Surah 39 Al-Zumar, The Groups, Verse 7-9

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a conversation between a man and his partner about the importance of showing gratitude and thanking others. The man talks about his actions and how it takes them away from their own pleasure, and how they should be treated with gratitude and thanking others. The conversation also touches on the idea of a "bringing light" for people to bring their own success and bring others' success.
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Surah 39 is seven onwards I will be laying the shape on login

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in tech for over in namaha Vani united COMM And if you are ungrateful unthankful then surely Allah does not need you He is independent from you. Whether you have a warning or a baddie, he'll go home and know Is he pleased for his servants to show ungratefulness by in the schoolboy Yoruba hula comb, but if you are thankful, and if you are thankful that Allah will be pleased with you, well as you know, as the rotten hora and don't think that any person will, who's got a sin will be able to share that burden with anybody else, nobody will share their burden of sin with anyone else. So what Allah has said so far is that you know, don't be I'm thankful he doesn't want us to be I'm thankful. He

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wants us to show things with a community of people around us don't think that in a group of people, you become someone who's, who's got the sense of power, because that power will not last from the day of judgment when every person will say, Well, you know what, no one's there to take my sin from me today. No one will take you know, in the world you've saying that I you know, you scratch my back, I'll scratch your back. In the next world, no one's gonna do that through my email Rob.

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thing you never be

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alone. And then to your Lord, is your return. And then he will notify you and He will tell you about those actions that you were doing in Lima. You Soto for Allah azza wa jal is well aware of what is within the hearts of people within the chests of people.

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And this is the nature of the human being that allows results is how they are ungrateful for what Allah has given. Allah says, what he then has said in Santa

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Romani been eally. Allah says that when a human being has an affliction before when the human being is afflicted with an affliction, and something has befallen that human being, that human being will start to call will make dua and they'll make they'll call their Lord, we the length of the call, and being someone who's very inclined towards Allah. So there'll be a lot of devotion that call soon, either home Well, hooni I met him. But then when alasa General Buddha facilitated a gift and a blessing from him, and it takes away that affliction, near CMS again, a Uluru II mean,

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then the human being forget, forget the Doha and the call that they made to Allah beforehand.

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He, then Leo

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Sebby, and then the human me being text partners for himself and others who are his peers and others on his level, to make them almost as if they're God's level, meaning that you start to take things in your life and people in your life in a way as if they are the ones that you're supposed to listen to first, of course, Allah supposed to be the one who's supposed to be our one and only God but if you take in your command and everything else for your life from others, who are on on you make them almost like you know, they're giving you your full life's kind of instructions on when you've made other partners with Allah. Now, one way of looking at this is real schilt which is a person turns to

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other idols and so on. And Allah says Lieber, land Serbia so that these things can can lead them away from his path. But another way is that you take comrades and others will yourself in a life where you treat them as if they are everything. Ultimate equals deca Polly Illa. Allah says, Take advantage of your ungratefulness for a little while, in gaming as her being

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for you will be of the companions of the Fire. Now when we are in groups and when we will other people sometimes we forget Allah azza wa jal May Allah azza wa jal make us be you know, make us remember him. The way of our life should not be ungratefulness because there are so many things that last given us as gifts and near misses, Allah said of blessings that we shouldn't have a reason to read, forget him. We should just thank him as he's just told us to do.

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