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The transcript describes a disturbing story of abuse and torturation in the early Muslims Mecca. The story uses a boulder on someone's chest and a hot bath to stimulate their bodies. The story also references a man named Remo who was tortured and eventually murdered by the same individuals.

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Many of the early Muslims in Mecca were tortured because of their belief. Beloved Sahib hubub Amar of the Allahu Anhu we all know the story below the Allahu and how they used to torture him by putting a big boulder on his chest and putting his bare skin his back on the hot desert sands of Arabia during the middle of the day, all of that for him to denounce him to leave his religion. Allah sent down an amazing verse about these individuals in Salta Nahan. Well, levena has your human body maavu, Remo, Lando Bowie and whom fit dunya has center and those who migrated for the cause of Allah, after they have been oppressed, we will surely give them in the dunya in this life Hassanal

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will give them good well agile harati Akbar low can ojala Moon and the reward of the Hereafter is even greater. Only if they could know the scholars of Tafseer mentioned that what's meant by an hasna that Allah will give them in this life is El Medina, Allah will give them and Medina as a safe place, a place where they can worship Allah subhanho wa taala, freely free from being tortured and being persecuted by Quraysh. And this is a great reminder to all of us, of the great blessing of being able to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala freely and safely from being persecuted or being harmed during the life of pablo the Allahu, and when he would give any money or anything to any of

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them behind you read. He would say to them that this is the hasna This is the good that Allah promised you in the eye. And then he would read the verse after that. And the next verse, Allah says about these believers Alladhina Sabo Rob Bohemia to occlude those who have endured patiently and are relying upon their Lord. Most of us can never imagine being tortured and going through with the Sahaba when through and the only way that someone can truly make it through this is through the summer and putting their tilaka relying on upon a law that Allah will find a way out for them, that Allah will eventually make things easy for them. Look at Billa rodella, who and who was tortured as

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a slave, and then he becomes as a Muslim, he becomes from the leaders, he becomes highly honored, and they marry him from the elite from Quraysh from the sister of Abdul Rahman even Alfred the Allahu and our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the Hadith, in Allah here, it will be hard al Kitab acquirement wire that will be he hurried that Allah elevates certain people with this Quran and he degrades others