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The Prophet’s full name & The Religious Background of Arabia

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala sola.

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In this lesson,

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we're going to recap the Prophet ancestors.

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And we're going to look at their religious background of Arabia.

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And the intro to the story of the elephant, which is Surah tofield.

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Firstly, when we say Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah, we want to wish to say his full name. How do we do so? It's Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah Abdullah polyp, Al

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Hashimi al Qureshi.

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And that's how they will preserve the names, that that's how they will preserve the ancestors. Unlike today, people don't even know who the great grandfather was, for the most part, many people don't know.

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And that's why when people say how did they know that all such details because they used to take pride in their heritage, the ancestors. But, of course, it's better than what we do today. Unfortunately, people today know the price of everything. But the value of nothing

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will know the way of the self is the best way, not the way of the West and newly invented modern ways. You can always say the way of the past was the best way in order to say this person is old school. I'll take that as a compliment.

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An old is gold. So I say so Mohammed sallallahu Sallam the son of Abdullah who was going to be sacrificed but he wasn't. So therefore they called him the son of the two sacrificed ones.

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Mohammed Abdullah was going to be sacrificed but he was sped and who was the former

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Ismail Ali Salam was going to be sacrificed by his father.

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And that was beautiful because we said his father, when he wanted to slaughter him sacrifice him, What did he say? That come here and lay down on the floor?

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Allahu Akbar. Good. That's. So these stories are meant to be

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the tribe. They're meant to give us practical ways in how to live our lives. They're practical. Not just learn the theory aspect and not include any of our lives. No. So yes, they inspire us and it's a practical means and how to live our lives. So let's get our kids involved. He asked his son fundable metadata, what do you think he's a prophet of Allah doesn't need his son's opinion. It shows us how important it is to get our kids involved. Teach them responsibility by getting them involved. As they say, tell me I may forget show me I may remember, involve me. And I will never forget.

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When you involve children, I'll never forget it.

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And that's why kids don't remember their best day of TV.

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Remember the best day with mom and dad? The best ever childhood that's what they remember. Practical, not just sitting there looking.

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That's the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salim, the son of Abdullah and his father, the grandfather was Abdulmutallab and he was caught Abdulmutallab, not because he really was a slave of Allah but because

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he was taken in by his uncle and Mutallab into Mecca and he wasn't recognized that didn't know who he was. And I thought he was a slave. Although his original name was shava shava old man because of his white hair when he was born, and that was a McFarlane so he was called the slave of a polyp. And Hashem he was awesome, but he was called Hashimi why

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the crusher bit that's right, he upgraded the meals at lunchtime the second when you go to McDonald's and they asked you Would you like a free upgrade for your fries and coke for an extra dollar? Like sure so he gave them the upgrade to the mill no extra charge him the lesser he was called al Hashimi.

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Professor wassalam refer to because of Hashem his great grandfather and Al Qureshi, of course, Quraysh. They were called kurush because of two things we said.

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What were they called the tribe of quality code kurush.

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trade is correct that we're dealing with business that

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deals with money, business and the shark good. The shark that was strong and powerful like the sharks, as a shark will gobble up its enemies. gobble up those around it cold ice was strong. That would gobble up those around and they kick that Hosea if you recall, Hosea was that powerful tribe. That's why they were called. And we said Qureshi, small shark. It's called the altos lead, because there were a small tribe, but that was strong as a quick summary of the of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam ancestors. Now, when the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was born, he was born in the year of

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correct. born in the year of the elephant.

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By the way, a lesson we can learn from the ancestors. People gave you a name based on what you did regularly. As Amara dinardo said, Be careful what you do constantly, you'll be known by it. So, especially what you do in public, you clown around a lot. You'd be called a clown. You joke around too much you'd be called the Joker.

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You are a seeker of knowledge you study a lot, you'll be called a student. So be careful you do constantly that's very important. personalize a lot will be called a liar. Speak the truth a lie be called truthful. And if you recall when we talked about his grandfather Abdulmutallab when he was going to slaughter his son, it was said to him, don't do this. If you do this, it'll be a trend after you we assume Nevada will then follow suit because he was seen as a respectable man.

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Send me an email and you can listen to the whole story. It's a long story. Yep. He was gonna slaughter his son Abdullah. So they said, don't do that it'll be taken as sooner. And every time we have kids after you, that will slaughter one of them.

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And so upon Allah when he slaughtered the 100, as we know because of the story with the witch and so forth, when he slaughtered the 100 camels What happened? It became a sooner for the out of after him. So they will write, that will write what he did was actually taken as a trend after him. They actually followed suit. So the blood money changed from 10 camels to 100 camels because of what he did Abdulmutallab. So the moral of the story sisters, is be careful of the trends you initiate. If you initiate a good trend, imagine the rewards. If you initiate something of evil, imagine the punishment and sin. For example, 3040 years ago in Sydney, you'll be hard pressed finding a hijab

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sister, very hard. Look at the photos very hard finding a sister wearing hijab, I saw the photos that look in my mosque was like the only mosque around imagine the first sister who started to wear hijab, despite all the negative feedback, hate speech, she was copying by everyone and like, but imagine that now how many sisters wear the hijab maybe because she started the good sooner. So start something good and be careful of starting something bad. For example, on Twitter, there was a hashtag that went viral kill all Muslims imagine the sin of the person who started that. But imagine the reward of the one who started the hashtag who is Mohammed, be careful of the trends you initiate

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that can either be for you or against you. So that's a very important lesson that we can learn

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from him.

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We know that the cabin was built by prophets of Allah, Who were they? We know Abraham Ali Salim Ismail built the Kaaba and, of course from then it was a towhead. They were until hid for approximately 2000 years after it's made Alyssa build the cover. And we said, Durham was there and they became corrupt

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and who kicked them out? Was that so after tawheed in in Arabia for 2000 years with Durham if you recall, Durham with a with ismaila state for 2000 years. But then what happened? Hosea came as a punishment to your home because I became corrupt and kicked out your home. So when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was born, there were three major religions in Arabia. What were they?

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Excellent, good. So the three major religions were paganism, idol worship, Judaism

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and Christianity. So they started on tawheed but what happened where did it go wrong? How did all these religions common well, paganism style what happened to her head? How did it all go wrong? It all went wrong. From one hubby's one filthy man by the name of Amar'e even though Hey, we're not talking about Ahmed who was Hashem. We're talking about Lama, Eben Lu Hey.

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And Hosea Jose.

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The name ring a bell, Jose.

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From Hosea. We said after June got kicked out

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by Hosea, they came and stayed there. One of the leaders was called Ahmed Abdullah, hi, Jose, there was a leader.

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This man was so well respected, so loved by his people. That anything he said goes, he's words of a luxury are. His words were like sacred law. If he said it, we have to do it. People love them. They admired him. They adored him, they respected him.

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So one day this man in law, hey, he travels to Syria. What does he say that idols never seen it before? Because what is this? Like idols? What do they do? They said you've got reborn in a law isn't fair. They get you closer to Allah, like an intermediary.

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He goes, Okay, how can you have so many I said, oh, there's an idol for your circumstance depending on your situation. If you're having problems having kids as an order for that. You want to get married as an adult for that. You want knowledge and wealth is an idol for that. Whatever you want, there's an idle force upon located just for your needs. Because great just what we need. Now you don't have to hit What do you need that?

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Yeah, though, they will all until

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So what happened? How did it all start? They all came into q4 because of this man. So he took one back called Hubble. The alphabet to Cobell

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and I bet in Arabic means dopey idiot stupid in a habla and Arabic means falcoda aku. He lost his mind literally. That's what I have been mean. So that goes well with the statue. Okay, because I sent shares the same letters, we said in Arabic, one word share letters, they share meanings, so that I had built to Cobell back to Mecca. And what does he do? He places a right in the middle next to the cannabis Panama. So now people that will come to see what is this? And because he's Amarillo, hey, they're going to take his word for it. If he's doing it must be good. So if he's encouraging this, we have to follow it must be for our benefit. And the Kaaba was the center of the religious

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authority in Arabia. So people will come from all directions from blood to Sham and Yemen, Palestine, Jordan, all around Arabia, to come to the Kaaba, when

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Hajj time, why, of course, the pilgrimage.

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So now they will all expose to this new Buddha. Imagine, right, this idol was right there. So they're all exposed to this new bid or this new shirt. And they're amazed what is this? If it happened in Mecca, and must be good, as we said, it's the religious authority of Arabia, whatever happened there goes. So now everyone's exposes new Buddha. So they came, they learned this new form of sugar, and they all went back to the lands. And of course it spread. But not just that, not just that

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people started to complain. We don't want to just come every year, once a year to hedge to see who well it's too hard. Some people couldn't make it too much time every so they wanted something more practical. What happened? Yeah, they started to make portable idols that people can take everywhere they went, you know, like iPhones, which is like a statue, basically, you know, whenever you needed to take it out of your pocket and make your draw and put it back in upon law. And you know, fast food you know, food on the go, this like goof around, go should go and go. So that's what it was. So it wasn't fast food, it was fast way to help fire. So now they started to make many small miniature

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barbells and spread them out and give them out to everyone. And they made different versions, and just like have the iPhone, different versions, right? So they made all of these different versions. So it was like the Steve Jobs at the time because it became a multi million dollar business. Everyone wanted one everyone wanted once upon a law. So that's how it spread. That's how should spread. So what happened to this man?

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The Prophet sallallahu sallam, of course, he's a prophet of Allah. We said why from Allah He said, I saw I'm able to hate in the fire.

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He was getting punished in the fire. And he was trying to put his intestines back into his stomach. Panama. Why because he was the first person Oh, one man bed della Dena lava is the first to change the religion of the Arabs. So because of him because of that trend, Everyone follow through he gets all of their sins and his work but you know what I was thinking of that Hadith. I thought to myself, what was it? What type of punishment was he inflicted with? For his intestines to just explode like that? And you can imagine what was it What did that team and we know one of the names of the Hellfire is and hold on I have

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a crush on my rocker and hakama Yeah, that's what hatami means literally, to crush something. So he must have got crushed somehow and just everything just went splat. Last but and as you know, in Hellfire you you're constantly recreated. So that's what happened. He was the first to change the religion of the earth. So that's how paganism started. Okay, what about Judaism? What about Judaism?

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When Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans, the Jews spread in all parts of the land. And some went to a lemon someone to other parts of Arabia and others went to El Medina.

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Why? Because in their books, there were signs of the Promised Land and the promised profit that was to come. And they saw some of the signs in Medina. So they went there expecting the awaited profits panel even in their books, and they knew that was a sacred place. They actually some of the scholars of the Jews back then, they said they would have performed the work around the Kaaba, if they weren't idols around the new sacred they wanted to then use the Bible to humanism. So they went to El Medina, some of them and in particular three main tribes battle who knows.

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banjo Kaurava

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banjo Kanaka

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and ban uno de.

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inshallah take these tribes in detail when we get to Medina, the Medina period.

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They will choose you. These are the three Jewish tribes.

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They resided in and Medina y.

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Correct. Good.

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In the books, the sacred books they had signs

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mentioned signs of the awaited prophet the wedded prophet in the promised land.

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So they were waiting in Medina they're waiting for Mohammed Salah center they didn't even know I didn't even know pan Allah and of course when he came with clear signs they rejected him out the below yeah the cities from a smile and we don't accept that and I wasn't below any pride and arrogance, tribalism.

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So we've taken now Judaism, one of the name Yahoo, it came from head to destroy

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scores what they do they just destroy things. So they do.

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Yeah, that's all they worried about, but also came from Buddha.

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Hold them in the garden. So when they guarded they're good, but when they're not there just destroy things. There's one of the two of the below. Now what about Christianity? What about Christianity?

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Now how did Christianity begin? Basically, when a Sally cillum came with the true message of tawheed he came with Islam. Islam didn't start with Mohammed Salah Salem, Islam started with Adam alayhis salaam. We said Islam means to submit. All the prophets came with the message of submitting to Allah. So he came with Islam. When Allah took him up to himself, Allah to Allah says yes in the Moto fig, what are fear, okay, Ilya is going to take him up to Allah. When he was taken. The followers of a Salah Sam spread amongst the people and the spread into different parts of the world. And unfortunately, the true message of a salicylic became corrupted quite early. Some people said he's

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God, other people said he's the son of God over it all confused early on. However, there were pockets of true Muslims following the way of a Sally center. And one of these men who was following ISIS, a Muslim, he went to Yemen.

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He went to 11.

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And he began to preach, they're the king at the time for beta.

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And he persecuted and punished all those who were preaching this message of Islam.

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And thus, we have the story of the companions of the ditch with Sora

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borrowed the companions of the day, it was horrible. Oh, dude, because this king was persecuting and punishing all those who claimed to follow a Salah Salaam, what they did him and his minions they dug up a ditch, they ignited it, and through the believers in what the law does have a lot to tell us it says so the Buddha would have to do a massacre they were killed unless

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this is an amazing story. If you were to read the Tafseer of this ad will take you to the story of the boy and the king. For those who have learnt about it. That's that's the story they from the followers of a Sally sermon the Muslim that little boy following a person who was following a Sally Sue them correctly. The story of the boy and the king. It's a long story we're not going to get into that now. doesn't concern us. Now basically, let's have a look. Dude, Allah tala says booty loves hablo dude, and nury that

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it's a fire that is extremely ignited if Himalaya could, this could fall when they ignited the believers. What were they doing to root for them is to see, but it wasn't your cartoon, they said and they went or caller ID I don't know. It's code in Arabic. That's an extended form of the verb extended form of the noun. In other words, they sat down for a long period of time enjoying the Muslims fry and cook like was a movie. That's what that word word tells us upon Allah. You know, like a person watching a movie eating popcorn and Haha, you know, just like the who do today, when they launch the missiles into Philistine you saw they just sit on the mountaintops and they look at

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the believers laughing drinking alcohol having a laugh out of out of the villa. They're not they're no different. Say Kufa is one Miller. Cofer is one religion. In every time and error, it's the same. It just comes with new terminologies. That's all. Back then the prophet SAW Solomon, they're believers. There were fitna makers, there were magicians and Nair today are terrorists. So it's the same as we said, the labels change with every time in place. You know what's amazing Allah Allah says, although that will kill them massacred. Allah says their legal foes and cabbies. What's false,

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says Allah said that was success but he didn't just stop there. He said al Qaeda, what's that?

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Great, big, huge success. Panama how's that success that will just killed massacred, slaughtered, they died? The King one How is that success?

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They get the ultimate success in the hereafter. They may have lost this world. But they've won the next that's eternal. So as a Muslim, when we read this, if it changes our frame of mind, the cafe doesn't understand those things. For example, you till the gift for the Islam when you give soda, you get more, you know, how does that work? You know, I've got $10 I'll give five or last five. I haven't gained five but

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See their their minds are limited. Even if you can't explain islamically to them, you can even give them logical explanations. You say no, even in this world, when you take something away, it can come back more.

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For example, shaving. You know, when a person shaves what happens is the hair grow, grow back final thicker, thicker, coarser, harder it gets gets more, so you can give them sometimes logical examples of that can relate to, and even the even pruning, have you heard of pruning? What is that? Who knows what pruning is?

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Good. That's right. So Pamela, ignore him although he was a scholar of Islam. When he spoke, it's as if he was a scholar of all fields. He talked about agriculture and pruning. He said the, you know, a tree. Of course, it has many things on it. This leaves his branches, twigs, and its fruits, and what the, what the farmer will do, he'll start clipping away from that, which is not really necessary. Why? To put the nutrients back into that which is more important. So by taking away literally you're cutting it down, it's actually bringing it more luscious and stronger. And that's the that's the parable of sada.

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I don't know him they were killed and what Allah says they had the great ultimate success. So what happened? One man, he managed to flee this fire. And he makes it all the way to the Roman Emperor. And Roman emperor was a Christian at the time, you can imagine he enters the castle, please, you have to help us what's going on? Now we were killed, massacred. You have to help us. Now, of course, the Roman emperor was a gaffer, and this was a Muslim, that had some mutual relationship that's in sympathy, because they followed Jesus, they followed a Salah Salem, because Okay, we'll help but I can't see my army all the way to Yemen too far. Rather, I'll send a letter to a senior, the king

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there is a Christian who will help you, as we said, although they will prefer but they had some mutual relationship. There's some form of connection because of a solicitor so they had some sympathy for them. So the Roman King sends a letter to the abyssinians.

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And what do they do? They enter a lemon, and they lay siege to the king and his army, and they defeat them. So now who is conquering Yemen?

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If you have been Christians, so now the Christians are there now, the when the senior, but now they're in a lemon, so they're there. Now what happens?

00:22:21--> 00:22:24

There was a man, a leader from amongst them called Abraham,

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Abraham was a general,

00:22:32--> 00:22:36

a general from amongst the Christians of Alemany now, so

00:22:37--> 00:23:16

he wanted to force everyone into Christianity. He didn't like any other religion competing with his. So he looked towards Arabia, and he says, These Arabs really love the Kaaba. You know, they've got such an attachment to it. How about I make my own Kaaba, and I'll put it in 11. So he builds this big monstrosity, this big Cathedral called police. He builds this thing called a place. It's like the cabin of a lemon now, but a Christian version, Christian style. So why to compete, he wants everyone to be attracted to that. So you know, forget this garba thing in Arabia come to my one. Anyway, one of the Arabs there. He didn't like that. So what did he do? He decided to visit police

00:23:16--> 00:23:21

this cathedral, and paid a visit and give it a personal gift.

00:23:22--> 00:23:30

real personal, he dedicated in it, and he smeared his faces all over the wall. So it's real personal, as I said, upon Allah.

00:23:31--> 00:24:10

So he gave his personal gift and he left it then he walked up now the Abyssinian leader, Abdullah, when he saw this, and he heard of this, he was outraged. And he goes, that is it. We are now going to demolish because of that we're going to demolish the Gaza. panela. So what does he do? He secures an army secures the funds, mobilizes his soldiers gets the training. And he puts at the head of this army, a big elephant to use in the attack to destroy the Kaaba and to the Arab elephants were not known in warfare before. So you can imagine the shock when they saw these elephants coming to destroy the cowbells like a dinosaur to them. Never seen it before. Because we said oh from ever

00:24:10--> 00:24:35

senior, they do nothing about them. So what does he do? Now? Abra Abra is marching all the way with his army with his elephants and soldiers all the way to Mecca to destroy the cabin. Now on the way on the outskirts of Mecca, there were some shepherds grazing with camels. his soldiers sees them as well. Let's take the spoils of war might as well earn some money while we're at it. 200 of those camels belonged to

00:24:37--> 00:24:42

the grandfather of the Prophet Mohammed Salah who was that of the looked on it.

00:24:51--> 00:25:00

Perhaps maybe because he wasn't getting as much exposure or as much revenue as he'd like. So what that did that dedication

00:25:00--> 00:25:07

And that What did that do that probably not just pushed him over the edge to finally do it, he probably had thoughts of doing it. Yes. And now hold on. This is now my final reason.

00:25:08--> 00:25:43

Like a parent, for example, the parents to punish that child and you know, they're thinking about Should I ground them or should I not and they just do one thing I fell off the ground for a whole year. So that just did it for him. So he goes, he goes, and on the way now, he said, on the outskirts of Mecca, there were some camels he took him 200 belong to Abdulmutallab. So now before they enter and demolish the car, but Abdulmutallab cars for a meeting, he wants to make appliance big team. So Abra agrees because he's one of the leaders of Mecca. Now, Abdulmutallab was described as a man who had this haber about him, you look at him, and you just had this respect. He was a man

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of dignity and honor. So this is walking in. And Abra is looking at him. He's just like, all inspired like, Who is this man? And I will have felt shy to be sitting on this throne, while Abdulmutallab sits at his feet because that's what would happen. The king would sit at whoever wanted to speak to him at the seat at his feet. So he thought this is not appropriate. This man looks like he's Noble. But he didn't want to put up the metallic next to him because only the king sits on the throne. So what did he do?

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He came down and sat on the floor with Abdulmutallab the grandfather of the prophet SAW Selim says what would you like to live said your men, your soldiers, to camels, when they entered Mecca, 200 belong to me, I want them back.

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Abra was shocked. He said, we've come to destroy your ancestry, your religion, your heritage, your pride and honor the Kaaba. And all you asked for a camels. Because when you came, I put you up here at so much respect for you, but now put you all the way down here. So Abdulmutallab gives an amazing response. He said, I am the Lord. I'm the master of my camels, I'll protect them. But the garba has its master Allah He will protect them.

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abroad, they know what to say. He goes, Okay, give him his camels.

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They leave. Abdulmutallab goes back to his people. And he says, Let's evacuate everyone out, don't worry, a lower protect his house. So they all evacuate the place of the Kaaba, and they all go to the top of mountains and they're looking on to see what happens.

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I know his army soldiers, the elephants lined up to attack the Kaaba, what happens we'll take it next week and

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that is inshallah the story of the elephant what happens next inshallah next week, because we run out of time, and that way, you're interested to see what happens next week. What we'll do next week, we're going to take sort of that field in a bit more detail. We're going to like take the story, but we're going to look at the the language that Allah uses no clan, and how much meaning that gives us it's an amazing sort of ally. So we'll take that next week in Sharla.