Mufti Menk – Who Is ‘Donald Duck’ Anyway?

Mufti Menk
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Today we have our children Mashallah if a child can't sleep, give him the phone, give her the little phone, iPad, whatever else and you can listen to your movies and watch Donald Duck and watch Mickey Mouse. In fact, they don't even know who Donald Duck is. I asked a kid a few days ago, Donald Duck, he says, What's that?

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What's that? When when I was little Donald Duck used to feature quite strongly, you know, today only Allah knows what's going on. Allahu Akbar. They have been 10 I think.

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Or 10 bins from Han Allah.

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And they have Angry Birds. And I'm always surprised why are the birds angry? Why couldn't they just haven't had happy birds?

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Or happy birds?

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And the beauty is somehow they have Tom and Jerry and I love to talk about these two because they still going on? Do you know why they're going on? Have you ever seen Tom and Jerry really get along and one comes with tea to the other and one greets the other and they sitting and doing something? No, they have fighting one is the spends his whole existence trying to do the other one down. And that's exactly what our children have learned. And when we grow up as adults 3040 we are doing the same with everyone else. We it's a competition what you have no ways I'm not talking to you. You've got more than me. No, I will make sure you come down. And this is what's going on. We are tongs and

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Jerry's May Allah forgive us. Oh, Bella, it happens. We need to change this life of ours. And we need to make sure we understand that middle phone that we've given the children will law he today there is an alternative to those cartoons where you have Islam is where you have Islamic

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programs. And we may be able to use this, you know, somehow the law someone was telling me why are you encouraging people or law Hey, you need an alternative, you need an alternative. If you do not provide a suitable alternative to your children, they will never ever want to shift from doing something to cutting it completely when they know that this technology still has to be used. So you guide them to say listen, the phone you can still use or should I say the iPad or whatever other technology you have, but let's channel it into the right direction. Let's make sure we use it correctly. So you will use this and this and this and you will stay away from x y and Zed. But the

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problem is when mum and dad themselves tell the children don't watch this type of movie don't watch that type of movie and the kid says no problem dad and then the kid goes to the room of the mum later on or the dad and and opens the door to say mum I need a bit of water and what's what are they watching the same movie they told me not to watch? Oh no.

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hypocrisy. Look at this.

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This is what happens to us. Voila. So this is why we say the Quran is such a powerful gift of Allah. It is the ultimate gift that Allah has blessed us with. It is the miracle of this age Subhana Allah it is something that is living with us. It is the most powerful ever. You take a look at those. And you know with the with technology Alhamdulillah we thank Allah for technology because with technology, we have been able to see little children and adults from across the globe make an effort towards the Quran which embarrasses us. We've done nothing.

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I've seen a young man from Egypt Subhana Allah He memorizes the Quran in such a way that you just have to bring a little word and he will recite any word you want. And he'll tell you exactly how many places the word is in and where it is. What's the page number? What's the line number? What's the worst number, no other book ever in existence can that ever happen to not a single soul has done that to a book with so many pages and so big, so panela It's a miracle. It's Allah, our children memorize the Quran at a young age when you write 500 pages with your own hands, and you won't be able to memorize what you've written itself. Never. This is the Quran. But where are we? What effort

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do I make? What law IE those people have prepared for their paradise? What about me? I need to prepare for mine. May Allah grant us a gift. Really? My brothers and sisters it's about time we did something there is no point in believing that okay, the Quran is Mashallah, the word of Allah excellent, but my life is far away from what the Quran teaches. What's the point? People say You know what? Really Mashallah lovely recitation. Oh, that share Have you heard this guy and we've got all the recitations in our our car, and that's where it stops. No, the Hadith speaks about those who will come out of the deen known as El Hawa, read what does it say? It says, your crown Al Quran they

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will be reading the Quran yaku Luna min Kohli Hayden Anam they will be sending statements powerful statements. Now your job is with Annika Tara pay doesn't go down their throats? Why? hypocrisy you can say beautiful words may Allah safeguard myself and yourselves. Well I this is why I always like to say whatever I've said Allah He the advices for me, firstly and then for everyone else. May Allah make it easy for me to adopt the goodness and make it easy for us all.

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