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Intro To Tafseer Ibn Katheer

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. While early he was talking to a woman Well, the next module is called an and we have finished from aluminum. And the sciences of the Quran we're up to now for this semester, which is term three and four, we're looking at to seed and we're basing it on the seed indicated, we're not going to get into the language that's more for the Arabic course, it's strictly to sit and look at it. As for the notes, you can either download it, the whole volume 10 volume set, which a link has been placed in the students section of the miaa website. Most of you if not all of you should have received an email today about the miaa website. There's a

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special login section just for you. As Mia students don't give out a password to anyone, please, they just for you. log in, you'll see particular sections one for the Sharia college Islamic college, another one for the Quran college, we're going to basically update it regularly with recommended readings, recommend links, if you want to book an appointment with the shave, Portland dates, return dates, exams and quiz information, things like this. And the link for the FCM Nakia is already there was already there. So you can download the whole 10 volume set on your laptop, PC pad, whatever. And because it's a 10 volume set, we're only going to print out the first volume, which is

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going to include the introduction which I'm going to mention today, and of zero Sudafed in terms of the notes, and that's our Manhattan chautala. However, before we get into FCD, look at the

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weekly going to look at another famous work on deceit and that is the seed of poverty, that the fear of imagery of serious robbery. So you might ask, which is better, which is more authentic, which is more sound and why? That's what we're going to focus on first. So we're going to look at the difference between the seed of

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a tabari and the fear of even kefir.

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Then we're going to look at a brief bio of the great muhaddith for the alhama abdulfatah a smile, if no caffeine himself.

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And this is all in the introduction of the masterpiece collection. The FSI didn't look at it. So in you'll find we'll talk about his full name,

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birth birthplace,

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look at

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his teachers.

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Look at his students.

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Look at his death.

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Look at his books,

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works, writings, etc. That's all today made in LA tala. Okay, so let's look at the first objective. What's better? What's more authentic? What's more sound autobody or educated? Have a guess. scholar says Atari Atari. So what are we studying? Look at that you'll see in a moment why. So let's look at both of them. And let's compare them

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to see our poverty and the fear of evacuees here.

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But hamdulillah both of them

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ignore Cassie and AJ. As Paula they arrived

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from Alison ojima Sunni scholars who Alhamdulillah

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authored two great compilations of seed and the other mat recommend both of them. However, each seed has its own special characteristics which we'll write on the board. As for the fear of a theory of seeded No, during

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a shift of Mohammad Ashraf Mohammed said, if a traveler was to travel to China in order to attain in order to obtain the property, that will not be an exaggeration. If he didn't go to China, just to get it, then do some panel. Oh, that's how great the fear of poverty is. And also Abner hoceima said, I have read the fear of poverty from beginning to end. And I don't know anyone more knowledgeable on the face of the earth than him that his time partly because he said no one's more knowledgeable than Nigeria, robbery, Allahu Akbar, and shaken Islam himself. Tamia also praised him and he said highly, he said with regard to the old FSC that are in circulation among the people

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today, his time the most sound of them is that the fear of imagery robbery, for he mentioned in it the views of the seller.

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important characteristic and the proven.

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Proven change of narration.

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He said and it does not include the DA

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no go forbidden this book. But hamdulillah and he does not transmit Russian

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ports from dubious sources such as Makati, libnah, brocade, and El kalbi. So no dubious sources will hamdulillah.

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So when you read it, put the stamp of approval on it.

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That's a managerial authority.

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And on top of that, he quotes various opinions.

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And then after quoting these various opinions, he mentions which one he believes is the most correct.

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And it doesn't stop there. He goes on to give his reasonings upon a lot. And this is why you find

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a lot of the sell off many of their LMR preferred to have seen in Nigerian authorities over many others, including in Nicosia, including this is the number one choice. According to most of their Halima, if not all,

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as photo serum located.

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It's actually not entitled to receive nucleus, the real name is the serial killer, and I love him for your information.

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The seed

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of an

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that's the real name to see it as an album.

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A cod said about tough seeds implicated. Nothing like it has ever been written upon a lot.

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That a cod, the scholar of the Quran, and this tafsir also, he quotes evidences, of course. Yet, he explains is with ayat, or a Hadith,

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mainly from the Muslim of Allah, Mohammed. Why? Because he memorized the entire mustard suppiler look amazing. Memorize one chapter, or what have we even memorize one method or alpha method or one launch method? Or brother says I studied for how we really what's the opening line from the method? I don't know. But we didn't study them. I'm sorry. I had a hadith. And he, of course, the views of the seller doesn't neglect that.

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And, of course, they change. And the good thing about it, the scholars said, Why FCM? looky Cathy became the most popular was due to its easy style,

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easy to follow, structure manage. And it's not too long.

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too short.

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And the scholar said, it's not boring, either. It's not long winded and just, you know, hurry up, when's it going to finish the Tafseer of the solar? It's not too long or too short. It's very interesting as well.

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And first, these are among the main reasons it became so popular and widespread in the Islamic empires and among the masses of the Muslims.

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Yeah, well, 10 volumes is the English version. Yeah.

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So and also, by the way, point of any point of any, something that's beneficial for you for your information. When you read, for example, Medallia just sell a key in four volumes. And the volumes back then, when there will be when I will read in the original is huge. And in much larger papers or tablets, you could say sort of, and the writing was bigger, as well as sorry, smaller, smaller. So when you really when you if you look at the original thing for volume, that's not that much, but really four volumes back then we could probably 10 volumes today.

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So you have to take that into consideration. So when he will say for example, the typesetting considers four volumes, I think four volumes, in our Is that something huge, that something huge. So all it is, it's hard to tell how many volumes are coming to English. So what's the conclusion regards to wish to seed? the LMS had no seeker of knowledge, no student knowledge you consider yourself assume knowledge, you should have both of them. You should know seeker of knowledge can do without these two books. You must have them in regard to which is superior, no doubt,

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the fear of authority, the fear of poverty.

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They said however, the way it's been written is more for and it's more aimed towards the scholars and the machine and the students of knowledge. However, it's not appropriate for the layman

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observatory is more for scholars,

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whereas theory is more suitable for the layman, the common Muslim, the masses and the scholars and students, which is why became so popular goes for everyone. So you can't go wrong with the feed in the feed. It's where everyone everyone can read it everyone can understand easy to follow. The scholar said, however, authority is not suited for the layman because most of them are not qualified to read it very difficult on them, they may confuse issues Therefore, it is for all.

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And a doctor, I will corny happy the law said no household, not the students now, every household he said must have a copy of the CD indicated whether in Arabic or English in a language you understand that doctor?

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coordinate, no household should do without Ignasi

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and the laws of generals best.

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So that point in summary, authority is more for the Anima mushiya students of knowledge words, the

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layman and the rider may also enter the machinery of insurance and so it's for all it's for.

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Now, just to give you an idea and to humble you a little bit I actually got with me is the English version version of Tafseer in Nicosia, so it's 1234 1010 volumes gets better. What does that say? abridged summary, these 10 volumes is a summary. Low awkward if that's the summary was the original. I've got the original in Arabic at home so Panama Panama Yeah. So that's even look at it for you. Mottola Allahu Allah or them I had in mind. So that humbles you a little bit not only have we even authored just one Muslim actually the five essays you were given killed you

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the five essays you were given for the college were difficult enough final, those are the elements and he didn't just author

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the Quran loves him he had many other books we're gonna get into now, as we said, Now we've taken the difference between authority and in the case here without without a brief biography of this great scholar. Hadith Firstly, manifested.

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This is all found in the introduction and next week when we have the notes when you can follow on otherwise you can download it.

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As for his full name, it's abdulfatah. His smile, if you can see it, of course, it's a longer version. I'll just give you the most important carbon fee that

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is smiling.

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Even giving it

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his full name.

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Even Lucas here at the mesh play, so where was he born?

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Damascus, Damascus is way present a Syria correct. So full name we have birthplace

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For a lot of them that came from Bella Duchamp even to today.

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As for his teachers, no doubt his most famous teacher was in the Tamia Rahmatullah alley. And if you are, if you want to get an indication of the teacher, look at the student so even the Tamia from his hands produced

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and edited by him and

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the heavy Yes, the heavy and the man with the heavy CRM and no Bella, you know, the collection of the amazing biographies of the seller. So Allah Mahmoud the heavy, so the heavy, ignore Paya Mary McCarthy were the students of shekel Islam, Tamia and

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in his book and more German mythos and half of the heavy so he's contemporary, he's p, he said about it. He was lm Li lm alpha k l muhaddith. Alma Foster. He wrote several books. So that is, Kogi in the masjid. The heavy it is pizzas made Look how he's praising him so panela like today, people are smashing their co students Why? Because they want to stand out. They're trying to put on everyone else's light so they're liking glow and be the shine the brightest No, that's not how the sellers work. That would be happy. If their friends their peace Excel, they were happy, like remember their hobbies upon a lot. So that's how they praised him.

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Furthermore, in a

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came in a famous book by evangelist Kalani, he said even though Cathy worked on the subject of the Hadith, in other words, it was a hadith in the areas of texts, Mouton and chains of narrations ascended, he had an excellent memory. And he became popular during his lifetime. And also he praised his memory. And he was popular, famous is no problem being famous. The issue is what does that do to you? Does it make you become arrogant, condescending, boastful. Or do you stay grounded down to earth? That's the issue. Unfortunately, today we have a celebrity chef, it gets to him. He starts speaking about issues that he's not qualified to speak in or he starts acting in a goofy way because

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of his celebrity status along with Stan The issue is not being famous. That's the problem is how it makes you act to animate Mohammed was famous during this time. It will tell me also it was during his time and that's why when a potamia was getting locked up, he had a smile on his dial. Why? Time was shocked. He's going he's being locked up but he's smiling. Because he wanted a break from the headache. He is getting the community right every single day every single moment Yeah, shake me this Fatboy helped me out and to this question teach us. So when he went to prison, or the private time between me and Allah, everytime you love that private time, Allah halwa private devotion seclusions

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Panama. So the issue is not being famous is what does that do to your Eman? What does it do to your loss? That's the tension as that's the that's the situation. And that's the point that's we said the beginning. Make sure when you do an act of worship, you don't with a proper intention not for attention.

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Yes, that's a very important issue as well. How do you get famous you know, so a lot of people will to get famous, they step one everyone else to get to the top. So last time Allah protect us from that. And

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ignore Angela's plan. He said the people benefited from his books after his death. And that's a sign of Kabbalah and the law that Allah has accepted upon Allah. And Allah said he was excellent in areas of focus, there was a lucky animal, animal had this. And that's how you find the element of the cell if they were specialists in so many fields, like today, a person is probably a specialist in not one field, half a field, half a field, and a lot homeless down but you find the setup, like even on fame and others. And when we took the biography of Notre Dame upstairs in the masala, you found no matter what area he spoke about, as if he was an expert in that vertical law. When they started these

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fields, they literally, you know, studied it perfectly to a tee, they specialized in them.

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He collected knowledge, authored books, taught in a read of the Hadith and wrote, so he was seeking knowledge and teaching seeking knowledge and teaching. That's the way of the day the students knowledge does not teach, teach, teach, and you forget about yourself, especially when it comes to MSA or shorter work, Tao work. People have an imbalance, it is now with our with our knowledge. And they say as long as I'm benefiting other people, that's the main thing. No, that's not a healthy attitude to have at all. You can't give that which you don't have. So it's very important that you are getting knowledge and then you're giving up that knowledge. Who said about him even Okay,

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Theodore? Hey, mahalo. He was a scholar in the Arabic language also. And I noticed this when I was reading a bit of his stuff in Ramadan, when he was talking about the ayah when quantum theory man has been allowed in effect to be So ultimately, I was challenging the co founder of Quran produced a surah, like one of the Quran and even look at it. To my amazement, he went into the linguistic features of the Quran, and it's eloquent and soprano, probably, you know, what I was reading on and on, I couldn't put it down. And a lot of words, I just didn't even understand sabbatical. And you'll see even in the introduction next week, he goes on to mention the meaning of the word surah. And it

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came from sewer and II means, you know, miracle and it goes into the linguistic part of the Quran as well. So this isn't something that some people they say, it's only 100 without going to know even the right amount for my listener, when it came to look at our experts at experts. Then you'll see indicated even in introduction he does this. So he was a scholar of the Arabic language and so forth. And he gave fatawa until, and he taught until he passed away from Allah azza wa jal Have mercy on him. So those were taken his name birthplace, his teachers. As for his students ignore Haji, one of his most famous students if no Hajji is it every time I met him, I gained some benefit

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from him. Every time. Every time I saw him, sat with him heard him. Iris, I just learned so much. I learned a gem or a pearl or a very important lesson. That's very important, my brothers. When you sit with people benefit them, benefit them. Don't just sit there and just talk about garbage or the dunya backed by people, as many people do. And it's a shame that many people they love ghosts.

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But the head gossipers Go figure. But rather make sure also you surround yourself with good company. For in reality, you are selecting the front row of your janessa Make sure your friends are righteous. So that's very important as you get older you begin to appreciate the importance of having friends of quality and not necessarily quantity. Rather to have one friend that remind you of Allah is better than having 1000 that don't

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ask for his books.

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Of course, the masterpiece the fear of God and allow him That's number one. Number two, his famous collection lb Daya Lv their beginning, or is he talking about

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the figure, the beginning, the beginning of creation, the beginning of time, before Adam, Allison M and his creation, then he goes into the lives of the profits up until the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and he Syrah includes the pseudo as well. So Pamela, even that on its own is a collection is a series and then he goes past that into the life of the Sahaba and the tabula and up until his time and then he goes beyond these time, the signs of the depth judgment into the depth judgment itself, and he reaches from lb Daya to only hire the end paradise in her fires upon en la. So it was called they'll be there but later on when it was printed and published and so forth. They

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called the lb Daya when Nehemiah beginning and the end literally. And that is printed in 14 volumes as pile of 14 volumes are lower under the name of lb Dyer when the highest that's number two, the history collection three

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he had several works in masala Hadith which we just took in the subject earlier. several books several works in masala Hadith and Joshua tadi gonna learn about that and masala Hadith. In fact, he summarized or elumen Hadith the book is summarized or Roman Hadith by Abram a masala masala has a book

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he summarized it and he called it matassa matassa lumen Hadith.

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So, as you can see, once again he was a scholar of Hadith scholar of tipsy scholar of the Arabic language.

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He also has a work on jihad, called LHD had Vitaly bill jihad is another work upon a lot. It also has double crochet, double crochet, and basically going into the life of a chef and his virtues etc. So he has many works or amatola. He either he and those are a few and of course he also has, which was unfinished unfortunately,

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a shot off so he Sahil Buhari. Upon law, he began an explanation of Sahakian Buhari, but he didn't get to finish it. So that was even the case here. And he was given that honor.

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If no, hydrolysed Kalani and his book for Tilbury

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another one that rhymes you find a lot of the time to run them out when they author these books, they make it run they make it rhyme So that was another one so federal battery was written by Eben hazard on this colony that is another masterpiece upon I've got it at home I should have bought it but then again, it wouldn't fit in my car. But it's it takes up you know my whole bookshelf at the top. It's a low equity and he he comment on every single Hadith in Bukhari, maybe one day we'll do that. Take us few years to finish for Tilbury you want an explanation of so hate Buhari, there you go. That'll suffice you. That'll suffice you for Turnberry, but it has a lot of Alice colony.

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So those are among some of the works are in Nokia Rahmatullah Holly.

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How did he die, he died in the year 774, after Hitler 774 after

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he died in his hometown, which was

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He died in the 774 in Damascus. And he actually went blind before his death panela paths due to all the books he was reading.

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So we felt we conclude, we asked Allah azza wa jal to have mercy on the scholars of this oma and my dear brothers when you see this, some brothers when they see all of these books, and they start to lose hope and think, man, I can never be like that. But remember this. You don't have to start to be great. But you have to.

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You have to. You don't have to be great to start.

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But you don't have to be great to start. You have to start to be great.

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You have to be great to start. What do people think? How am I I'm not great. How can I start? No, but you need to start to be great. You want to achieve great things. You have to start the journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step. And those are mountains today. We're in the dirt yesterday. Don't think there are the mountaintop mountains today feel from the heavens not happy right?

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They worked hard, everyone starts at the bottom. The difference between us and the scholars is that they just worked harder. They just were taught. So never lose hope. You have to start somewhere. And don't be some brothers where they don't want to seek knowledge. Why? Because they intend on going overseas in the future. So in the meanwhile, what are you doing? Nothing. I'm gonna go overseas in a few years, we'll do something now.

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As the saying goes, don't remain stupid waiting to be smart.

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You're waiting to be smart, however, don't remain stupid. In the meanwhile, do something, do something. So the point is we start seeking knowledge and the road to of course becoming a scholar or a person image takes time. As somebody said, My Rama Alma Joomla, they have been on the hairband with Joomla over six knology one guy will lose it in one go. It takes time in my office level, then I'll Mr. Li Mo layer rather, it takes the duration of many days and many nights that seeking knowledge or loss of a job grant you and I the resilience, the endurance and patience on this lifelong journey of seeking knowledge. I mean, it's panicle lahoma. We have digna shadow and la isla