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I said I'm wanting to live on a couch with your brother hi Brahim with another daily TFC. We're doing a pseudo day that FCU of Jews ama and we're at surah number 88, which is sort of aloha Shia, which is about the overwhelming de la Shia is the day where everyone will be overwhelmed. So Pamela, and it's about the day of judgment of the soldier has two very important themes. The soldier of course, is attached to the previous surah which is sort of il Allah. And it's a base model because Allah and sort of Russia were recited by the prophets, I send them often every Juma as is narrated into a Muslim, and especially on the days of read in the first Rockcastle to Allah, second Raka sort

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of tilapia because they are to be recited to congregations of people, their themes are very important for everyone that is surrounding to pay attention to them. There's something that every person, every human being and every Muslim needs to think about. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Hello, attack, how do you feel she has news come to you has that narration and the understanding of the Granger and the importance of the overwhelming day alhaja one of the days of the day and names of the Day of Judgment, days of resurrection, has it been told to you and have you shared it to others explain it. Explain to your people it's important on that day, would you even Harsha. On that

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day, there will be faces that will be cast down in humility. I am a militant announcer but they will be in a state of fear in a state of labored pain. There will be those who are humbled in disgrace, their eyes will be downcast plus lead now on homea because they will be facing and knowing and seeing the hot blazing fire that awaits them

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to school. I mean, Amy and Amy and a lot begin to talk about the food of the people have held the drink of the people of hell, that they will be, they will have a sustenance that doesn't sustain them, but it is a source of punishment. That's just crime in England and yet Lisa hongtai on 11 body, their food will be like a poisonous plant, a thorny plant that they consume. ly use Meanwhile, you can even do or it will neither nourish them nor quench their hunger or thirst. And therefore the purpose of food is two things. One is of course energy, the other is enjoyment. So Allah says neither will give them energy and sustenance in power, nor will they have any enjoyment in it. Would

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you even know a man can con contrary to them, juxtaposed to them opposite to them will be faces that have near the near the accountants of blessing enjoy upon them. Lisa Howard Adia they will be glad on that day their faces will be brightened on that day and happy and delighted because of what they have put forward in the life that now they begin to reap its harvest feed Jen net in Alia they will be in the highest levels in the lofty places of Paradise, let us malfi have

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lousy, no vain talk no harmful speech, no insulting words, no falsehood will be spoken to them. It will be an a climate where everyone is content with their space and time and the word level loud here.

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It comes from the concept of love which is dirty word false word evil word lying, cheating, gossip and so on. backbiting snickering all of these kind of things are exempt from the high you know jatiya in juxtaposed to the food and the consumption of the people have held the people agenda will also be given sustenance. It'll have a running Springfield hospital metaphor I will equitable mobile, medical must fulfill wasabi human through without

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their thrones will be raised high their cups will be set at hand. They will be given cushions to recline upon and they will be unreached, brocades and carpets all spread out for them they will be in a place of luxury and delight. Why is this fly on Luna? Elan edk for hula hut, because these are the people who want to achieve this success. Tell your people now that they can achieve it by looking to that which surrounds them and understanding that the one who's created this earth with its beauty has prepared something even greater in the next life. So Allah says fly on Luna Ll ebk for honohan. Tell them first look at the camels and Subhanallah the camels are an amazing thing.

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Even the blood cells of camels are a different shape to other blood cells of other animals. The blood cells of camels have a more oval shape and it allows them to sustain greater days of drought and thirst then the blood cells you and I and other animals have. It's one of their amazing features. They're able to chew and they're able to walk they've been so created with such an adaptive spirit. Their eyelashes are different. Their eye lenses are different, their hooves are different. Everything about them Allah says look to the camels and see how they're created. What else some people have had and look at the heavens and consider how it was raised.

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You know that your atmosphere is raised in in perfect harmony, that the oxygen has him for example for us, those of us who know a little bit about science hasn't dissipated. Unlike other nearby planets on like the moon, for example, it doesn't retain the oxygen doesn't retain the levels of, of

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gases that are needed to sustain life. And, and therefore the search of humanity in all these different parts of the universe, for signs of life is really in in that way. So Allah says, look out into the heavens, and and we follow that command by seeking to explore how it was raised, look at the differentiation in the ozone layer that protects and all of these different things that we worry about what llg bad kayfun also bear, and look at the mountains have they been root at you know, rooted into the earth and fixed firm and, and how they've come into being and the subduction zones and plate tectonics and all that is surrounding that. What in and out of decay facility had you look

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at the mountains that have ascended, but look also to the earth, how it's been outspread for you, oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And therefore Allah speaks of this, you know, in in wonderful, wonderful ways. As the camels that you ride upon the earth, the sky that is above your head, the mountains that face you, and surround you and the earth that is beneath you, that you are not aware of the bounties that it hides. And it's almost as if Allah saying If you only knew what was beneath you in the in the in the in the economy that is a set from the resources that have come down from the heavens and from the earth, you would understand who is truly in control, which is a law that

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Almighty feather giving them and with that good, yeah, Mohammed I've sent you and this is the second great theme of the soul that you Mohammed are nothing more than a warner a messenger you're delivering a message on my behalf, you are relevant to them on account of your relevance to me, so remind them yeah, Mohamed, you are only You are the only one who has been sent to remind them you're the last of the messengers less than Allah Hindu Messiter. You are not to be a dictator over them. You are not one who is seeking sites and just to overwhelm them and responsible for their rights and wrongs. You are there to preach the truth and call the truth femen chat fileopen woman chat

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affiliate for the one who wishes to believe can come to faith and the one who wishes to turn away from it. That is going to be their prerogative and their choice, but call them to the truth 11th hour level Kapha and the one who turns away from the truth except those who turn away and recap recoil in disbelief for the people who love would have an echo. You will see that Allah will punish them the greatest punishments May Allah protect us from this in elayna era one of the greatest reminders that the Prophet was sent to remind us with is eventually all of you will return to me May Allah protect us on the day that we return to Allah subhanho wa Taala and the day we are

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resurrected, though met in it now he's at home and remind them yeah, Mohammed, that surely their reckoning will only be with us. May Allah Subhana Allah protect us from the reckoning of a law when others are questioned and held to account that our reckoning is ese or Allah. I mean, this has been a daily Tafseer and in insert into sort of the last year the ETA chapter of the Quran with your brother Abraham. I hope you join me for our upcoming titles and episodes in sha Allah wa Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh