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Whilst many of us may not have the finances to hire the best lawyers for the hearings of today, doing so for the hearing of tomorrow has been made feasible even to those of humblest means.

This talk draws our attention to several matters which, if applied with seriousness, will cause intercessors to speak on our behalf and argue our cases on a Day when people will be too terrified to speak.


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The importance of protecting one's life and reputation is discussed in the seven types of shefa interretion, including "by the way of praise" and "by the way of love" type of interretion. The speakers emphasize the need for strong relationships with men and women, preparing for the Day of Judgment, praying for their legal gain, and avoiding sexual references. They also provide information on ways to achieve their goals, including providing a station of praise, protecting their health and bodies, and using their brother's knowledge to help them win a legal deal.

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Many of us find ourselves

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in need of fighting a court case of some sort, somewhere down the line in our lives.

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Whether it's because of an individual who has harmed you at work,

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or any other place, or a group of individuals who have harmed you in your reputation, or anything else, many people find themselves obliged to go down the legal route

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in order to hold somebody accountable for their for their operation.

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However, there are certain cases that we would probably not look to take out a lawyer. Small cases like for example, a speeding ticket, the vast majority of people will not challenge this in court. The case is not that large.

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However, the bigger the case becomes, and the more threatening it is to your life and your family, your reputation, your wealth, etc. The more compelled you feel,

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to hire a lawyer to speak on your behalf.

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Imagine with me dear brothers and sisters, now a scenario where you find yourself walking into a courtroom to represent yourself.

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your opponents, they are legally represented, they have many professionals from they have hired

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you at the same token, you don't have any representatives. You don't understand the legal terminology. You don't have anybody to witness for you. And the case is very big. Your entire future is on the line. Imagine the fear and the anxiety, how terrified you will feel to walk into that courtroom. Knowing that you will have to stand for yourself, represent yourself nobody will be in your defense except yourself.

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This is a frightening imaginary scenario.

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With that said brothers and sisters, I fast forward to a day called yo monkey ama the Day of Judgment, where many people will find themselves in that exact scenario that we have just described.

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Where man will find himself being escorted now to the court of the king al Jabbar the compeller al Aziz the most mighty Allah

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to stand before Him to be asked about every small and big detail in your life.

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On a day when the tongues of people will be far too twisted to talk

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and hearts would have reached throats in their exit because of fear. Imagine the difficulty of a day when you will have to defend yourself in the court of Allah and nobody is there to do the speaking on your behalf.

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Today, brothers and sisters, I want to speak to you about the topic of shefa intercession. intercession when somebody or something intercedes for somebody else, something vouches for somebody else, something advocates for something or somebody else.

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There are seven types of shefa intercession that take that will take place on the Day of Judgment.

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The first of these intersections is the greatest of them all I shall try to

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the greatest intercession or Allah common Mahmoud, the station of praise, and that belongs only to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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This will be when mankind will be too fatigued and too exhausted now to do any more standing on the Day of Judgment, it has been too long 50 or so 1000 years of waiting.

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And people will start flocking from profit to profit messenger to messenger pleading with them saying, please ask Allah Almighty intercede on our behalf so that the judgment may begin. And every prophet will reject this ad. A no and Ibrahim and Mo's that I use IE hemos Salatu was Salam. Those prophets will reject this, this is not our station, and they will be diverted in the direction of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who will say no,

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this is my task. This is my task and he will go to he will arrive beneath the throne of Jabbar, Allah subhana wa Tada. And there he will prostrate and he will beg Allah and praise Him in ways that no human being has ever praised along the way.

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And he will say Oh Allah, my nation, Almighty Almighty, my nation, my nation. This is when the judgment will begin because of the intercession of Prophet Muhammad Ali Hassan Abdul Salam. This is called Allah

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Come with Mahmoud, the station of praise because humanity will be watching the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and they will be admiring him, they will look at him with the eye of all how only he from all of creation had the permission to do this, they will praise Him thus it is called the station of praise. This is intercession number one. As for intercession number two,

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this is the intercession of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for a group of Muslims. They are around 70,000 of them plus May Allah makers amongst them who will be given permission to enter agenda without any suffering or accountability.

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Whilst all of humanity will be suffering, and sweating and going gray and pregnant women dropping their load, these people will be given a secret access into gender, no suffering, no he said, No either. No accountability.

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This is the second type of intercession of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on the day of judgment as for the third type of intercession from the seven, this is the intercession of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to allow the believers to finally enter through the gates of agenda

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when all of the difficult phases of your multi ama have finished,

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and the believers now May Allah make us amongst them are waiting to enter agenda. He will be the first to knock on the gates of gender. Thus he would say, as Mr. Muslim writes on the authority of ns, Lucia, Jen,

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I will be the very first person to intercede for agenda. This is the third type of intercession as for the fourth type of intercession of the Prophet Muhammad Ali salatu salam. This is His shefa His intercession for his uncle Abu Talib.

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Abu Talib, a man who defended the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam all of his life, but he died having refused to submit to Allah. So agenda will not be his home. He will be the only person of this type, whom a Muslim will be allowed to intercede for the messengers of Allah and even send them will intercede for him to make the punishment less emammal Bukhari and Muslim the rate that the messenger salallahu alayhi wa sallam said La La haute and Fallujah to mantium

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for you geography bah bah, bah, yep, blue. e. Li minha DeMarco.

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He said my intercession for my uncle will benefit him in sha Allah on the Day of Judgment.

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And so Allah when lighten the punishment on him and he will place him in a shallow part of the fire which will only cover his ankles, but it will call it will cause his brain to fry.

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In another narration narrated by Bukhari and Muslim he said, while I was lucky enough to kill him in an hour, he said, if it wasn't for my intercession, he would have been in the lowest bits of the fire.

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This is the fourth type of intercession. These four types of shefa act are exclusive to the Prophet Muhammad Allah subhana wa sallam, nobody will do this except to him by Allah 's permission.

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As for the remaining three shefa, at intersections, this is shared between the prophets, the messengers, the angels, the righteous people, May Allah give us a portion of this. So the fifth type of shefa

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This is the intercession for a people whose good deeds and sins will be equal.

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So they will be placed in a place called an IRA.

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Not in general, but not in the hellfire. This fifth intercession will be so that Allah will allow them to enter Jin,

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as for the sixth type of intercession from the seven,

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this is an intercession acfm. For those people who have been sentenced to the Hellfire, their sins are greater than their good deeds. And before they are thrown into jahannam, the fire, the intercession of the believers, or the angels or the prophets allows them to enter agenda instead, Allahu Akbar.

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And as for the seventh type of Shahada, this is the intercession for those believers, those Muslims who are in behind fire because of their sins that they had not repented from. So the shift will be for them so that Allah allows them to come out of the fire and enter agenda instead. Thus the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, as soon as he narrates an email metonymy the record this in his Jeremiah shefa it the al Qaeda Illuminati, he said, My intercession will be for those Muslims who have major sins. My intercession will be for those Muslims who have major sins. These are the seven types of shefa. Therefore brothers and sisters with this introduction, we see

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that the topic of intercession is very important. It is something that touches your life. It is

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is a topic that will influence the future of many people on the Day of Judgment. People who should have been in grade one in Paradise, they will be given the top grade seven, for example, people who should have been sentenced to the fire, they will be allowed to enter gender instead, Shatha has a major implication on our futures.

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And therefore with this set, I asked a question, what are the various things that we can do today, in order to prepare lawyers to prepare advocates to prepare schufa intercessors who can speak on our behalf on the day of judgment?

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There are certain things that we can start doing today. So that you will have to do minimal talking on the day of your multi ama when people will be too afraid to speak. And we will mention just a few of them today. memorize them dear brothers and sisters and do your best to advocate them and to apply them the first a person who dies in the city of Medina

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This person will have intercession on the Day of Judgment.

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Thus the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said many Stata I mean come Enya Mota bill Medina to file for in the Asheville, lemony mo to Bill Medina, whoever of you is able to die in the city of Medina, let him pass away there, because I the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will intercede for a person who dies in Medina. Now, you and I may turn around and say this is very far fetched. This is difficult to achieve. I do not envisage this happening anytime soon. Merely visiting the city of Medina has become very challenging for me, let alone living there, this is going to be very difficult. So is there anything else that we can do to prepare lawyers and

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advocates and intercessors? There is because the aura of Allah is so vast.

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The second advocate of a person on the Day of Judgment, the second lawyer is the book of Allah the Quran,

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and that is accessible to every single one of us. The Quran will be given a voice on the Day of Judgment, it will be speaking with a sound that everybody can hear. And some people will enter Paradise and some people will enter hell because of the book of Allah the Quran.

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Thus the messenger alayhi salatu was Salam. You said as a Muslim the rates on the authority of Abu Muhammad Ali.

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He said he called for an effort in New York to malkia Machu Shafi and

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recite the Quran frequently because it will speak and defend and intercede for people on the Day of Judgment. Are there any particular chapters of the Quran that we must give special attention to? Yes, the Hadees continues it Corrado saharawi Al Baqarah was waratah Anna Maria for in the Houma dia neoman Thea motyka Anna who mazama mahtani Oh, okay. And the Houma hi attorney, Matthew Barney mentor, you didn't have to have Johnny on us. hobbema.

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He said give special attention to the two souls of the Quran Al Baqarah and alien Ron, chapter two and chapter three of Dakota and because they will come on the day of judgment in the form of two clouds, or in the form of two canopies or in the form of two flocks of birds and they will be arguing for their people on the Day of Judgment they will be arguing on your behalf on the day of standing the poor and will have a voice dear brothers and sisters that this is a lawyer that every one of us can hire today. In the life of this world we may not have the finances needed to hire the best of lawyers.

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As for the Quran,

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every Muslim is able to hire that book, ie to defend you on the Day of Judgment. This Avi hora era the companion would say as a mama daddy minarets in his narrates in his pseudonym Abu Raider as a companion he said an ephah inaho Nana Shafi yo yo man Kiana. recite the Quran because it is the best intercessor on the Day of Judgment. He said in now who we are called to be among the Quran will speak and it will say to Allah on the Day of Judgment.

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You are be Holly Hillier Telkom for you. Hello, Kenya tell kurama you're a big suhu kiss was Karana sakhis telecom era be albizu Tagil kurama for you will best suit agile kurama yarrabilba who fell a Ba da de la Kashi taco and will say Oh Allah imagine you standing and in front of you is the book of Allah, defending you and arguing your case, pleading with Allah to allow you to enter gender. The Quran will say Oh Allah

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beautify him with the beauty

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To honor so Allah will beautify you with the beauty of the nacore and will say Oh Allah allow him to wear the garments of honor so Allah will dress you with the garments of honor. Then the Quran will say Allah Allah placed on his head the crown of honor. And so Allah will place on his head the crown of honor, then number and we'll say, Oh a lobby pleased with him.

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Oh Allah accept him, because this is the greatest ambition of any human being alone.

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So what is our plan for the book of Allah? What is our daily relationship with the Quran? Wherever we go dear brothers and sisters in short, we have a copy of the Quran with us, either in our pocket in our handbag in our rucksack, there is a strong relationship with the Quran and the 10 year plan with regards to its understanding through the Arabic language with regards to his memory memorization. With regards to his application, we have a clear plan that we want to achieve within five to 10 years pertaining to the book of Allah by doing so, we are preparing our lawyers for the Day of Judgment.

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As for advocate number three, lawyer number three,

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or intercessor number three, this is pertaining to Islam fasting. This will also speak for a person Yeoman piano. So I say congratulations to those brothers to those sisters who fast the month of Ramadan

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and then they maintain a certain level of extra fasts all throughout the year. Mondays and Thursdays are the 3am will be the three lunar days or Ashura and arafa and the likes of these days such a person is preparing his advocate his lawyer, His representative on the Day of Judgment.

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The Medina writes in his Muslim on the authority of the companion Abdullah Muhammad, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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a CR mo Well, no Yeshua is the Yeoman piano YOLO Surya, Mara Mara to Tama sharada, Mina, Herefordshire, Fanny fee for an era be mana to know nothing lately, for sure fair any fee Allah for you chef.

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He said, he Salatu was salam, that fasting and the citation of the Qur'an will both be given a voice, they will speak for a person on the Day of Judgment. As for fasting, fasting will say, Oh Allah, Oh Allah, I prevented him from eating and drinking throughout the day. So allow me to speak on His behalf. And the Quran will say, Oh Allah, Oh Allah, I prevented him from sleeping during the night. So allow me to intercede to speak on His behalf. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said conclusively they will both be given intercession

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they will both be given intercession.

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As for the fourth type of shefa fourth intercession

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This is every single extra unit of Salah you take care of today. You're now laughing after you have perfected the five daily prayers. The extra frustrations the extra units of Salah will speak on your behalf on the Day of Judgment. So congratulations to those who have a strong relationship with every type of sooner prayer

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imamo Muslim the rates that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he used to say to those who were serving Him.

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Allah cahaya Do you need anything? Look, he was saying to the one serving him. Do you need anything? can I serve you in any way?

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And on one particular day, one of those who were serving him said to the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. Yasuda Allah He Hagerty or messenger of Allah. Yes, please give me my request. He said, What Maharaja took what is your request? He said hi jetty untouched value.

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He said, my request and my need is for you to intercede for me on the Day of Judgment.

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The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was impressed with this request. He said to him, Mandela Canada, who guided you to that request, Who taught you that request? He said or a be my Lord.

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He said for Agni, Alana ckb cataratas sujood. He said, therefore help me fulfill this request of yours by making sure you prostrate to Allah Almighty Allah.

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Make sure that you have a strong relationship with the obligation that you perfect. And the sooner that you now study, what are all of the sunon the extra prayers that you can bring? study them dear brother, dear sister, make a conscious effort to know all of them or as many as you can, the 12 extra Sooners of prayers that are surrounding the five daily prayers, the Salah of Doha are we taking care of that the Salah of istikhara when we are confused are we

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taken care of that the tsunami of World War, the sooner after committing a sin, the prayer of repentance, are we praying that

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that has created a relationship with every extra type of salah and not for lazy in that regard and realize that by doing so, you are preparing your lawyers and your advocates who will speak on your behalf and give you an easy time on the Day of Judgment. Somebody may say, I am lazy

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and I know I will forget. So I need something else. I will try to do this might guide me to something else in addition to this, you have advocate number five, it cannot get any easier than this. Or you do a single do that you say dear brother, dear sister after hearing the other end, and this will qualify you by the permission of Allah for the intercession of the beloved and in usato sir,

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does emammal Buhari generates on your authority of Jagger that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Man polythene is now NIDA alohomora has he done what he

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was allotted Karima t Mohamed el vasila wolffer de la wa Houma, Carmen Mahmoud and Isla de la Hello Latina who Shaka t Omen Kiana.

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He said whoever hears the event, the call to prayer.

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And then when it finishes, he says the following words, Oh Allah, you are the lord of this perfect call. And you are the lord

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of this established prayer. We ask you our law to give prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam alwasy Allah, Allah, Allah is a station in paradise that will only be for one human being. And we hope that will be for the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So you say after hearing the other end, Oh Allah, Lord of this perfect call, and you are the Lord of the established prayer, give Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and vasila and give him alpha Lila virtue and give him a station of praise that you have promised him. He said, Whoever says this after hearing the other than my intercession for him on the day of judgment will become an obligation upon me.

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Allahu Akbar, somebody may say, Brother Ali, even this is difficult. I live far away from the masjid. And I don't hear the eye then as much as I would like to hear it. I don't have this opportunity very frequently. Is there anything else I can do to hope to guarantee lawyer and advocate a Shafi? intersexual intercessor for me and the day of judgment and the answer is yes. And we will conclude with number six.

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advocate number six lawyer number six. It is the taking of the good people as friends.

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It is to take the righteous people that people of goodness as friends

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your multi Emma dear brothers and sisters in Islam, they're believers after Allah has saved them from the fire and Allah allows them to enter agenda they will realize that some of their friends are missing. Some of their friends whom they studied with maybe they prayed with the fasted with they engaged in hydrate, they did die with an engender they are missing.

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And this is an aeration at emammal Bukhari and Muslim the right man in his Muslim on your authority of obesity.

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So they will complain to Allah the believers will complain, Yara

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imagine baddeck Can we use en una mahna mahna mahna mahna mahna

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mahna mahna

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mahna Oh Allah. There are certain servants of yours brothers of ours who used to fast with us. They used to pray with us. They used to give zakah with us they did Hajj with us over law. We don't see them here in gender.

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They know that they had been taken to the Hellfire they didn't make it. So Allah the Most Merciful will say to those believers, He will say to them, after you do not have to go to the Hellfire and take out whoever you recognize,

00:24:19--> 00:24:24

for to harbor Machado. And Allah will protect their bodies from the Hellfire then they will enter inside

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and they will begin searching for their brothers.

00:24:29--> 00:24:32

That person could be me that person could be you.

00:24:33--> 00:24:59

They will search for their sisters. And they will look in jahannam and they will see some people burning up to their ankles, others up to their knees, others up to their waist. Others up to their chests and some people will almost entirely be submerged in oblivion in jahannam in fire our the law and so they will begin pulling out their brothers and sisters, taking them out of the Hellfire, rescuing them by the permission of Allah. This is Chef era. This

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intercession and they will place them into

00:25:04--> 00:25:05

the river of life

00:25:06--> 00:25:17

and their bodies will begin to grow. Their blackened and destroyed, destroyed and burned bodies will begin to grow and when they are full and healthy again allow it allow them to enter.

00:25:19--> 00:25:21

I asked you here dear brothers and sisters in Islam

00:25:23--> 00:25:24

notice what the Hadith said

00:25:25--> 00:25:42

they did not say the following. They are our brothers they used to fast with us pray with us to the cow with with us engage in had with us. In other words, although they are in the Hellfire, but they used to be with the believers. So when they enter the Hellfire to rescue them, they recognize them.

00:25:44--> 00:26:12

But if you and I brothers and sisters are not taking the best people as friends, we're not with them in the masala we're not with them in the lectures and the positive the good congregations and gatherings if we are not there. How will they recognize us when they come to rescue us from the Hellfire if we don't make it the first time? How will they recognize us? Thus emammal Baba he narrates in his Tafseer that AlHassan masuri He said his tech theobromine and also the meaning for inilah home chef.

00:26:14--> 00:26:21

He said take as many good friends as you can, because they will be given intercession on the Day of Judgment.

00:26:22--> 00:26:36

These are six things dear brothers and sisters that I wanted to share with you with regards to lawyers and advocates and intercessors who will make our lives so much easier on the Day of Judgment. We have the opportunity to start employing them today.