Muhammad Al Bizry – Looks of a Prophet

Muhammad Al Bizry
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a woman who described herself as the finest portrayal of the Prophet sallahu, despite her lack of visible appearance. She described herself as a woman who can describe the features of a person better than a man and had a beautiful smile. She also described herself as a woman who had a great eye, a large ear, and a long neck.
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By the way, this detailed description of the final messenger is the best, most excellent and finest portrayal of him ever found in all the Hadith of the Sahaba brought the law on him, despite her only seeing him once. It's the best description of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam till this day and remains unsurpassed. The scholars commented further and they said, a woman can describe the features of a person better than a man. At first we have this amazing analysis of the promise of the line of Silla. She said, I saw him to be a man of evident and unmistakable splendor, finding finger, his face striking enhancing slim inform his head, not too small, not too large, elegant and good

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looking. His eyes were large, beautiful, and beautifully elegantly shaped, deep and black. His eyelashes were also long, as though they were surrounded by although he had knocked around them, his voice, deep, extremely intelligent and sharp. His eyebrows were high and arched, his hand long, his neck long and elegant, he's been thick, when silent, he would carry himself with honor and dignity. And when he talked, it only increased him in our ability, respect and intimate. His words with you. But when he did speak, there were impressive, full of wisdom. They were clean and precise. In other words, he didn't mumble his speech. He didn't haste in his words, and neither was he too slow. He

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was decisive. His ideas were like pearls moving on their string. From a distance, he seemed the most splendid and find looking. And the very best close by

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average and medium in height, the eye not finding him too tall, neither too short, a tree branch, as it were between two others, but he was the finest looking of the three, the best proportion in figure. He was the center of his companions, attention. Everyone just wanted the pottery. Everyone just wanted a piece of him some lighter segment. And when he spoke, they listened well, and if he instructed them, they hasten to obey. A man will help and will served neither gloomy. Although this amazing woman

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brought the law on her. She lived in the desert, where one woman she didn't attend Oxford University, or have a PhD or master's from Sydney, uni or otherwise, yet. She described the promise of aloha to send them with the most eloquent of words and most expressive terms. The language that's used a lot when you think that she's a Halima Anna Schaffer, remarkable woman from the remarkable women in our own

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