Musa (AS) vs The Magicians

Zahir Mahmood


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history of Islam and how it has been a conflict of interest for the Muslim population. They encourage people to do what they want to do, like protecting their minds and bodies, and to not be afraid of what they want. The speaker also mentions a reference to a book called "by the way" and encourages people to consider their own mentality and values.
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What a beautiful answer. They * the man because they said Do what you want to do.

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To do what you want to do. You only own this life this dunya life you're powerful in this dunya life that's it.

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So for hours and I will can gather all of them.

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All the magicians in my land and you will bring your magic and they will bring my their magic.

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So he gathers all of them and they gather yoma Xena, there's thousands and thousands of people there.

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And they asked him,

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they asked you They asked for our own if we manage to defeat this man, what will we get?

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So he said you will be from the mokoro booth you will be from those who are closest to me.

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You know, I will give you awards, I will give you money and also I will give you status, you will be my right hand men.

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So they start and they throw down their staffs and their ropes

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and they change it to snakes and serpents and they go round like this here. They're everywhere.

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Moose la salatu salam waits for a while, and then he throws down his staff

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and his staff

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is a large serpent and it gobbles up and eats up all the serpents

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and all everything. Now, the people are watching this.

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But the magicians know that what they did was magic. What Moosa did was not magic.

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So they realize this.

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So what do they do? They fall into such depth to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So for our essays today,

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Allah Allah, Allah Allah, but I would say to them, Listen, I'm gonna cut your hands and your feet from the opposite. So if it's a right hand, left foot, but not only that, after cutting them on the string you up and another let you die like this state. I'm gonna humiliate you.

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What What is Allah subhanho wa Taala and what is the last $1 recall in the Quran? When they asked him what will be our status he said you will be from those who are the closest to me, macabre boom.

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A few minutes after this statement, they go into the field

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and they throw their staff and they see

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the moose is not Islam and the power of musala salatu salam So, what happened they fall into such star.

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So, a few minutes before they wanted to be close to fit on. And then they become close to a law. You know why? Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the closest that my servant becomes to me is when he is in the state of such

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when you are in a state of self doubt why sense

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because see, you know your most honorable part of your body is your face

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you know when somebody tries to hit you Yeah, somebody tries to punch you would you go you're gonna dis protect your heart.

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Yeah, you go protect my leg.

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What do you protect you protect your face. Firstly, you are like this. Why? Because you regard it as your most honorable part.

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So when you place this most honorable part

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on the ground on the dust in such that

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that is the closest that you become to a last panel.

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So for our face today, we said look, you guys, I want to show you how to

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catch your hands, catch your feet, string you up.

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Allah Allah Allah Allah you know.

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They say to Phil own they say to * Lima and cough. What a beautiful answer. The * the mad because they said Do what you want to

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say Do what you want to do. You only own this life denier life. You're powerful in this dunya life that's it.

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So we after you do what you want to do to us, we will return to Allah subhanho wa Taala and by Allah we will find our award for cleaver and duck off.

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Do what you need to do. Do what you want to do.

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Look at this upon Allah.

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Allah recall these stories. Why does Allah recall these stories where you and I in the Quran could do a lesson for you and I

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you know people Muslims are meant to be people of principle.

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Let me ask you one question.

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Honestly speaking,

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and this will show my and your mentality would you prefer your children to be people who are honorable or have principle

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of values and morals? Or would you prefer your children to be people have great amount of money,

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even great amount of status but no morals or no principles?

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I think any decent person here

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and if you are thinking of the latter than your walked,

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may Allah guide you and may Allah guide us all.

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If you want your children to be rich irrespective that they're a bunch of jewels that a bunch of fruits this that they're going to principles, no morals or values.

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The may Allah have mercy that Allah has granted you with children may Allah mercy in your children, but I think any half decent may be Muslim or non Muslim, Muslim or non Muslim would prefer that he have children who are morals values,

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who have principles, who have respect for other people who have respect for their parents.

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Who are people who are God fearing

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because that is our investment. That is our investment.