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American Muslims believe that all of the Abrahamic faiths,

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Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, that all of them need to salvation. And then all of them are paths that lead to an agenda at the end of the day. So then, it doesn't matter whether you are a Jew or a Christian or a Muslim, everyone is going to paradise. This is with that Pew study said that 56% of the Muslim said, even though marks will tell seven beforehand, foreigner, and no uncertain terms, anybody know the love, slang,

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that the religion in the sight of the law is Islam. And almost no dialogue served me very well, Islam, for lack of better mean, whoever chooses or once a religion

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may have its own

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and will not be accepted from him or working at a minimal cost. And he will be mostly losers. And here after. Now, this is not saying, We're not talking about how we interact with non Muslims, I'll get to that point in shallow data. The issue here is one of salvation. That issue here is one of preserving and protecting your hereafter. If we believe if Muslims across the United States believe that it is okay.

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It is okay to be a Christian, it is okay to be a Jew, that these are all paths that lead to salvation. And we can ignore the final revelation that was revealed to our practice, and that is scientists, and

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then we have a problem with our identity. We have an identity crisis as Muslim. And there's no doubt in my mind that it has, it has to be resolved of the scaremongering about us men's national phobia, and the fact that many of the Muslims,

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especially African Union, unfortunate events of 911, that many of the Muslims began to realize that their previous policies were not working. And that now we need to integrate that that integration led to simulation where everything of culture was adopted. And there's almost no difference between us. And then.

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And again, these are very vague terms that I'm using a 50 questions about what I'm saying, and I'm not clarifying it as I go along, please feel free to ask them, because I don't want you to leave with anything on certainly,

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our identity as Muslims, is clear, and it is primarily one that is based on the Pillars of Islam.

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None more important than the testimony of faith

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than Muslim law. It is not based on the one where

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Samana, sparkle your hair or, or anything else, in terms of this this is not this does not define us as Muslims would define the Muslim is the Shahada. First and foremost, and this is why the Prophet is alive, then sent.

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He sent him to Yemen,

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to teach the people about us, and

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he told why you want to go into a feed from the people of the vote. That is the Jews and the Christians, and Yemen today has a significant or a noticeable Jewish population you're going to be

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so let the first thing that you call them to be the testimony, that there is none worthy of worship except for as long as there's no deity except for law. And then Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, if they accept them, and this is what will enter them into the fold of assent to testify.

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If they accept them, then inform them that Allah has asked me to find him five prayers in the brain that is defined in the prayers and if they accept them, after they accept this, then inform them that a lot as obligated that

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percentage of money to

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wealthy and distributed amongst therefore that system which is known as a tent, we all have realized lots of sand

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To the profit. And the companions were around and he put his needs to his knees. And he said, Tell me about Islam, the prophet said that this man is to testify to that law.

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I say this, even though it may seem that this is something that is rudimentary, that every Muslim knows,

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the reality is certain aspects of land

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that are often ignored when you talk about American Muslims, specifically, but but not just Americans.

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I think it's important to recognize

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that just when we say that term, American Muslim just says there is a way to define what an American is and what an American isn't. Here's a way to define what a Muslim, and what a Muslim is.

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When we talk about Americans, okay? To be an American citizen, you have certain conditions, and that citizenship, especially for persons a naturalized citizen, for example, can invoke if the government is suspicious of that person being involved in certain organizations, and so on. So there are all sorts of things that a person does become a citizen. And likewise, there are things that may be done, that would be a remount, that that means that that person will be renouncing their citizenship or would be totally be revoked. Likewise.

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Not everyone who says that they are.

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And we all know. And it's important to know that the end,

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there was also said that they were Muslim, and they were not.

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They were hypocrites. They said that they were Muslim, and dumb, but they really didn't believe in their heart.

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Likewise, there are those who say that they are Muslims, that they may genuinely

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want to be Muslim or say that they are Muslim. But there are things that they do that will take them outside of the fold of Islam. So when we talk about Nisha, hesitating, because this is what brings a person into testifies with that

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luck. Likewise, a person who goes outside of the fold of Islam, if they neglect any part of that Shang, that testimony, when we testify that Mohammed is the Messenger of Allah sallallahu, it was part of that testimony requires that he has everything that he informed us whether that is from beforehand. And as soon as the proper ID is selected, and a lot of

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what actually was to the lungs.

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Mohammed was not gonna find any of your men, any of the males. But he was the messenger of a lot. And he's the CEO of the products that

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will lead you back in terms of me having to sign up is no profit. And therefore there are many groups,

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at least in the United States of America, who say that they are Muslim, would they deny that the Messenger of Allah

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is the last person is the last prophet, and every messenger is a prophet? Eventually, semantics say, No. Loss of privacy in the last few lessons, is the last surprise. And here's the last question. And then we come to say, don't leave the last probably not the last semester, we'll end with this person, a bad person, he's a messenger from God. So every messenger by definition, is a crap. Therefore, the prophet

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was the seal of the prophets. And he was the seal of the messengers, and anyone who does not testify to them, that they have either revoke their Shahada, that is the testimony that is the Muslim Ummah, or they have never made it into the first place, depending on what they believe in. Again, you're not talking about

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talking about being harsh or anything like that, that is a separate topic in and of itself was simply talking about theological perspective that these people have not entered into the fold of Islam, what they have left,

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depending on their Shahada in the first place. So I'm saying that because as Muslims, it is very important that we understand this issue of the shadow thing recognize those who are in this, the preservation of this testimony is something that we have to work on passing to

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Each and every generation, meaning the generations that come after us. So

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how can we engage as Muslims as those who testify to these New Testaments? How do we

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engage in the society that we live in, that is a society that is not justified. So we Muslims living in a, in a non Muslim society, it was the practice of the many Muslim community to narrow and narrow, but many Muslim communities

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be isolated,

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typically live

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in an incubator limiting bubble, create this solitary existence, where you may have a message on a street, or in a neighborhood, and there has been no outreach to the neighbors whatsoever. They don't know the Muslims, the Muslims don't know them. The only thing we know about them, apart from Japan, and Boston, all types of problems. And we, you know, we sing this loud thing from the loudspeaker. And we, you know, the noise pollution and these type is what they go back.

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In was after 911, that this began to change.

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But the problem is that we have to be a bit more,

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not so reactionary, but engage our neighbors and the people around us because this is from a slang because it is from this thing, not because it is politically correct, or not, because we're looking for some favor for them, because we know we want to expand the next view, and we need them to prove the zone. No, it's not for that purpose, if that comes as a result.

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But the purpose should be primarily to do as the Prophet

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did, when he was a Muslim, living in a non Muslim society. You have an example we have the Muslims throughout the time, the 13 years, that the process of aligning the southern was a prophet, and he lived in Mecca as a Muslim, any non Muslim society in a majority non Muslim society, we do not have examples of the profit sort of worldwide new seller being found in dealing with his neighbors who are not dealing with his relatives who are not Muslim, and building the tribe for the gentleman who would not listen, we don't have those executives we've met, the prophet is likely to sit down and look at Canada appeals to the men.

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We have the Messenger of Allah, the best of example, I don't have time. At this juncture, I don't know how much time I have left.

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We don't have time to go into detail about me, the life practice of

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this is well recorded in an English language. The examples of the promise of love audio, is giving down on how you deliver the most amount of Islam. Not to mention, not to mention his uncle, his uncle,

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who was a non Muslim and died in the 90s was a great supporter of Islam.

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Is it conceivable that the private civil law

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would say things to this uncle, that would be insulting to him, or 10 abuses on boards apartment that is almost going to support this thing. That's inconceivable now, then they find the message of the practice of law finding something to be something that was framed, absolutely. Because the profit is not

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the worship of one guy a lot of time. In fact, he is the only one that deserves to be worshipped.

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Not that he is the only creator because they believe this. But then he was the only one two that deserve to be worshipped. So we're not going to worship saints or islands with anything else, claiming that you get us closer, so allows for family with that. So they thought as best as we can to strengthen that they say we knew Jeff, and this is something that's weird and strange, the message of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but as for him, and how he dealt with the non Muslims, and likewise the majority of the Muslims of that society, then there was a very cordial existence from the side of the Muslims. The aggression came from the side of the bad boy back then, and basically

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put an economic embargo on the Muslims that made it very difficult for them to live.

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When we again so when we talk about the Muslims

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who are living in these societies?

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We look at

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stage of isolation. And it's almost as though for every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction. And so after the period of isolation, there was a period of assimilation. And I'm going to use this word earlier, I'm not definitely sure about the

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dictionary definition of assimilation. But I'll say here, what I mean by that is full integration, fully accepting whatever American society has to offer.

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And that's dangerous, that is dangerous for the existence, the dignified existence of a Muslim holding on to his identity map.

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The reality is that

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there is a middle ground. And I'll call that middle ground integrations, you can think of better words, that's fine. I'm not sticking to words. It's the concept that I'm looking for you.

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The concept is that we are Americans.

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Many of us were not Muslims at one point.

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And then a loss of habitat,

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showed us the path and graces to accept that guidance that he showed us. And so we became Muslim.

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And when we put that together, we are American Muslims.

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Now, we also have Christian Muslims.

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Christian American,

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Christian, well, there wasn't a out before. She said, the Christian Muslim, but they revoked her priesthood. And, and so they did that,

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as a Christian, and they just said, you know what I meant to say that they have Christian American, and those Christian Americans may be

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followers of loser, and maybe from the Lutheran Church,

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or maybe from any of the other 23,000 sects of Christians that exists in the world today. We have Buddhists, the American, Hindu, American and secular Americans today.

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What makes us all American? I think this is this is a critical point, because as Muslims, what makes us Americans is not that we celebrate them.

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You see, what happens now is, you'll get the Muslims who come they

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were American,

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cultural housing and American cultural housing, we don't we just celebrate.

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And this is, you know, far from being American Americans celebrate.

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And there are many

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Americans are not listening at all, does not celebrate Thanksgiving. And there are occasions

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where I cannot do we cannot deal with all of these issues that come up to what it means being an American. This is a huge topic that deserves its own conference, not his own talk, but its own conference, a meeting of the minds, what are the parameters? What is permissible when it comes to engaging with the society that look what is permissible, what is comfortable?

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So I won't

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call him a subject just for a minute, because it is a hack, but you know, birthdays, anniversaries, you know, these are American cultural things and it looks as if we didn't have any problem. Well, the reality is, is that the problem is five to sin, when he went to Medina when he got

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me symptomatic of the loved one who was certainly

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useful to him. And he started the process on for 10 years. And narrative gives us a lot of character props, in some. Anyway, he said, a while back, he found that people are playing and enjoying themselves and having kind of a newsman, if you will, to date that they spend time playing.

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He does not like some of these more religious things.

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He says that they would make

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the promise of love I told them of something and be alive today for you two days that are better than those two things.

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These had for face any other holidays, whether those have to be religious in nature or not. And so

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When we look at some of the effects, if you will, sometimes we look at things and we we look at them when we say they're harmless was the problem with celebrating birthdays. What's the problem with celebrating an anniversary, I've been married for 10 years or 20 years. But maybe what's the problem with that we're American, this is nothing wrong with it.

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And look at the data.

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To make a claim and

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don't take things for face time. Look at the result of certain things. When your child, your child, anticipate the first day and his birthday party and her to get on the birthday. More than they anticipated. At the end, we have a proud Muslim identity.

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That will probably because our he should be special for children, and they should boys and they should understand that is the date of enjoying with companions, and permitted to

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do things on those days that they would not do during the rest of the year that was special.

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But for us, we take off, you know, anyway, but thank you. And when they many of us,

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many of the Muslims go to work with us.

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But the point is that that day is not the sentencing of some of these other holy days that we're celebrating, I know that my time is up, there's so much that needs to be discussed. In my opinion, I want to

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just say, if you will, I think give me a few just five minutes to

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this fabulous effect. And you can do it to all because I'm running behind because of the technical. You know, we can listen to

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142 in order to to preserve our identity as Muslims, we must have the institutions that support the preservation of

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medical, recreation, schools and schools are so important, and all the other facilities that we need to have in order to when we engage with reality, we need the

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Christian you need to engage with the agent, we need to put on our terms, we need to have witnesses, but we need to respect ourselves. And we also respect ourselves. Both they're clear about who we are, and that we have our own not dependent on others. And that is going to require some major economic stability, we cannot do it based on the donor system that we want to do. Rather than Can you please donate every July, we're asking people for money with barbecues and fish fries and whatever, to raise money. This weekend, this is not sustainable. And we should as Muslims move on to the point the same way that we have our own financial

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plan before so the more families we need that financial health for the community, I am recommending and I'm putting out there right now we need a system funko pop up in downloads and download that then we are putting our money into something that is the status, real estate or otherwise, and that we are taking the revenue from that to pay to support that to financially hopefully at some other time. You can deal with that in detail, the profit, obsession, child of an attack, any human being dynamic, all of the actions are cut off except the three things The problem was the first thing that he mentioned was something of

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a professional character, the professional character is realize that actual action manifested in the system of endowment, which we'll have to deal with at another time I lost him down and it's best to kind of alone as

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a stockbroker or to be late and I'm sorry for going through that with the rate that I did. But it's all your meals fault.

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Hello, Kyra and Shaq. Thank you for being with us. I know especially with the time difference and get up just recently tried to traveling. But that subject actually just brought up when you are in town again, inshallah. And we always appreciate the fact that you stopped getting to see us when you're in town. We would love to do put together a discussion with the people about that very issue. And I hope that we live our very next panel, which I'm going to ask the panelists to step up to

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The stage for now is called cooperative economics spending partnering and hiring with in the month. So you just I don't know if you intended to do that because we looked at the agenda.

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But you actually just gave us a perfect segue to the next panel. And even though I'd love to actually ask you a number of questions, because the timeline, we're gonna have to bypass that. But check I'm telling you a lot and when you come through, brother, we're gonna have you here with us.

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Salaam Alaikum, Salaam Alaikum. Shake my name is arrest my brother.

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Allahu Akbar.

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I believe it was worth the wait.