Mufti Menk – Wipe out your bad deeds

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how people feel embarrassed when they do wrong things to others. They explain that people may feel embarrassed when they do wrong things to others, but they should forgive them. They also mention that healing is important for healing and that forgiveness is key to healing.
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When someone has done wrong to you,

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and then they realize they did wrong to you and they come to you and say please forgive me.

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And you say, No, it's okay. No problem. Fine, you're forgiven. How many times did they say Forgive me once, isn't it? They came to you as a human being please forgive me. I was wrong. I shouldn't have done it. Really? I feel I regret it. I won't do it again. You say no, it's okay not to mention.

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And then a week later, they see you in the masjid, for example, or somewhere else? A brother Solomonic me just just forgive me, man. But you already said it once you are already forgiven. Why did you repeat it? Because you feeling embarrassed? Number one, not because you're doubting that they have forgiven you, but you just a bit embarrassed Hey, I shouldn't have done this. And another thing is that it now not to mention Come on, it's okay. When you see them a third time a year later, for example, I feel so bad. You know what I did was so wrong saying so don't even mention don't talk about it. But you've repeatedly thrice already, is it because you're doubting that they forgiven

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you? No. It's because of your remorse. And it's because you feel that you really did something you were not supposed to. So you become in greater favor with that particular person because you realize I need to make up for what bad I've done with good and the Quran repeats this when it comes to Allah because Allah Azza example is higher. In al Hassan it will behave in a say.

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Allah says good deeds will wipe out bad deeds. You want to see your bad deeds wiped out will increase your good deeds and automatically they will be wiped out when I feel bad that I did something to a human. And I've already asked Him forgiveness so many times, every time I saw them, I will do another thing that's trying to good for them. Someone mentions them, you have a good word to say. Today someone sent me an email and said such and such a scholar said something about you about me. And he is like this and he is like that, I replied immediately I said that is a senior scholar of the Muslim ummah. Please do not mention any negatives about that person, because it brings pain

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to my heart to hear that it's okay what they've said about me, that's fine. But what is even worse is what you said about them.

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What's the idea? The idea is do good to people and what does it cost you so much if they did bad to you? by sin? Illa mon Assa elate. That is a quality of the prophets. Do good to those who did bad to you why I am preparing for the day I want to meet with Allah. Didn't we say today we're talking about healing in that way you want to heal. You need to seek forgiveness and learn how to forgive others. Without that you will not heal is no healing without seeking forgiveness and learning to forgive others.

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