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Each child, whether it be a Palestinian child, or a Jewish child, or a Chinese child, or a black child, or white child or any child to be blown into smithereens, because some guy decided he wants to boost his political career called Netanyahu before some election. So he presses a button, and all of a sudden 200 people die. 250 people die of them. 60 are children.

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nothing funny about that, my friend. There's nothing funny about that. My friend when I say that 60 children died, which is 30% 30% of those who were injured. were children. Playing your look at look, please.

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Listen to me.

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Listen to me. Just don't interrupt. In Israel. There are many out of the prison. Yes. Besides

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many Jews in prison for the South.

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In the Palestinian Authority, there's no one Muslim in prison besides with Jews. Okay, fine. I'm not here to represent the Palestinian authorities. With all due respect. I've not said that the Palestinian Authority is all good. Maybe they're doing bad things. But let me tell you something. Who are the Palestinian authorities? The Palestinian authorities are Gaza and a few provinces in the West Bank. I don't know who's in prison for that. didn't even have prisons. The question is this. When I said that the children were being killed. You know what, this? This this disgusting and despicable man, who is a coward? He said, he said that killing themselves? How can a child kill

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themselves? You see that? That racist attitude comes out? It's exposed. He humiliated himself in front of 10s of 1000s. Believe me, if not hundreds of 1000s maybe millions of people, they're gonna see Look at that guy. He said children kill themselves. How do children kill themselves? Do they decide that bombs were gonna drop on them? Do you really? Are you in agreement with him? Yes or no? Okay. Don't say anything. If you're in agreement with him. That's my thought. Silence is acquiescence. Do you think a child is six years old, seven years old, eight years old. He's killing himself, maybe doing a suicide bomb at the age of 6573. A baby killing themselves come out of the

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womb and you know, decide to cut themselves? I don't think that's what's happening. My friend. I think what's happening is this political decision making which is causing children to die. And that's coming from Israel. And yes, also is coming from Hamas. We don't we don't disagree. They make decisions, which also has lives of children are in danger. But why don't you condemn like we condemn?

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Why are you afraid to condemn? It's just it's just the level of stubbornness you have. It's just the level of stubbornness that you say the children are killing themselves. Is this the level of discourse that there is in the Jewish community in the heart of London? Is this the representation you want for yourselves as Jews, someones to come the only man that had some sort of to say the bulls, the only one, and he says the children are killing themselves? Oh, what a great argument, my friend. The children are killing themselves. Yes, they're killing themselves. I said, children are being smashed and blown up. He said, You know what? The children are killing themselves when you're

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talking about his stupid man. What kind of thing is this? Is this the thing that Moses sets? Do you really believe Moses, if you will say, one light? I say one light, which means by God,

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Hashem Elohim call it I know you're not allowed to say his name. I know the Hebrew Bible.

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I know.

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Yes. But let me ask you a question. Do you think if Moses was here today, answer this question in your minds. I know you're not going to do it out loud. If Moses was here today, and I said, children and Palestine are being destroyed, and the man comes forward, a Jewish representative and someone who claims to be true. He says they're blowing up themselves. Do you think Moses Do you think Moses will say yes, you're right? You think Moses, you think David, do you think Solomon, do you think is that yes, you're right. Well, like if you do believe that you have disgraced yourselves and your religion. You have disgraced yourself, you need to go back to the total. That's why I tell you all,

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go back to the Torah. Read it from the beginning. Again, read Exodus, read numbers, read Leviticus, read Deuteronomy, read Genesis. Go ahead and read it. You haven't read it. If you think it's acceptable for a man to come and say if you think it's acceptable in any universe, in any universe, for a man to come and say that the children are blowing themselves killing themselves, they're doing it to themselves.

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I would be ashamed of myself. I really would. If a Muslim said that and I didn't correct him.