Mufti Menk – Lessons from the Final Sermon

Mufti Menk
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Abdullah he Rasool e Muhammad, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi. Germaine, my beloved brothers and sisters, the final sermon or the Farewell Sermon of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was delivered during the final Hajj. And on the day of alpha on the Mount known as Jebel Rama. The prophets of salaam got up and said a few words, and then the following day, he got up and said a few words, and so on. So, in a few places during that time, he repeated similar words. And this is why sometimes you hear that he said this on the day of Naha, which is the day of the sacrifice the day after the day of alpha and sometimes we

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hear that he said it on the day of alpha. This is because he had a habit of repetition and that is a teaching of the prophets Allah Salem and even in the Quran, we see repeatedly what Akima salata, etc. So Allah has asked us to repeat things for indeed the repetition is beneficial to the believers. What did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, before I mentioned it, let me tell you, it's the most important lecture ever to be delivered. The reason is, this is at the final moments of the message, where the verses were reviewed by Allah subhanho wa taala. Le OMA Kamal Tula khundii in a coma at mandorla income net Rima T Warabi. Tula comun is lemma d in this day, I have

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perfected your religion, all the teachings, everything is complete. And I have completed my favor upon you.

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And I have ordained for you, Islam as your religion submission as your faith. That is what I will be pleased with and that is what I am pleased with for you. Subhanallah, which means I've instructed it for you are this is what you shall do to earn my pleasure. And that is Allah Almighty instructing us so the prophets of salaam the first thing he says normally when he gets up for a lecture he praises Allah. And he starts off in that way declaring the greatness of Allah, Muhammad, Allah, Allah, Allah, he declared the praise of Allah. And he, he mentioned the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. He speaks about the praise to Allah on all conditions. Then he

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reminds the people to be conscious of Allah,

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being conscious of Allah, meaning that you must make sure that in everything you, you are focused on the fact that you're going back to the one who made you. That's very, very important. Don't forget the fact that you were made by this supreme deity, your Creator, and you're going to go back to the same supreme deity. Don't forget that very important message. So every time he spoke about being conscious of Allah, and then he spoke about power to law, which means the obedience of Allah obey Allah, it's better for you. It's really if you want goodness, happiness, the Creator knows what you should do to get that happiness, to get the contentment to see amazing, I always think to myself,

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had this world been worth more than the weight of the wing of a fly in the eyes of Allah, He would have given it to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him first. But he didn't because it means nothing. It weighs zero in the eyes of Allah. It's a deception if you think of it. Those who have are not content and those who are content don't have and those who don't have sometimes are looking for what they don't have and lose their contentment so it's only belief in Allah that will help you to actually achieve the contentment everyone's looking for. Then he says

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I don't know whether I'm going to be seeing you again on such a platform after this opportunity and after this year, law at the The Alina Alka combat army had a female Kofi however, I don't know perhaps I mean, that itself was a sign already to say perhaps the Prophet SAW Salem will not be in our midst. Next year.

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Truly so it happened. So this was the last most important message I need to deliver to you. It was the prophets of salaam delivered it to us to all of us to entire mankind. And that's the reason why he kept on saying a Uranus or Uranus or Uranus or people O people O people he didn't say, uh, you have Muslim moon, or believers. This address is for humanity at large

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Obviously, there are specifics for the believers, but there is a general message for humanity.

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What did he start off by saying, he says, after he said, I don't know whether I'm going to meet you or not. The first thing he mentioned was that the blood between you is sacred do not spill blood. First point. Where are those who have accused the Prophet Mohammed Salim and Islam of spilling blood were his most powerful message commenced with Dima ACOEM wa Bukhara mon Alaikum you're you're blood and your your dignity, your your lives, basically, as well as your reputations are all sacred, just like the sacredness of this day, you don't falsely accuse people. And you don't go to war with people for nothing. You don't kill people, you don't harm people and hurt people. This is the

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primary message of Islam. So if you are hurting people or harming people, accusing people, and if you have spilled blood, and if you are after the blood of people, then you are not following what the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him stood for simple as that

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Deema como Arada come haram en la come in one ration Amala calm your wealth as well. We're going to get to wealth because it was mentioned separately as well. Like I said, it was over a period of a few days, it was in that season, and there was a lot of repetition, but the points were all the same. So he says, Your blood is sacred, similar to the sacredness of this day, in this sacred month, in this sacred place. In one ration. He asked the Companions What day is this?

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They said it is the day of

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Arafah It was then he says,

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or it was the day of not like I said, there are two generations, okay?

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And then he says, What month is this? It's the month of the ledger sacred month, What place is this? It's Makara, sacred place, etc. Then he says, Well, your blood and your wealth and your dignity, Your Honor, is sacred, just like the sacredness of this day, in this month in this place. And that's why they say the blood of a movement is more sacred than the sacred. How the Kaaba. You know, you look after you save lives, you save lives, so much so that if we're engaged in a compulsory prayer, and somebody happens to fall, it is your duty for those around that person, to break the prayer and go and try and save that person, help them save their life, you know, because the sacredness of that

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life is way beyond that of your prayer. Your prayer can happen later. That life is more important. A lot of people don't know I've seen people when someone is dying next to them and they just continuing with their prayer like it's okay Allah will save this person and Allah says, We put you next to the person in order for you to, to achieve the reward of having saved the life and you just carried on going Subhan Allah, then we move on to the to the next point. But even before that, did you hear about murder? Did you ever hear about the dignity and honor of people? You need to protect the dignity and honor of people you don't falsely accuse? You don't mention bad words. You don't say

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things that are demeaning of someone you don't

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belittle a person? That is what the Prophet SAW. Selim warned us in this final message of his, you are a Muslim. You believe in Allah, you believe in the messenger, he is your Prophet sallallahu sallam, Is he really your prophet? Do you really love him? Well, he said, Watch your mouth. When you talk about others. Watch out, speak carefully. Be good, be kind with your words, even in disagreement, very kind. So there are so many people, even people who are perhaps connected to knowledge somehow having a lot of knowledge does not necessarily mean you're a pious person nor does it mean you're on the straight and narrow, nor does it mean you following the path of the Prophet

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Muhammad salah. A lot of people have a lot of knowledge but Subhanallah Are you practicing upon it? And you can see the practicing of knowledge in the character of a movement because it comes hand in hand. Kind of Hulu or an eye shadow the Allahu Anhu says the character of the Prophet Muhammad wa sallam was the Quran. Totally exemplary, absolutely beautiful. so pleasant. Everyone who interacted with him felt that that person was most loved to him than anyone else. Amazing. That was a gift. That was a gift Subhanallah Allahumma Salli ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala Nabina Muhammad was heavy he was very personally

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that was just sending blessings and salutations upon him out of love. Subhanallah so he says, Be careful your blood today you know what we've done. We have actually started fighting each other calling each other names and that's why towards the end of the sermon

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He says, lateral G Oh by the kuffaar Niladri Baba Kumarakom above, do not turn away into disbelief once again after me by killing each other. What are we doing today? Exactly that exactly what he warned us about. He says, Be careful. Don't kill each other letter G obey the kuffaar and Yoruba loco merkabah. Baba. No matter what to try to make peace with your brother in nama Mina is firstly obeying a highway calm this was also mentioned in the final sermon. Indeed, the believers are brothers. So resolve the matters between disputing brothers today. If you go to disputing brothers and say, Please resolve the matter, you become a part of the problem. You become a part of the

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problem, they will, they will harass you they will, they will probably demean you. My brothers, there's no point in fighting over worldly matters. It's too short a life to fight over. It's too meaningless to fight over. It's very petty, we're all going to go into our graves. The winners are those who stood firm for goodness and justice and ensured that there was a solution as far as possible to the problems and matters that are faced by brothers. When I say brothers, I mean here by two parties.

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So the Prophet Muhammad wa salam in this hotbar also mentioned that you are all from Adam and Adam is from the dust so there is no virtue of an Arab over a non Arab or a white over a black, except by the god consciousness which is only known by Allah. So elaborate Taqwa what is taqwa Taqwa means what is in your heart, your, your closeness to Allah, that's what makes you different and when are you going to find out who is more closer to Allah, that will be on the Day of Judgment. So, there is no virtue of any skin color, any nationality, any this any that there is no virtue. The Virtue is who is closer to Allah?

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Are you a better person in your relationship with Allah?

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Are you a better person in your relationship with those whom Allah has created? Today we have people fighting over petits. It solved the matters, oh Allah help them to solve their problems. So this is what the prophets of Salaam has told us. And every little while, he continued to say, Have I delivered the message. So they would say yes, you would say, oh, Allah, bear witness, or Allah bear witness, I've delivered the message,

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every little one. So he speaks about the dignity, the wealth. And he then speaks about anyone who has a trust, fulfill your trust. If you've been entrusted with something, fulfill it, because the day will come when you won't be able to avail yourself from the punishment of Allah, you will not free yourself from the punishment of Allah, because of

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what you've done with the trust you were entrusted with.

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You breached it, may Allah protect us.

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Then he makes mention of the prohibition of usury and interest. And he speaks about business deals, be honest and upright in your business, don't short change, people don't cheat and deceive. And eating interest in usury is part of deception, according to the teachings of Islam. So that's what the Prophet SAW Selim said, Don't deceive people don't cheat people, money and wealth shouldn't only be for you, you should start thinking about others and how you can empower them. That's what makes you a good person. Today, it's all about me, I want to be a billionaire. I want to be a trillionaire I want to be the richest in the richest in that, that won't help you. You're dying in the next five

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minutes. That's what it is. And then

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and then Subhanallah you'd rather build and do and become a philanthropist in such a way that the rest of mankind can be a witness that you got Yes, but you spent that non Muslims are doing this. What about the Muslims? Some of the non Muslims are so charitable mashallah we know of a lot of Muslims who are charitable as well, some of them mashallah way beyond the imagination of many, but I'm talking to you and I, we, myself included, need to do much more to be generous, be generous. You're not the only one who should be wealthy help people do things in private, that empower people for the sake of Allah. This is a great gift that Allah will bestows upon those whom he chooses. When

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you use your wealth in a good cause. It's only because Allah chose you to do that otherwise, that good cause will be will be financed by someone else. So consider yourself fortunate, when Allah has given you the acceptance to do the best thing with your wealth.

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May Allah accept it from all of us. So that was the prohibition of usury and interest. I just seize the opportunity to make mention of good business deals and being generous and helping people and not wanting everything for yourself because that is different.

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When the prophets of salaam tells us you know, shade man has become hopeless in him being worshipped besides Allah so Allah will be worshipped forever, up to the end up to close to the end.

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Chapin has lost hope in being worshipped, but he's happy that he's going to be able to make you fight one another. And he's going to be able to make you commit smaller since SubhanAllah. FEMA siwalik Which means that which is besides worshipping Him, you know, you won't worship Him but besides that, you will obey Him in so many different things. So the prophesy Salam says, follow Allah dini. Be careful, hold fast onto your faith. Be warned regarding your faith, keep it the way you dress, the way you talk, the way you do, what you follow, be careful of the trends, make sure that it's not drifting you away from religion. Do you know that if you want to be close to Allah

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through learning the Quran, if you have filled your life with other sorts of entertainment that is unnecessary and perhaps prohibited, it reduces your connection with the Quran and you won't memorize texts that are beneficial for you from religion. The more you know of that which is in the disobedience of Allah, the less you will be able to memorize that which is in the obedience of Allah. Check it out. Ask yourself, how many songs how many dirty songs do you know? Well, I guarantee you if the answer is more than 10 You know very little of the Quran, and you can barely memorize a hadith. fact fact it's checked. I'm just asking you to check it yourself. Why? The reason

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is, the minute you fill yourself with vulgarity, the Quran goes away, the Sunnah goes away. And that's why when you spend hours on end listening to things online that are you're not supposed to be listening to you're going to memorize all of those things and sometimes it's so dirty you don't even realize how dirty it is. But as a direct result of that you have very little of the Quran if someone gave you Surah Al falak to memorize it will be so difficult for you so little calf you don't you won't even know how to begin

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you know there was someone trying to memorize Surah Shara differ in the Milo solution and in the mahalo solution, and they kept on mixing that up completely. And then they told me Subhanallah I think you're right we I actually know all the dirty songs of by heart. This thing is not even coming on my tongue and those things it takes me two minutes and I know this I can actually learn it quick because you have gotten yourself used to prioritizing that way. This is what the processor said when he when he meant when he said Shaban has lost hope in you worshipping him full blown, but he knows he's happy with all the other small things. There goes. So be careful. He says follow Allah dini. Be

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careful regarding your faith, hold fast onto your faith. You know, keep it like a diamond like some valuable jewel. Make sure anyone anything that comes around, be skeptical in a good way. In a good way meaning be protective regarding your deen your faith, don't give it up just like that. May Allah grant us protection. We just defy evil. And we say no religion allows it. It doesn't doesn't honestly ask yourself sometimes the way we've been brought up you know, we know we do not know any better. But go and check the texts go and see what's required of you. Are you really a lover of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him? Well, these are his teachings. When the Prophet SAW Selim speaks

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about the holy and sacred months that are known as a luxury home is haram to initiate war in the month of hijab, advocate double head Jomo haram. And Roger, those are the four months known as assured home that Allah has declared then he speaks about women.

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He says all people are people. Women have rights over you. Just like you have rights over them.

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Subhanallah in his final sermon, he's speaking about the rights of women. He says women have rights over you, they have rights over you. Just like you have rights over them, which means there is a give and take here. You need to respect each other, learn from each other, you need to fulfill each other's rights. And he says they should obey Allah they should obey His messenger and they should be chaste and clean. That doesn't mean you don't have to be chaste and clean. You need to do the same. You need to obey Allah you need to be chaste and clean. You need to be pure and purified. When he says that men are responsible in the sense that they have to provide the food clothing accommodation

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in goodness for the spouse in goodness for the spouse and family, the main breadwinner. The Prophet peace be upon him has expressly mentioned that according to Islamic teachings, it should be the male and the female should support him and he should support her. He needs to respect her and love her

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and help her to fulfill her duties Unto Allah. And that's why the Quran says Allah Hoonah Mithila levy Allah in Bill maruf she has rights that upon her in the same way that you have rights upon her

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meaning from her, you have rights, she has rights, both of you have rights, just like each other. That's what the Quran says. So we're there are people who say no Islam oppressors, and does this. No, it doesn't actually go back to the texts. It is a beautiful partnership. And men are definitely responsible for women, they're responsible. They should be there they should be the main protecting force. Regina aware Muna, Allah missa. Men are totally responsible for the women. That's what the Quran says. The word a worm, the best translates as responsibility. You are responsible in every what way SubhanAllah. So remember this, this quote by and this sermon was a very serious one. Every

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little while in the process, Adam says, Have I delivered the message? They would say yes, he says, oh, Allah bear witness, I did it. This was his last main speech. Subhanallah so he spoke about the women then he says when you married them, you married them with the name of Allah, you took them with the Amana and the trust entrusted by Allah. So look after them, be careful how you speak to them how you address them, as those who have been Nyssa Hiren. You know, speak about them with goodness to them in goodness, you want to say something in a beautiful way. You want to

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advise someone advise each other in a good way, seek good advice regarding women, make sure people advising you or giving you good advice and so on all of that is included in the social Benissa affair. It's a powerful terminology. Remember, when you speak to females speak to them with utmost respect. That's a real Muslim, that's a true follower of the Prophet Muhammad Salah even if they happen to say something that you didn't like, no problem. And the women as well. When we speak to each other, we should speak with utmost respect. Subhanallah This is the advice of lobbyists are seldom as one of his final speeches. It's known as the final one, the final main speech on this

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platform, the platform of the Hajj.

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So how are you going to talk to each other? Are you really a lover of the Prophet Muhammad salah? Really, really? SubhanAllah? Let's see that. How do you speak to the people in your home? How do you address those around you? Do you really consider yourself an equal to everyone else? Or do you think your nationality is better?

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Really? Or do you think your color is better? Your tribe? Yeah. How many of us are so tribalistic? My tribe is everything Oh my tribe, my people, we are better every time I speak to people they confirm that yes, in our clan we feel that our people are better. The others have this problem that problem that problem we have good. Others are not that shade man directly in contrast with what Mohammed Salah Salem has taught

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directly in contrast of this.

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So let's correct that. You're not any better than anyone except by Taqwa except by your closeness to Allah

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Subhana Allah and this is the thing Yes, we all love our countries. We all love our people. We love our families. We love our tribe, but not the type of love that makes you belittle others. That's the point. That is the point. Everyone loves their place. You might think oh wow, it's so beautiful. It's lovely. I love this place. I enjoy going back home you know, if you say Oh, this place is the best place on earth Mashallah. But it's not by belittling others. It's just because you're comfortable there. Your liking based on the type of person you are suits that particular place more than anything else. That's why you feel that way. Doesn't mean others are worse or bad. Okay, let's

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move on. So he wants about the women and he says how you should spend on them and what you should do factor Paula have in Nyssa. He says fear Allah regarding the women fear, Allah, fear and be careful, be careful, fulfill their rights, and they should fulfill your rights to Allah make it easy for us. When the Prophet Salla mentions again about the blood and the murder. And he says in the moment, he who are believers are definitely brothers, you are not allowed to spill the blood of a fellow believer you're not even allowed to spill the blood of any innocent person. And in fact, you are not allowed to spill anyone's blood if the courts and so on find that someone is guilty or if someone is

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attacking you, and you need to defend yourself you may do so within the confines of what is needed in order to defend yourself at that particular moment. And this is known in international law as well. But you don't cross the limits. You don't go beyond the limits for many Tada Allah subhanho wa Taala says Whoever goes beyond that limits, is sinful. May Allah Subhana Allah

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to Allah, grant us goodness and the prophesy Salam then says, I have left with you that which if you hold fast to it, never go straight.

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I'm leaving with you something if you hold fast to it, you're never going to go astray.

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What are those things are what is that thing?

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Kitab Allah He was looking at the book of Allah, and my way, my path, my son. So if you follow the book of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet, a life of the prophet, the ways and the teachings of the Prophet, you won't go wrong. That's what he says, you won't go wrong. Are you homeless or people in Arabic Omar, your Lord is one or people your Lord is one. Your father is one. All of you are from Adam and Adam is from the dust. That's when he says, You know what the most honored from amongst you is the one who is most conscious of Allah.

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And then he speaks again,

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about how there is no racism in Islam.

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No virtue.

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For one over the other except by Taqwa then he speaks about inheritance. When Allah has given you wealth you passed on, that wealth needs to go the way Allah wants it to go. So don't cheat people in inheritance, don't short change people in inheritance, whoever does that Allah will not look at them on the Day of Judgment. Did you cheat your sister in inheritance? If you did, Allah is not going to look at you on the Day of Judgment, so make peace with her quickly, quickly.

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Did you cheat your mother or your child? Or your wife? Or? Or whoever or the orphan children? Did you cheat them out of a few dollars and cents and rupees in reality and whatever else? It may be a little bit of gold and silver a property or two? Did you shortchange them, if you did, here is the final sermon telling you you are not going to be looked at by Allah, and he's not going to accept your deeds, whether they are the obligatory deeds or the voluntary ones. Allah says, I don't want this person why? Because I mentioned something so clearly in Revelation to say, when you die, don't cheat people give them their due. And I told you in the Quran that if you don't give them the do,

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you will be served with a severe punishment. Here is the Prophet peace be upon him saying what the punishment is, it is that Allah will not look at you on the Day of Judgment, and he won't even accept your deeds.

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So make peace, it's not worth it. Trust me, even if the discrepancy is worth a million dollars, it's not worth it, give it give it, it's not worth it. It is not worth selling your entire hereafter. For a few bucks of this world for a few dollars. Come on, you don't need that. Give it away, give it away, have a big heart.

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Don't get attached to worldly matters, enjoy them a little bit here and there. But don't be attached. If you don't have it. Don't be depressed, no problem. Some people are depressed when they don't have the perfume that they're used to. When they don't have the bag when they don't have the accessories when they don't have the car when they don't have the phone that they so desperately wanted. The world comes to an end. But they don't realize my brother, my sister, that is nothing get yourself used to this. It's nothing.

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May Allah Almighty grant us goodness and acceptance. And finally the prophets of salaam speaks about.

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Whoever falsely uses lineage that is not his is also a great center, part and parcel of the sin. And the type of punishment that is mentioned for the inheritance is mentioned here too, to say you always

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call yourself son of so and so mentioning your father's name unless he's unknown completely Subhanallah you you mentioned your father's name, you don't deny the fact that you're so and so's child. What is a surname a surname is not necessarily something that depicts lineage always. But it should there are different cultures that depict or that use a surname in order to show things sometimes, in some cultures, it's always the grandfather's name becomes a surname no matter what. In some cultures, it's the name of the tribe. In some cultures, it's the name of something that people got known by, you know, so that is one thing. But what is specifically mentioned here is to say, I

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am so and so son of so and so and you are lying. That's what's mentioned here. I am so and so son of so and so and you're lying, knowingly. In that case, it's a major sin, don't do that. It's not worth it. I am so and so son of so and so that's it. That's the best I am so and so and say the truth. May Allah Almighty grant us acceptance and goodness and open our doors. These are some of the points mentioned in this final hook by and it's very powerful, very important, extremely beautiful to learn. These are some of the International teachings that Islam has definitely been across the whole world. We need them and everyone needs them. So this is just a synopsis of it. I pray that Allah

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grant us the true benefit and make us true lovers of the Prophet Muhammad wa sallam, and until we meet again

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Some time AsSalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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