Omar Suleiman – Natural Disasters and The Day of Judgment

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the " Diagnosis of collapse" and the "weirdness" of natural disasters as signal of the Day of Judgment. They emphasize the importance of putting things back in place and not experiencing disparities in infrastructure. The "weirdness" of disaster events is discussed, including the "weirdness" of "weirdness" of "weirdness" of "weirdness" and the "weirdness" of "weirdness" of "weirdness" and "weirdness" of "weirdness" and "weirdness" of "weirdness" and "weirdness" of "weirdness" and "weirdness" of "weirdness" and "weirdness" of "weirdness" and "weirdness" of "weirdness" and "weirdness" of "weirdness" and "weirdness" of "weirdness" and
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We begin by praising Allah subhanaw taala and bearing witness that none has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is his final messenger. We ask Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him, the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him, and those that follow in his blessing path until the day of judgment. And we ask Allah to make us amongst them Allahumma Amin, the brothers and sisters, I want to begin this holds up first and foremost by remembering our brothers and sisters, in Morocco and Libya, and in every other place

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where we have suffered with these disasters that have struck us and shaken us may Allah Subhan Allah to Allah have mercy on their dead may Allah subhana wa Tada protect their living, may Allah Subhana Allah to Allah comfort they're hurting May Allah subhanho wa Taala find those that are lost and recover them so that their families can be at ease with them. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah protect our Ummah, protect the full Quran and the Messiah keen the weak ones, wherever they may be, and relieve the stress of the distrust Allah Amin, and Allah knows that it is indeed distressing when we see these images coming out on such a recurring basis, from Turkey, from Indonesia from now, Morocco

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and places that we don't even expect it from places like Libya. But at the same time, dear brothers and sisters, what I wanted to focus on was a very different angle, I hoped in sha Allah to Anna, with this particular subject of natural disasters, but with a very familiar question. The question is often asked, as we see these things around us, is this a sign of the Day of Judgment? Does this mean that the day of judgment is near, because generally speaking, when you read the signs of the Day of Judgment, you see that the Prophet slice and I'm speaking about mass deception, he's speaking about mass disaster, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he's speaking about the loss of clarity, the death

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of the scholars, the loss of morals, the the appearance of all sorts of diseases, spiritual and physical, basically, the collapse of the humankind, at the physical and spiritual and moral level in every way possible. And indeed, the prophets lie. Someone did mention when it comes to earthquakes, that one of the signs of the Day of Judgment, what tech throws that, as he said, some Allah Azza wa sallam that there will be plentiful earthquakes. And in fact, you know, some of the scholars commented on this, they said that there would come a time that people would wake up. And if there was not an earthquake on the earth, they would say, Alhamdulillah, there was no earthquake today.

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Can you imagine the flip, both in terms of entitlements a blessing, as well as entitlement to security, when people wake up in the morning, and they sleep at night, and they say, We dodged one today, we were extended a day. Whereas now it is, of course, the opposite. Where we don't expect tragedy, we don't expect disaster. And so when it happens, it shakes us. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us, and to protect our faith and to protect our families. Allahumma Amin. So yes, it is mentioned as one of the signs of the Day of Judgment. And it is a serious sign. And it's something that we have to pay attention to. But I want to broaden that discussion for a bit in sha

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Allah Tiana. And here's what I want us to think about very deeply in the Lolita Ana, in the next 1520 minutes or so, which is this idea that natural disasters expose certain things about us both at the collective level as well as the individual level, natural disasters, expose things about us. And this is a consistent theme Subhanallah through the dunya, all the way to yarmulke, Yama from this life to the next life, that disasters and our sense of security, once it is removed, bring out something of us that we have to pay attention to, at the level of the corruption of mankind, and the diseases and the disasters that are very much so in our hands. These natural disasters expose

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unnatural neglect unnatural greed, unnatural disparities, you know, when we talk about ecological devastation, that's one element of this. But I want to even move that further and add in is to put things back in their place justices to put things back in their place. And when things are put properly in their place, you don't have the disparities in infrastructure that you have in the world today that are very much so within our hands, you don't have the greed that is present that is very unnatural. And so when on what have been added as these are hemo Allah to Allah assume the leadership of the Ummah and Islam

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was Aladdin established justice put things in their place, then there was no one to receive the cat anymore.

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And so this is a very unnatural feature that we have amongst us in terms of neglect in terms of the presence of greed, in terms of the disparity that exists within us. The global poverty, that is now showing up in so many different ways, some more disastrous than others. But when you talk about how much of the world, almost a billion people living under the line of poverty, 500 million in Muslim countries live under $1 a day. That's not something for us to be proud of. That's something for us to be very introspective about. And ask ourselves, what does this expose about us as humanity, it lays things bare, greed, disparity, neglect, all of that is laid bare for us to see at the

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individual level. It also exposes to us our vulnerabilities. Subhan Allah, the earth that you count on for stability, and the skies that you count on for sustenance, become the exact opposite in an instance. And that's why I called in Santa Maria her when the ground shakes, man says what is happening to it? Why is it shaking? The water comes down and you look to it for risk for sustenance. And suddenly the water bursts through the streets and Subhanallah you have landslides. You have all sorts of disasters and floods that are caused and we know that the Day of Judgment unfolds in that way. Pamela? Well, right out on the outside. I know he commented just on the period between the two

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bloats enough call for saw the two blows the one that takes and then the one that resurrects and he said between them is 40 a shaking of the earth of 40 up to 40 years. Can you imagine Subhanallah if you talk to someone I know some of you have experienced being in an earthquake five seconds feels like 500 years. Imagine 40 years of the earth shaking between the two blows, may Allah subhanaw taala grant us Apphia May Allah azza wa jal grant us protection and allow us to be amongst those who are spirit Allahumma Amin. So there is a sense of power and that Zilla, that day of judgment. You've been warned about many many times in fact that shows up in certain Hajj. Yeah, you and us at Temple

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back home in Zara to Sarah, right Allah azza wa jal mentions, be mindful of your Lord, the Zilla the shaking of the hour Shana Aleem

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is a mighty thing. And so all of these little things that happen relative to the big thing are to remind you of that your vulnerability so it exposes our vulnerabilities, it lays bare our insecurities, it lays bare our dependence upon Allah subhana wa Tada it lays bare our weaknesses even when we think we have reached peak strength, all of that is true.

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But then on the individual level, this is what I want us to think about insha Allah to Allah for a moment, what is it lay bare about us as individuals, when these things start to happen to us? Now you shall know the Allahu Taala and when she quoted the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about how a large group of people could be killed and then they are resurrected in accordance with their faith. At the end of the day, multiple people can be sucked into the earth, or taken away by water, or whatever it may be at a large, you know, at a large scale, but then they are resurrected in accordance with their Eman with their faith. Their resurrection is very different. What will be laid

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bare is what comes out of their hearts at the end of the day when they are resurrected.

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When we are here on this earth, what is laid bare in the midst of tragedy in the midst of disaster, and there is a lot to pay attention to in this regard. And I wanted to share a quote from an affiliate of Maria de la Hema hola Thailand is also in a very similar format to what Imam Hassan Abbas the Rahim Allah said. He said a Natsu Madame mafia mafia mustering people, when they are spared are generally okay. They're happy they're okay when they're spared from the difficulties of this world from the tragedies of this world from the tests of this world. But he said for either Nuzhat and Bella sorrow either Hapa at him.

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When tragedy strikes them, they then resort to their true nature. When tragedy strikes them, they resort to their true nature. You know Allah azza wa jal talks about this in regards to the Day of Judgment a fella yeah yeah no more either. Boring you know math in cold water well, firstly the math is to do will they not know when the grades just think of the image? The bodies come out from the graves and what is deeply buried within the chest comes out Yoma tubular Sarah the day that those secrets that no one knew but you come out of the chat

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stun the flow from you. And you're brought to account by those secrets. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us, Allah who I mean. So it was his idea of exposure on the Day of Judgment, right? Imagine people rising from their graves and then things coming out of them being laid bare. But he's saying if you live past the tragedy, and this is one of the benefits of living past the tragedy is to learn from that tragedy. He says either NESARA sorrow ILAHA epi him, they go back to their true nature. What they really are comes out of them. So he says facade, meno Isla Imani, the believer resorts back to his faith.

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The believer resorts back to their faith, their Eman shines, and he says fissara NIFA fissara monastic Isla Neva RP and he said, an ask for the hypocrite the hypocrites exposes their hypocrisy, the hypocrisy of the hypocrite comes out, the belief of the believer comes out, you resort back to your true being your true sense when tragedy descends upon you. Now I'm going to continue the quote in a bit in sha Allah to Allah. But I want you to think about this for a moment.

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If you lived past a tragedy, or a test that came to you, what was the first word that came to your mouth when the test hit you? And what was the course of action that you took afterwards? This is the instructive part of it.

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Allah azza wa jal tested you with something and you're still here and hamdulillah we're still alive, which is the hope in this all that Allah subhanaw taala is giving us a chance to get this right because your door of Toba is still open, your door of returning to your Lord is still open, when you got hit last time by something that really, really shook you. What was the first word that came out of your mouth? And then what was the course of action that ensued afterwards? That was your Haqiqa. At the time, that was your reality at the time? Is it still your reality right now? If it is? What are you doing to generate a new reality so that when a tragedy strikes you again, that reality is

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the one that will show itself? That is the lesson here. And it's a powerful lesson, if you think about earthquake drills, and you think about hurricane drills, and you think about all the drills that we have the safety drills that you do in your in your home, or whatever it may be to prepare yourself for a tragedy. That seems like it has a high probability of happening in your life. What's the internal earthquake drill that you have? What's the internal disaster drill that you have? What's the internal test drill that you have? Where you actually show something about yourself that you want to see? And that's why he continues, and he says fissara Nino Imani? He Wellmune artha,

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Neva Neva, RP Fossati are either have become so rush back to your Lord, for in a whole lie as I don't have to behave Makana Allah who won't even be enough. See he? He said because a servant is always going to be in hired in good as long as they have an internal mechanism.

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Why even enough see an internal mechanism? You've got the drills on the inside the warnings on the inside to where you already know exactly how to act when that moment actually hits you. Because you've rehearsed it and prepared for it over and over and over and over again.

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The spiritual drill is there. Why are you dumb enough? See, he means Allah doesn't need to put you through a natural disaster for you to think about the Day of Judgment. Allah doesn't need to shake the earth beneath you, for you to be confident and certain that one day the entirety of the earth will shake. And I will be meeting, you know, that faith that Allah subhanaw taala has instructed me to have to draw from and that's what I want to come out of me. I don't need something catastrophic to happen for me to be prepared for my meeting with my Lord, because I have learned them enough. See, I have that person inside of me that warning inside of me. And so when you see an earthquake

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hit or you see a flood come and you see this image of a person who in the midst of it all goes the you know, La La

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La ilaha illallah you think that person is just learning that Allah Allah Allah? Or is that the half Tita? The reality of la ilaha illallah that has already been nurtured inside that person day in and day out. So when the tragedy came that Haqiqa that reality showed itself not to handle Allah. Now, by the way, that doesn't mean you judge people that are running and fleeing because they could be doing wicked while they're running and fleeing for their lives. The point is, is that those things are not accidental in nature. That type of a response that is generated is not accidental in its nature. That's something that comes through those internal

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disaster drills over and over and over again. And whether you live to see the day of judgment or you live to see your piano and death, which you will all live to see, and we will all live to see. And that's the one that the prophets lie some sets of focus on.

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What is the happy? What is the reality of you that is going to come out? And how many times have you rehearsed that to yourself?

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Because Allah subhana wa Tada will start to test mankind and this is what becomes very interesting, as I already mentioned, Allah azza wa jal will test mankind with the unfamiliar once their hearts have become hardened to the familiar.

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Once your heart has become used to the familiar, and it's still not waking you up, then the unfamiliar comes as well. So disasters that don't typically hit this place, this place, tests that don't typically come to this place come to this place. And it shows you that even in the places where you thought you had that greatest sense of strength,

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you're actually just as weak over there. That is not for Allah subhanaw taala to terrify you. That's not for Allah subhana wa to Allah to cause you anxiety. That is so that each and every single one of us can think about who we are on the inside, and to have that one Edelman FC. And he said, We can attend Maha Sabha to minha Mehta, he, and you have that internal self accountability that is always there. And so if you lived past a test, and something came out from you, and I'm not just talking about if you've lived through an earthquake the last time I want you to think about the last time something really really hard happened to you.

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And if you reacted in a way that's a little bit disappointing.

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Your first word wasn't the best your course of action was not the best. What are you doing now they've Nila heater Allah to generate that have pizza inside of you that reality inside of you that you want to naturally come out in those few seconds.

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You said beat Hola Hola, Dina, Amazon, Bill cow this habit? Allah subhanaw taala gives firmness to those who believe Bill coli sabot with La ilaha illAllah.

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And all of those times, that has to be a lived reality. And that has to be something that's always front and center for us with which we go through the drills over and over and over again. rehearse them in your mind. If it struck to date, am I ready? If it happens now? Am I ready? How will I respond? May Allah subhana wa Tada make our hearts ready. And may Allah Subhana Allah allow us to always be in a state that is pleasing to Him. And may Allah Subhana Allah to Allah always find us amongst his devoted servants that are turned to him and hope and in fear and in love, and looking forward to that meeting with him and longing for an eternity alongside our beloved Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam fulfill a dose of Allah. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah have mercy on our brothers and sisters in Morocco and in Libya and wherever they are, may Allah Subhana Allah Allah allow us to be there for our brothers and sisters that have been overcome by these disasters. And may Allah Subhana Allah bring out of us that which is pleasing to Him. Whether we are the subject of that disaster or whether we are it's observer, may Allah subhana wa Tada prepare us for the day of judgment and grant us our paradise and protect us from the fire alumni. I mean, acquittal Coldharbour was stuff a lot of you were lacking when he started listening for stuff we do in order

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for Rahim.

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah kitty, Marta Eddie, he will be admiring your brothers and sisters we'll be raising money in sha Allah to Allah for the victims and this is one of the ways in which we show something good of us but then anytime when we see disaster, so please do donate generously insha Allah to Allah to the victims of the Moroccan earthquake as well as the floods in Libya and pay attention and keep them in your jobs in sha Allah llama food and what Nina would want me not one Muslim no one Muslim out here even normal and work in Mecca semi or not even Would you Would that work? Allahumma Fitzalan our Hannah why for Anna Wella to Libnah Robin

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alumna and for Cena while I'm tougher learn our top 100 Learn opponent the middle class sitting alone in the cafe when Kareem went to hibel alpha five for Anna Allama for the YTD and for Bahama Kamara Buona sera Robina hablen as well as you know the reaction of Kurata Aryan for Jana Lynmouth subpoena EMA la Matsuda one and Masada Athena fimasartan Good orderly my LA Rubia Allama is Islam and Muslim meanwhile the Leadership Academy and with them and then Allah Malika La Nina dividing an orphanage now with one another being inside I mean, read about Allah and Allah He will be with Exxon where he tied to the poor about well yeah, Mm hmm. And in fascia you will want to carry well Bobby,

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you're able Camilla come to the Quran festival along a photo commerce guru who are in the arena. Is it luck? What are they called? Allahu Akbar Allah Who Yeah, I'm gonna toss in our own welcome

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