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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Well, well, well, my brothers and sisters, may Allah bless you all, guess what? I was traveling from Dubai to Addis Ababa today. And as I got onto the plane, someone told me, You look like an ecobee. And I laughed, and I said, aren't we all in a type of niqab. And so, you know, the mask I use, there are a few masks I use, but when I'm traveling, I use this Italian mask. Now, this Italian mask, if you were to look at it, it's actually from a beautiful pair of Italian socks. I think I've told you that before. I cut it out of the socks. And I've actually made the handles for it. Their handles there, right. And Subhanallah I wear it. So there it goes. You see, that's what it looks like,

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right? Now, if that's what it looks like.

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I mean, Subhanallah I just posted a little picture, just like this. And the fact that I never believed the day would come when I would be called a Nickleby. yet. The niqab is banned in so many countries, and the whole world is now in niqab so to speak. So it's so foolish for someone to say that I'm behaving like a woman, and so on. And guess what that video it had me blinking, you can go back and check it simply because it was a boomerang for the first time in my life. I got to use something called a boomerang. And that tool was just, it happened by mistake, but I thought it was okay. And I thought perhaps it might generate a little bit of an interest in this. And the topic I

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wanted to bring up was, look at how hypocritical some places are, where they ban a person from doing this, because of their faith, but they make it compulsory to do exactly this. Because of their health fears. SubhanAllah and they've made it compulsory on men and women and children and everyone the old, the young, and whoever it may be. So my brothers and sisters, I had to make this short reaction video to say those who are commenting saying, You're behaving like a woman. You know what you can fly a kite, and send me your address. I will send you the kite, and I'll send you instructions of how to fly the kite. Please calm down man, relax. Subhan Allah. It's only a mask.

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And so it's actually made from the softest, most beautiful tender absolutely breathable, beautiful Italian socks Subhanallah if they were French socks, perhaps I might have worn them on my feet. Yes, but Italian socks Subhanallah converted into a niqab. What are you burning about? Subhan Allah Do you want some? Should I start selling them? So look at this Mashallah, here it goes.

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And I do blink Anyway, I'm a person who blinks a little bit more than others perhaps what's the big deal? So halala so relax. People are making it a big religious matted, cool off, man. Take it easy. Here we go. Why do we not understand that every single person has to wear a mask, and all of us blink. And there is something called boomerang. It's not like I I kept blinking. I can't even blink as fast as what it shows in that little Boomerang video. And it was not a Snapchat filter. And it's not a filter. It's just a boomerang video. So guys, you you can actually relax. I thought this was necessary because I see people holier than thou, who who seemed to have thought that perhaps you

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know, it was something feminine and so on what feminine? I mean, if a person is Subhana Allah let me not expose them to panela. You know, someone actually said Oh, no wonder why your wife left you. Oh, did she Subhana Allah. Wow. Who knows? Maybe she posted it. Who knows? So hon Allah.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala Bless you. And I pray that, you know,

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the people rightly guided all of us in Sharla. Look, there's no harm in cracking a little harmless joke. Actually, it happened. That's why I posted it. Someone called me any copy and I laughed it in I said, I can't believe this. And it kept playing in my mind what was playing on my mind. Imagine people are joking about us being niqab is here, when they've banned the proper niqab in some places and the same people

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Who banned it imposed exactly the same thing with a different name on the whole country. So Hannah law, so there goes. So that was the message that I wanted to deliver. And here it is. And I pray that every one of us can actually understand. And then I noticed something else, those who actually commented negatively, a lot of them, most of them, they actually don't even follow. They don't even follow the lectures, the talks or anything. They probably just saw it and excuse them.

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Someone started saying this guy's a stray, he's an innovator. He follows Yeah, well, Italian socks are an innovation. You know, it's an innovation. Imagine how innovative My mind was. So hello, and I converted the sock into a mosque. And guess what, it's so beautiful. Because you see there that goes, Mashallah, wow, Subhana, Allah, hell behind me. So, basically, that feels good. It's actually such a nice thing. It's so good for traveling. And just relax, guys, you know, if you want to know where to buy these, what to do, how to do you guys are willing to pay for them. I don't mind starting a little sock factory where we can convert them into something a little bit better. But

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Subhanallah Yeah, these are the people who have nothing better to do. So they thought that I don't even know what they thought I was trying to achieve by that. I said it exactly as it is. This guy says, you know, you You look like a niqab. He says you are an ecobee, actually. And I looked at him and I said, Wow, that was that was quite funny. And I decided to just share it with the rest of the world. And for that I'm a criminal now. I mean, in the eyes of some cool off guys. Salaam Alaikum. By the way, very late tomorrow, I'm going to still wear the same thing again, on my journey, because I'm actually continuing my flights. I just stopped the night here in Addis Ababa, beautiful place.

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So take care guys, cheap way to make what what Italian socks probably cost you so many quit my brother. It's not a cheap way. It's very expensive. The cheap ones are not them disposable ones, man. Those disposable ones are actually very, very

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cheap stuff. But it's okay, whatever you've got. But don't say it's cheap, because I know. damn expensive. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us all and grant us goodness, and so on and so forth. You guys are asking me? Did I hear about what happened in France? My brothers and sisters, I did. And I commented and if you didn't see it, it's not my fault. It's not my fault. We actually have started up a lot of programs and whole conference based on the honor of the Prophet. And we I've personally actually positively

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done a lot. So I don't need to do it for you or for someone or to prove a point. We do it for Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah make us from among those who can follow the messenger and not just scream and yell,

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but rather follow properly and honor him in the true sense. People are saying what happened in France? I don't know what what what happened in France.

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The the they have a law where they say freedom of expression. But in actual fact, it goes beyond that to freedom of insult. And then when they insult, obviously, it's not my law or your law. It's their law. So they probably would have to

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go back to the drawing board and see what happens whenever they insult because, you know, they don't accept insult, but they insult others. That's quite unfair. I mean, as far as I know, I believe so. I think they would have to go back to the drawing board and revisit exactly what they mean by the freedom of expression and whether or not it is totally unlimited and why it applies only against Muslims. I still want to I mean, I see the reaction of the Jewish people when they make a cartoon about Moses, may peace be upon him, or the Christians when they make dirty, ugly cartoons about the Prophet Jesus May peace be upon him. Not that I want to see those cartoons. But why do they only

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do? Why do they only? It's a very interesting question. Why do they only insult the prophet of Islam?

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In terms of, you know, the final messenger, why don't they consider

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inciting Anyone else? or anything else? That's very, very interesting. And, you know, we, I actually, I could think of a few ones.

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But maybe that leave that discussion for another time inshallah Baraka Luffy comm guys, let's wake up it's bulit and let's not just say, you know, these masks

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or something feminine, no, it's a mask it will protect you inshallah, by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala from breeding on somebody else to say the least Solomonic or at the library cat