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The Reversion Of Hamzah & Umar

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next subject is Syrah the biography of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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theta mu misc. It's sealed with misc so we'll end today we'll seal it with the best of creation Mohammed Salah lives we ended last semester by discussing.

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He can remember al hijra a surah

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the minor Hydra, right the manager from sahid solo, the minor Hydra Where was the manager to?

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the minor migration Mahindra to Ethiopia.

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Have a senior

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and how many minor heroes were there to ever senior? There were two. Why were they to

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No, they got the

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Some perhaps along the way. What happened? Okay, finish the story short cut you off.

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Thank god What happened?

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Perfect. There was a rumor that Croatia accepted Islam. So the first hedgerow was a very small group, approximately 1618 people, 12 men for women something like this. And what happened was there was a rumor that Croatia accepted Islam so they came back and they realized the rumor was false. What happened was the Prophet sallallahu wasallam received an amazing surah what sutra and legend What does Naja mean? The star and the prophet SAW Selim began to recite this sort of Quraysh and I was starstruck by the truly starstruck so in a language that reaches the end first Judo de la Budo he got to the area what happened literally means prostrate and worship Allah. They all frustrated

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Quraysh believers, disbelievers everyone, so the probably Institute thinking what did we just do? We just accept Islam. Right, so they were starstruck by literally, they are so mesmerized right by the eye so they just Oh, frustrated. So when they did that there was a rumor that Porsche accepted the same thought the Muslims came back, every loss was false. So they made another huge error, this time with more people might as well take a few extra Muslims with us. It was approximately 100 100 in the second hedgerow. And of course, when they got to Ethiopia Qureshi, they say I'll let him be

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no, I wanted to bring him back and it shows you what that if you leave the coup for Allah and guess what Habibi. They're not going to leave you alone? Don't think I'll just do my secret ownership and law? Stay out of trouble? No, they're gonna come for you. They're gonna come to you. That's the kuffaar they say love Australia or leave it a cat or leave it? No, no, you can't do that. We'll just take your passport. That's how they are. That's the manage the Manage of Cooper is one doesn't change. All the changes are the names the labels, that's what happens. So who do they send code I sent her to get them back.

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Um, if the mouse he wasn't a companion yet, he was a gaffer at the time. Why him?

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This is all revision by the way of last term. well spoken. Good, is eloquent. He was a master negotiator as well. He was like the diplomat of courage, the ace in the hole. So Marshall sent him to go get him back. And he went they tried to bribe the officials giving them gifts and this and that and he did that before meeting the king Look at his very strategic tactics panel. man he was on the board and your to do shifty? shifty is very slight. So he gave them these gifts and he said, Look, don't get the Muslims to me. Let's make a decision beforehand why he didn't want the king to listen to what the Quran even he knew was that it was extremely powerful. And that's why when he met

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with with musallam al Khattab This was before the blast became Muslim wasallam I said to him, man, when did Allah Sahib become what was revealed to your companion meaning Mohammed? So I'm about said on diretta de su Ratan casi Ratan, who is a non Muslim at the time isn't a short suta was revealed and despite its shortlist is extremely eloquent. Hamas is testifying to the greatness of the Quran. samosa. Lumosity thinking for a moment he goes on a call to miss LA. Yeah, I've said something similar. In other words, I've got similar revelation before. Now either you just made up on the spot, which he did. Because I'm a boss's team. What is it told me what is amazing sort of that you

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got? That's like our story.

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When he asked him what sorta What was it that was revealed to the Prophet? He said, Sir, the last sort of the last one last week in Santa Fe, he was elected here. So I'm asylum I sat there thinking, Okay, I've got something similar. So I would watch it. What is it and he said there will be over in Nima Antonia was ordered.

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What's up Erica haflong knuckle. Oh, memo memo you have two ears and a chest the rest of you is digging and borrowing. So it looks harmless. What do you think? Pretty good.

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I'm gonna bust from looking at nothing. It's got kidding me.

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What a loser. What a dope. He goes will lie in Nikita limb and then the arm and Nikica them. You know that I know you're a liar. Stop pulling my leg here. Stop joking around. We both know you're lying. You just admit it. You're a flub, you're a flub. Right. Yeah. He received revelation right. We're not from Allah from Michel de l'homme Stan

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once he also said another surah in the Atlantic differ a little bit over there. Right? So I companion said I'm not sure whether the revelation is coming to your heart Your stomach is talking about apples and fruit and almost done so anyway, I'm Abbas was extremely eloquent. He didn't want the king to listen to the Quran. And why did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam tell the believers to migrate everything to

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the rule of was just that's the main reason but there are other secondary reasons as well.

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Quraysh had an the Arabs had strong ties with Ethiopia Judah trade, that's a second reason so they'll familiar with the customs. Also a third reason the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was raised upon her Halima and habashi. Right Halima, she was from every senior thought the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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was accustomed he was similarly with some of the customs of a person you this familiar with some of the customs in ways so I was very important. That's why when he became older, a Halima came up to him one day and she presented him with ever seen food the prophet SAW, Selim said, What's this? Okay? It's ever seen in food and alcohol and with the aid from or not, you can imagine what it was, but he had the close relationship with her she hamdulillah accepted Islam also. But another reason the prophet SAW Selim audits for the migration and he of course, he encouraged that was to humiliate the Qureshi dynasty. That's another very important reason for the aedra to humiliate them. Because

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not only not only the week, migrated, those were being tortured, but also some of the nobility like automatic knock on the door of also the daughter of Sophia. I will Sofia. So yes, of course they were they migrated to protect the man, for safety reasons. That's another very important reason. Right? But because not everyone's like the landlord, the landlord, not everyone can handle the torture, some might force the family within. So that's no doubt an important reason to migrate when you are under attack and so forth, migrate but another reason was to humiliate the Qureshi dynasty to humiliate them that even the elite are going it was an embarrassment to them. It was an

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embarrassment upon Allah.

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You know, and when they caused the problems in the beginning, and then they go and blame the Prophet Mohammed, but you're the ones who started it. Now they they started the rumor that the Prophet Mohammed is a magician is a poet is a madman is a soothsayer. And then when that new spread amongst the people and how much time they blame the Prophet Mohammed will, you're the one who started the rumor, so blame yourself, of her always backtracking. And also Finally, among the reasons of Hydra, the prophet SAW Selim with his wisdom as a true leader, he wanted a secondary base for Islam in case Islam became extinct and wiped was wiped out in Arabia. So that's very wise of the Prophet

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sallallahu Sallam as a leader, thinking ahead. So if you become a leader, you become an image, or an imam of a group or a short or whatever the case may be, then you need to think ahead of how you can benefit your shooter, your team, the people under you for the future.

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And of course, he tried to cause this fitna and Alhamdulillah. It blew up in his face, even when he tried to accuse the Muslims of trying to humiliate a Salah Salama saying, they say he's a slave, or king, you should you know, these people are heretics, they're gonna cause problems in your land. And I'm gonna blast it and believe in all this, he just wants to create fitna looks like the godfather of today. Right? They go, and they they dig up some of the history on our brothers and they put it all over the internet, they don't really, they don't really care. It's just to try and bring down Islam. That's really what they want. So the Muslims were, we're not sure what should they do speak

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the truth or lie. And I pointed to as the immediate

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job for him that we thought of showing us the importance of having an immediate or a leader and having shorter and cooperating and they decided to live speak the truth, speak the truth, and the truth will set you free. And hamdulillah spoke the truth. And the king did not do anything about it rather, in fact, he allowed them to stay in a senior. And as we said, a blow up in our boss's face, he walked away with egg on his face, so to speak with hamdulillah speak the truth, even if it's against you, that will save you and if you're a father and your kids are lying, and you bust them for lying you

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They should get in trouble. But don't get them in worse trouble if they own up and speak the truth as many parents do. Did you do that? Yes. Ah, yeah, ma.

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You should say hello Hayden for speaking the truth. reward them for the honesty and because you spoke the truth Habibi, I'm gonna let you off. Because if you come down like it's their judgment, then the next time they're gonna speak the truth is gonna lie. Did you do it? No, I didn't. I just saw you do it. I went up. No, I didn't do it. Did you do it? No, it was my brother. But I just saw you now It wasn't me. But I just saw it. My two eyes Stop lying. I'm not lying. One more time. Hmm. And the parent says one more time a million times more time. One more time. One more time? No, no, he keeps lying, lying, lying. If they're gonna keep lying, like call us Leave it, leave it. Let it

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go. So okay, I believe you. The conscious will plan and say no, I lied. And mom or dad believed me. They'll come and own up and say parenting parenting. And those fathers they know it's not it's not easy. So you got to make sure that you reward them when they do the right thing not come down on like a ton of bricks. So all of that was a summary of what we took in the end of last term. And that happened in which year Prophethood

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55th year problems with the minor migration so now we're up to

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now I'm pretty sure we took a Yes. Did we take that?

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I'm pretty sure we took

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we finished I'm pretty sure.

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Okay, so it's recorded. It's on. It's on the recordings online. I'm pretty sure. We took a spoke the truth of somrus way so it's the truth and I've saved the

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whole lesson for you.

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But the way he said it and the message he gave Allahu Akbar so many lessons, the way he spoke to the king, and he realized he speaking someone who's a Christian. So when you give dour, know the situation, no matter their background, and he didn't argue with him. But rather he spoke in very nice terms. And that's very important lessons in how you should give our to listen to the record.

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Yes, the minor migration was fifth year Prophethood. Yes. So now after the sixth year, and what I'm going to focus on now before we finish,

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because good time actually it's a 1500

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really in the 62 very important events, and they were

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the reversion

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of Hamza

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Mr. rodilla and Huma these two giants these two lions Hamza and Ahmad. In fact, Hamza means line in Arabic and amoros, codeable. Huff's the Companion of the line, the two lions in fact, 100 in the 60 year problem

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with following on exactly from the note in the sealed nikto. That's the next chapter. Exactly.

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It says conversion reversion you get the idea.

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As for the reversion of Hamza, he was first on the line who,

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one day the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam was sitting next to the Kaaba and who came along. the scum of the earth is usual, Abu Jahan, he came insulting, abusing mocking the Prophet sallallahu Sallam all his mates are having a laugh about it. What was Hitler's response? Silence Silence. He silent said 1000 words. Abu jahl never heard them. Why respond to someone who only deserves nothing but silence? Be like the lion who's feared respected on it but remain silent, as opposed to being like the barking dog? Who just screams and shouts day and night doesn't do a thing. And really when a dog is barking, barking barking that's a sign that it scared from you. It's a scare tactic because

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he was gonna attack would have done it by now. A lion. If it wants to eat, you have to be clueless. You won't even have a second to think about it. So that's how dogs are,

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like the barking of the dog. And really the greatness of the heavens is never affected by the barking of the dog ever. Right? dog bark bark bark at the clouds. Is it going to be affected? No. And as a chef Musashi said, The paralysed hands of the mental dwarves in the gutter can never touch the high chandeliers that are above.

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Really, these people are trying to attack the Prophet sallallahu Sallam his honor came from the heavens, no North can take it away and never argue with an idiot. Never. Why? Because they'll bring you down to their level and then they'll defeat you with the experience of a PhD is stupidity, the very experience don't argue with him.

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And when Miriam Allah has Salam had the haters hating? What did you say? In Nina Manny sama have taken a vow, a vow of silence. Fernando can Lima Lima in sia, I'm not going to speak to a single person today. So when the head is heard, as Maria Maria has said ended fast from talking and keep on walking. Forget him. analyzer tells us over and over for our damn home machine while it didn't turn away, ignore them.

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That's a good one. That's a good one. And at the end of the day, you can't convince donkeys that the horses

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and you can't.

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And if they do try to argue with you just say this crawled back into that hole you call a home and walk away. Right? You get the last word, just smash them like that and walk off. walk off. forget to take your medication today. I see. Okay, that's it. All right. So let's come up with a one line I have a one liner ready. Just have already have it in your phone or something on your head. So whenever you come across, you know one of them and they say, Oh, this hijab you're with your wife, the bloody Muslim terrorists, get that rag off your head, say the hijab doesn't oppress my wife. It's your ignorance. That's what it is. And why is her hijab your problem? Honestly, in a retelling

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a woman can cover that's my definition of oppression. Right? And if a woman is free to uncover wasn't afraid to cover these people will lie they just double standards they just double standards anyway. Promise the wassalam ninu very well I'm not gonna respond to this Jay Hill gronk

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will say didn't respond. And I was I was furious. So he got so mad he took a rock and he threw it at the prophet SAW said I'm see when you don't respond to these imbeciles, these nincompoops that frustrates him even more. So he threw a rock at the Prophet actually struck him in the head and he started to bleed. Now check out the seal nectar for the reference.

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So his cronies his minions had a laugh about it. And

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and, of course the prophet SAW Selim is in a state of weakness here at in Mecca. Early is soon after Hamza came back from his journey, Allahu Allah and he probably came back from hunting a lion. He had his bow with him this young girl slave go, Allahu Allah who she was. She came Uncle, uncle, did you hear the news? What happened? She said your nephew was insulted, mocked by Abu Jilin. 123 happened. I would. Hamza was furious. He went over to that place, he saw Abu Jamal, the grunk that he was chuckling with his mate. Hamza came up to him with his bow and smack run over his head should have took his head off. Actually, that'll be better smacked him into blood started to come down. And you

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made my nephew blade. I'm gonna make you bleed, does it? How dare you insult my nephew. I am of the same religion as his Allahu Akbar. Now initially, Holmes only said that out of love for his nephew and a pride for his tribe. But because of that good day, the low atom Allah azza wa jal guided him to Al Islam the Prophet sallallahu Sallam spoke to him and guidance into his heart hamdulillah and of course Abu Jamal and his cronies were furious about that, yet another person except this lamp, right? They of course, they didn't like to see this. And that's why that would prevent people from listening to the message of Islam, listening to the Quran, if you remember to fail him the hammer,

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though. See, when it came to Mecca, who was a leader, he came in, he was very eloquent poet and speaker. I said, Get out of here. Get out of here. Whoa, why pushing me away. I just want to come and perform tawaf around the Kaaba. There's no known as a problem in the city at the moment. This madman he's got these enchanting words. It's better you come next year, there's no I'm going to come to perform dive, go here, take these two things. What do they give him?

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A plugs when you hear the Qur'an, just plug it in and run the other way. And I couldn't handle it couldn't match the crab. So brothers in your data use could n for n Quran. That's the first book you should start with. If you entered our you have to have Quran up your sleeve. And the Quran gives very strong powerful arguments that are very short and concise if sometimes the brothers waffling on is going around the circle for 1020 minutes. He could have summarized our whole argument in a single area. I'm Holcomb enviroshake I'm human Harlequin refutes atheism right then and there. That's it. Right then and then one area refutes atheism with a credit from nothing. You can't be credit from

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nothing to create something you need something. To bake a cake you need ingredients in it flour, butter, milk, eggs, you have a cake. You can't have a cup of nothing. A pinch of nothing tablespoon of nothing. And you have a cake that doesn't work. Right you've got nothing you have nothing. So I'm calling a woman very shy with a credit from nothing. I'm human hi the corner did you create yourself when you were in the womb of your mother say no, we're not

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Born I want to be 60 or something I don't have dark hair blue eyes, right model looks like dude. All right, dude, you don't create yourself, sir. Yeah, that we serve others

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it's either one of the two or the third possibility was Eve which isn't even mentioned because it's implied you will create it but Allah your credit that is it how to refute Christianity one line

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Ghana yeah Quranic those who take a PSA and marry him as divine God, Allah says they both of them you state your food

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is the food because when you eat what happens in eater, defecate, urinate go to the toilet? How can a god a drink and go to the toilet doesn't make sense. For those who say Jesus is Lord and Mary's God is Mother of God right? She's a mother of God. So they both use the food.

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They used to eat they eat dependent. So although the owner has the answer, what hamdulillah

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so Hamza Delano accepted Islam? What about Amara Amara great Rolando.

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Lot of people believe the first time he accepted Islam or the his first exposure to Islam was when he heard the idea to sort of Taha from his sister, but no, it actually started before that Amaro john who just to give you a bit of background information on his type of type of person who was in his character.

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He used to have this animosity towards Islam. He used to torture and persecute Muslims so much so he had a slave girl, and he used to beat her to a pope. And Ahmad was big. It was massive. He was described as gana kathira. Lamb. He had a lot of meat on him his fleshy, he was muscley. He was big, so much so if he sat on a horse, what would happen?

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His feet would drag on the floor. A calf tell him how tall could you get that time, Adana and he was big, and he was bold and a big thick beard. And it was mentioned a lot about Olga. And when he heard that hurt, when he struck hurt, I wonder who was narrating it? He probably got hit by a hammer one day. That's why saying it. So Ahmad was very strong, powerful. And he had this animosity towards Islam. And as we said he used to punish and torture his slave girl. And when he would stop torturing her, he would say that I think I've stopped because I'm having mercy for you know, I've only stopped because I need a break. I'm tired. That's just to give you an idea of where I'm at Radovan was. So

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you had this animosity towards Islam and the Arabs in jail here. They were addicted to two main things what were they

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alcohol good and

00:22:43--> 00:23:21

and women, alcohol and women dangerous mix a lot. homestand. So I'm out of here the strong addiction to alcohol. So one night he decides I'm going to go to the local pub, right? They used to have these drinking sessions with the, with the inner fire mates. So I want to go to the local pub and Miss get smashed tonight. So he goes out of his home, he leaves his home and he gets to the local pub, it's closed, goes to another one closed also goes to a third one closed again. It thought to himself, if I can get high on alcohol, I might as well get high on spirituality or go to the Kaaba and perform the web. Yes, they used to perform on the cowboy. They had these rituals, although they would of

00:23:21--> 00:23:33

course, unfortunately, include a lot of sugar in them. But they did have the Kaaba and they realized its sacredness and its honor duty Ibrahim al Islam. Regardless, he went to the Kaaba later night and who does he find praying that

00:23:35--> 00:24:10

the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said so he says this is my opportunity not to scare him a little bit, maybe beat him up as well. So he goes to the back of the Kaaba, and of course even back then the Kaaba was clothed with this material like we have today the cloth. So he slides in between the cloth and the Kaaba and he starts sliding, and it gets to the front, where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was, and of course also didn't notice, because he's in the Salam and the prophets in the Sala. That's ultimate for short, you can get more than that can get more than that. And of course, it was late at night as well. So as he gets there, he's about to do whatever he had

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intended. And he starts to hear the Prophet recite, from which Surah

00:24:15--> 00:24:59

Al haka powerful surah and have literally the day of judgment and terrifying as, and he's listened to these beautiful eloquent words, he says, This must be the words of a poet. So the then, as the prophet SAW Selim recites next is what am i Whoa, a bit overly shared Polly in a matter of minutes, not the words of a poet. How little Do you believe it was shocked or thinking it must be the words of a poet, then he recites is not the words of a poet. He must be a soothsayer. Again, a magician is a mind reader. How do you know the next app will be totally kahin? Buddy in a matter the Quran is not the word of a soothsayer either. How little Do you remember the prophet SAW Selim? Never use to

00:24:59--> 00:25:00

engage in

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These enchanting words that the magician use and these, you know, ramblings and babbling that the soup says, speak of as well.

00:25:09--> 00:25:37

Where did this come from? How do you know what I'm speaking softer words are the words of again as to say a magician, the next 10, zero middle of Balala mean, it's a revelation, no doubt from the Master of the Universe. There is a striking it's just probably there all night in between the carpet and the cloth just sitting there thinking what's going on. That was the first time he's hard heart was struck and was cracked a little bit. However, not enough for him to accept Islam yet.

00:25:38--> 00:25:39

One day,

00:25:40--> 00:26:19

he is have more of the problems so called problems, quote, unquote, that the Muslims are causing that they're insulting the gods mocking the tribes, the ancestors and forefathers because that is it. Today, I'm gonna kill Mohammed, he exits his home with his sword and shift on his way to find the Prophet Mohammed. And of course, I'm Roger. I know when he was walking out of this angry look on his face, you know, heads rolling. So one of the Sahaba, who was an undercover Muslim, he says, I'm already under walking like that, you know, something's up. And he was also almost friend. So he probably sees almost a wall where you going, we're going right? It says, something's gonna happen.

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And I'm gonna kill Mohammed. So this undercover Muslim says, Look, if you kill him know that he's not gonna let you live is unlucky. Today, he's going to meet his end, he says, and of course, the Sahaba had to think quick think on his feet. So what did he say?

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That's right, you should check on your family first. What do you mean? It says Your sister has a pasta. That was the word that we use sorbet, and Saba to apostate meaning except Islam. He said savato took your sister and her husband have a post dated. So what does he do? This company is successful in distracting him out and diverting him off track so he can go and one the prophet SAW Selim. So Ahmed goes on his merry way. And the Sahaba rushes to the province, the Sahabi Russia, so the prophet SAW Selim to warn him. So as he's going to enter his sister's house, of course, a sister was there with her husband, and it was also another companion there teaching them put an anyone

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knows how bad

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how bad in Iraq was. They're teaching them soda. So they look out they see armor coming in, or almost about to enter, and how bad makes a boat for it. He jumps into the closet hides. And I might as he was approaching, he heard some of the recitation of the plan. So he barges in he says, What's that sound? I was hearing? I said nothing. Then I was crammed wasn't like, I know they denied it. Have you become Muslim? No. So um, I wasn't happy with these answers. He jumps on his sister's husband at that building and literally, you know, sits on him bashing him. And of course, his sister was upset. She wanted to stop. But so she dumps what am I trying to get him off? he smacked her in

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the face. She goes flying. And then she starts to bleed. And upon seeing that Armada, of course, he was affected, that soften his heart. He says his sister blade and he was the cause. Muslim or non Muslim, you don't want to be the cause of your sister getting her.

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She said we have become Muslim. So what we believe in Allah His Messenger, we believe, Do your worst. He says, Let me see what you're reading from. That said no. Is that let me see, I promised you I'm not going to do anyhow. She said, Tim you energists you're impure you have to watch first. So he did sir. And he sat down, he was relaxed. They gave him those sohar from Surah Taha, he begins to read.

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And if you read the opening, I will lie they soften your heart and soften your heart.

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And he keeps reading and reading and reading until he gets to the ayah in nanny and Allahu La Ilaha Illa. Boo Danny welcome is Sana tellicherry there's no doubt about it. I am Allah. It's as if Allah is talking to him directly. I am a liar, I'm out. So worship none but me. and establish the prayer for my remembrance. Upon reading that he says there's no doubt whoever said these words is the only one worthy of worship de Lune Allah Mohammed de Lune Allah Mohammed take me to Mohammed guide me to Mohammed is ready to accept Islam. So he jumps out of the closet combat in Iraq because Allahu Akbar, where did you come from? above a lot of jumps out of the closet. He said, I believe that the

00:29:21--> 00:29:46

heart of the Prophet sallallaahu Selim has been answered, because what are you talking about? He says, I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, Allah hum as an Islam be a hub Barrow Delaney ilic our law strengthen Islam with one of the two most beloved men to you. And he mentioned Ahmad and he mentioned Abu jihad. Mmm hmm. Why? Why did the professor wassalam make dua to Allah to go one of these two men?

00:29:48--> 00:30:00

Yes, do the high status but also a prophet SAW Selim as a true leader. He saw in them leadership qualities, qualities that if they became Muslim, they can strengthen Islam when they committed to

00:30:00--> 00:30:37

Cause they were extremely determined. I went all out, as you can see, in the animosity towards Islam, Abu Jamal and Omar went all out. So imagine they use that for the betterment of the deen and for themselves in the hereafter. So Rasulullah saw the sola Salim said he might do and of course Allah azza wa jal selected, Mr. Rajaratnam so he was told what the prophet SAW Selim was hiding in a place near Safa, and he's on the way there and of course the Sahaba they heard previously what that Ahmed is coming to do. What the killer prophet so he was warned. So the cyber on the lookout, looking into the cracks of the door, and so they see Mr. coming closer. It's Omar, right, though.

00:30:37--> 00:30:44

Read back in yellow suit, llama is coming. Armada is coming. I also have a terrified because I'm out as we said when he hit her

00:30:46--> 00:30:48

who stood up Hamza

00:30:49--> 00:31:19

Don't worry. Don't worry, cuz he said in another shot one in Aurora. Hi, Ron Athena. When Aurora Sharon caffine will be sophina if he wants good, we'll give him good. Everyone's bad. Also to suffice. Don't worry. I'll take care of him. One of the province who lost a limb Do you have to please open the door? No. I said everyone stay back. Oh go solo opens the door. He grabs me by the collar. And he says magic became the hot dog. Why have you come to Santa

00:31:21--> 00:32:02

Monica? Well if you had a dean Oh, that was even a Korea well, you know enter Islam already. Before I found out about strikes you hammer Rajon who got down on his knees tears in his eyes. He said to me no Billa will be Rasulullah he one magic Tabitha one magic to be human and dilla I've come believing in Allah and His messenger and what you came from the Revelation the Prophet sallallaahu Selim erupted with tech Kabir Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. And the whole place erupted with tech Bharat so much so so loud that they had to disperse after that because they were in hiding or the must record must have heard a tech bit a lot, but was it coming from Yola go and search for

00:32:02--> 00:32:44

him. So pan Allah Allah azza wa jal strengthen the deen and he honored the dean with these two lions Hamza rodilla, Ando and Ahmad, and after that, because of our Modus Islam, the Muslims began to perform tawaf openly and they began to pray openly. And they began to pray the Kaaba openly why, and Mr. de holofil Islam because Mr. entered Islam is upon Allah. After that. He wanted to tell everyone who was a Muslim, what have you got? Show me what you got. So he went on door knocking, not Jehovah's Witness here door knocking to start a fight. I become a Muslim. And then he remembered the grunk He goes, I'm going to go to him the arch enemy of the prophet SAW Selim. He knocks on the

00:32:44--> 00:33:30

door, Abidjan says mandatory Who's there? He says if no top of no top the Center for top Abuja didn't know that he was a Muslim didn't hear the news. So he opens the door. Abuja says Allen Allen biblical top Welcome, welcome. osako pub. So it says yeah, abeja hell. Hell samatar harbor is a project Have you heard the news? He says man harbor what is the news? Mr. Lim, and Nick What's about Have you heard that I've stated I was just said letter file is don't do so I must say now. It said bad Latifah. No don't do so. He said Belford file Dr. Davila. I have done so enemy of Allah. So Allah just slammed the door in his face and he locked him back into hiding. He went into that little

00:33:30--> 00:34:10

hole, crawled back little hole that he calls home on hamdulillah. Mama wasn't happy. He wanted to take everyone on. I want everyone to know and listen to what you got. So he heard that in Mecca. Doing How can I get this news out? There was a man in Mecca by the name of Jamil no mama Azuma. Hi. Jamil. No Mama, Mama. Hi, This man was like the blabber mouth of Mecca. Right? This was the BBC of the day. You just give him any information. He goes and spreads out like wildfire in every single corner of Arabia basically. So he calls him and he says, Yeah, Jamil has seen at the harbor. I've heard the news because Mel harbor he goes, Dakota slumped. He didn't even finish the sentence. And

00:34:10--> 00:34:34

Jimmy runs. Yeah. yohannes yohannes Oh, people or people that will get lost. I mean, that's some news is that Saba? Mr. Saba, Amara Amara as a pastor as a pastor. I must behind him he's saying cuz after your doula, you have lied. enemy of Allah. Global Islam. He said no, rather, sir. I've accepted it, Sam. He's okay. He's gonna get belted. Yeah. I said, I

00:34:35--> 00:35:00

started to come and fight with armor. And armor is cracking this guy kicking this guy building this guy throwing this guy. He's taking them all on, right and then when they got too many and basically kept fighting to sunset, when it got too hard and he was getting tired. All he had to do was sit on the leader The Hobbit and just poke his eyes literally. Right? You sit on him poke his eye, they get back, get back. I'm gonna kill him. That will get back on

00:35:00--> 00:35:33

But as a leader, so the come again he'll sit on, give me these eyes. That was that was I'm on the panel and we'll end with showing you how great armor was that when the major hitter came and Medina, probably you could talk about armor all day and all night. It's amazing man amazing character. When the major Hitler came, of course, you know a lot of the Muslims have to go secret private so that they can get persecuted except our model. He migrated openly. And when he wanted to migrate, he went to the Kaaba.

00:35:34--> 00:36:19

And he saw all of these leaders and all the people that are sitting in the little circles, and he went to each one of them. And he said she hadn't made these faces be disgraced and disfigured. He said to them, I'm making digital and he's to ever once their wife to be widowed, or their child to be orphaned, or their mother to be bereaved, then let them follow me behind this mountain. All right, let's step outside. Basically, the narrator of the Hadith said no one dead to make a move and follow on except two types of people, the believers and the super heart the fools of the Quran of the kuffaar and he did he teach them a lesson they will never forget. He belted him a belting that

00:36:19--> 00:36:44

will lie they'll probably never forget after that. They learned very well and I'ma threatens you better keep far away. That was a moto delanco and hamdulillah that was how Allah strengthen the deen We ask Allah azza wa jal to raise from amongst you brothers and his oma. Another Hamza and another amar rodilla and Homer desert qumulo Hayden sapochnik Allahumma will be handed a shadow and La Ilaha Atlanta's the federal government to booty