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Soorah Al-Baqarah


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The speakers discuss various aspects of the Baccarat game, including its meaning and wisdom, various names and connections, and various opinions and phrases related to Islam. They stress the importance of understanding the meaning and significance of various characters and events, as well as the significance of words and phrases like "will" and "will" in Arabic. The segment also touches on the importance of submitting one's heart before committing to a task and keeping away from the Hillel, as well as the concept of "arrogant," which describes a person or something.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah we don't resort to Fatiha now we're going to take sort of Baccarat. So first and foremost, we're going to link that sorta with what we just took. As we said, always the sewer connect with one before or the one after or both, they always connect, they always connect. Then we're going to look at the opening of sorts of bacala, which is Alif Lam, Meem and Alif Lam, these are letters and these letters that allows region sometimes starts to pseudo with a code word.

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the word mokdad came from Tata which means to cut up literally to break to separate. So these are the individual broken up letters and Moka pot, sometimes you hear someone say, Hello often Wakata that also correct and hello from Hakata or, and mahkota. diverse, both referring to the same thing. So we're going to look at the meaning but more so the wisdom behind them. Then we're going to look at Isaiah two and three, we're going to connect all of those together. But we're going to get to mainly this part, the theme behind sort of bacala very interesting, and how it connects to any flare meme and how it connects to the end of sorts of Baccarat. Very interesting very interesting soldier

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indeed. First and foremost are the brothers. How does sort of the Fatiha link with certain karma? many ways but we're just going to mention three Judah time. sorted Fatiha is the give me description. What type of surah opening surah what else good omen? keytab Excellent.

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So the greatest surah in the Quran. So that fattier is the greatest surah what's the greatest idea in the Quran? By the way?

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I could say yes with that something else. But the greatest idea in the whole Quran is the profile is what Muslim said is ayatul kursi with sutras ethnocracy Al Baqarah see the connection greatest Surah Al Fatiha greatest ayah is Al Baccarat so they share that greatness about them greatest sorta and greatest iron respectively

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the greatest is able to see what number is there in a Baccarat 255 Mashallah done his homework.

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That's one way. Another way we know that the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam as per the authentic hadith was once hanging out with jabril Alice lm and what happened? They heard a noise. They both look up what are they see? An angel descending With what?

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Yes, what is he saying specific?

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He called them something the two the two lights. I said yeah, he bought a coffee. He said I bring you the glad tidings of the two lights. What were they as you mentioned Al Fatiha and the end of swords of Baccarat. In other words, the last two as so that's another way they connect. They share the way they were revealed. And finally on the last two eighths of a buffalo now both revealed via the same Angel at the same time via the same gate agenda that's ever been opened before with the same name to Pinilla amazing.

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Certainly close is equal to one third of the Quran, but not the greatest soldier as we said, the prophet himself said in Mr. della Mohammed to Abu Zeid lamonica ow Varma surah. Allah, I'm going to teach you the greatest surah in the Quran and he told him

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that's an authentic hadith in Muslim dilemma Mohammed as we mentioned. So at 31, the last two out of a buckler

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number one, same time,

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via the same Angel

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via the same gates

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and are both given the same name the two lights and Hadith mentions that no one reads a word from them except they find benefit. In other words, they share the same benefit.

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The same virtue

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number three, final way although there are many others, as we said,

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there's only one drop we make it in fact, what is it?

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Mr. Idina main guide us guide us. And then if you read the opening of a suitor Bukhara, Allah azza wa jal says after Alif Lam Meem Delhi Calcutta buena Ray Buffy this book is Holden Lin within this book is a houda. So a person is making drawing and Fatiha give me draw, give me guidance, give me guidance. And then Okay, where do we find guidance? In advocate? Allah gives you the answer in the beginning. This book is the book of gardens. That's where you find it hidden within. So your question you're, you're asking for something in Fatiha is answered in Albuquerque beautiful

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right in the beginning

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so your question

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and answer for guidance is in Al Fatiha and buckler respectively.

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There are other ways if you look at for example, the first area and in fact is Rob Bula alameen and the first command in in Baccarat is to rob back home right there's others, but of course due to time, these are among the three

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most prominent you could say, easily identifiable links.

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Let's look at now the meaning and wisdom behind Alif Lam Meem.

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These letters are called l mocha Bart.

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Allah azza wa jal starts minisode with is mocha thought give me some as an example Alif Lam Meem alhfam raw Hemi for her.

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common one. Yes seen cough? No. So these are called Elmo kata as we said, from kata to cut up something so the individual cut up letters. And Alif Lam is no different. What do they mean?

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You find a bass and others like a student Mujahid gave seed of Alif Lam Meem. Now you won't find this in the English version of advocacy, you find an Arabic, Arabic And if you want the Arabic is in the two. And that's an unfortunate thing about the English sometimes it takes up the juicy bits. That's really important if my bass was of the opinion, that these are names of the sword itself. So Alif Lam name is a name of the surah or a Tabby an expression of the Surah Now you don't have to write the meanings of Alif Lam Meem now, I want to get to mainly the wisdom behind it not our best was also also of the opinion that Alif Lam Meem this mocha tart. They are named for Allah. names for

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Allah they signify names and attributes of Allah. And this is the opinion of you know how best and how robots are starting. Don't take it lightly. And this is a valid opinion name is of a law. Hell he said Elif stands for Allah. Lam stands for love leaf. And the meme stands for Majeed. So one opinion he said, these are what we say names of the surah another opinion name of allah

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here, when you made the class whether it was empty without you. So if my bass was of that opinion that Alif Lam Meem can be a name for the surah and it's also a name for Allah do they contradict?

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No, because we know some names of a surah

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Names of Allah like Rama, Rama and there's no contradiction. Third opinion in our best is that these are, these are oaths that are lost whizzed by, can a lot of take an oath by his name, of course you can you can take an oath or whatever you want. We take an oath by Allah then we said, well, law he Billa he taught law he law he, we take an oath by last name, no problem. So these are opinions of it my best and his student Mujahid said these letters and mccobb part for what he swore they are open as they basically introduce the surah for you. That's a very strong opinion, we're going to see that Alif Lam. Meem is an introduction to the theme of Al Baqarah, you're going to see amazingly how it

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all ties in together. So there's various opinions and imbricated summarizes this issue and he says all of them are more tabara these opinions are matava they accepted. They are of course opinions of the great companions, and they can all apply at once no problem. We know in Arabic one word has many meanings. One word can have multiple meanings. For example, certificado in under netofa, relative Potter, what is the other main?

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The Night of Power sometimes translated as decree? Yeah, the Night of Decree, but has other meanings. The word other came from other other means to appreciate or say, aka DeLuca Allah has, I appreciate what you've done. So Allah, appreciate your worship on the night of Qatar. So what did he do?

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He rewards you so much up to more than 1000 a month with a very bad because he appreciates what you do that night. You can imagine for example, it's long weekend. No one's on shift. Your boss calls you up. Look, can you come in and work or really appreciate it or triple your pay? He really appreciate your efforts. So if you worship they're not alone, appreciate it. He will multiply your reward manifold that's what a million dollars depreciate. Also, the word quoted in Arabic means something of high status, because it's not of importance, high status. Indeed, if I said Pedro can do it all in Costa Rica, Andy Island, aka Andy haulin. Your status with me is very high, valuable.

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Because it's a night as we said of importance,

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and the word color also means restriction. restriction. Yes, Allah says Yabba Yabba Soto rispoli Masha.

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Allah expands the provision of whoever wills nd restricts it tightens your budget. So the word father has multiple meanings so what's restriction got to do with it on a quarter? Who descends that night? xS lol Malaika, the angels and are they small beings or massive creatures? massive so when they descend what happens to the space on earth?

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stricted compresses restricted. So that's how the word color can mean restriction also. So as you can see, my dear brothers one word can have multiple meanings. That's the point here. Alif Lam Meem has many meanings. However, it because he had mentioned a very strong opinion, which also seems to be the majority, the only Allah knows the true meanings of these letters. Yeah, these are the HDI that of the Sahaba. But at the end of the day, if there's no clear Hadith, then the day, say Allahu Allah, low on them, but there's great wisdom behind it, which we're going to see in a moment. And the scholar said, if you were to count these letters and macatawa in the end, and remove the

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repeats, because sometimes these letters repeat like Alif Lam Meem is the introduction for which Surah Al Baqarah and

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Allium Ron, and sort of the room, right, so it repeats, how a meme also that repeats many times. So if you take out the repeats, how many letters Do you get 24

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the 24 macapa individual letters, 24 individual letters.

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And amazingly, sapan Allah, Allah took these 24 letters and formed a phrase. Note that is not soon Hakeem on artheon. Law,

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a law

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it's a text full of wisdom, decisive, that has secrets.

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power law does not go hand in hand with the meaning as we said earlier learners. Amazing the scholars put these letters and if you find this in this phrase, it encompasses all and not all of them cannot think of any sort of that starts with Hello from ATA. Back, yes in hammy. Alif Lam him off. You'll find it in this phrase all right for you.

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Not soon.

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Hacking lemon

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law wholesale.

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which is roughly translated to

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a text or nos. Hakeem which means

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sent so it's full of wisdom. It's decisive. It's like the full con and that's another name for the Quran. For ricola Habib en el Huxtable Belson, Allah use the Quran to differentiate between truth and falsehood. So it's decisive

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the criterion

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law says what I said, Yes, secret.

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Now what I said the whole plan is a secret. No one knows the meanings No. Rather, there are some things in there the only laws of Juno's like algebra men are allowed to store a lot of rose above the throne in a manner that benefits him. We know Allah did it. We accept, however, how now we don't ask. We never asked the healthiness of Allah attributes that we're not going to know. minds are limited, we're not going to fully comprehend it. And that's why the man who came to Mr. Malik, and he said, this ayah and then he said, Go for stoer How did Allah rise and in my mind, it became so angry with him,

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is listed Well, maloom When the man will be he will he will cave for module was to Allahu Buddha. He said, we know Allah has risen above the Throne, believing in it is an obligation.

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The harness is unknown, but asking about it is a bizarre turn us. We know he did it. And we don't say as some sick to do. They say there's no meaning to Allah as names. It's a man but there's no meaning to his Hakeem, there's no meaning to That's rubbish. Rubbish. So he won't accept that for the people who can accept it for Allah. So what does it mean? The whole could end but there are some things about it, as we said, the details of gender, how exactly they look. things we're not going to know until we actually see them. But amazing, interesting. This is mentioned as we said, in a bigger theater, we're going to try and restrict

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another tafsir to a bank acid.

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Now what about the wisdom, this is what we want to get

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Too many wisdoms, why Allah will start with Alma Cotta.

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Among them number one, the wisdoms

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as we said, ultimately these meanings are known to Allah so we don't know true. Allah as of jelly, starting salted Baqarah to teach us a lesson.

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Don't think you know it all. You don't even understand these meanings. Don't come to the crown and approach it with arrogance thinking in order to humble yourself. Understand this, you don't understand everything. So the first wisdom Allah is teaching us to be humble, amazing.

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Be humble. Ready to understand any flat mean, we think you're gonna come to understand everything from this book. No, it's far beyond you. Far beyond you be humble. Don't come to this book and approach your thinking with his attitude on our Oh No, you don't. Beautiful lesson. And those who aren't humble, in other words, the arrogant what happens to them? Are they guided? No, they're not. But those who are humble they are and that's what after Allah has just said Alif Lam Meem Delhi Calcutta tabula rasa, what is this a hotel with a crane? It connects it to the limited thing. In other words, when you're humble, and you really want the truth, you'll get guidance. But when you're

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arrogant, you're stuck up and you're boastful. You won't get anywhere. And that's why she thought he was arrogant. He wasn't humble. Did he get guidance? Of course not. She's that beautiful connection with hotellin with the train. That's how it connects with our next beautiful Listen, among the listen to also have a horror film Wakata.

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Yeah, you could say that Nom, nom. But there's, of course, as Bab Bala there's not just that's not just one reason why people get misled as many. But that's one reason. Now.

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Also, as a challenge, the second wisdom behind these, they came to serve as a challenge to

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to mankind to the co founder of Quraysh, initially, but also to the rest of humanity after that allows you just starting with these individual letters, saying, Look, you're claiming this code and is made up?

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I mean, after all, you're saying the Prophet invented it. He made it up. Well, guess what? He's an Arab, you're an Arab. He knows the language you know the language. This Qur'an ultimately it's made up of sewer which are made up of a yacht which are made up of words which are made up of letters when you think about it, the whole could end from Fatiha to ns cover to cover made up of letters. If this Quran is made up How about you make up one here here then it is I'll start you off Alif Lam Meem

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is a challenge. It's also a form of mockery look, but it's challenging them, you claim this grant is made up produce one fat to be sold ultimately, ultimately, Allah gelatin just produce one surah the shorter surah is how many? Three is that is it is produced once upon law, a law saying look, it's the same letters of your alphabet, is he coming up with new letters from a different language now?

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That's the beauty. The beauty of these mokdad they come as a challenge.

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So first, to put us all in our places to humble us secondly,

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as a challenge to the Arabs to show its miracle.

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Now let's connect Alif Lam Meem to their legal Kitab which is exactly the next part Alif Lam in the legal kita Bulava Buffy is now

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so done with that. Look at it two or three.

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What is that likkle kita Bulava human?

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Yeah. It's commonly translated as this is the book here.

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There's no right in it what's ripe?

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doubt no doubt about it.

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First and foremost, Allah says Delhi, Calcutta. Now velika is often translated as this. However Delica in Arabic is extremely short, a little buried. It's when you want to indicate to something that is buried what's buried for further away far away.

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So how would you translate valleca wouldn't be this

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this in Arabic could be have something close to said

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that they can Arabic something which is further away. If something's further away, you say that something's close you say this, like in Arabic that's Heather for something close the liquor for something far. So Allah says delicate indicates something far that that is used for something which is further away.

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Why? To indicate the early Kalki tab. That book is high up there with Allah. It's lufti, it's elevated, it's Supreme. In other words, these ayat, these meanings are really up there they elevated high in the sky. So part of law. In other words, we said Alif Lam Meem, we're not going to truly understand it. Because these meanings are really high up there. Allows jellies humbling us also to put us in our places once again valic, as we said, use for something further away, amazing.

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Bite in Arabic, here is some insurance code simple, little buried, when you want to indicate something further away, or I'll say Valley, Colorado, that man, but if you specify heatherwood, so that he can use for something far away to indicate these meanings that could add this scripture, this revelation is really high up there. And then

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it's keytab book, what do you use a book for?

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To read? And what do you gain? When you read? knowledge? What should knowledge lead you to?

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implementation and guidance? Where did we find that beautiful lesson? With Sora? We just took it and fair to her. If you recall, we said is 123 of an Fatiha about knowledge of Allah, true at hamdulillah hillbillies element of Rockman Rahim Allah, then I fo is worship of Allah Yacon Abu and then a five is guidance from Allah is in a certain way to indicate if you have knowledge of Allah it should ultimately lead you to guidance from Allah. So Allah azza wa jal is reminding us again here, the helical Kitab the book and use the book for knowledge

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and knowledge should lead to guidance. So what are the laws which I mentioned shortly after

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spatola amazing, beautiful connection. These are the words of Aloma devadas don't think this is cheap reading. Look at the beautiful lessons embedded, embedded within the eye at literally between the lines.

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So this is not your ordinary book, not cheap reading. Sometimes when we read these ayat, we discover a manly flaming vertical kita. Allah says affilated, Barone and Quran they're not ponder.

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And the best way to ponder is to slow down. When your Ferrari Imam is going 100 miles an hour, you can ponder, you can stop, reflect. You can't literally stop and reflect because too quick in it upon the thick Why is this word here and every single word is precise. So the book is used for guidance, guidance, as this book is used for knowledge, sorry, knowledge lead to guidance. So Allah is reminding us remember that lesson I just told you. And so the Fatiha are here. I'm reminding you again, just for good measure in case you forgot your knowledge. Don't be arrogant like Ben Israel, sir. moto biala him as I mentioned. And what's a recurring theme in Al Baqarah, who's mentioned a

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banjo Israel. In fact, the story of the Baccarat is named after Ben Australian musala Islam the story of the booklet which we're getting get to, so that all tying in together. So we're getting to a common theme here. And I'm going to summarize the buckler in a moment for you.

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So who then again.

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Now before we get on to

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the theme of the book, a couple of points allows it connects Valley, Calcutta, Ella Roy Buffy, literally Buffy, as we said, which means there's no doubt about it. No doubt.

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Doubts can have serious repercussions and consequences. When you have a doubt. You may not start to implement the teachings of Islam, and it can lead you astray off track. In other words, when you're doubting you won't get guidance. When you doubt you won't get guidance like Ben Israel, a lot of them doubted that question was the question was the first day live astray? So ally Israel is teaching us first and foremost, this is a book don't doubt it. Don't doubt it. Because if you doubt you won't get guidance. But if you don't have doubts, in other words, you have certainty, what will you get? You'll get guidance. So clarify by fi is connected to guidance again. So not just the

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helical keytab is connected to guidance, but there will be fees connected to guidance. In other words, a reason why people aren't guided is because they have doubts. That's the problem. So laws really is teaching us Don't doubt. And that's very important, because how did this sort of begin? Alif Lam Meem Alif Lam, as we said, ultimately, Allah knows, Allah is telling us look, even if you don't understand everything, don't doubt it. Just accept it as it is. That's the lesson there. You don't have to fully comprehend something to accept it. Yes, at the same time, the Quran and the Sunnah doesn't discourage us from using our rational thinking. But at the end of the day as our

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human minds are they limited, we're not going to fully understand and comprehend everything. That's what he was teaching us. That look, you have to understand everything from this book. You don't have to send everything but just accept it. At the end of the day, if you look at really the Quran, as soon as many things we're not going to truly understand.

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But why do we perform tawaf around the cabinet? Seven times? Why not six times? Why not? Eight times? Why do we do record before? sujood?

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What do you do to slim twice? At the end of the day, these things, we accept them, we accept them. And if you do accept them, you get guidance, because our human ones limited. That's the lesson there. And that's really the recurring theme of a buckler just accepted during doubt, even if it doesn't go with your rational thinking. That's very important rational thinking. Because after law says hotel motel 13 Gardens for them to train. Okay, who are the motorin? What's the first characteristic? And Medina alladhina? You may know in a bit why, first, Allah says they believe in the unseen, unseen, they can't see it. Something that you can't see, literally, you can't see. You

00:25:48--> 00:26:26

can't hear. You can't touch it. You can't sense it. In other words, it doesn't go with your rational thinking. But law has this teaching us from the get go from Al Baqarah. Look, believe it's unseen. That's what makes you I'm lucky I'm a white Muslim. In other words, we believe in something not because it's cute, cuddly and fuzzy. Not because it gets a lot of shares on Facebook, or likes not because it gets a lot of retweets, or YouTube hits, or because popular No, we accept it. Because Allah said it. That's what he was teaching us here. This should be an underlying term many times don't doubt. Don't doubt. You believe in the unseen. I like to confirm who they have to see

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something to believe it. In fact, when I was having discussion with a non Muslim, and he said to me, Look, I don't believe in God because I can't see him. I said very well. Do you believe in oxygen? He said, Yeah. Okay. Can you see it? He said to Shay,

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you got me I have nothing to say. You we believe in infrared. You can't see we believe in gravity. We can't see as many things we can't see. But we know they exist. ultrasound, it's ultra easily can hear it with the human ear. You need some device, the ultrasound machine, especially for those brothers who had wives or just had a baby recently, you know all about ultrasounds, right? And doctor visits every single week along with Stan ready to pull your hair out to do

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a better show. So that's the point A lot of it is telling us look you believe in it because it's from a large revelation. In other words, the lesson is my brothers and nuchal focal often revelation above reasoning, submission over indecision we submit as the meaning of

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slam. So Baccarat literally the beginning is teaching you what Islam is teaching you Islam. So at Fatiha summarize the Quran for us, as we said, then in the beginning of effect of Al Baqarah was teaching you really the message of Islam. And that ties in with the theme of Baccarat. So we're going to tie it into here, we're going to say all comes in together and in there. But before we do that, allows, we said he left over fee during the hour and we're adults lie in your kneecaps. Yeah, but first No, yeah, and the hearts in the heart. In other words, it's submission of the heart before the body as the listener, in fact, all acts of worship. Why do we Why do we do them is to get to the

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heart, really, acts of worship is not just you know, to bow down and frustrated. That's it is to get to the heart affects the heart. If the heart is corrupt, the whole body is corrupt. Sure, if the heart is corrupt the whole body of spirit authenticated. And that's why soon after, what is the law has written says after alladhina Yamuna will wipe up Mona sada. So, in other words, the heart is good. So what's going to happen, you're going to see the fruits of solder and then just says, Well, me Moroccan at home, you feel cool, and they give zeca sort of color. In other words, it leads to action. See that beautiful lesson there. So first, submit your heart before you submit your limbs.

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That's the lesson. And then next page, we'll talk about the kuffaar hatami Allahu Allah bluebeam is the heart the dead that's what an act that's what I'm prepared for the hereafter panel of equilibrium murghab as the point that it starts by talking about all of these issues during the during the otherwise you're not going to be affected. Amazing. And if you have a doubt about anything, Revelation could add soon Hadith get it checked out with the shake pronto. Just like if you have a problem with your physical heart, where do you go? hospital doctor? And you know, if you go to the hospital and say, Look, I've got a problem with my heart. Does that put you in the waiting

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room? No way. They strap you up immediately for tests why your heart is the most vital organ. If you got a problem with that we have to take you in straightaway. If you got a problem with your spiritual heart, you got that you got to go get it checked up straightaway go to your nearest shave. literally go check it out because I doubt shut down after you plant that seed. you water it, fertilize it, nurture it until it goes into a tree and then you're in major problems. However, what's worse

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They don't act upon a belief and you hate. No, you're not held accountable for that. What hamdulillah sometimes we get very bad thoughts. We don't even want to say them. And it's happened to the Sahaba. Rest assured, the companions approached the profile so too similar to the others who law, we get thought so bad, we would wish to be thrown off a cliff or a mountain rather than speak them. The profile is salatu salam said that leka sorry, holy man, that is the manifest image tree man. Why? Because she thought is the one trying to be off the straight path. He's the one planting those seeds. And what's worse in your mind doesn't do to the kuffaar admin claim said they believe

00:30:40--> 00:31:08

it gets this Why? Because what's shaitan going to do with an empty vessel meaning the heart of the kuffar just like a thief What's he going to do? What you're going to rob from a desolate house? an abandoned house? Nothing? Where does the thief go? valuable rich house how are we sure he goes to the rich vessel which is the believers heart that's what he wants that's why goes to the believers he attacks them of the Godfather complaining of what's worse to the priests

00:31:09--> 00:31:11

they're already long gone. Almost done.

00:31:12--> 00:31:21

So that's a beautiful lesson once again is so many lessons jam packed with only up to a a two and three amazing but let's jump right into the meat of sort of Bukhara

00:31:22--> 00:31:29

the Baccarat literally means the cow Yes, the cow. Why the cow? Why is it called the suit of the cow?

00:31:32--> 00:31:34

Yeah, then Australia. What happened?

00:31:36--> 00:31:40

No, that's the idea. We're not talking about the worship of the edge of the calf. This is the cow No.

00:31:42--> 00:31:43

He asked her

00:31:45--> 00:31:46


00:31:48--> 00:31:48


00:31:51--> 00:31:55

masala Sallam told Ben we threat to slaughter a cow.

00:31:56--> 00:32:03

Why did he tell him to slaughter a cow? Because someone from a marksman Oh Israel was murdered.

00:32:04--> 00:32:20

won a battle Israel was murdered. So they went to Muslim Elise lemma said Yana be Allah I person was killed. We didn't know who the killer was one of them who murdered him. What do you suggest we do? He said if Allah moose LFO me

00:32:21--> 00:32:25

in La Jolla, Morocco mentor Baba para Allah commanded to slaughter a cow.

00:32:27--> 00:33:04

All at a time. I don't know who's aware. You take us as fools as idiots, you mocking us. They don't understand the logic. He said do this. None of that I wanted to question. In other words, they had doubts. What are the buffalo start with? Alif Lam a Moroccan understand what these meanings are you not gonna send everything, but don't have delta Lera Fie, just submit do the command. They did not submit us the lesson they're teaching us Don't be like Ben Israel aide who questioned everything and everyone. So much data actually led them to q4 He told them to do this just do it at any count of suppliers. But they kept asking, asking, asking, and what happened? They restricted the matter on

00:33:04--> 00:33:43

themselves so much, they couldn't find a topic hell until they found a child who had one, this little boy he earned a cow. And he was told look, Venezuela after this cow does this double triple its price make it 10 times its value. And he did jacked up the price. And they couldn't have to eventually buy it. But the theme of the cow they were told to do something they didn't see any logic behind it doesn't matter even if you don't see, if Allah said it, it is a truth. If the messenger said it, it is a truth. Now why did most artists slimtone to do that? Because Allah mentioned after why the panel that I mentioned before his wisdom behind Allah gave us the reason why after they were

00:33:43--> 00:33:55

supposed to after slaughtering, take a piece of it and strike literally the corpse the person who passed away the dead man. They did that he came back to life. And he informed everyone who killed him. And he went back and he died.

00:33:56--> 00:34:34

Amazing. That's exactly what happened. And this is in the Tafseer of sorts of Baccarat. Exactly. If you read the ad. That's what they informed us about. Amazing. So that's why they were told, but the reason was given after In other words, the teachers look even if you don't understand the reasoning, even if you're on send the wisdom, just accept just do the deed, just submit. Because if you don't, you're going to be led astray. And if you look at Albuquerque from beginning to end, this is a recurring theme, recurring theme. The theme is of Albuquerque and we're going to write this if you missed everything. If everything went over your head, understand this, it is number one to submit to

00:34:34--> 00:34:35

the commands of Allah

00:34:36--> 00:34:38

number two, even if you don't understand them,

00:34:39--> 00:34:41

number one to submit to the commands of Allah.

00:34:44--> 00:34:46

Number two, even if you don't understand,

00:34:47--> 00:34:51

not with Don't doubt right. And number three, if you do that, what will you get?

00:34:53--> 00:34:57

guidance awesome. You get guidance, guidance. Beautiful. That's really the theme.

00:34:58--> 00:34:59

So we said submit

00:35:00--> 00:35:09

To the commands of Allah number one, number two, even if you don't understand in other words don't doubt, even if you don't understand, if you do that you will get guidance. You find this from beginning to end.

00:35:12--> 00:35:46

Now it doesn't mean as we said, Allah does not want us to use our rational minds. Now many times Allah azza wa jal addresses us, and he caused us to contemplate, fly to the Berlin fly atop the lone FLIR. Don't they think that they ponder? This is another subject altogether, but we're talking about things that there's no room for our rational thinking there's no room for it because we're not going to fully understand that like we said, the K fear of Allah the houseless, the homeless things like that. So if you look at beginning to end you find that as a common theme, what's the first

00:35:47--> 00:35:50

story of an Baccarat q3 onwards the first story

00:35:51--> 00:35:52

it's not a battle Israel,

00:35:53--> 00:36:10

Creation of Adam Asante for Adam Allison's creation. When he was created, Allah commanded the police to do what along with angels to prostrate the angels frustrated First they guided What did the police do? He refused Yeah, why?

00:36:11--> 00:36:18

Yeah, photos better. In other words, you didn't see the logic behind. I don't understand this doesn't go with my rational thinking he doubted so what happened to you please?

00:36:19--> 00:37:00

Let us straight upon Allah see that first story again? Just do it because I love him and you? Because he's arrogant. He wasn't humble. What was the lesson of Alif? Lam? Meem. Humble you put you in your place. Look, you don't understand why Lee Fleming just accepted. How to Be humble, have you? finally another if you're arrogant, you're not gonna get guidance. That's the lesson. Now what's amazing is that Ibrahim al Islam was commanded to prostrate also, but towards stone. And who's better stern Abraham, Abraham. He was commanded the prostrate to something that was inferior to him. But did he do it? In other words, the Kaaba did he prostrate towards the Kaaba Abraham He sure did.

00:37:00--> 00:37:05

He showed it and what happened to him he became so good at it's not funny became highly law.

00:37:07--> 00:37:10

Look at the difference between a blaze and Abraham see that link?

00:37:11--> 00:37:50

Allah commanded a blaze to prostrate, which he didn't. He didn't go with his rational thinking. He thought, you know, I'm better I'm not going to do Abraham was commanded to prostrate towards the Kaaba. He did it, although Abraham was better. But look at the ramifications of each a blaze dinner prostrate, misguided Abraham did prostrate guidance and both of them I mentioned this with a Baccarat. So that connection the story of Adam and Ibrahim building the Kaaba is mentioned in a recurring theme from beginning to end. And this goes on on and on, on and on. If you look at sort of Baccarat we find the pillars of cm and Hajj I mentioned in Baccarat. Yes. In fact, the word Ramadan

00:37:50--> 00:38:34

only came once in the homeless half with Surah Al Baqarah. The famous as of fasting always mentioned that from an bacala. Yeah, you had Latina Amano quotevalet camassia mocha makuti, about kamakoti ballyliffin publikum kornelia area. So you find these ayato fasting Why? Because fasting logically to the gafford? It doesn't make sense. How does keeping away from you know, my burger fries and coke make me a better person? Let's see the logic behind it. So fasting is mentioned but lossless teaching is just do it. Now we know if you can keep away from the Hillel. It makes it easy to keep away from how long is wisdom behind it. Also Hodges mentioned in the book over and over again.

00:38:34--> 00:38:42

People don't understand why is it the left, right seven times. And why do we go anti clockwise? True. tawaf is anti clockwise, that's the garbage like this.

00:38:43--> 00:38:45

While the clock goes clockwise.

00:38:46--> 00:39:30

We just do it. But you know, it's amazing. The scholar said, if you look at things in the universe, they rotate, anti clockwise. The Earth rotates on its axis anti clockwise. Planets rotate around the Sun anti clockwise, protons, neutrons, electrons rotate anti clockwise. So when we actually perform the tawaf, we actually sang our law, I enter into your religious laws, just as I've entered into universal law. That's the lesson there. It's in harmony with nature with how Allah created things. Beautiful, and your heart. Where is it situated in the chest most of the right or left? left? Yeah. So when you perform the left anticlockwise, your heart closer to the garbage, so you're connected to

00:39:30--> 00:39:31

the US have a lot

00:39:32--> 00:39:59

of you connected. So it's not just as we said, physical worship, but that physical worship has to go needs to connect to the heart. Literally, that's the point has to connect to the heart literally Buffy done that, because that's a that's a recurring theme. And also the concept of jihad isn't as mentioned in Baccarat, the capital also doesn't go with his rational thinking in how you're going to sacrifice your wealth, your health, your money, your family, or to be to live forever doesn't get it and so that causes

00:40:00--> 00:40:25

also mentioned a lot in so it's a bucket also, it doesn't understand right? How does giving money? Give me more money? You know, we know when you, you Allah blesses you. Yeah, man across America Mississauga, as the profile is similar to Sam said, your wealth will not decrease this article doesn't understand that but we believe it's believe in the unseen. But even though even though in the universe a lot created only things like this, that you remove some it gives you more.

00:40:26--> 00:40:40

Like for example, when you shave, you're removing it, how does the hair grow back final thicker, thicker, so you remove that what happens it comes back more. So coming back more. Also, for those who were into farming, agriculture pruning was pruning

00:40:42--> 00:41:19

us and you literally cut pieces of a tree, you clip it away, you remove and what happens to it, it comes back more lashes thicker. So that's even in the universal lecrae and things like that. So that's also in sort of remove, and you know, give you more. Once again, you know, these are recurring themes. Amazing, amazing. The theme of a buffer, as we said, is to submit to the commands of Allah. Even if you don't fully understand that don't doubt them, you will get guidance. That's the link from the beginning in the end, and that's why it's a part of the first and here the first command in a backlog is Rob Budo. Rob back home. It's like yourself to Europe if alausa master What

00:41:19--> 00:41:46

does that make us? slaves? is a slave question the master know, if he questions his master, he'll give him a flogging like he's never had one before. And at the end of the second last air samina wattana. We hear and we obey and not we hear and we delay Allah azza wa jal allow us to submit fully to the commands of Allah dahmen subchronic aloha mobile technician and Mr. hirokawa to Buddha