health and taking care of your body, you're fulfilling a religious obligation. How about that? How about that?

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If you take care of you, but that's gold right there, that's gold right there. If you take care of your body, and you're exercising and taking care of it and you know, you are fulfilling a religious obligation, a religious obligation, you could work it backwards. If you're not taking care of your body. You are neglecting and failing at a religious obligation. How about that?