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The title "Art of the Bible" provides insight into the cultural and political context of "monster sciences" in relation to "monster sciences." The use of "monster" in various political settings, cultural settings, and political settings is discussed, including political settings, cultural settings, and political settings. The importance of reading and memorizing the Quran is emphasized, and the potential impact of the current pandemic on society is discussed. The segment concludes with a discussion of the definition of "twill" and its various meaning, including the concept of "will" and its various forms.

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Okay, so let's start with introduction to put annek sciences.

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We explained last week that there are many types of edges in the Quran What are Jasmine? Yes.

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Miracle correct. And we say that means more than miracle. It comes from arges. Right? What's arges

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we said Our job is the elderly woman. And I just means unable because she's unable to perform many things. So I just means unable. Okay, so there are Jews, the elderly woman because she's unable For example, to do many things she was in a youthful days. So the more jeiza comes from ages, because big words in Arabic come from small words. Just remember that as a basic rule in Arabic, big words come from small words. Okay, for example, keytab maktab, maktabah koto, Khatib max job, or come from Qatada. That three letter did all words, or nine times out of 10, you find all words in Arabic, they come from a three letter root word, or words. So more and more adjust more adjust, adjust, adjust or

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come from artists or come from an admin unable. So the more design is something that incapacitate others, they're unable to perform it. And there are many types of edges as we read in the notes. For example, we said there's a jazz ilmi What's that?

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What's an Yes, science or knowledge? Okay, good scientific miracles. There's an a, a jazz a tertiary A, which is

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excellent from Sharia.

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Legislative miracles, correct. There's a jazz a look away, right, which is just thank you very much as anti linguistic miracles. And we said the miracles of the Quran are limited to these there are many more, there's the script, the miracle of the writing the script of the Quran, there's also a new miracle miracles, etc. We're only just going to need this is the tip of the iceberg. Really, it's an introduction to the Quranic sciences, I'm not able, I won't be able to give it justice at the end of the day, we just want you to ensure that appreciate the Quran a little bit more.

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And we said usually today, when people think miracle of the Quran, what's the first thing they think of science, right? scientific miracles, embryonic development, etc. But we're all of those scientific facts known in the time of the Prophet sallahu wa sallam. No. So what was it that made it a miracle? What was it that mesmerized the believers and disbelievers

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the language the the language, the the creative Marvel, the eloquence the bailout, or the style, unable to produce something like it, that's what made it miraculous. So that's primarily what we want to inshallah focus on in this course. And that's probably going to be taken and studied next term inshallah, where we're going to take particular sower and look at it from a language linguistic perspective. And we gave some examples last week, or we started to, we said to the Baccarat You know, this sorta was revealed over many years. And despite the length of the surah, it's 286 verses Allah tala says in this order. What can Delica janicoo matamata What made you a middle nation what

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is middle, and amazingly, this area is in the middle of sorts of Baccarat, safarnama. And that's something which is impossible to do via speech, you know, you can write something and plan it out. But the Prophet sallallaahu Selim couldn't read or write. So to place that word middle in the middle of sort of bacara, which is 286 at long and also revealed over many years, as something impossible to do. We can't remember what we said 23 days ago, a little over 23 years ago. And the other example, if you look at the bottom of page five, example number two, Susan Lazarus begins with a law talking about women, you know, your wives, your women, your daughters, etc. The context is women.

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However, in HFO, autolysis murgia de la hora de la jolla Minh called benefi jiofi. Allah did not place two hearts in the body of a man. Now we said what was the context about the beginning of

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women, right women, you will expect a lot of Allah to say, Allah did not place two hearts in the body of a woman, or at least keep it neutral. Allah did not place two hearts in the body of a person. But if he did, it will give people an excuse to criticize the Quran and say that's wrong. There's a contradiction. Because a woman can have two hearts when she's pregnant, can she have to have to nobody? Right her heart and her finances her the baby's heart. So let's start it although the context is talking about women Allah accurately said he did not place two hearts in the body of a man a lot of equity and it's precise. It's precise. Example number three. So the last we said this

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surah is the shortest surah in the Quran along with sort of gopher and sort of the muscle of course. And how does it begin?

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What last What is it

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It's time right Allah Allah is taking an oath by time. Asked came from Asada, what's Asada? The squeeze right that's why juice is called our seed from masala, you see, because it's squeezed literally. So that time of the day, just before sunset is called us because time is literally being squeezed out of that day. It's literally running out of time, you see, and especially the auto back then, you know, as they were in a, you know, for example, trying to sell their you know, boba and their products, it was a race against time. Because, you know, if you don't sell your products, the food didn't have frigerators like us today, you can go off you see. So it was a race against time

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that was called das because time was literally being squeezed out of the day. So what are they saying by time in Santa Luffy host man is in loss, okay, mankind is in loss. So we said Allah, Allah is saying, mankind is in lost because we're running out of time. And the irony is we recite this sort of when we're running out of time, right? When you're rushing, trying to get home, you know, from from work or university, trying to catch the kids get them from school, you know, you have to pray for him illustrating and center for us, right? You're saying that sutra, like that, because you're running out of time. And the irony is Allah saying, You're running out of time, and that's

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the irony in the word choice there.

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Okay, on the next page, example number four,

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we know the Quran is of course from Allah. Okay? And it's no coincidence that the most common term in the homeless half is

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Allah, Allah. The most common term the most common word is Allah. It occurs in the Quran over 1700 times.

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And why not when the Quran is from him as a wizard, and the first area revealed mentions Allah, if clot Bismillah beaker, and the first iron Fatiha deals with Allah Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. And the first command in the Quran if you were to read from sort of the Fatiha onwards, it comes in sort of bacara after 20 ayat,

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Allah Allah says, Yeah, you Hannah's Babu. Rob back home deals with Allah, you see, so you can find this consistent theme with a tow hate dealing with Allah, Allah, Allah. And it came first on so many occasions. And what's remarkable is that if you look at the beginning of the Quran and the end of the Quran, there's an amazing relationship and link between those two. So what, for example, what's the first sort of the crab

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and the last sort of, sort of doneness

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before we mentioned the amazing link between the two, you will learn in a towhead the three categories of ATO hate anyone know what they are?

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Good to heat, our belief in Allah is split into three categories. You will learn that we Chicago's Have you prepped. You already did? Alhamdulillah. Excellent. So it's fresh in your mind. There's a towhead. Ruby.

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The towhees of Ruby allies the rub is the master the Lord right? Then there's a tauheed of what

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correct and a smart was c fat What is that?

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You can call out names and attributes. Okay, that's understood. Number three tauheed. And oh, here.

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What is that?

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Correct. The tauheed of worship from Allah. Allah means to worship. Allah means to worship.

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That's where the name Allah came from.

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Allah, because Allah Allah, do you notice the same letters?

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Illa. So l

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in Arabic, what l?

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I'll call him as opposed to column the so l is the

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Illa is the one worshiped?

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So when you connect added plus Allah, what do you get?

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Allah, you see, that's where a lot came from. So the point is, I'm trying to illustrate here that although he remains the tauheed of worship, now let's go back to those two. So what we mentioned so the fatty uncertainness How does it feel to have begin

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and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen so hydrophobia is found in the first area let's go to sort of the nurse has to begin

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to build up in Serbia is mentioned in the first day. Let's go back to Africa. After the first day you get R Rahman r Rahim. Right. These are two of our last names and attributes correct. Let's go to certain nurse after our Filipinas malakut nurse Malik is one of our last names that are hidden LLC first once again. Let's go back to sort of the Fatiha iaca nabooda you will learn do we worship that Okay, that was

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Let's go to saltiness after Melaka NASS, we raid Illa what is

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the one worship from Allah has to hate the Lulu here. So you see the amazing connection from Al Fatiha to anass from the beginning of the most after the end of the most half. In other words the entire Quran is a Koto hate.

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That's what I was teaching us and thought from the beginning of our lives to the end of our lives. Let's not neglect that. Okay, that's how important it is. And don't listen to those imbeciles who say don't learn to hate enough either. You are extreme and this is only going to confuse you. So panel of the whole could and is a quarter to hit.

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You have any questions about that? You can initial ask quick in the question and answer session. Okay. The next example is dealing with the word Becca and Mecca. Now we know what Mecca is, in present day Saudi Arabia. What's Becca?

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What's Becca?

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Becca is Mecca, as well. So back is Mecca. And Mecca is Becca. There's no difference. Of course with except the letters right. The first word starts with the meme and the second with the bat. Now what's the difference? Although they both referring to Mecca, there is a difference. Now amazingly each word came in the Quran once backtick came once in the entire must have. And Mecca came once in a time of self. Each word came out in the Quran. Now Becca

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came from two words in Arabic and back.

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And Becca

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good back is is the ham she will open up an Arabic dictionary and look up what vac means. alphabet is is the Hamza what's the hammer? crowds congestion, right crowds

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and backup key to cry literally.

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Although we said Mecca is back and Becca is Mecca,

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where do you find in Mecca? When do you find I should say do you find huge crowds and people crying? pilgrimage, Hajj and amazingly the word Baca came in the context of Hajj, look up the way the word Becca came into the animal. Whereas Mecca only came into court to describe Mecca z town, the city that is known as not to do with Hajj amazing and he precisions upon Allah, precision Baca, because back crowds and to cry because the first time you see the Kaaba, you cry, and people are crying and Hajj. And because of course when there is Hajj, it's congested, there's a lot of crowds and people so Panama

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so once again showing us the only the remarkable precision of the Quran.

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And finally, although there are many more number six, the heart of the Quran, firstly, how many songs are in the most half

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114 What's the heart what's half of 114 57 right half of 150, half a forenames seven, what surah number 57

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Surah Al Hadid, what is headed,

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it can be metal, but in the sutra referring to iron, where his iron found the middle of the earth literally underground. So 57 is in the middle of 114. And iron because it's caught or to have the the sort of iron is in the middle of the earth. It's upon Allah and you see that amazing connection between the middle of the quarter and iron, which is the middle of the earth, and it gets better. So little Hadid

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is four pages and a bit. And at the end of the second page, in other words, halfway through it sort of Hadid, Allah is talking about the middle and the core of the human, which is the heart, the heart,

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the core of the matter, the heart, if that is good, the whole body is good. So you find that it's in the middle, in the middle in the middle, amazing relationship. And in this area autolysis hasn't the time already come for the hearts of the believers to be affected by the remembrance of Allah? What are they saying? a lamb? lamb? lamb is used to negate the past that we say, lamb yet it will emulate. In other words, a lot never gave birth. He never took a son. What are you talking about? What is negating what they are saying? What are they saying? Lm yet? The time has already passed. In other words, this gives us a sense of urgency, I'm missing out. What do I need to do? In other

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words, sisters, how many more lessons how many more lectures? How many more courses? How many more seminars Do we need to start submitting to Allah? How many molotovs saying the time was already passed?

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And then limitada says one man as a man of hope that our hearts are affected by man as in a minute what was revealed from truth What? The Quran right but Allah didn't say could and he could have said Quran he didn't. The word man in Arabic is used when something is ambiguous unknown. For example, you want to ask someone their name, you say ma is smoke, right? What is your name? In slang, it's shoe shoe smack right smack. So instead of sure replace it.

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with Matt, Matt is smoke, right? Something you don't know what it is I may have that what is this? So Matt is used when something is unknown. So Allah tala is saying man as a mental health because he's complaining of the dire state of the believers that they're so far from the revelation. They don't even know what was sent out from the truth, man as an animal what was sent down from the truth again, like we don't even know what was sent down. We don't even know what the Quran is about. And how true is that today? How many people are in touch with the Quran they connect with, with the court and on a daily basis? How many people even know what al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen really

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it's a shame that people open up face book more than a large book. You know, people are on WhatsApp and Skype and Viber and social media more then connecting with the revelation. Now we should reach out and the revelation that's what we should be doing on a daily basis. The Quran is for ourselves, not for ourselves. It's unfortunate that people only pick up the most half when someone dies or it's Ramadan. It's panela No,

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you know, the Quran is Hooda Hooda it's a guidance you know, in certain Fatiha you're only making one do only one and either most often repeated pseudo you're only making one drought What is it?

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In a guide us right? And the difference between asking and begging and you can ask but when you really want something should be begging, we really begging for guidance. He didn't sit often was the theme. It comes in I have five remarkably and the answer comes to what is your guidance and the answer to guidance in the next surah because the sewer Oh Connect so to bacala I have five Allah Allah says what?

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Who the limit?

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That this Quran is a guidance, it's a guidance. In other words, if you want guidance that you say, you know, crying for and pleading for and certified, the answer comes in total bacara liquid and that is your guidance that you want. You want to it's the end we need on a daily basis. And that's why you find people are cocking it, they're losing it because they don't even know what is in the Quran. They're not using the Quran as a guide. Well, what Allah protect us.

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So let's focus on the corner. Let's understand the Quran, the revelation, the revelation, and how do we understand the Quran? What's our approach if we go to the next page? on page seven, we mentioned that but before we do, and the top of page seven it says the greatness of Allah can be seen through the greatness of his words. You really want to know how great Allah is. Look at his words. What about his words Allah Allah says, lo and hell Khurana elegible la ATIA who Hashimoto sodium Akasha Tila if this Quran was sent down on a mountain, it will turn it to dust like what what could be used today to turn a mountain to dust nothing, despite our technological advancements nothing but the

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quote unquote and isn't a shame that although could and can turn a mountain to dust. It has nothing to our hearts which are so weak. Why because the hearts that can get so hard that can become harder than stone. Allah Allah said thammakaset uchumi medallic your heart became so hard after that for here Cal haidara Oh, I said the password. They are like stone, the heart can be solid they like stone when Allah tala revealed this I was mentioned the stones got upset they got offended, because a lot compared the hearts they hadn't had to stone. So let's Allah said Oh, shut the password, or harder than that, that will happen hamdulillah the hearts can be harder than us they got happy.

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Because what can gush out from stone?

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Water right? You can actually benefit from it. But the hot hot, you can't get nothing. Right? You can talk to that person day in and day in. Okay, whatever. Okay, one benefit. And the ultimate example of the hot and hot is the hood, hardened hearts to the utmost degrees upon these people are not. Yeah, they're not human, the animals. Actually that's an insult to animals, these people Allahumma Stan, the things that they do to the Muslims, that people that's the ultimate form of the hardened heart, Allahu Akbar. And amazingly, that

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is in the context of mental history. It's possible no coincidence. no coincidence.

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And of course, my sister's is not cheap reading, right that you read once in your life, and he said, hum de la put on the shelf. It's collecting dust up until the day of judgment. No. So I'm like a novel. So I'm like a magazine. So I'm like a book that you read once. Have you ever heard someone you know? Ever heard about someone reading a novel? And they go, Man, that was the most amazing novel I'd have to read over and over and over again? No, usually you read a novel once right for less than four. But the Quran, you read it over and over and over, you don't get sick and tired of it. You know, in Ramadan, we go through the Quran, how many times and throughout the whole year

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throughout our lives, we just keep reading it. And even though it's so odd that we've read before you still read it and you don't get sick and tired of it, except the hypocrite except the hypocrite. And so Pamela even though you might have learned for example, the tough

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See the sorts of data or just from before from a shape or a teacher, every time those lessons are run again from a different teacher or a different shape, they give you a different perspective. Always extracting new lessons, new gems, new pearls, that's the end, it always got something different and beautiful to offer you. For example, a sword that we all know I'm sure I'll go through in our financial calculator. But suddenly it's not what suddenly the scholars commented what is the fair here? You hear some elements say this is called fair a suburbia fair, a suburbia, Whatsapp in Arabic mean. Reason right the cause. In other words, Allah is saying that we've granted you you're a

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select gopher, and because of that, the cause of that, in other words for suddenly, because of that you should give thanks and pray. And you know, if someone gives you a gift, you thank them. So Allah tala Sang facilely. In other words, this is the reason for the Salah, because Allah tala has granted you this gift, and the Salah is the ultimate form of thinking in Allah didn't say flashscore give thanks, could you could say thank you Yama. Let's go. Right? No, true. Thanks, is the Salah because there's something called such that shook right the frustration of thankfulness. So you see, and the such there is one of the main pillars of the solder. Also, when I was praying all night, and he was

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asked why you're doing so you're a solo, what did he say?

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Shouldn't I be thankful or grateful slave, you see how the Salah is the ultimate form of things, and also by the atomic after the conquest and opening of Mecca. What did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam do? He prayed, you see out of thankfulness. So this is called a suburbia. Philosophy. In other words, because you've been given this gift, you should pray. And another scholar, another chef would say, this is fat adapted, but mubasher Allah will Bashar is something which is done quickly. You see, in other words, hastin to thank Allah and they both correct it's better to be and felt after a bomb basara Now don't get me wrong, you rush to the Salah, but not in the Salah. Right? No rush to

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the prayer but not in the prayer. You know, it's a shame that people when they're praying, they're rushing to get back to their dunya you know, the saying you know my prayer I've got my dunya to attend to please know, we should say oh my dunya leave me I've got my solar to attend to the Sahaba would say to be led or the Lamb who who was the more of them want to call to the solar that would say to him beha Bella Terra we are saying minha Bella, they would say give us comfort with the prayer today we are saying give us comfort by not calling to the prey our the villa Mella toddler protect us you know it's a shame that many people they will die for one minutes conversation with

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you know a celebrity that will do a one minute conversation just one but in the solid they can't even had one minute conversation with Allah they can't hold one minute conversation with you know the members too long in the such that get us up please too long. I'm gonna faint upon Allah May Allah protect us. So what are the action points now to try and understand the Quran number one, the shrine, learn Arabic, learn Arabic, the ultimate forms, you want to understand the whole language go overseas, that's the best way but if you just want to understand parts of it, then you can learn that here it can be done for example chef or buck resort, or fiddle holla has great lessons on to

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seed we looked at the Arabic and you can learn it from that perspective. You just want to understand you don't want to speak it and write it and you know, you know all those other things. So it can be done here. Why? Because Allah has revealed the Quran in Arabic, he said in the know, for Anna nathalia. We've sent it down as an Arabic plan. He didn't say in the Navajo Code and in Indonesia, okay, as an English called an or called an Hispaniola or whatever. Okay, now it's an Arabic or an Arabic. In other words, when you change the code an in Arabic to another language, it's no longer

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Okay, that's a good question for the high end and for QA, we'll take the in the question answer, inshallah. Some aspects of the Arabic is fall behind and some is 45. We'll explain that in the q&a. So, you know, Allah revealed that as an Arabic, Korean, and you know the poetry of Shakespeare, while languages are English, when you translate that poetry in English to another language, you lose its eloquence and beauty. And if you were to translate the poetry of ecobuild, from odo to English, you will lose its beauty. And if you were to translate the poetry of mhfa, from Arabic into English, you will lose its beauty. You see. So if you lose eloquence and beauty, when you translate the works

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of men into other works of men, imagine how much you would lose. When you translate the words of Allah, the creator, into the words of the creation, you lose so much, you lose so much upon Allah. He sees her learning Arabic, you are able to go to the source and how it was revealed fresh. You know, when you want a bottle of water, it's collected from the source the spring, you don't collect

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Water five miles down the river after accumulated all the filth and contamination right. So, likewise we try to go to the source how it was sent originally. If you you know go into translations and you are now exposing yourself to possible Miss translations, you know possible misconceptions possible errors you see, when you go straight to the Arabic you're getting it as it was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Look at this beautiful electrolysis in the natural Quran and obeah la la quinta de Lune we've sent it as an Arabic Quran, Allah sang Arabic Quran and how did he end the ayah. So you may understand, in other words, a lot link the beginning to the end because that's how the at the beginning of an idea connects with the end. What Allah is saying we revealed it as an Arabic Quran so you may understand. In other words, if you want to understand the Quran, it's done via the Arabic language.

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Obey Him Luca, one of the great Sahaba he said, I live wherever the Alamo Allah Allah labia Kama to Allah Mona home have them

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teach your children Arabic just as you teach your children to memorize the Quran and we are so concerned about making our kids memorize it but are we just as concerned about the Arabic language and who's obey immunocap speaking to

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you talking to this the Arabs the Sahaba is telling them digital Arabic What do you say to us? understanding is crucial. We want to understand the Quran This is sha Allah will drive the point home

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Allah describes the nation of old Yes sister

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his family okay inshallah in the q&a will take that which seven minutes away want to try and finish today's content at least we'll take the inshallah understanding is crucial Allah Allah describes a nation of old who failed their book and they should from Israel. Okay Allah Allah says woman whom will Mian lay Allah manaakitanga illimani. from them immune autoimmune is translated as what?

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unleaded right? They don't know how to read and write. the AMI is called unlettered one, because it comes from what is your own? Your mother, right? Because just as the day your mother gave birth to you can read and write the illiterate is called or maybe because he can't read or write, to see if he's like the day the mother gave birth to him. You see, that's where the moon and omean came from. I'm your mother. So what are we saying from these people of Israel? There are only one layer limoneira keytab or another book or another revelation Illa Amani, except many, many is commonly translated as wishful thinking you know in Arabic was FM and I wish you see now What does m&e really

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mean? Ignore Ibis, any student Mujahid said Manny Attila, Yala Muna, who have done more karate and build a firm layer, the Runa mafia, they said many is still our re citation Yalla Mona who have one memorization, and they don't understand the meanings they're in. In other words, in other words, their problem their crime was that they recited it, memorized it but they didn't understand.

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I asked you who are a people today who love their book, recite their book, love their book, memorize their book, but most of them don't understand they will call we talking about us. us. So I looked I was giving us a warning. Don't be like them. Don't be like them.

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You know, it's a shame today when you ask someone you know, they tell you Sorry. I'm, I have just enrolled in court and class. What do you usually associate with that? You know, someone says I'm doing and I've enrolled in an class. Do you usually think of the fear or touch we then have memorization? Right? We think of we think of that we then have the right reciting and memorization when someone says I'm doing for an you don't usually think of the fear, right? And that's a shame. Now that's a shame Allah, Allah is saying, No, we should not neglect of course, I'm not saying neglect Tajweed I'm not saying to neglect

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haved memorization No, that's very important. But don't forget the Tafseer Don't forget the understanding. Now.

00:29:12--> 00:29:48

What about if you can't learn Arabic and so forth, then at least don't neglect the Tafseer that's why I mentioned that in point number two, learn the Tafseer and don't lose hope. Don't think the Quran is so hard. It's in Arabic. I'm never going to get it. No. And hamdulillah an is meant for our guidance and Allah wants to guide us. He wants to guide us the Quran is not encrypted. You have to crack a code or something to get to it. No. That's how some deviant six that's what they believe. You know, only the elite class can access the Quran That's rubbish. Allah Allah says Allah man, what's next? I lemon Quran he taught the Quran Did he say element Allah element mushrif element with

00:29:48--> 00:29:59

the thing. He taught those people? No, he kept it general. This is called Nikita in Arabic. Nikita to feed ultimune makira. It's something which is indefinite. It indicates generality.

00:30:00--> 00:30:12

Everything. For example, we say Allahu Akbar, Allah is react bar is greater, greater. And you might ask greater than what? It doesn't mention it's not mentioned Allahu Akbar

00:30:13--> 00:30:47

Allahu Akbar Amina dunya was greater than the dunya. If you if it was mentioned in restricted if you were to say Allahu Akbar, Amina dunya you're saying Allah is greater than the dunya, but you're only limiting it to that. But when you keep it general Allahu Akbar means Allahu Akbar. mean could Alicia. Allah is greater than everything you see. It's called naked, unknown, it keeps it general and it covers everything. So likewise, I lemon pooram. Allah taught the Quran he kept it open. You could be a scholar, a student of knowledge, a layperson. You have access to the port and you have the ability to understand the Quran.

00:30:50--> 00:30:56

Listen to next page hamdulillah. We finished lesson one. And as we said some lessons may take two weeks, three, some may take one.

00:31:02--> 00:31:13

Perfect and there's two minutes to go. So, what we'll do, we'll stop there. inshallah we'll pick up next week on terms and definitions.

00:31:14--> 00:31:26

We're going to look at the definition of the word for and what does it actually mean the definition of the word area? What does it mean definition of surah and the names of the Quran, and inshallah Tada.

00:31:27--> 00:31:34

We'll leave now an opportunity for questions and answers. If you'd like to have a break in or quickly step out and come back.

00:31:35--> 00:31:43

we'll resume at 1235 in Sharla. If you have some questions, we'll take the questions now some assists to ask the question.

00:31:49--> 00:31:52

Very, very good question. Does that go Oh, hang on.

00:32:00--> 00:32:10

That's a loaded question. Which is why I wanted to take it in the q&a session not in the class otherwise would have lost time. You said Is it fall behind to learn Arabic Now what's fod main sisters

00:32:11--> 00:32:19

compulsory okay found with a lot not adult. Foreign means compulsory obligatory

00:32:21--> 00:32:26

and there's different types of photo in this photo I'm photokey fire

00:32:31--> 00:32:46

UI is UI but has another meaning. Okay, behind he he demanded NFC itself that thing in of itself that person. In other words, just specify something you see. So in other words, it's an individual obligation

00:32:49--> 00:33:08

for the means individual obligation every single individual every single person has to do it. What's an example for Brian? solo? He can't say someone a prayer on my behalf how many louder sit back and relax. Okay, the Scylla is blind sama Ramadan also okay you're alive you have the ability you have to fast like you love him and his father

00:33:10--> 00:33:11


00:33:13--> 00:33:14

what you actually mean.

00:33:16--> 00:33:31

Enough right had the tree and yet freaky It's enough it suffices you In other words, if some person or some people do it, it suffices the gym out suffices the congregation and community in other words, only it's only obligatory on

00:33:32--> 00:33:49

some in the community. It's a community obligation. It's only obligatory on some people as long as they do it. The obligation is lifted upon everyone, but if they don't do it, everyone falls into sin. Give me an example of 45 we gave an example of the individual we said prayer

00:33:54--> 00:34:00

correct. Okay, pray we have to be clear about this. The five obligatory daily prayers, okay.

00:34:02--> 00:34:12

Okay, so good. the washing of the deceased. It's not an obligation upon every single person to come and have a bit of a wash and leave. Okay? No. Okay. What else? Yes.

00:34:13--> 00:34:16

That Tao correct. fortify. Okay, good.

00:34:17--> 00:34:22

Jenna has a pretty good, okay. So lateral janessa which is for prey.

00:34:24--> 00:34:59

Correct the funeral prey? Every time a person dies in the communities every single Muslim have to go and prey on them. As long as some people do it and hamdulillah but if no one does it documented fall into sin. As far as like as far as like if you have no money, no. But if you do have money, then you are obliged to pay also. Now what about learning the rulings and regulations of hide ministration etc. That's obligatory fall dine on the women who reached the age of puberty, not for the men wouldn't have to learn it. However, if a man is responsible for women in his family, and they don't have the ability

00:35:00--> 00:35:15

To learn, he has to learn it to teach them. So it can be far behind on demand as well as see how it changes. Now the question that was important as an introduction, because what about Arabic what is Arabic for there are some aspects of the Arabic that are

00:35:16--> 00:35:29

Faultline some, for example retardation I would Fatiha need to know how to recite it literally, you are reciting the Arabic that followed to it on everyone for their prayer to be accepted. Because sorry.

00:35:30--> 00:35:31


00:35:33--> 00:35:51

it's more than Yes, the recitation of effect is a pillar. If you leave it up intentionally or otherwise you praise not accepted. The President accepted that unit now he's nullified, you have to make it up if you only left it out in one unit. See, once I was leading in Orban and

00:35:52--> 00:36:17

I was it was in Ramadan, so panola and I began the Raka with SoTL Hadid actually skipped the Fatiha I skipped I didn't actually resolve it, I just stood up and the brother was thanks upon a loss upon Allah and if your sister there that night, you would have probably remembered, and I'm thinking I know this sort of well, I recite all the time I'm not making an error. What do you mean it's a panel? So I kept going and they kept saying the Panic of getting louder.

00:36:19--> 00:36:21

And then one brother from the back says alpha

00:36:22--> 00:37:06

during the sellout Oh, okay. Now although although, although he should have actually said that hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Allah, Allah him, it's better to say that however there is difference of opinion, can you say words, can you speak in the Salah, if it's for most latus Allah, the Muslim ha the benefit for the prayer you can like that brotherhood although he should have said al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen because to speak in the Salah. LLM for Salah you on a speech in the prayer nullifies the Cray al kalama Etta comb, insulting, tiptoe, Salah, the word that is comprised of two salt and two sounds that nullifies the prayer However, if it's one note, it's one No, like if you

00:37:06--> 00:37:15

said it doesn't nullify, but if it's too sounds, it's nullified. But if it's R, or Oo, or E, okay, no, yes system.

00:37:17--> 00:37:18

No, no, that's fine. That's not speech.

00:37:19--> 00:37:59

So some aspects of Arabic is followed wine some, but what about all of the sciences of Arabic like natural sort of bellava you know, like grammar ecosystem, what are you talking about? What is the speaking another language? So all those terms to learn the grammar of the Arabic and to learn details of Bulava eloquence and know that's 45 that's 45 as long as some Muslims learn it, like Misha kind of dilemma, they can teach it to others, you see, but if no one learns that we're all in falling into sin, that hamdulillah there are Musharraf and students of knowledge learning the Arabic language and from beginning to end, but some aspects we said of Arabic is obligatory like reciting

00:38:00--> 00:38:00

the Fed to help