Who will cure your heart? There’s only One

Mufti Menk


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I tell you what, write it with the help of Allah, they will come a day when you will forget that you actually went through such distress, you lost your job. It's okay. I'm going to keep trying, keep applying, keep going a year, two years, three years, four years, trust me, I know a brother who did not have a job for 10 years. In the last six months, he earned 6 million in a few deals. What happened? Allah gave him everything one time.

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It's a true story. But for 10 years, he struggled, he was really hand to mouth and he didn't even have he borrowed and begged times from friends.

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But the day came, when Allah opened, have hope.

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Some of us finding it tough to get married. It's true. It is a challenge. I've always said it was easier to marry when we knew less people. Now, do you know why it's difficult to get married? Because we know too many people.

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You might laugh at me, it's a fact. You know, too many your standards are up the roof, go to Paradise, and you'll still be looking for that person. Where are they? Hey, they don't exist. It was all Photoshop by the way.

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You got to lower your standard sometimes relax, you marry a human they're going to have good and bad.

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Our move to the earlier just said that you know what, you marry someone. While the engagement period was there, they were only showing you the best side of them.

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Then you found out they were bought that hold on awkward. It's okay. Now that's just an example. But then you found some of their characteristics that were really terrible. Allah wants you to help them through that for as long as it's not something absolutely unacceptable. I'm not at all promoting that you live with someone who's abusing you completely and doing something terribly wrong. But I am saying you know what, they won't be some ideal human. That's actually perfect. Because there's no perfection. I have flaws, you have flaws. We all have flaws.

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So that's what will happen.

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You're finding it difficult to get married. There will come a day on condition that you keep trying and you connect with Allah and you don't worry about how old you are people say

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so rude. So rude. So rude. Your past yourself by date?

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I mean, do I look like a box of drink or something?

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You pass yourself by date? How could you say that to someone? How dare you say that. You could have married early and perhaps your marriage may not have worked. And here is a person. They may not be married at the age of 40. But they're going to marry someone such that they will never regret the long wait, they will forget that we waited so long. Don't worry that heart. Allah will not break it beyond a certain point. You have to be strong. You have to believe you have to have faith. You have to have conviction that Allah is going to solve my problem. He brought me on earth. If Allah Almighty feeds and caters for the ENT that I cannot see.

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Do you really think he's going to miss you and I? He missed me when he got the answer under my feet. It's impossible. He has your back. Allah knows you exist. He knows you personally. And he knows everyone personally He knows your problems, your difficulties, your hardships, he knows everything. But he plans things only that

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he wants to see if you come closer to him. Or if you go away. So therefore notice how some people when they get a lot, they turn away from Allah and others when they get a lot they turn towards Allah and some people when they lose everything they turn towards Allah and others when they lose everything they turn away from Allah. There is nothing uniform. It just depends on you. That is why when we talk of the hearts What did I say at the beginning here? I said the only one who can cure your heart is the maker. Allah Houma yarmulke liberal Kulu but the bit Kulu BANA Allah de Nick Oh Allah, who turns the hearts turn our hearts towards your obedience and towards what pleases you

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towards the faith that you've chosen. What does that prove?

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It proves that our hearts are in the hands of Allah