Mufti Menk – A Challenge To Everyone

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of staying up late to stay in a sleepy mode and avoid getting up at night. They also mention the use of the word "Grave night" to indicate a need in one's life to get up at night and avoid getting up at night again. The speaker also talks about the upcoming video and talks about people who will join the reckoning for the unnatural video.
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They literally say I am going to hit the sack. I'm looking forward to a good sleep. Allah says if you can cut that sleep for my sake halfway, and you force yourself up and you start crying on the side Giada

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What are you doing? That's a sign of your closeness to Allah. It cannot happen by someone who is not close to Allah. And sometimes Allah creates a need in your life so that he forces you to get to that level where you start navigating through different acts of worship, and it makes you end up getting up at night. You taste the sweetness of it and you don't give it up.

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So let's try and get up at least once a week inshallah Is it difficult. Once a week, we get up at night to everyone's sleeping, to try on the masala for a while, some units of prayer to head up and go back once a week. See how the sweetness of it will come. If not once a week, even started once a month, once a month, it's not too much to ask. There's nothing hard and fast to say how many days this is just a suggestion from me.

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But this is when we will arrange unnatural videos. And these are some of the people who can enter Jannah without reckoning and not that they were forgiven after reckoning but before the reckoning commenced. They were already picked out where are those they stand up they were little. So the last part of the Hadith says those who used to forsake their beddings they will stand up as well. And they will also be few in number and they will be told and agenda before we start reckoning with everyone else once they go into Genoa. The reckoning will be with the rest of the people they Allah Akbar Kabira

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