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My brothers and sisters, several issues we need to speak about. Firstly, the Ummah is bleeding. If you don't sense that the OMA is bleeding, perhaps you are not a strong member of the Ummah, maybe more needs to happen for us to recognize and realize who exactly we are. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has taught us that despite what differences we may have the Ummah is an ummah, even when he spoke about the 73 different sects within the Ummah, he says, Set of Terrico Almighty Allah Allah Tino Sabrina Farah, he says my ummah will be divided into 73 groups. Notice he said My Ummah, which means 73 groups from his own man, what happens with us is shaytan comes to us

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to make us think, Well, this guy belongs to a different sect. This guy has a few differences with me in the way he reads salah, this guy in a few things he believes, therefore we do not belong all to the same Ummah and we don't need to worry about each other. This is exactly what shape man wants and the kuffaar want and that's where they've gotten a lot of us. I am here to tell you that come what may bottom line you are my brother, you are my sister, I will give my life to defend yours may Allah Almighty help us. Bottom line is we belong to the ummah of la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we pray five times a day we say the same shahada, we face the same

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Qibla we believe in Hajj in the same place. We do Umbra and so much more that we do have in common. Yes, they are differences. I'm not saying downplay them. But I am saying there are issues that affect us as an ummah we are one Ummah when it comes to tackling those issues, may Allah Almighty grant us the goodness, understanding and the unity amongst us to be able to defend one another. Well levena CAFO boom.

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bomb in the fall, who the

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fifth need to fill out the FAFSA.

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Gabby, Allah says the disbelievers will all stand up for one another and be the protectors of one another. If you are not going to do the same Oh ma of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then there will be chaos and corruption of a great stance on Earth. A lot of chaos and corruption will overtake the world. Why? Because you are not standing up for one another. Allah says the kuffar protect one another. If you're not going to do that, there's going to be a problem. Simple. Listen to the verse again. Well, lady, Nika follow Bow Bow whom only

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bow in

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lieu to a fifth need to fill out your FAFSA.

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Gabi tax Allah, he's guiding us to stay, do you want to live in goodness, you're going to need to stand up for one another.

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The difficulty is, we feel at times because of shaytans plot that we are divided into minut groups. Each one thinks he's the only Muslim. Each one thinks his group is the only middle group that's where we are failing. And that's why when the enemy attacks, what does he do? He makes you believe Don't worry, I'm attacking these guys on your behalf. Relax when we finished with them. Everything will be okay when they finished with those they come for you. And then they tell the others that you know what we're just dealing with these guys on your behalf as it is you guys don't get along. We're going to sort them out. Wallahi my brothers, my sisters.

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It happens in our societies, our communities and even within one masjid, on the different levels. Sometimes we feel I don't like this guy, this little group. I don't like these people. Why born out of a maybe a legit difference of opinion or maybe just jealousy. Let's never allow this to happen. Look at what's happening in Gaza. The OMA is bleeding and not just in Gaza. Look at what they did to Afghanistan. They destroyed it to smithereens. Look at what they did to Iraq. They destroyed it to smithereens. Look at what they did to Libya. They finished it up completely. Look at what they did to Syria. They finished it up totally look at what they've done all over the show. One by one

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Wallah, he if we stood up as an ummah, nobody would dare touch us look at what they did to Somalia. I come to this area. And one thing I must tell you, the ladies the sisters from Somalia are definitely role models for us in the sense that our children, our girls and our women need to learn a lesson that how far these people came from

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Out of the difficulty that they faced, they did not give up their job Subhanallah today I wanted to speak a little bit about the holiday that we're all in at the moment or about to enter. You are on holiday your Salah is not on holiday, you are on holiday your hijab is not on holiday, you are on holiday your halal food is not on holiday. You are on holiday your abstention from haram is not on holiday. You are on holiday. You cannot compromise your deen thinking I'm on holiday people say well I only ate to hell at a halal friendly place. That's all it was it certified. Did you make sure no, it was Halal friendly. My brothers and sisters the Muslims themselves sometimes do not know exactly

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how to verify what is halal and haram How can you leave that for the kuffaar to determine Halal friendly Do you know according to them, and I've been to ask people this what's going on? They say well the meat is sourced from a halal place even if I believed that what about the ingredients they said what ingredients they don't even know you got to look at the ingredients meat sauce from a halal place. I don't deny that perhaps it is how did you cook it? Well, you know we had we just put it into this

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walk and we made it and what else did you put into it? Well we put in anything and everything but it's halal friendly because I promise you the guys who give us the meat, it's halal, my brother you cooked it in the same pot as the bacon and the book and whatever else it was. Number two is all the Haram stuff that you had there. Everything is there. Number four is or number three you putting the wines and the whiskies and the champagnes to enhance the taste accordingly you calling it halal friendly, and here we are Muslims who fulfill their Salah and they say but I ate at a halal friendly place. My brother it means

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May Allah protect us.

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I'm only saying this in order to tell you the OMA is bleeding and you're worried about a piece of meat and you want to eat it in our language. You want to chow it by hook or crook. Come on don't must bleeding. Can't you give up a little plate of food in order to save your Eman? No wonder why you don't really care for the rest of the ummah. Because what you consuming is haram. How will Allah answer your DUA?

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How will Allah answer your DUA when your food is haram? Your clothing is haram, your drink is haram. The way you behave is haram. If you were to be resurrected, you would be resurrected with idiots on the day of piano. Do you really think you're going to be resurrected with W Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam look at what you look like.

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When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam clearly tells us you will be resurrected with your circle, we will people those around you that's who you're going to be resurrected with ask yourself look in the mirror. Where do I fit in? Do you fit in with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the Sahaba and Sahaba yet, or do you fit in with the rest of the people who are at the club last night drinking and drugging

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us we have to solve the problems of the Ummah be hard on yourself. Be hard on yourself come for Fajr make sure that you fulfill your five Salah learn to make changes in your life that will identify you as a member of the Ummah because when you die later today when you die later today, when you die, you will be resurrected with the same group that you associated with, that you looked like that you are around. So be careful whom you associate with, who you mimic, who you follow, and so on. be hard on yourself.

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Here's the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam speaking about a man he is tired he is

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perhaps not even dressed properly and he's really struggling and he's calling out to Allah Yara BIA Rob Oh my Lord. Oh my Lord, but MALBA su haram mudgeeraba. Who haram? With via Bill haram. You stir Jubilee Dalek. The Prophet salallahu Salam says the man's food is haram. His clothing is haram his drink is haram How does he expect Allah to answer him? Still out of the Mercy of Allah Allah gives us today I'm emotional. I'm emotional and rightly so. Our brothers and sisters are dying without anyone able to do a thing. And those killing them are proud of what they are doing. And here we are seated here. And we can't even decide whether or not to eat at a halal friendly place without

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knowing exactly what it is. I'm not saying that every place is halal or haram all I'm telling you be very careful with what you put in your mouth.

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It could determine listen to this, the sweetness of your act of worship or the bitterness of it. What does that mean? When I derive energy from haram source that energy cannot be used to worship Allah. It's impossible. It will be used to energize me to do haram so you wondering why am I in

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inclined to pornography to haram to adultery to maybe alcohol to gambling, why am I so inclined to all of that? And I can't even find the energy to leave those things. The reason is your route is haram. The energy you derive from a haram so something you're doing in your system is totally upside down.

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That's what it is. I'm emotional. Because it's about time the OMA realized in Allah Hala Yogi aroma becoming Hatha Yoga, you may be

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fussy him, Allah will not change the condition of an ummah until they change themselves, each one of them. It is part of the solution. It sounds like a fairy tale, doesn't it? But we can only derive our strength from our togetherness. We're all supposed to be steadfast my brothers and sisters, today is the day.

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Today is the day. Do you know that a public holiday was declared simply because people knew how to kick a ball? Do you know that? People knew how to kick a ball so a public holiday was declared for us well and good Mashallah. We are here in the masjid listening to one message, the message of Allah and His Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam what is the message? Please do yourselves a favor. I should also do myself a favor. Today. I promise Allah, Oh Allah, I'm going to be a stronger and better Muslim. I'm going to identify as a Muslim. I'm going to be proud of my Islamic identity. I'm going to walk towards goodness, I'm going to become strong so that I can quit my sin. These are the type

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of promises I need to make people look forward to the end of the year. I've spoken to so many business people they say you know what, I need a break. I know you need a break. But does that mean your Salah should be on break? Does that mean your hijab suddenly goes on break? Does that mean your consciousness of halal and haram goes on break? You say I worked the whole year I struggled the whole year now I must go on a break mashallah, it's fair and good. Go to a place where at least your salah is in order. Go to a place where at least you have halal food or take it with you. Go to a place where you don't need to compromise your shame.

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Allahu Akbar. Go to a place where you don't need to compromise your hijab.

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Go to a place where Allah will be pleased with you. Why don't you decide to go to an ombre and to go to a blessed place a blessed land perhaps somewhere that you can teach your family and children more about the deen of Allah something historic look, these were our heroes and heroines these are the people whom we should be following this is what they did. These are the sacrifices they made. Imagine visiting where butter took place and telling your children this is the known as jubbaland Mala. Iike the mount way the angels came down to assist 313 people to overcome an army of 1000 who were heavily armed.

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What happened in Bader Wallahi a miracle happened in butter. Had it not been for those 313 men and their dedication we would not be here in this Masjid today. Wallahi That's why Allah says to the people of better one day when how to beat no Abby belta of the Allahu Anhu made the mistake and did committed a little sin or it might have been a big one actually. But the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was told about what how we did

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and our evening Cadabra the Allahu Anhu was so upset that he said I want to deal with this man here and now and you know when Ramadan strong man wants to deal with you, it means it's over. It's over you history you can forget about it. When Amara the Allahu Anhu was entering Betamax this no 114 They knew the fact that it's drama. It's over. Just come in hand the keys and tell him That's it. Where's the hammer of today? May Allah grant us strength.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam says no don't do that Omar. When are you three killer Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah bedridden for call eight Malou mushy tomb for inika to refer to LA?

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How do you know this man how to took part in the Battle of bedroom. And Allah told the people of Buddle I am pleased with you do as you want from today onwards

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why they gave their lives so that it could come to you and I can I not be a little bit strong on myself a little bit hard on myself. Can I not fulfill my five prayers? Can I not teach my children about jubbaland Mala Iike you go and see that mount of the angels who Allah He it's made from a different sandal together completely.

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Did you know that but those were the heroes. Those are the people because of whom today we are sitting here by the fatherland, Grace of Allah. Imagine if the War of the Battle of Bader had to be the other way around and the Muslims had to lose what would have happened. Those were the people. They are the heroes. We ought to know the names of all of them.

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If not all at least a lot. If not a lot at least some if I told you please name me 20 People who participated in butter, can you do it? The answer is no.

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I can't. Perhaps we can name the tin I Sherif Ali Baba sharina Bill Jana, the 10, who were granted glad tidings of Jana. The four of them is so easy to name Abu Bakr Omar Osman Ali and that order of the Allahu Anhu Jamia and may Allah be pleased with all of them then then whom

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as debatable about obeyed the Americana genre. Now, who else fell hybrid Obaidullah? So I didn't have a car so he didn't say there's the six and the other 14 but not the Allahu Anhu Do you know these names? These are the true heroes when you're on holiday think of them also make dua for them. someone passes away in your family and I've had the loss of two members of my extended family passed on one last night and one earlier yesterday. May Allah grant him Jana, I'm sure many of us have had people passing on Allah grant him Jana, how much in pain you are Wallah, he can you imagine the pain when the people when the Sahaba of the Allahu Anhu passed away? Why did they die? Most of them they

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were martyred because they stood up for Islam.

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May Allah Almighty grant a strength. Our brothers and sisters are dying, they are suffering, they are struggling, they are standing. Do you know we as Muslims are ought to stand up for justice wherever it is across the globe? Whosoever it is with ya. Are you Hello Dina

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Kulu Amina Bill Keasbey Shuhada. Ali.

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Oh, you who believe stand up firm firm for justice. Bear witness for the sake of Allah. This is an issue of justice and bearing witness, even if it means it's against your own father's it's against your family members, your relatives, you stand up against the person why it's justice. My father is wrong. You are right. My brother is wrong. You are right. I am wrong. You are right. That's a Muslim. That's a Muslim

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Sheree was at

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the time of ALEC Nobita liberal the Allah one. There was a case between him

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and the disbeliever in one ration a Jewish man.

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And should I access? Oh, I mean, actually, you are wrong. And he's right. Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar.

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It is said the man became a Muslim. It couldn't believe it. This is a mural, meaning this is the man the ruler, and here's the judge, placed by him to judge.

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And the judge is saying, You know what, you are wrong. The man is right. He says, subhanAllah this type of justice is only in the Muslims. It's only if you believe in Allah. It's only if you believe in the Lord of the world. We as Muslims are taught not to desecrate a place of worship, that does not belong to us. You see a church, you see a synagogue, you're not allowed to desecrate it or abuse it, because it's crossing a red line, even at times of war. But look what the disbelievers do to the misogyny.

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We are taught never to harm a woman, or a child or an elderly person or a person who doesn't want to fight at the time of war. Imagine when there's no war.

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But look at what the disbelievers are doing.

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We are taught Subhanallah to remain firm upon justice, to be kind to prisoners of war to feed them in an appropriate way not to abuse them

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at the time of war.

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When allow us another beer, a few others who are actually among the prisoners of war after battle.

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They were treated so well guess what happened. Some of them actually returned after being free and said we didn't want to accept Islam in captivity because people might say that you are doing under duress. So we left and we came back to say guess what we are believers. We watched you we saw you we know what's happening. Subhan Allah, imagine a person who is in the Cause of Allah, about to perhaps die because of being murdered by the enemy? Do you really reckon that they are going to perpetrate crimes like rape and so on?

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Do you really think that a believer who believes in Allah, who knows that I might be martyred at any moment, is going to end his life by raping someone by slaughtering and butchering little kids and so on? No, not a believer, not one who believes in Allah and His soul, not in the name of Islam? It doesn't happen. It didn't happen. May Allah Almighty protect us. The amount of lies and falsehood that we hear today is indicative of the prophecy of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam that a time will come when you won't even be able to distinguish between right and wrong, you will have to do your research about it. Find out

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not everything that people say is true. When the enemy speaks, you need to understand for them it's warfare. They don't care. They've been lying through their teeth such that they have no more teeth.

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Nothing to show from the very beginning.

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May Allah Almighty grant us goodness. So as you see my beloved brothers, my sisters,

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we are facing many crises at the moment.

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One of the biggest things that we and challenges that we don't realize we are going through

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is the internal war, the internal struggle.

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What is it? Do you know there are people who are working on your mind and your children's minds and brains for years on end, via television, via social media, via Sometimes schools, sometimes colleges, sometimes universities, do you know, it is happening? They have agendas to make you feel inferior to make you feel like you are not fit to live in this modern age. Why? Because you are male or female and with them, it's not that it goes beyond that. You could be for example, a tree.

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If someone comes up in some of these woke countries, and says, I'm a tree,

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they have to say, Yes, you are.

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And I'm not even laughing. Because it's something worth crying about. You and I are no longer normal. Why? Because I'm married, and I have children, you're not normal.

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But when they commit what we would term hideous crimes against humanity. And come the children from a young age that you know what you don't need to be a male, if you don't want you don't need to be a female if you don't want and they decide to change the gender of children at the age of four and five. And if we don't call that absurd,

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we're not even believers. And if we do call it absurd, then guess what?

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They tell us, your backward. You don't belong in this day. Well, that's good enough, no problem. We don't belong here. Alhamdulillah we are backward Alhamdulillah because in the eyes of Allah, that's not the case. Victory will come and the day it comes everybody who said all this nonsense would actually regret it. Four years old, and you're trying to tell the child that you know what we can change you from a boy to a girl who gave you the right to contaminate the children Subhanallah

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they're not allowed to drive until the age of 20. They can't touch a bottle of alcohol until 21. But you can change the gender at four ways that

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may Allah Almighty grant us understanding that is the biggest wall. They are tackling your minds and your brains normalizing that which is absurd, at times, absurd.

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We stand up for human rights. We teach human rights we are the ones who have uplifted and upheld we believe in justice, non discrimination.

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A person whose feather in complexion is not better than one who's darker, no way.

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This prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had companions in his midst designed by Allah in order to show us how to treat people who who will come from different parts of the world who are Sahib Nissinen Roumier of the Allahu Allah who was beloved naraba al Habashi of the Allah who and who are these people? Do you? Do you think that Allah did not plan for them to be there at the time? He did? He did. Do you know why? The reason is you want to show us he wanted to teach us how to treat each other. How to talk to each other, don't utter bad words, respect the people honor them. Moments ago I told you about the hijab of the people who come from Somalia, you can pick it up as soon as you

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enter the area. And you know, these people have not compromised their hijab, my beloved sisters from Somalia, congratulations, Mubarak MAYBROOK May Allah accept it from you, may you be a means of inspiring others who are living luscious lives to at least 10 to the deen of Allah.

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And may Allah never take that away from you. It is one of the biggest gifts that you have presented this part of the world and many other parts I've been to so many countries I always say Subhan Allah these people are covered in such a beautiful way look at it. What is what is making them cover nothing besides the love of Allah and the deen of Allah.

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I know in this Masjid we all bear witness because as soon as you exit the masjid, you will already notice what I'm telling you.

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May Allah strengthen us on the deen they might have been driven out of their homes because of the struggles of the dunya but no amount of struggle drove their Deen out of their hearts.

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That's the deen of Allah.

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So here we are my brothers and sisters, please, as we spend the next few days on vacation or whatever else it may be and it's permissible to go on a holiday to take your children out. It's permissible. You can go on condition that you do not compromise your faith. You don't compromise your deal. Go to a decent place. Go with good company. Go with a few people whom you know when I'm with them. I'll fulfill my salah I'll eat Allah like do good things and so on. You want to go alone all the way to

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Thailand there's a problem there is a problem may Allah Almighty grant us ease yes I'm speaking proper. You want to go alone to this place and that place Take someone with you in a shaitana Allah he will who are mentally if Nene shaytan is closer to a single person. The minute is to he becomes a little bit further away. The minute there's three he's even further away. The bigger the number the further shaitan because when you're alone, you walk and no one knows you and you Okay, and as you walk you see something haram you don't have to think twice. It's only your Eman that will drive you to protect yourself if you're weak in the man next best thing or next worst thing is you entered

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there but when you were too you worried because you know what a my brother's here it's gonna be such a bad thing. I'm not even looking. You got to just look down at your stuff. So Allah One wonders whether you're worried about Allah or the guy next to you. But that was Allah Who gave you the good company.

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Imagine you three, four or five people What are you going to do? You won't even look in the direction time of Fudger everyone gets together what time are we doing further than where we're doing it? And you say gosh, I needed to sleep Allahu Akbar because of the company Allah saved you urine Fajr ricotta al Fateh. Hallo minute dunya wa mafia. There is the tour accounts of sooner or faster better than the whole world and whatever it was had you not had the guys to push you and prod you Let's go for fajr What time are we going? Where are we doing it? Mashallah, there's a masjid here. There's another Masjid two kilometres away. Who does this only those who are conscious of

00:26:22--> 00:26:26

Allah. If you've got one man, or one woman in your company

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who can remind you of such things? Wallah, he have succeeded. May Allah Almighty grant us goodness in this way, when we make dua to Allah, He will answer it. Because I'm worried about my consciousness. I'm worried about the consciousness of Allah throughout, not just to part of the day or night, I'm worried about it throughout.

00:26:48--> 00:26:54

Allah is great. My brothers and sisters, Allah has blessed us with so much

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in order to be thankful to Allah for the blessings you and I have. We have to at least obey His instructions. When you get up for Fudger. You tell Allah Oh Allah, You have blessed me with so much what you've asked me to do is nothing compared to what you gave.

00:27:10--> 00:27:19

It is reported that if men had to remain in sujood, throughout of his throughout his life, to thank Allah only for the cold water, that quench his thirst, it wouldn't be sufficient.

00:27:22--> 00:27:27

It is also reported that on the Day of Judgment, when a person wants to know

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what Allah has kept for him because of all his acts of worship and so on. Allah hates the Mercy of Allah. You really want to know what compensation there is.

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We do deeds in order to invoke the mercy of Allah. But if you think you're doing deeds, because it's going to be weighed on the scale, so that that will be determining your Jana and Johanna, none of us are going to make it to the right place.

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You tell me when we get up in Salah what concentration Do you have? Any 100% No one? No, not even me. Why should I lie? We try our best small distraction and it irritates us. Sometimes someone's phone rings, sometimes with the dirtiest of songs, but it's in the masjid. And what happens 2050 People who heard it are all upset they want to beat him up. And here's the Imam reading a beautiful words of Allah they are distracted all of them. You know why? Because of one man's ringtone. That's why I say you're a believer in Allah have a decent ringtone. So one youngster comes to me and says no, and come on, you're getting too hard and fast. Let the ringtone be what is just a ringtone? No,

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you're a believer. You must be conscious even of your ringtone. You really want the close and you know why you're going to come to the house of Allah or anyway, with the ringtone is going to ring is it going to remind people of something hectic? Imagine people who quit all those bad habits and they now on the straight path and suddenly they've tried to forget all about the nonsense they were engaged in in one day they standing next to insula in the masjid or anywhere else and the ringtone rekindles the entire disease they had before because the tooth and tooth and whatever else it might be wanted to make their head shake you wondering, are they listening to the verses of the Quran? Or

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is it the ringtone next door that's taking them back to jail? Helia May Allah forgive us?

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You believe in Allah. Be careful, change that tone.

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So on the Day of Judgment,

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a man will be told alumna say halacha Nakamura wake up in MA in buried. Listen to this one. Did we not give you good health and give you cold water to quench your thirst? That's enough? Here's your deeds. Here's the cold water and the good health. What happens? It's out, the deeds are gone.

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It's the Mercy of Allah. Do you want to enter Jannah with the Mercy of Allah are your deeds? The answer is the Mercy of Allah. Why do I do deeds I do deeds to get the Mercy of Allah. That's why I want the Mercy of Allah may Allah have mercy on all of us. May Allah grant true victory and liberation to our brothers and sisters in Philistine the people of Gaza May Allah Allah

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It Grantham goodness, may Allah Almighty bless them, Allah opened their doors. We are all people of Gaza, and we are all people of Philistine.

00:30:08--> 00:30:10

And all of us feel the pain

00:30:11--> 00:30:47

of our brothers and sisters elsewhere across the globe who are struggling because of wars that were created by the enemy, their enemies and hours. So many wars are created proxy. They need some resources under your feet. And so they create a war between you and your brother. And you don't even realize we're killing each other for no reason how many countries in the Muslim world have been fighting each other not because they want to fight each other. A third party came in and made them believe that you need to fight each other. Look at Sudan we pray for them. May Allah grant them peace. May Allah grant him good understanding. May Allah grant them goodness because they are

00:30:47--> 00:31:13

fighting each other in an unbelievable manner. I cannot believe that our intelligent brothers and sisters of Sudan can actually be killing one another. Definitely they have been trapped by shape man, may Allah grant them the release from those shackles and may Allah grant them goodness, I've given you one or two examples. Wallahi The list is endless. The list is endless. And so we need to talk about it. We need to remind each other about it. We are part of the Ummah

00:31:15--> 00:31:44

and if we don't care in the heart, we need to work harder. Something is wrong in our system. Make sure your income is halal. Make sure your system is good. seek the forgiveness of Allah may Allah forgive me. May Allah forgive all of us I have shortcomings. We all have shortcomings. I have committed sin. You we all have committed sin because we have been who Adam the winner from amongst us is the one who asked repent to Allah everyday ask Allah Allah forgive me. Oh Allah grant me mercy. May Allah bless bless us all are colloquially ha ha SallAllahu wasallam albaraka Allah