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Your portion from this world. Don’t forget it!

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Mufti Menk

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May Allah subhanahu wa to Allah grant us goodness Allah is asking you for very little Allah says, use it, use it to earn your paradise babatel ii vema attack Allahu darel Akira. And because Allah still wants you to enjoy his favors upon you on earth, He tells you while at

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Santa sea back I mean, dude. And don't ever forget your portion from this world,

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which means strike a balance. Don't be so much on the right, that you don't spend what Allah gave you. And don't be so much on the left, that you're not interested in this world at all. We put you on Earth, you have family, you have children, you have those around you, you need to spend the time with them some quality time at times, you may want to go out on a holiday It's not wrong on condition that you did your Salah and you ate halal food and you did not participate in that which was displeasing to Allah. You see the point Subhana Allah so Allah says Don't forget your portion of this world. But remember, it's just a little portion. Be kind to people. make people feel welcome

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and Allah will welcome you on the Day of Judgment.

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Give that warmth to others and Allah will give you the warmth on the Day of Judgment. You will be recognized by the angels