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Bismillah your man you're walking

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through, Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah by the respective brothers and sisters and Salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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I would just like to share with you some very exciting and good news in sha Allah we here we here at our Lifta we are offering a very detailed course. Over the period of five Saturdays in sha Allah Allah on a book Arabic book called Mother Hazel, aka sunnah many people know about this book. This is the book that I have, which is in my hands, discussions in the beliefs of sadhana discussions in the beliefs of Balasana al mucem Mohammed Al Orphanet, known as Al Mohammed Al rufen. Net. This was a book written by the great Hadith scholar Sheikh Modena Rila Ahmed Hassan booty, Rahim Allah Allah who is the author of the famous 20 Volume commentary on the Sunnah female Buddhahood

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Rahim Mahabharata either he authored this book as a

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answer he was sent all the scholars of this continent continent was sent around 26 questions by the scholars of MK, Medina and hrs approximately 100 years ago. And they send these 26 questions and he wrote the answers and then all the other scholars endorsed his answers. And these are questions relating to a pizza but not fundamental issues of a pizza. And this is why we really want to talk about this book, because there's a lot of controversy or misunderstandings regarding this book.

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From both sides. People have not understood this book or they've misunderstood this book or they have these misgivings about this book. It's a book in Arabic which has been translated into audible, as well as translated into the English language, Elmo 100 I'm offended. So my back is the Akai that is sunnah means discussions in the beliefs of Arizona and 100 Alabama funded and 100 means the Indian sold on the disproved so inshallah in the course we'll talk about the name of the book and why it's called alignment etc. But these were 26 questions relating to not really fundamental aspects of our beta, they are some which are relating to fundamental aspects of Aikido, but many of

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them are secondary aspects of dropping into the ones which are not established through but are a definitive proofs because in a PW also have two types and this is what we will discuss in the course inshallah data. So, these are 26 questions that were sent to the scholars of the subcontinent, mainly affiliated to the famous daughter Allume Durban seminary, and Chef Modena, hurry, LACMA Serravalle Rahim Allah wrote the answers in Arabic and then all the other scholars endorsed his answers, and they sent it back to those Arab scholars who are in Mecca, Medina hijas, and then also, it was sent to scholars in Syria and Yemen and Egypt and many other cities and they all you know,

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endorsed this book. So this book is a very famous book, but inshallah we hope to have a course on this. And idea is that if you know Arabic, it's great because I'm going to Sharla read through the Arabic text translated and explain each issue. If you don't know Arabic, then there's a translation of this available which will be presented and given out to the students and also some other course notes and coursework material. And inshallah we will I hope to read through like some of the many of these issues or those issues that caused a lot of controversy amongst Omar today they divide the OMA you know, issues such as traveling to Medina and when I was traveling specifically to visit the

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grave of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Then there is a question about Molad it's a question about our soul seeking intermediaries in one supplication to Allah subhanaw taala. There's a question about the life of prophets higher to Namibia. There is a question about reading books like the library playwright, there's an issue the question about tech lead and follow madhhab so we've Sufism, what do we do about the attributes of Allah? What do we believe in terms of the attributes of Allah and those texts that indicate that Allah has a body or will that be like cetera? So? Is Allah on his throne? Or is he everywhere? I had to live with a shabby heart and about the

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knowledge of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his element of ape, did he have knowledge of the Unseen or not? His finality of Prophethood which is a very important but Aqeedah Hartman, whoo, and view of the universe tomorrow after Cardinalis etc, etc. So these are the kinds of issues that are in this book, they are presented in a question and answer format. So there's a question that Oh, scholars, what do you say about this and then

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He mentions the answer. So I will read through the Arabic I will translate and explain to the best of my ability. The idea is to look at these issues in a non biased way, in non extreme way in a balanced way. Because a lot of these issues, they divide the Ummah and you find that there's extreme on either either the right or there's an extreme on the left, we want to tackle these issues we in a very balanced and very mature and this way, and some of the issues we can say that look, there's a difference of opinion, it's not a problem because even though it will be there, but secondary matters are our key that can have differences of opinion. Human is not based on those secondary

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aspects of PRP. There are of two types you have the fundamental which believe in Allah and believing in the messenger sallallahu alayhi salam and the finality of His Prophet Toya and Jen Naja and Paradise halfa are meant to be like, Okay, let it continue to be here, we're assuming Well, human accrual theory, there is no setup, there's no difference of opinion you can have two opinions about those kinds of issues, but the secondary aspects of Arpita and also there are some issues which are not even related to operator like the soft and deplete of mud hubs cannot do that. But we nevertheless inshallah will go through all of this, the course is being held in the summer soon, so

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inshallah summer intensive, we can say and this course will start in sha Allah who are either on Saturday 17th of July 2021. So we have five Saturdays 9am to 1:30pm. So that's four and a half hour four and a half hours we want to ensure to spend some time taking question answers as well. So all the details are will be available and if you click on the link below this video, go onto our director website Courses page, all the full entire details about the course the five Saturdays and also we will conduct this course over zoom so there will be live sessions you can attend the live sessions and if you can't attend the live sessions, then you can listen to or watch the recording in

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your own time Inshallah, over five Saturdays from Saturday 17th July 9am to 1:30pm every day, click on the link all the details even the breakdown of each Saturday what topics we will be covering will be mentioned there and inshallah register and hope to see you in the course as I said, I'm one ecommerce marketer.