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AI: Summary © The challenges faced by individuals to maintain good character and restrained speech during daily communication are discussed, including the importance of learning to restrain one's language to avoid loss of face-to-face communication and the need for language development to avoid disaster. The speakers stress the importance of accountability and hearsay in asserting one's opinion and bringing up controversial topics. The importance of silence and safe spaces is emphasized, and the need for guidance and step-ups in faith is emphasized.
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we are continuing in our conversation or our observance of the conversation that is happening between Abdullah hidden and albaraka Rahim Allah Allah and Habibollah GitLab. When he asked him, What's God's greatest gift that he grants people? In al Mubarak, the great Imam said of Elisa to Africa, for someone to have deep intelligence to just intuitively get things right, and prioritize things correctly and assess things in the most rightly guided ways. He said, and what if a person does not have that? He said, For host no other than for him to have the centerpiece of our faith, which is good manners.

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He said, and what if a person does not have good manners? He said, a hood Solly Han Yes, the Shiro who, then he should at least have keep close a righteous brother

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that he may consult and that may offer him good counsel.

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And today we continue gel lab said to him what if a person doesn't have that brother doesn't have someone to help check him. He doesn't have his own high level religiosity or he has not developed yet good character all around, nor does he have someone to help point out these huge potholes under him in the journey of life, then what he said photo lucem then this person needs to spend a lengthy period of time in his life silent.

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And that does not mean to have you know marathons for how long of a stretch I can go without speaking. That is not possible and not Islamic either. But it means to be highly regulated and restrained and vigilant about how often I speak and how I choose to use my tongue.

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You know, I previously mentioned to you that when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to the people, mankind Umino Billa, he will yellow mill theory failure called higher on earlier smoke, whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day must speak good, or else he must keep silent. We said that I know we are Hina hula very sharply. And you know, in a very genius way said that means that the default is that you should not be speaking that's the filter or the end gave us the how to write from just unleashing your tongue, not speaking until it becomes clear to you that there's quiet in me speaking speaking clade or silent means Be silent, unless I'm sure it's played. He said and this

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hadith means that even if it seems like a 5050, then the Sunnah is to keep silent because it has not yet been made clear to you that it's good for me, meaning the greater good is in me speaking.

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So that's one of the practical ways for us to think about this. You know, last week when we spoke about my Shura Council mutual consultation, we said one of the challenges to us always looking for people to give us renewed perspectives, is the fact that we are raised in a way that places education and learning as a phase of life, right? You go through the education phase, and then you move on to quote unquote, bigger and better things. Whereas in Islam, you constantly needed matura. Because the pursuit of knowledge and experience and know how and guidance is from the cradle to the grief. This issue of holding the tongue is the exact same way we are raised and we hear so much

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about the skill of communication and the art of communication. And these people need to learn how to communicate better. But how often do we hear us or others talk about the art of silence, developing the skill to give yourself pause, developing the know how to restrain yourself from the appetite to just blurt things out, and Babylon. This is an incalculable treasure, to give yourself pause, allow yourself to analyze to introspect, whoever has given themselves this has put themselves in a very good place, and Allah has granted them a very good lead towards survival. I'm not the one thing this the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said, Min Sama, Tanager. Whomever commits themselves to restraining

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their tongue to silence, this is a person that will survive, because this is a person that calculates how costly it could be to have this conversation to offer this input.

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To not do this to not be this way. This will open the door to horrific levels of accountability. You know,

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Imagine the human being speaks how much a day they say the average human being speaks 30,000 words a day.

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So over the course of a year, that's about 11 million words.

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The average novel adult novel is about 100,000 words.

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So that is over 100 novels of work are going to come there on the Day of Judgment per every year you've been alive since puberty. So for the average person,

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after the age of 50, lives to 60 or 70, he is going to have five to 6000 novels written as if you publish them, you are writing these books that you have to now face all of them, they will be scrutinized every line of them, and not just what did you say? But even also, why did you say it?

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This is the horrific level of accountability that a person may face if their tongue is not restrained.

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And so the this line, this word, or this bucket of words, are words that word offensive, gossiping, backbiting, insulting, and otherwise, this separate line you're going to be held accountable for is going to say that you

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spoke about Allah without being qualified to do so you offered your religious opinion without adequate training, ignorance deliberate whether or not lies against Allah azza wa jal. And then this group of words are all the times that you spoke and shared news of an event without confirming that it actually took place. You are casual and just sharing it.

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And then this time, you spoke about Allah's religion correctly, but your motive was not correct. You were showing off when you said that you were bragging. How does someone survive this degree of scrutiny? This is what our what our Dean wants to call our attention to, it will surely add up. You know, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warn people of little sins, he said, Never underestimate your sins because they pile up on a person until they destroy them.

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You know if your sins were ants, but they accumulate, a hoard of ants can kill a lion. It can put you away your words, but your words so many of the sins of the tongue are not minor sins. You know, when I showed the Allahu Anhu just one time she ever slipped and said Sophia is short. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said look at quality Kelly Merton lo mozzie Jett Bhima in Bahai lemma sogetsu, you just said a statement, a passing statement, a gesture, even your hand speak, even our thumbs these days speak. You said a statement by gesturing like this about Sophia as heights that had that statement been mixed, blended in with the water of the oceans, it would have contaminated

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them all.

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And then there's times when it gets compounded if your statement in and of itself is evil, but then it tore a relationship apart that became even worse. If our statements are in and of themselves problematic, and we say them in this month many of us may not realize we are in the month of Rajab, it is one of the four sacred months in the eyes of Allah azza wa jal in this month the same way the good deeds are compounded and multiplied, the sins are far graver. That would be a distinct category.

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You know, I mentioned to you about this accountability.

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Sophia nfld Rahim Allah was one time sick in Mecca. And he was visited by a fellow scholar, a colleague whose name was say, Didn't her son, Rahim. Allah Allah.

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And so when he entered Sophia and said to him, can you tell me again? Let's revisit Let's rehearse they're always studying right sacred knowledge, transmitting the words of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam he said to him can you tell me again that hadith you one time reported to me from Oh masala,

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a woman by the name of almost Lila he said yes. Oh masala, reported to me directly that Sofia had been to Shaybah another female Narrator reported to her that OMA Habiba another female Narrator The wife of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam OMA Habiba Radi Allahu Ana, heard the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say Kulu Kalam evening Adam Ali he la Allahu Allah Imran Bhima ofin Elena noona among Karen l Vic rune Lila hiya Aza gel. All of the speech of the son of Adam is against him, not for him.

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Except commanding, good, promoting good and prohibiting Eve

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Well, and remembering Allah, the mighty and majestic. So a man in attendance in this gathering, he heard this narration being said to Sophia and, and he said to him, this hadith is unbearable.

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And so Sophia and reminded him of something very important. He said, what's so unbearable about this hadith? He said, This is a Hadith narrated by a woman from a woman from a woman from the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam. In other words, he's trying to say to him, these are four steps removed narrators that are still under investigation. That's why I'm telling the man telling me the Hadith. I want to revisit, reconsider, is it authentic or not? Meaning this hadith is not that scary because you can always tell yourself maybe he actually didn't say it like that either. His Salatu was Salam, not any Hadith, and not for any person to scrutinize that way. But this scholar was still

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investigating that hadith transmission. He's saying that was so unbearable, but that hadith came to us to humans. He said, didn't you hear? Listen to His words? Didn't you hear Allah the most mighty the most majestic? Say in his book? Let Hydra fika theory mean Najwa home eat lemon Amma Robbie sada Katyn Alma roofing is lacking being a nurse. There is no good whatsoever in so many of their conversations, except those who are encouraging others to give in charity and encouraging others towards goodness and trying to reconcile men between relationships.

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He's said to him that Allah is Allah directly speaking to you not not a hadith that we're still trying to filter.

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He said this is the exact same thing.

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The majority of these things are against you, not for you. These gatherings he said and Didn't you hear yourself Allah say meaning you read the Quran firsthand.

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Yo, Maya Pomo Rochelle Mala Iike to soften Leia, Kayla moon on that day, the Great Spirit, the Holy Spirit Gibreel Allahu Salam, the Archangel of Allah azza wa jal, the Archangel will be there, and the angels will be there and no one will be speaking meaning everyone will realize the consequence of speaking in front of Allah, on that day in them and as in Allahu Rahman, except those whom the Most Gracious grants them permission. He said, Yes, I heard this ayah he said that's the exact same thing is the Hadith. And he said to him, and didn't you also hear Allah say, while I was renal in Santa Fe host, by the passage of time, the human being is falling into loss is in at a failure at a

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deficit always 11am and our AMILO Illa Levina are men who are middle Saudi had except for the believers who work righteous deeds, what I've also been helped and their own, they're encouraging good truth, what I've also been subbed and encouraging others to hold on to that truth. Those are the only statements he means that were being praised. Though he said that is the exact same thing as the Hadith that we're investigating. Is it true or not? Meaning this case is closed, this subject is clear speaking, is that consequential?

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May Allah azza wa jal help us and you seize our tongues and make them for us and not against us make us of the few and the exception and guide us right in what we think about and what we speak about and what we believe as a result of what we hear Allahumma Amin Akula we had our start for Allah Allah Emily welcome.

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Milena V Abba that should have Allah either Hula, hula, hula Sharika who eyeshadow and Mohammed Abdullah who want to be you who are solo.

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in Bukhari and Muslim l movie or of the Allahu Anhu he narrates that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Allah carry Harlequin phillotson. Allah hates to see you in three situations or partaking in three actions. He said alquila will call were Kathrada de su al or EBA artilleryman.

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Too much hearsay

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and too many questions being asked, and being wasteful of your wealth.

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First of all, these three are not some random, you know, separate prophetic instructions.

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You have lots of hearsay intrigues the person it does, and also it drives a person also to get busy with things that are not of benefit and so they just start asking questions that can get them into more and more trouble. And part of those questions also could Jade your priorities in life and even how you allocate your assets and you start saying, oh, this person got that. I need to do this. I need to buy that and you start wasting of your money. This is of the ways the scholars pointed out that these three are related

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Also, Elmo lira. It's very beneficial to talk about the context of this hadith of too much hearsay. Right gossip and asking too many questions being hyper technical or too curious, too nosy and wasting of money. He was asked for advice by Murali ABI Sophia and Radi Allahu Anh, more IWEA you know, when he became the Hadith of the Muslims, there was a great turbulent period before him. After many of the conquests there was turbulence. And then finally, it settled for a long while, in many respects with more Alia, the Allahu, and so he was the Khalifa of the Muslims at a time of great growth and great progress and great Renaissance. And of course, it comes with many dangers. And so

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he told him, give me some advice. So he said, I want to advise you that the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam said, Allah hates these three things. Beware of all this commotion. You still get to work. He's trying to tell him you're building an ummah right now you're building a civilization.

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Be careful of these things. This world is filled with doers and talkers. Make sure you're a doer and not a talker. Make sure you surround yourself also with people that are doers and not talkers. And all of us here today Wallahi we have a share of this Amana, we are in the process of rebuilding this OMA

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surround yourself with those who do and not those who talk.

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People that will not allow you to see past the entertainment the cartoons that even adults watch so much nowadays, the video games, the latest celebrity news, the latest stock news, remove those people from your life, if they offer you nothing but that that noise will distract you will distract you from many things, it will and you will wind up speaking on it and you will not even be able to listen anymore to those that are so important to you and so valuable for you. You know, our families feel so disconnected many times because of this noise. We're so busy talking about so many things, sometimes even with each other that we don't get to what are the challenges here? What are the needs

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You know, interestingly, speaking about silence, someone can take this hadith and say yes, I'm not going to talk anymore at home at all whatsoever. And that is the one exception our Prophet alayhi salatu salam made, he said that, you know, all of the statements of the son of Adam, are low. They're like folly, and they're, they could be worthless, they're futile. And he mentioned very few exceptions. He said, being light hearted you with your family with the avatar rasool Allah Who being light hearted with your family that feeds the warmth and fortifies the bonds of the family.

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You know, a lot of times we use silence as a punishment for our spouses. Whereas silence is supposed to be an asset, like I'm saying, focus to be able to be receptive to our families, receptive to them, not to punish them by stonewalling and never speaking to them, but to actually be listening. And most importantly, and finally, and I'll close with it. Silence is extremely important, not just to build the OMA not just relative silence once again, not just to rebuild our bonds in the family, but to rebuild the core of all of that, which is your faith in Allah azza wa jal, as some of the scholars give the beautiful analogy, they say that, you know, the water a pond of water could be the

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perfect medium, like, it's almost like a mirror. If it is perfectly still, to show you the brilliant moonlight. But if it is shaken up, if there's vibrations, if there's ripples, it doesn't show the image as beautifully. And so that pond of water is your heart, you need stillness, you need quiet, you need to create safe spaces. You need the silence, so that the lights of Allah and His guidance and that feeling of nearness to him. When you perform the physical and the verbal victory, the sweetness of it actually shows up and it's reflected in your heart. May Allah azza wa jal make us of those that are content with his company and make us a means of Betterment whenever we are around our

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families, and allow us a share of rebuilding of this ummah, and allow this piece of guidance in precious guidance of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on the value of silence be a stepping stone towards that Allah whom I mean, forgive me for the two minutes delay Akula already had that was stuck from LA Alima Lee welcome Allahumma Falana Ohana Allahu McFarlan Ohana said that Alison attina was added Kulu BANA who had dinner Jamie and Sarah Sybil it'll fit Allah Hi my name is Amina and Muslim it's well meaning minutes here even more Hamilton words Allahu MacFie Nabi Halligan haram ik Will Be Fugly garments you work or SallAllahu wasallam Mobarak Alana b&m Muhammad wa ala early he

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was sabe