Ahmad Saleem – Importance of Learning Tajweed 2

Ahmad Saleem
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah he will probably surely say that he was certainly somebody who looked at me Lisanti of holy Robin as he denied mania Kareem

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inshallah today

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in anticipation for tomorrow's class, Inshallah, we're going to take a break from Quranic character, and we're going to just talk about the importance of learning to read, and some basic introduction that we that is necessary for us, and especially for those who are going to be here and those who are not planning to come at least you know, what is necessary for us to know. So, the polymer they before they talk about any science of shedding, they put for you, they call it my buddy, Elijah, there are 10 things you must know about that science for you to be able to understand the science, it's a basic introduction of it. Again, this is not a detail, this is just for us to be able to

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understand. Number one is

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lower 10 What does that word mean? The word that you eat, it means that seem to beautify something to make something beautiful. It comes from the root word of Jodha. Right, something J It's something that is really nice, something that is good, Joda that comes from the quality so to enhance the quality of our recitation, and to beautify it, that's the science of Tajweed is still our hand in our linguist in our apply the terminology of shedding out what does it mean? It means that we give every single health it's due right? That which Sahabas and prophets are Salam has passed down to us.

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And it was not passed down to us in written but it was passed down to us spoken but not. So we heard it from this person to that person to that and that's why we have these ages as the notes. So a person say I have any Jazza, ie my teacher learned from his teacher, they learned from his teacher there, that teacher all the way to some of the Quran, and then the Sahaba, and then Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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So it's still our hand, it means that we give every one of its do right. So for example, there's a huge difference between her and her.

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There's a huge difference, the meaning changes, there's a huge difference between casts and off.

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Huge difference, if you switch the word and you say CALB means a dog. But if you say,

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a job, it means heart, just by that switching that word, you've changed the entire meaning of the IRA. There are certain Tajweed makes that read mistakes. If we make them we will change the meaning. For example, many times people giving a damn they will say they won't say Hi, little fella, they will say hi, you ll fella, which means come to an open ground.

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But if you say hey, alpha come to your success, two different meanings, right, but certain meanings can switch the meaning to a negative connotation in the Quran. So it's still 100 We have applied meaning of it is that we learned that which is necessary for us, so we don't make those mistakes. Okay, now, what is the token in any type of knowledge? They didn't say what is the Poco mafia, ie, what is the official position about learning this knowledge?

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it is federal, the key FAIA to have knowledge of this, which means if few people within the community, they have detailed knowledge of the science, then not the entire community is saved from that sin. That is called fourth Keifa. It's an obligation, but it's not an obligation on every single individual, it's an obligation. So a few that uptake that obligation, then the sin is fallen down on the rest of us.

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Similarly, like, for example, janazah services, it's an obligation on our community, a few people take that obligation, then all of a sudden the sin is dropped from all of us, that's called for Keifa further is an obligation that is specific.

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Right? That means that you must do it and nobody else can do it for you. And if you drop it, then the ISM or the sin is on you. So the knowledge of Tajweed ie this depth of knowledge and Ted read is further in some people should have it, the practice of it, ie being able to recite with proper that read whether you know the rules and names, that doesn't matter. What matters is are you able to recite that as far as I mean,

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and, and this is like a Jesy and some of the other people they have said they're very strict about it that our Salas

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Not even accepted if we're not reciting Surah Fatiha properly. Right some of the third read scholars went, you know, a bit extreme, but that level that a person if they're 30 or higher is not corrected. You have to repeat this Allah.

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It's very serious matter, then

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what's its content? What do we study we study the alpha of Quran we study the words of the Quran. Okay, these are ayat that Allah has revealed to us. And we study it because of the verse of Allah subhanaw taala. We're dealing with Khurana that with the law and recite Quran with 13. Now something that is more tell in Arabic language means something that is orderly. The Arabs, they say that Ron murottal When they look at the teeth of someone, and they don't, you know, after when you've done your what are they call it braces and stuff, your teeth have like this perfect shape. When they look at all of that perfect shape of the teeth, they used to say it's a little more rotten. This is like

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a job that is perfectly uniform.

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Which means that the element of 13 is that when you resize it, there is an element of beauty and balance.

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For example, a person can start reciting, like you know, I'm giving you an extreme example of how how much the balance is necessary in today's read. So for example, when I was studying to read, we were in Surah, Al Fatiha and I would recite and I will start off like Al Hamdulillah he Robillard I mean, now I come to ananda Allah him I sped up and I said, anon Da Li him, my shift was like, stop.

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Because the word I'll hum do, I and Josephat have all of these rules are exactly the same. So the balance has to be kept.

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So the way you recited Al Hamdulillah you have to recite and the exact same balance. So some of the territory teachers are of that level forget mud and this is like next level mud, like your roof have to be balanced in that. So that's that how do you know that you know that because you understand the SIFAT of it.

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Similar to what's the benefit of learning this knowledge, it is slowly Sani Anil Jota if he could tabula he, as we protect our tongue for making major mistakes in the book of Allah subhanaw taala.

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What's the purpose via to why do we even study this? Sure, that's the benefit but why don't we study this so that we can actually be from Kira Amin Bharara, we can be from those those angels that Prophet sallallahu sallam said that the one who is my hero and below Quran who is an expert in the Quran, ma Sephora tell Kyra minbar, he is from those honorable angels. And the one who struggles you have to tap our ofI you have struggle like you're trying you're putting in effort. Okay, but you keep trying to run that person gets to Azure, the Azure of you attempting an effort and the Azure of reciting the Quran.

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So in both cases, it's a win win scenario for all of us. Right? And that's the higher font blue. What's the significance of this? It is the best knowledge

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a shuffler alone, because anything that is attached to Quran, it is the kalam of Allah. You and I when we study that the G then the science of Madrid, we study it so that we can pronounce the kalam of Allah subhanaw taala with utmost Iran respect, but with absolute precision and perfection, because it's no none other than that. It's not any random speech. It's the speech of Allah subhanaw taala the kalam of Allah, we aim for that.

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While there are who every science has been placed by someone, somebody established the premise of that science. The premise of this science was predicated by Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam as the Quran was revealed. He recited the Quran, Allah subharti profane, he recited the Quran on seven different ways or seven different dialects. Those of you that missed my lecture, this was my second lecture, I gave it Hamza, it's on YouTube, you can go check thing, why do it's on YouTube channel? Why do we have different Grodd the 40 minute lecture that I gave about summary of us to be able to understand why certain dialects were allowed in the Quran and certain dialects did not make it to

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the Quran. It's a small like it's it's very short lecture. I think it's 35 or 40 minutes.

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And if you study it, then you will be able to actually you know, if you listen to it, you'll get some basic knowledge they're in trouble. Now

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Some of the things that we study in it is number one, Mahajan huruf. Where does the heart have come out with that comes from Fanning and the tip of your tongue will have fat and listen, all of these different things, I'm not going to bore you with terminology. Our style of learning to read is not going to be that we're gonna be picking up books and learning all the accounts. Rather the style is going to be the style which I learned from which is delicately

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we will recite together sort of will Fatiha and afterwards on Wednesday, we'll spend maybe 1520 minutes reciting together as a group. And then I will sit somewhere wherever I can sit down, and then every person depending on how much time we have, you can come and recite one or two verses. The purpose is going to be with talathi. Ie you will come and recite a verse I will just correct it for you. Now, sometimes we'll have to correct Be patient. The first time I sat with a good degreed teacher, he was from Serbia, he had studied from shfm and suede, and he was a urologist. He was a doctor, he was finishing his

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specialization, or he was doing his residency in Canada. So he was there and he will use to come to our masjid.

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And we spent

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no exaggeration, we spent almost four to five weeks just perfecting arugula, Bismillah Alhamdulillah. And sometimes you may think that we're going nowhere. But the purpose of that entire thing is that we're building a foundation. You know, sometimes when you see a big skyscraper that has been built for almost a year and half, you don't see anything,

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because the length of the skyscraper 1/3 of that they're building underneath the ground, they're digging, they're digging and digging from outside, you feel like nothing is happening. But there's an entire work that has been done on establishing a foundation so that that building can be built. Similarly, the process of which we will be doing the surgery, there's going to be Teleki, you will recite I will correct Don't worry about the rules, just try to make sure that the way I corrected it, you know, and through repetition, eventually it will stick eventually it will stick. So that's going to be the lucky the second thing because that's how Quran was taught in the past. If you're

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younger, you have a good advantage because your muscles are still weak loosened to you can really pick up really fast. If you're older, you'll have to work harder, but it's doable. It's not something impossible. It's just with a lot of practice, you'll have to do a lot of practice and it's doable. Second part is going to be about the second part of this is going to be practice. So I will assign and hamdulillah with technology, you can have access to some of the best reciters in the world. Some of the best reciters a little history of the lavas fertile all of these phenomenal reciters that have received they've sat down with professional studios and recorded for us these

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phenomenal recordings that you can sometimes hear their Christmas better than a live teacher when you have the headphones on. So I will give you some homework which will be honestly no more than 20 minutes a day. But we have to put in that time of 20 minutes a day. The rest of the time the regular Mussolini's I will be in the masjid.

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Alright, so I'm here motherlove I'm here in Russia. I'm here between McGraw Venetia. Today I have a small I have a few meetings so I'll be in my office. But sometimes I don't have meetings. Grab a hold of me. I'm here from Muslim tarisha Right grab a hold of me you're you're trying to learn. And let's start with solten Fatiha The reason we're gonna pick sootel Fatiha is because that is something essential for us. perfecting our Surah Al Fatiha is necessary. Then afterwards, we'll pick on Usamah and we will start just our mind will go with this you know hubhub A small, small, you know, whatever

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that gives us Inshallah, Wednesdays the only day I have other days I have so many other holidays happening. So, you know, I know some brothers, they can't make it to Wednesday, can we move it to Sunday and stuff like that? Sunday, I'm going to start the Youth Connect. So I will have like three lectures on Sunday. So it's not going to be possible for me to do it on Sundays. It's going to be very heavy day for me on Sunday. So Wednesday for now. And then childlife more time opens up and stuff we can do something later in Java.

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It's going to be after modem. So we're going to come we're going to pray Maghrib tomorrow and then I want every just make sure you have your must haves or whatever if you want to use I would prefer that you have some form of a must have that you highlight your mistakes and stuff.

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My teacher always used to say when you're starting something fresh, invest in it is a buy a new must have. It will give you this charm of like okay, this is a new thing. I'm starting something new. Right and if you're used to your own Quran that you have been reciting, that's fine and good. Bring that Quran insha Allah and we'll start with that. The purpose would be to at least get certified to harden because that's for the iron all of us at least getting making sure that our soldiers are protected and then

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Whatever though, gives us a shot. All right Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam to see Monica Tierra verde Kilda whom Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed Omar Abdullah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim indica. Meto Majeed Allahumma liminal Quran Allahumma liminal Quran Al Robert al Amin, Allahu Madonna tilava Who Anna Alleluia trafen hora de la jolla the Euro the con Lahoma the kidnap mineral miner see now I lived I mean oh my god now what is it gonna take our Tawana lady whatever now I legit had watching lady you are the guy neither god kromm below my Illuminati my info no one fan of him I limped and I was ignited mediocrity, or bene Zina Alma

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Robina. Zina el maniac, Kareem Yeah, the journey with Rama Salallahu Matata, played hooky, and he also he will sell them to someone because yeah, but Koloff

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