Mufti Menk – The Hour is Near!

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of acknowledging the end of time and building on the lessons of Islam. They emphasize the need to be mindful of others' actions and work towards their own happiness. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of working on one's own happiness and building on their own legacy.
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You know, when you sit and read the signs of tiama when you sit and read the signs of karma, you need to remember, we don't want to become statistics.

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What do I mean? You know, we are closer to the end of time. If the Prophet Muhammad Salam says, brief to Anna asaka, her tiny,

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he showed his two fingers and he said, I have been sent myself and the end of time,

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the hour, as close as these two fingers

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he is the last Nabhi what's remaining after him PM, we are getting close.

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Read the prophecies, what is going to happen towards the end of time, there are some good things, there are a lot of bad things do we want to be on the side of the bad things.

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So let's change our lives you achieve nothing, nothing, you leave behind nothing. When you commit that which is in transgression of Allah,

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let's learn to build the lives of people. Be a good person and empower others. Look at others as your own children, your own brothers, your own sisters, I believe in my heart, when I read the Hadith that says men should be

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towards other meaning as one body.

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If the finger is painting, the whole body is restless.

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If the eye is so the whole body is restless, today when the eye is so we said hamdulillah they deserve it.

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One of your brothers is suffering some ways. Good good to him. He's it's good. In fact, those who are not suffering, we go to them and make them suffer. And we call ourselves oma to Mohammed, La ilaha illa Allah.

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How many of us are making the lives of others difficult? What do you think is going to happen to you on the day of judgment? How many of us go out and we create havoc in the lives of others? What legacy Are you leaving? What are you thinking you are going to achieve?

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And you are teaching others to follow that example. So my brothers and sisters, it's about time we became people who are upright. And there is an element of uprightness in us as meaning we need to expand build on it. And we need to ensure that we have tried our best to leave behind that which is in the pleasure of Allah. Our children should be clearly clearly from among those who have had a good upbringing. You can see it straight. When you see youngsters, the minute they greet you, you can tell this man comes from a good hope. Am I right? You can see the discipline, the character, the o'clock, but others Subhan Allah.

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If you look at their fathers, some of them are good. They've never spent time with their children so the children are unruly. Why?

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Let's work on this by the will of Allah

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