Sheikh Abu Safiyyah Challenges Ultra-Divisive Spubs to Formal Debate

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video taqwa. Well, that's

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the one. The first part of the verse everyone agrees to assist one another in good and righteousness and do not assist one another in sin and transgression.

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Yeah, as Muslims, Allah, Allah, Allah has honored us by knowing him and worship Him through to him, that there is none worthy of worship except him. He has honored us by making us one number. He has honored us by giving us one sacred purpose and is the sacred purpose that unites every single one of us here today. And our purpose is to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala and to be Salalah

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Sahih Muslim, and Muslim, Muslim, the believer the Muslim is a brother of the believer, another brother, a Muslim is a brother of a Muslim. He doesn't oppress him, he doesn't forsake him. He's despite him. He is just one another Qunari by the light wanna be brothers to one another? And from this Allah Allah, Allah says, assist one another. Now look at the set off and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam look at how Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam embody this ayah he mentions in

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December 1900, he declared authentic

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Sufi daddy.

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He said I witnessed in the house of Abdullah before he was a messenger, a treaty, man.

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He said if you give me read camels, I wouldn't want it. That was enough for me.

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And if I'm called to it in Islam, what would he do? He would accept the answer. Who is this treaty with? It was with the polytheist that pagans the kuffar the number leavers. And if he was called to it in Islam as an MP yourself as a messenger he would come together for what a Muslim a benefit a Muslim Raja overwhelming benefits. And Amanda

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came across me in 728. He mentioned in his one of his great works is called zadran mirage. It's a book on Syrah mixed with mixed with purification. He mentions in volume number three page on page number 303. He says from the benefits of the Treaty of food, a beer from the benefit of the trees of fruit a beer, that the muesli key the pagans are polytheists and who else who else are the people of innovation and who else and the people of sin and transgression either

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if they ask you, they request of you the Muslims to come together on something you have the Mona Mattila, venerate, I give sanctity to something from the religion of Allah. What is he saying? We're in LA, they are to be held upon this Subhana Allah they are to be held upon this, they to be assisted upon, they are to be responded to. And who best exemplified this meaning that rather than a shake, who was shared with nothing, if not a meal, a meal Karani Allahu taala he mentions when you find the wall fatawa volume number three between page 20 272 277 and he talks about incident that happened to him by a guy called imperson call him the Maloof

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says about him, he was a man who was an evil man.

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He was

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he was either theology.

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He had no religion. He was he was not practicing, as we were saying. He's not practicing. He had little knowledge and he calls many trials and tribulations of political Islam. One after the next after the next April Tamia says regarding him, whatever he does, from head

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to head, whatever he does to extinguish his fitna

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who I will do this with, and again he refers to

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helping one another on pure antiqua he exemplifies this in his life, we always call shaken Islam, but Islam was never read as he shouldn't be read. He was never read as he should be read.

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And if that's not enough, then look how much is that we take from the permanent committee? factor number 6250. Also factor number 6280. I saw this with my own eyes. They were asked about who the she are Subhanallah the she came out to believe and Allah quantum moon, they were asked about cooperating with these groups. What did they say? What did they say? Did they say these other people innovation, like some of our brothers and philosophy will not call for them absolutely anything? No. They said assistant cooperate with them and whatever they are right in whatever they are writing the system in them, or whatever they are wrong in, avoided. I do town allenbury with taqwa unite upon

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righteousness at the same time advise them this issue brothers

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has been hijacked, it's been hijacked by two extremes. It's been hijacked by the extreme, that don't assist with anyone that has a difference in

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any dispute, either they will not assist. Unlike was the polar opposite. It's just as I mentioned, a group known as

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whatever we dispute in will ignore it, don't worry, let's cooperate without any conditions whatsoever I did in the middle.

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You have a listener,

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who upon upon the example of the seller facade upon the example of our inner man, our Messiah, they assist one another in the good and they want at the same time from the evil element.

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By the way, these factors were not signed by anyone. It's not just a random federal written who signed the factor

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TV and ahead of them was

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no boss has another factor. And he was asked by a group for my country I have from Sudan hamdulillah he was asked about

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from Sudan hamdullah he was asked about political movement that had a mixture of Sophie's anyone who knows Sudan notice, the majority of Islamic groups of Sufi said, it was also very good that Sophie's and selfies what do you do about this group? Should we assist with them? What did

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he say? He says,

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to me, he said, fighting the destructive ideologies, fighting the destructive ideologies, and things like this hadn't been big back, he said, It's from the greatest of the obligatory acts. It is from the greatest of the world you brought upon us that we do this, what should we do, to our taqwa upon the good upon the good, and avoid the evil, and at the same time advice, the same advice was given by Sheikh Nasser DLL, Bernie, the same advice was given by

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an Omar Sharif brothers. This is the reality of the steam brothers, what Dean would call to a complete or complete lack of town upon a Muslim, a point of benefit that unites every single person, how could you live?

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How can you live? I'm sorry, you have been only when it comes to the Muslims. But when it comes to your brother who differences Nikita, no, no, no, I can't do anything with him. What is this? What is this Pamela? Islam,

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volume number 228. He gives you a one sentence and how to deal with those who oppose you. How to deal with your brother, you have differences with what does he say?

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He says, If there appears in one man, one man,

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a man will prefer belief and this belief. He says so now what he says in him is so now

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I within him is what?

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obedience, and yet he commits sins as well. I'm not saying him, but

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how do we deal with this person? What does he

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say? He says it's the healthcare minister.

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Minister, Robbie, one more Allah, Allah.

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He says, You treat him, you treat him how you treat him, according to the bit that he has. You give him love and allegiance, according to how much he has within him, according to the goodness that he has within him. That's how you interact with this person. You don't just knock him off if he has one bit. one bit. Look at the salad brothers SubhanAllah. So he was asked about you see the knee

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and he was

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what should we do to take ahaadeeth? At the same time, he was known to be someone who denied the the predestination of Allah. He was known to be what does he say? He said, who the woman so take from

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his two horns in Arabic means

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he said take from Thor, but be aware of his two things. His two horns

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tells me

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about him. He was not he said he was a she a she a clear cache. What do we do? We don't take it from him. No, take from him narrate from him. Because we have considered we have his honesty, but his eyes upon him. It's not upon us.

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With his brothers, let's call our brothers who we dispute with, let's come together. Let's come together in a brotherly and compassionate way. Just as Allah gave us this unique unity amongst us, if you dispute Let's come together in a nice way, let's discuss these issues. We love one another for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala whether we agree or disagree, Subhana Allah, Allah man.

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He was once debate

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and it because he was angry man, he knows very angry, angry very quickly. I saw a spot in his face. And you know when he said, he said, he worked and he said, it's too hard. It's pure by the consensus of the believers.

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My brother, my brother, let's come together and discuss these issues with Salalah who will sell him a bottle Abdullah Mohammed

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said Mr.

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