Why are you never on time?

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The speaker discusses the importance of learning to be on time for things, even in one's day-to-day lives. They emphasize the need to practice these daily prayers, and that anyone who experiences difficulty achieving time is welcome to ask for help. The speaker also acknowledges that people may say quarter past nine, but it's actually quarter past nine and not 10 AM.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh my brothers, my sisters, Time is of essence. In Islam, we have five daily prayers Fajr, Lord us of Malaysia, if you notice, there is a beginning time and an ending time for every one of those prayers. The reason is clear, Allah Almighty wants us to do it that way. And he wants us to learn lesson from it. He wants us to discipline our lives. He wants us to start the day and end the day, in a certain way. He wants us to benefit from the rich wisdom that he has. Some of it, we may know some of it, we may not we may not know, from having those prayers at specific times. If you are a little bit early, it's not going to be valid. And if you're a little

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bit late, it's not going to be valid. One of the things we as Muslims should be learning from this is, even in our day to day lives, we must ensure that we do whatever we are doing timeously Many times you have people, including myself, and that's why I'm smiling.

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Sometimes, should I say we actually do not stick to the time so we will tell someone nine o'clock. It's quarter past nine, half past nine, they're still looking for us. We're looking for them. What did you learn from your Salah? May Allah Almighty grant us ease. And I can tell you my experience is those who establish their prayer upon its time are never late for anything else. Unless obviously, something is beyond their capacity or they're unwell, etc. So it's important for us to learn that lesson. You want to be on time for things. Just learn to do your prayer on time. This advice is for me before if we want to view but at the same time it's valid advice. May Allah Almighty helped me to

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be on time for everything and help all of us to be on time for everything. It is unfortunate that people say when Muslims give you a time nine o'clock, they will only pitch up at quarter past nine half past nine. I don't think that's true. But if it is in your case, please make a difference. Because Allah Almighty wants us to do things timelessly, may Allah bless you all. Salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.