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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala let's say Ramallah cannot like I don't want to capture the others as he will come in you to a new episode of Rocky Ramadan 2018 yes Allahu Allah kill him Allah subhana wa Taala has allowed us to witness yet another ramadan ramadan 2018 another blessing the month. In fact this is the only month that Allah subhana wa tada mentions by name in the Shahada Ramadan, Allah The Anzhi Daffy Hill and the blessing the month of Ramadan with the Bible and it was revealed this is why we call it shovel and shovel, shovel bucket. It is really really a blessed month

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everybody gets happy in this blessed month of Ramadan so Pamela you know, our kids in our our loved ones the massaging Mashallah Tabata cola gets back in Ramadan the spirit of Ramadan as you know the spirit of Ramadan the atmosphere in Ramadan even gentleness of Allah the above agenda the gates of agenda gets opened in Ramadan Allahu Allah kill him and the gates of Hellfire gets locked in Ramadan the the the sharp pain gets locked in Ramadan This is why it's easier in this blessed month to do a lot of good deeds. So in sha Allah who tala as it is our custom for the past past seven years or so that we've been doing this hamdulillah these episodes of Ramadan or rocky Ramadan. This year in sha

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Allah, Allah will try a new theme, a new theme, because in our thinking, Ramadan is the month of Hemet. So I want to link it to the Prophet Mohammed Saul Islam isn't Prophet Mohammed is awesome. The Prophet of

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Allah Xhosa said on his behalf webmaster NACA Allah methylene irony that we have sent your man a blessing to an enemy to mankind so Prophet Mohammed Andromeda

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today in shallow China this month in shallow diner I'd like to start

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a new episode or a new series of a preview from the seat of the Prophet Mohammed Azam preview from the Sierra of the Prophet and connected with Ramadan

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a lot of people they know the Sierra just maybe about battles and wars and conquests but the see that what is it called sila anyway see that in other beat comes from sail sail to walk see that say yes to either party up you know heavy Mohammed Salah is in the other party Pisa hibiya So, the Sierra is to you know, the right from the term see that will say which means to walk upon the footsteps of the Prophet Mohammed Salah is a see that Yeah, and he linguistically right. So here, I don't want to talk just about you know, the, the, you know, historical effects of the of what happened at the time of the Prophet as I said, but I want to talk about Prophet Mohammed himself.

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As as a man as a father as a, as a son, as a spouse. He salatu salam, the man of the Prophet of Allah, if you you know, have studied, let's say the

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salatu salam in the time of when he was bleeding, you know, and the Sahaba they came and they said yellow so why make digest orange and then he raised his hand so Lola and he was telling me he said, Allah homophilic ami for in Hungary Allah moon or ALLAH forgive my people for the do not know he is the the the Prophet of Allah. He is Masuda Rama sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and this is why we would like to live with with some reviews from the seed of the Prophet Mohammed also set up and contemplate you know in the life of the Prophet from the life of the Prophet and link it with Ramadan as it is the month of Ramadan. So in sha Allah who tada Stay tuned

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for our next episode of rock, Ramadan 2018 and till then, I will say