Mohammed Hijab – Trans-Regret – Exposing the other side

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the negative impact of trans regret and dysphoria on individuals, including physical and ethic disiances. They argue that addressing these issues is necessary to address the issue and bring people back to their lanes. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of respectful treatment towards certain groups and not denying them their freedom of expression. The need to change one's attitude towards certain groups is also emphasized.
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Job 10 discount code for 10% discount on a wide range of products, including premium Ethiopian black seed products. So now Ali Kumara was liable to catch. So how are you guys doing? So last week, I had a transgender individual as a guest for the 10th episode of The MH podcast. And there's a lot of coverage in terms of the issues that were raised. We spoke about different things from biology all the way through to religion. But one thing that came up, which I don't think, got the treatment that it deserved, in terms of speaking about it was the

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idea of trans regret. Because when I went away and did my research and looked at some of the YouTube, you know, videos that were made by individuals who regret the decisions that they had made, I came across so many different videos, one in particular caught my eye of a 13 year old boy, who had regretted started to take estrogen blockers and so on, or, you know, testosterone blockers, and estrogen or some kind of medication, and then later on, regretted it, and in fact, wanted a surgery to remove their *,

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which they had gotten from this medication. Let's take a look at a clip from that video, you've grown *, haven't you as a result of the hormone therapy that you're being given? Yeah, so I just started developing like, a girl when and which was the thing that I wanted at that time. But now that's not so helpful. She's taking drastic action to have her young son's * surgically reduced. Ellie wants to warn other parents what can go wrong. When doctors misdiagnose a child, as transgender, they will run to pigeonhole him so quickly, I think they should have said here we have a child who does have gender dysphoria. And he's going through a period of transition, where he

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needs to work out exactly how he feels. So we can see here is a classic case of an individual who was encouraged by society to go in a direction which could have if he continued with that direction, has such a life altering effect on them, that they would have been scarred for life quite physically. Imagine going all the way through with the SRS surgery, to the extent whereby you remove your genitalia as a as a male, your penis and your testicles, and you cannot retrieve them back, they will be put into some kind of bag and they're thrown away by you just imagine that for a second. These kinds of psychological states of minds dysphoria is that individuals have gender

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dysphoria, that can lead someone to that and then regret that they're after. Because of an ethic that we have in the West that says, it's okay to identify with whatever you feel like you want to identify with, is something I believe, which does need to be challenged head on. But it needs to be challenged head on, not only within our community, the Muslim community, but outside of it in a diplomatic and respectful and academic way. I don't think the way to deal with, you know, these kinds of individuals who have these kinds of dysphoria is in psychological conditions should be shunned. I don't believe that they should be thrown away. I don't believe that the discussion should

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be that no discussion. And unfortunately, although the majority of Muslims on social media were very positive, there was a very loud minority, well, I must say, was, we're bringing forward a toxic kind of attitude, which I don't think is conducive for anybody, not for the Muslim community, not for the non Muslim community, not for the dour, not for the spreading of Islam, not for anything. And we have to learn a new level of maturity. Now, when dealing with these issues, I've been dealing with these issues for half a decade, not that long. Not that long, but enough to know that there's a way of doing it, which is effective in a way which is not effective. We've seen Christian missionaries

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and apologists in the Bible Belt America, use the you know, sledgehammer approach. And it's been the biggest failure of all things. Homosexuality is an abomination swearing, you know, shunning and all this. And then, you know, at the end of it, people are isolated, alienated, and it doesn't work. Muslims, some Muslims have attempted to adopt similar methods.

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Getting similar results, quite frankly, right. So what I think needs to be done is that we need to change our attitude. We need to remember when Lord Allah is Salaam, when he was having conversations with homosexuals, yes, he did tell them not to do certain things. And yes, he did condemn the actions, but he also offered his daughters and marriage. Now we're going to think about one thing. How can you offer your daughters in marriage with it?

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disrespectfully think about that as a question, right? If you offered his doors in marriage giving them an option to heterosexuality, yeah. To this, these group of people said, Look, you know, just we'll make it work and giving them an option to do the good actions. How can you do that whilst at the same time being disrespectful to them, and being inhospitable to them,

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it's not possible that that can be the case. So law title is still and therefore if we ponder over these verses with care, will realize, is employing different kinds of approaches, but is engaging with them, speaking with them, and being respectful with them, this minority of Muslim people who are on social media, not even happy with the fact that these discussions are taking place, quite frankly, you are part of the problem. And you are the guru or the kind of people who will bring us back as a community, we will not be able to help members of our community with these issues, nor people outside of our communities with these issues. So what needs to happen is people just need to

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go back into their lanes, people need to realize that they may not be qualified, yet or experienced enough to talk about every issue. And being you might find the transgender person disgusting, you might find that, but let me tell you something, there are people on the other side who find you disgusting, right? They look at your beard, and they look at your maybe a woman within the club, and they find that disgusting. And they will never engage with those people, because those people to them are the alien. Therefore, they will never be able to influence those people. Were saying, Look, it's not about your aesthetic value judgments you might find people discussing, but you still have

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to engage with them, and respect them and give them the truth. This is our and this is what we need to do.

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Finally, I want to say to you guys, that this should be a learning curve for everybody. Not everybody needs to comment about everything. And when you're talking on behalf of Islam or as a Muslim, realize that you can make one common one comment to members of a particular community that would have otherwise be neutral to Islam and Muslims that will destroy that will destroy the image of Islam and Muslim for that individuals for life. And that's why it's such a beautiful code in the Quran, Allah Allah subhanaw taala says, What's been LMA? akula Joon ha jameelah be patient with what they say and leave them a beautiful, leaving meaning leave them as neutrals, don't leave people that

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could otherwise be receptive to the Islamic message. Yeah, hating Islam because of the way you spoke to them, or the way you've dealt with them, which is a completely anemic way, or Somalia. Kumara has a lighter what I get, I think we have to acknowledge there are a lot of children who are confused about their gender identity as a as a normal phase that they would go through. It's not uncommon to be confused. The good news is they're going to grow out of it. Don't mess them up.

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