This Magician tried to do Black Magic on Muslims!! Here’s what happened –

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We require a little bit of correction here and there in our own lives, a little bit of strength to do the right thing. My brothers and sisters, you know where you need adjustment in order to become a better version of yourself that today be the day.

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Let today be the day. May Allah help us to change and do the right things.

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There is a woman online, I forget her name.

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non Muslim, she's still not a Muslim.

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Allah will bring her I mean

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she is a magician, according to her. What does she do black magic

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and all sorts of casting of spells and so on for people.

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I want to tell you it is prohibited as a believer to cast a spell. Mon Sahara Africa Shahrukh the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says whoever cast the spell has associated partners with Allah they've engaged in the highest possible sin. That's it. You're not allowed to do that. Another thing if you go to someone to do that for you it's the same thing. A lot of people go nowadays two what do they call him?

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Momo wow

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these bombers will bomber your whole life

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and the first thing they bomb is your Eman.

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It is bought

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don't buy you going to them. You lost your faith. Remember, you have to repeat your shahada Wallah. He's not a joke, man atta Raffin Oka Heenan for sadaqa who will be my Akbar fatted calf Allah Allah. Be my own Zilla Allah, Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. Whoever goes to a soothsayer, fortune teller, et cetera, et cetera, those people who do this type of thing believes them regarding what they are saying, has disbelieved in what Muhammad peace be upon him brought

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disbelief. So you've been there, say your shahada, again, start afresh. Don't ever don't ever have the urge to go and cast a spell to go to someone or to cast the spell yourself or to learn about it Harry Potter or whatever else it may be.

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You're a believer. This lady was asked a question and the interview is online. It's on YouTube, you can go and search it.

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Is there ever

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people you try to cast a spell on and you can't? It's difficult. She said yesterday's. Tell us about it. She says the Muslims who pray five times a day.

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And this is a non Muslim. What did she say?

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She said the Muslims who are steadfast. It's as though they have a dome of protection around them. Wallahi these are her words. When I heard it, I said Subhanallah I forwarded that message that video to so many people. Here's a lady sitting in an interview, telling the interviewer about how she cast spells and it's a long interview one and a half hours I think and inside this five minutes where she speaks about this question.

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Is there ever a time when you can't really do this? You can't cast the species it? Yes. Those who believe

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why? She said you know what? The Muslims, they pray so many times a day. There's actually like a dome around them. She calls it the agree. Go. They agree go is very, very high. You can't really hit them.

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What happened? It's AYATUL kursi. My brothers, my sisters. I believe in Allah.

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It's AYATUL kursi. And it's the Malawi that the last few suitors of the Quran. Are we not taught to read it in the morning and the evening.

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The disbelievers are bearing witness. Where are we?

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May Allah protect all of us? We have a few problems in society. I already mentioned about magic and going to people and casting spells but there is another bigger problem. What is the bigger problem? Accusing innocent people of witchcraft? That's a massive problem. Also, something happened you said no, but this person did. No, no, no, don't accuse someone without proper evidence because shaytan is just telling you it's that person. It's that person. It's that person in order to break relations with innocent people. They are not the guilty ones.

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Mostly they are innocent. May Allah Almighty protect us all.