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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah, who Allah Allah, he was happy to mine.

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My brothers and sisters we commence In the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household, his companions, we ask Allah to bless them to bless every one of us and to grant us every form of goodness. I mean, my brothers and sisters, who is Allah? And why should we be worshipping him?

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You know, I am on Earth, I have a brain, I have eyes, I have ears, I have hands, I have limbs, I have feelings. I have relatives I have so much I earn I spend. And guess what, at the end of it, I die. May Allah grant us all Rama and mouthfeel at the mercy and forgiveness. And may Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah be pleased with all of us. So I was made by a supreme deity, someone made me and this is what makes a believer. So the believers believe that someone made them, they didn't just appear, or they didn't just come about from nothing. And this is what believers believe. Because we're so sophisticated, it's impossible for us to just appear somewhere. I mean, if I were to tell you that

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something has just popped up in your backyard, and it's a sophisticated electronic gadget, and it just came from nowhere, you would think I was crazy, someone has to have put it there. It must have come there somehow there is an explanation. So in a similar way, we are more sophisticated than any gadgets. I mean, if one limb or organ fails, may Allah protect us, we would need a lot of help to try and

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you know, alleviate the pain or the suffering that is caused as a result of that organ having failed.

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May Allah grant cure to all those who are sick and ill. So someone made me now, once I realized that, okay, someone has made me and I believe that there is a supreme deity who made me the question arises, who made me? So? Is it another person who looks just like me? The answer is no, because there are millions of others, billions of others who look just like me, who cannot make someone just like me, they've never done it. They

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cannot do it right now, and they're not going to do it in the future. And evidence of it is, as time passes, we're learning more and more about humankind. And that's a loss plan. Allah says, We will show you more as time passes sunnery him, Tina Finn, p wafi. foresee him, hi, Tanya, nella, whom

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Allah says we will continue showing them signs in the horizons, meaning in the creation of Allah as well as within themselves, until it is proven beyond the doubt to them that it is the truth. And according to the books of explanation of the Quran, the term it here is referring to the Quran itself, the Revelation, Revelation is the truth, it has come to you with a lot. And Allah will prove it as time passes that each and every thing that he taught you is actually the truth. Sometimes you might have science, proving something contradictory for a while. And after a decade, or more or a century, or more or less, science will just apologize because it has a new finding. And that new

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finding will then be in conformance to what was revealed. So Allah says, we're going to show this to you as time passes. That's not my topic today. But going back to who made me so number one is I have to admit, someone made me number two is he cannot be like me. It's not like me, because time has passed, millions and billions have been on earth and they have advanced and with their advancement every year, we are more and more

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you know, well acquainted with our bodies, our limbs and so on more and more findings. So we're progressing we're advancing with that advancement. Nobody has created a human being so Hannah law, exactly as we are.

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So I know that it's not someone like me, and because I'm the most sophisticated of the creation at the moment, you know, I believe in the Quran. So, I am going to tell you the whole answer is you Oh, man.

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have been created, created. In the best of postures. Allah says we created you in the best of postures lapada Hala canal

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Santa fi Sangeeta we indeed we have created man in essence meaning the best of taquile Queen, your postures, you know the way you stand the way you sit the way you hold the way you see the exact positioning of all your limbs and organs, Allah says, the best, the best from what from all other creatures of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now, pause for a moment because I want to prove that to you to begin with.

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Think for a while of any limb or organ of yours. Do you think it could be in another place? Besides where exactly it is? Take a look at your five fingers, these five fingers exactly where they are, you know, the index finger the thumb. If you had to change anything, you would never be able to compete with what is already there. Take a look at your eyes. Where do you want to put them your ears? They can look at your lips, your teeth, your mouth, your tongue, your everything. So Panama, where would you like to put it Allah says we put it in the best possible place for you. We created your lessons and we created you in such an amazing way. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is the greatest

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Okay. Now, unfortunately, there are people who don't believe at all it's a no no, no, there is no creator. There's no maker. There's nothing happening like this, you know, Subhan Allah? Well, we're saying, did this just come about or just like that, you know, we're too sophisticated not to have had a maker that make we believe

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we is not like us now. He is a supreme deity. I haven't seen him. You haven't seen him. So people say how do you believe in things you haven't seen? Well, the Coronavirus has made it quite easy for us to understand that look, we didn't see it initially. And we still cannot see it with the naked eye. But it requires something before you can actually see it. But you know, it's there. So with Allah, His signs are there and you can actually feel and see His signs. But to see him we will see him after death. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the best possible day, being the day that we meet with him I for 1am very excited of the day that I'm going to be meeting my maker so panela

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imagine meeting he who made you and made creation, how beautiful that day is going to be when you know his names and his qualities. And I'm going to get to that in sha Allah. So Allah subhanho wa Taala we believe this deity who made us there is a supreme deity. And because he made us we owe him everything he wants from us, we owe it to him because we're so helpless, we're going to return to Him. so helpless, you know, the wealthiest of all, or has to return to Allah has has died and will die. The most handsome, the most amazing, the most intelligent, they're gone, or they're going to go so panela Have you thought of how weak man is you're going to live here on average, 60 to 70 years,

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not more, the average has never been more than 6070 years, globally. So you've come onto this earth? Really? Do you really think that you know a man

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as sophisticated as he is, would just come onto this earth for a few years and then disappear into thin air, leaving behind loved ones leaving behind every belonging of yours? You know, whatever, you enjoyed everything that was there and you saw yourself. You saw yourself grow from weakness to strength and then from strength back to weakness. You saw it happen. Do you really think that that's it that you know, I was here for nothing, you know, just to

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enjoy and that's it, you know, do what you like? No, my brothers and sisters were believers. Someone made us and guess what? We're going to return to the same someone Subhana Allah. So who is he? He is the maker known as alcoholic? No one can deny. If I believe I'm made by someone, then I should believe that that someone is the maker. What did he make? Well, he made me and he made entire creation. He is the Creator alcoholic.

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And when I came onto the earth, that same maker made me give value to things that I found on Earth. When I came here I was naked, I was not closed. They made something called clean.

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Those who made it people, from what from something that that maker had placed on Earth. So whether it is cotton from the farms, or whether it is leather, from the skins and hides of the animals, whatever else it may be,

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that maker is the one who had left or caused the creation of all of that on earth. And we as human beings then gave it value, he gave us the mind and understanding indeed, to be able to transform some of his creation, to something which will benefit us. Anything you have you found it on Earth, anything, anything of value, you found it on earth, and you're going to leave it on Earth. That's what it is. Think about it for a moment what ever I have the most beautiful of my belongings, things that make me so happy. You know, the, the blankets, the beddings, the houses, the paint, the colors, the cars, the handbags, the perfumes, the sense the slump, every single thing that you have, and you

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you believe has value, you found it on Earth, Allah says we haven't yet shown you what we've created besides a droplet, you're still going to go into the heavens, and we're going to show you a little bit more as time passes, notice how they're discovering planets, and galaxies and so much more beyond what we ever knew. And most of these are way beyond the size of the entire Earth. Most of these are way beyond the size of the entire earth. And there are millions, if not billions, of these planets and stars and whatever else we have Subhanallah I feel so small when I think of the closest star being four and a half light years away from me, which means at night, when you look at the

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star, that star was there four and a half years ago. And it took four and a half years for the light to travel from the star to you on Earth. So it may not be there anymore. It could have been a fallen star that fell four and a half years back, when you see a star falling. It's actually four and a half years back that that stuff fell. But the light was traveling at the speed of light for four and a half years before it got to you. And then you saw it and you think Wow, you're a big deal. So pan Allah Subhana Allah are more than four and a half because four and a half is the closest star,

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four and a half light years away, La Ilaha Illa. So someone made the stars and the moon and someone made the earth, someone made the heavens Subhanallah many places in the Quran, Allah Almighty makes mention of the fact that he created the seven heavens, the seven skies, how? I don't know. But he's made them. And I know every time we find out certain things that's just the earth and the atmosphere around it. And a few of these planets, we haven't yet gone beyond that. So imagine the greatness of Allah. So when you say who is Allah? He's my maker and the maker of absolutely everything. So

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now why do I call him Allah? The true answer is he called himself Allah, Allah is the name of the maker, the creator,

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the maker and the Creator. Now, we call him the nareesha and the cherisher, the provider, the Sustainer, the protector, the cure, provider protector, nourishes sustainable because everything we have, we found it here. Nobody actually put it here besides he who made myself an entire creation.

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Aloha inletting holla volcom It is Allah who created you. And Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about so water come, he gave you your surah he gave you your image, he gave he fashion you and he gave you your face your identity. Amazing, amazing. So Allah is the one who made all of us. He is the Sustainer the provider the He is the one who has provided all of these things for me. I mean, those of you who are vegan, for example, it's Allah who provided all of that you found it on Earth, you didn't bring it with you, and you will leave and you won't take it with you either. SubhanAllah

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and so it will stay on earth anything that has value was given value by humankind based on the value that was given by Allah. So we consider gold very, very valuable. What is gold? Have you thought about it? It's actually the dust of the earth. What is glass? glass is the sand of the earth. What is silver? It is

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Mind in a similar way, what is what are diamonds Subhanallah Have you thought of it, this carbon and Subhanallah so much that we have we mined it, and we get so happy that granite and whatever else is there,

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I get so excited, but unless is on Earth, you cannot use it for more than just a few years when you came here, you didn't speak. And so we created you in such a way that within a short span, you were taught how to do certain things. And at a certain point, you mature and you had your own brain, you must begin to ask questions, and you must try and find serious answers. Who made me and why am I here? So let's go back to that.

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Someone made you now if he made you, he made you for a purpose. What was the purpose? We will never have an answer except from Revelation. I can't just see people come in, spend a few years and go some coming and go in a short span of time, and some live a little bit longer. I can't just see people come do as they please and leave. I can't just see people come and some of them don't do as they please. They are disciplined and then they leave. So all of this Subhanallah if I were to look at it, there must be a purpose. He who made me couldn't have left me without anything he has to have taught me something. Why did he make me so he says

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he wanted to create a create a creation or a creature humankind a creature that was neither an angel nor a devil

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Subhan Allah.

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I believe they're angels. Okay, angels, Leah asuna, la Hama, amerihome, WiFi, Luna, Mario marone. They don't disobey the almighty at all. They do whatever they're told. They don't have the capacity to disobey and they're completely sin free. Those are the angels one hand and the other hand, there is Satan the devil.

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So this devil, he is arrogant. He has denied Allah knowing Allah. He knew Allah. And he, he is arrogant. That arrogance had has led him to denial. He won't worship Allah and he won't listen. And that's the devil. Okay? Allah has control over him. But Allah has left it for a purpose. He's left it for a bit. He has these two on either side. One, actually insults the almighty belittles the Almighty and has this arrogance. This is why we're always taught to protect ourselves from arrogance. So he defies the maker in everything. And on the other hand, you have total obedience. So Allah says in the middle, we made humankind and we want to reward humankind. We, it's Allah, Allah

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enjoys this, he wanted it, he loved it, and he loves to see us and all these words are used in the Quran, you know, that Allah loves and Allah wanted, and Allah did this and so on. And not just in the Quran, but revelation before the Quran, that was from heaven. Subhana Allah. So, Allah Almighty says, I created humankind, humankind will come on the earth, and their parents, the parents, you know, the first human was created from dust and soil, and made and after that Allah created a reproductive system that worked. And then the rest of us were created through that reproductive system. Obviously, Eve or Hawa May peace be upon her was created a little bit differently, and Jesus

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made peace be upon him was also created a little bit differently. Besides those three, Adam, even Jesus, the rest of us are created through male and female. So Adam, no male nor female, Eve, through mail without the involvement of a female, Jesus through female without the involvement of a male Subhana Allah, that was the decree of the Almighty the words of the Almighty, the power of the Almighty Allah, and the rest of us through male and female. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, you know, your parents, it's their duty to give you a good name, and to give you a decent upbringing, they will clothe you initially and they will have to take care of you as part of their test. So

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Allah created us here to test us, while another one, we will definitely test all of you. That's what Allah says. So He created us, to test us with what joueur hunger, how fear knocks, minimum, one loss of wealth, will enforce loss of lives, loss of produce, and Allah says their patients, their patients, keep worshiping me when I give you worship me when I take away from you worship me their patience, and you'll get back to me very soon, like later today. May Allah grant us a good return to Him. I mean,

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There we go. My brothers and sisters amazing. So

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Allah says I created you to test you in Suitland. Kabuto. Also Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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perhaps even a neutral coup de PUE.

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Afternoon, this man thinks that it's sufficient for him to say, we believe and then he's not tested. Allah says, what are called

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cobbling him. Fela lemon Allahu la Vina sada boo. While a lemon, the bean, we have indeed tested them before you

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before before man before us Allah says we tested all of the people. I mean before this was revealed at the time of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah says even before you we tested everyone, in order to distinguish between who is really truthful, and who is a liar Subhana Allah, one might wonder what was the truth and the lie? Well, Allah says, before we created you, we created within you a fifth or a nature, naturally, you would think, and you would come back to believing there is a deity, someone made me when I die, I cannot just disappear into thin air, I have to go back to he who made me and I'm going to give my record of deeds, I'm going to say how I did and so

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on, you know, you go out in the morning from your house, you come back in the evening, and your parents asked you, how was your day? What did you do and why did you do this? And why didn't you do that? And well done for this. And that? Well allows example is far higher, he released you into the earth. And when you go back, he's gonna say what did you do? And how did you do it? Did you worship Me? Did you remember me? Because Allah says,

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what you've been coming Danny Adam amico who reata whom wash hadda Humala who seem to be or become con Oh, Bella, shahina tappu young woman in

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LA feeling amazing verse. Allah says, Do you know do you remember that time when we removed all of the souls from the back of Adam alayhis salaam and all of you were there? And we asked you, who is your Lord? Am I not your Lord? And you all answered, Yes, you are. And Allah says, Don't forget this. You don't come back on the day of piano and judgment and say, I don't remember. And I don't know. And guess what we don't remember. But fitrah and the nature makes us go back to it. Ask questions. So don't take risks when it comes to worship. Who should you worship? don't worship a human who looks like you because you're risking it. If they look like you, chances are they cannot

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be your maker. Ibrahim Alayhi Salam went through this process. He looked at the sun. He thought about it. He said no can't be. He looked at the moon. He thought about it. He said no can't be he looked at the stars. He thought about them no can't be. He says whoever created the stars and the moon and the sun. I worship Him alone. The one who created Fatah a summer what he was the one who created the heavens and the earth. He is the one I turned my face towards. And that's it, which means I dedicate all acts of worship only and solely to him and to nobody else. And that's the entire test Allah subhanho wa Taala says, we're going to test you with what Mr. Hanako told Jean

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In earlier Bowden, I have not created mankind or gene kind, except that they obey me they worship me. They understand my instruction to them. What was the instruction? Allah says, don't worship anyone besides me? That's it. worship your makeup, any act of worship, you ever render only render it to he who made you? So what do I call him? He calls himself Allah. So what is the meaning of the term Allah, some of the scholars have gone into it. And they have mentioned a few opinions. One of them is Allah is actually the worship to one Alma Lu, the worship one, and we refer to him as the worship one because he alone deserves worship. The only deity the only one who deserves worship is

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He who made me I cannot worship someone else or something else. That is also going to come to an end, simply because it's a little bit more powerful than I am I worship the all powerful. That's it, not others who might have a little bit of power that is temporary. No, he whom I'm going to go to so if I say oh, you who made me, I worship you alone. I haven't taken any risks whatsoever. Because the day I die, I'm going to go back to him who made me and he will know Oh, you worshiped he who made you that was very intelligent of you.

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Very intelligent. So the most intelligent from amongst us of those who declare that they worship their maker alone, and they seek from the one whom they are going to return to that he has mercy upon them when they return to Him. So I say, Oh, you who made me, have mercy upon me, oh, you made me I worship you alone, I will put my head on the ground for you and declare your greatness because you made me. So don't take risks. Allah says, Just call me Allah. You know, in Hebrew, they use the term no him or no ha, similar meaning, and it's also the one supreme deity. When the Jewish people say, we worship the one supreme maker and deity, they're talking about Allah. And yes, we differ

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with them in certain things and matters. But regarding the concept of godhood, the similarities are probably more than all other faiths, between Judaism and Islam. So we say Allah, no one who made us know. And he sent to us from the very beginning messages, manuscripts, messengers, he sent to us so many and proof of it is, look, we have major religions on earth today, the major religions, the vast majority, the bulk, the billions, so Han Allah, you have Jews, Christians, and Muslims, those are in the majority, right? So you look at them, all of their teachings are taken from the same source, there are so many similarities between them, yes, there are differences. But there are so many

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similarities. And you will find that those teachings are interconnected. SubhanAllah there has to be some source, the Muslims respect and honor and believe in Jesus May peace be upon him, Moses, may peace be upon him. And all the others that

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they have mentioned in the Old Testament, and all of those that the Christians believe in as well as the Jews.

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And the Muslims believe in Muhammad, peace be upon him and the teachings of Muhammad peace be upon him, are actually just an extension of the teachings of Jesus and the others. And Allah says, We have sent you to confirm what the others have brought. And it's a fact because look at it on the ground. Yes, as much as we may not, in some instances even get along well, but we still believe things that are very, very similar. So man, Allah, it goes to show there is some truth in it. And I believe there is absolute truth in the fact that the one who made me is the only one who is owed worship, no one else none else, Lower.

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Lower, but so who is he? Well, he asks us to concentrate more on the names and qualities of his, in his qualities, he has the qualities of canal, the qualities of perfection, no one is similar to Allah in any way, shape, or form, no one, no one, no one nothing. So I believe whatever Allah has said about himself to be true, and I stop there, because I, my mind cannot go beyond it. And I will not deny it because he mentioned it. So I stopped exactly there. If Allah says something, I believe that his names and his qualities, that's exactly what I believe, whatever he has said in Revelation, and whatever the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him has declared in Revelation that is authentic, I

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take it, and I stop exactly there. And I believe in his qualities, take a look at this, the Most Merciful, the most kind, the most compassionate, the one in control, the one the cure, the Sustainer, the nourisher, the provider, the protector, the one who is the greatest and so on so many of these qualities. So Allah says, When you understand my names, my qualities and you believe in them, and you put them into practice, you deserve paradise. Now you know who made you that's all I came on to the earth. I recognize my maker. And that's why Allah has given us maturity. When you start asking questions. Notice teenagers don't really get along so much with their parents sometimes

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because they start asking questions because they want to live knowing that what they're doing is makes the most sense to them. And they need to continue questioning because sometimes what makes sense to a mind that is contaminated is actually not the truth. So your mind needs to be uncontaminated, or you need to try and clean your mind and from from the contaminations. So your belief would be pure, pure, you'd be thinking with a pure mind, and that's why keep asking Allah to guide you. We say Idina Serato Mr. Kane Guide us to the straight path more than 17 times a day in prayer Guide us to the straight path because that guidance is by far the most important thing that

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you would ever, ever be able to achieve. If Allah guided you. He's given you everything. And if you are misguided, even if you have material items, you've got nothing Subhanallah because it's very temporary. people build their houses on earth and they're worried about their salaries and

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Mashallah, it's important. But if you're doing that at the stake of your hereafter you've lost everything. Subhan Allah. So, Allah says, These names and qualities when you know them and you understand them and you know who I am, and you worship Me alone, you deserve paradise. That's why the Hadith says 99 of the names of Allah, if you were to memorize them, understand them, put them into practice. Manasa ha, oh, have you ever heard the halogen they will enter paradise? And this is why Allah tells us you know, have a good thought about Allah have a good perception about Allah, He is forgiving, he is kind, He is merciful. We are human, many of us struggle because we forget that

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we are just human beings. You want to be an angel, you're not going to be able to be but don't be a devil. Just be a human. What What, what does that mean?

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I know the do's and don'ts and I will try my best to fulfill the duties and stay away from the don'ts. And I will keep seeking the forgiveness of Allah because I'm just a human. There's some strong desires within my system. And sometimes I may fall for these, but I'm not falling like the devil fell out of defiance. I'm falling out of my weakness. So I asked Allah forgiveness. Allah says

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that's why we made you to seek forgiveness. Imagine Adam alayhis salam this makes me smile every time I think of it.

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Allah prohibited upon them only one thing when they were created, don't eat from this tree while at Aqaba. ha de Sha don't eat from this tree. That's exactly what they did. That's exactly that's the only thing they did so Han Allah.

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Allah said, Don't do this. And that's what they did. But did they do it out of defiance or a weakness out of human weakness and the deception of the devil? So whenever you send if you send out of human weakness and the deception of the devil, quickly seek the forgiveness of Allah, no matter how many times it happens, seek the forgiveness come back on track, be strong and be hard on yourself to get back to worship Allah alone and do what pleases Allah and inshallah you're on the right track. You heading for Jenna for paradise. Look at the Quran Allah speaks about those who committed adultery, those who did bad things, immoral things Allah says if they remember Allah and

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seek forgiveness and change their ways. Those are the ones whom we will grant paradise Allah says, Allah encourages our home Mozilla to mirror image and not for them from the Lord will be forgiveness and paradise. Who are they? And Medina is alpha alpha he shot and Allah mon Tucson, the Kabbalah for Stouffer for Stovall. nanobeam, those who committed the morality or did something evil wrong to themselves, and then sort the forgiveness of Allah. Here is Allah saying, you know what, we will forgive them, because they change their ways. So remember your human, this is Allah, Who is Allah, my maker, the one whom I'm going to return to the only one who is the supreme deity alone? Who is

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old worship none other than him his old worship. So this is why we say, why is Allah The only one worthy of worship? Because he made me I'm going to go back to him. I mean, I'm going to die. When I die. Where did Where do I go? Okay. So from you know, from a probabilities perspective of the people of the earth, when they talk, they will tell you, some might say you're going to be reincarnated into a fly or into a snake or a bird. Some might say, you're going to just fizzle out into thin air, some might say, you're just returned to nature. Some might say, you know what we believe, while we're too sophisticated, too sophisticated, to just let that happen to us. My loved ones, my people,

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all of you guys, me, I want to meet you guys. I want to see everyone. I want to have more time, all this, all these restrictions and everything that's finite, I wanted to become infinite. And so where was I before I was born, I'm so weak that I don't even know where I was before I was born, had it not been for revelation to explain to me, nobody, no amount of science can ever tell you where you were before you were born completely. They might say at a certain point, they might say, well, you were in the form of semen or an egg, or a little bit of whatever in your in the loins of your forefathers. What about the beginning of men? They can't even go back and trace that at times.

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SubhanAllah. You asked them how old is the earth? And they will tell you a few million years I heard someone say 20 million I heard someone say 200 million is just calling shots. Subhana Allah say 12 million and I say, well, for 12 million years man has just progressed and progressed and progressed. And in the last few 100 years, in the last 100 years, man has technologically advanced like never before, but still man cannot answer certain questions. person dies, where do they go? Where do they go? Don't take risks. My brothers and sisters no risks involved. I worship my maker him alone, or you who made me a worship you I put my head on the ground for you I stay away from bad things. So

00:34:57--> 00:34:59

Allah has prohibited things in toxic and

00:35:00--> 00:35:49

prohibited because he wants you to use your brain, that's it, that is it had had intoxicants not covered your brain and and made you you know not be able to think properly and do things properly Allah would never have prohibited it not at all evidence of that is they will be wines in heaven that will be non intoxicating. And the term wine initially in the English language refers to pure extract of fruits and so on. You know that fruit juice, it used to be called wines when they say so and so drank wine in the Scriptures, they're not talking of intoxication, they're talking of the purest of fruit blends, Mashallah tabarrok, Allah, may Allah bless us with those juices and blends

00:35:49--> 00:36:24

and extracts of the fruits in general and in this dunya in a beautiful way. nonintoxicating. So, Allah says, something is bad for you, I've told you, it's bad for you, and I don't want you to do it. So whatever Allah has prohibited, it's not good for you. Whether you understand it or not, when Allah says dress in a certain way, if you don't, there will be repercussions. What they will be people may have the courage to talk about or may not have the courage to talk about. Because in actual fact, when we look at the freedom on the web, or on the globe today,

00:36:25--> 00:36:40

some people say that we're not actually free to say what we want, we're only free to say what is acceptable to others. That's meaning. That's what some people say that you can't just say what you want, because you'll be in trouble.

00:36:41--> 00:37:19

Like, what is that true? So Hannah? Well, some people have the courage to tell you, when you don't dress appropriately, this is what happens. There is a psychological impact. There is an impact here there is a loss of respect, there is whatever whatever and others will say go to hell you're talking nonsense. Well, we're facing it in the last few years in the last decades, we seeing things in results. You can go and study, you can go and have a peek at what's going on. So panel up, where are people losing it completely. Allah says when you lose me, you will lose yourself. So Pinilla. So when the rules and regulations are set by Allah, I promise you, they're only set in order for us to

00:37:19--> 00:37:55

be able to live the best of lives and succeed in this world and the next, that's Allah. So this is what makes it unique. And this is why I say I will worship Allah alone, his names, his qualities are unique. No one is can be similar to Allah in any way. Nothing wrong. Lysa committed he Shea who was sent me on BuzzFeed, he is all hearing he is all seen he, he is just and he will serve the Justice people get away with things on Earth. It's not going to be forever. They're going to face the Justice one day.

00:37:57--> 00:38:07

My brothers and sisters, it's an amazing topic, who is Allah? Why is he worthy of worship, He's worthy of worship, because he made me and I'm going to go back to him when I go back to him. Subhan, Allah

00:38:09--> 00:38:51

is just going to be one of those amazing days, you know, when you before you were born, you were in the womb of your mother. And I always love giving this example, as you come onto the earth. You never, ever remember what it was like there in the womb of your mother. But if you knew how tight it became, and how difficult and small it became in the womb, and then suddenly you cross the membrane, and you were in a place you never believed existed, it was so different and there was just a membrane between you and what we know today is life. Well, in a similar way, you're going to cross through Sakura to the pangs of death. And you cross through a small membrane again, where your soul

00:38:51--> 00:39:11

departs the body. And you will then float into something known as a buzzer. It is a it is a certain place that Alice kept as a transition between this life and the Day of Judgment. So Pamela, and we will float straight through that and go in such an amazing, unique way.

00:39:12--> 00:39:47

I can't wait for that day. So Panama, try your best seek forgiveness of Allah and have hope in the mercy of Allah, better your ways and habits try and understand revelation. When Allah says do something or don't do something, ask yourself, why is this? Not because I'm defining a largest, if I understand this, it's, it's much better. There is always an explanation. But even if you don't understand it, remember, Allah knows better than you. You know, when your mom tells you don't play with the knife, but you enjoy it. It's silver, it looks nice. You're gonna cut yourself and then when you cut yourself, your mom says Didn't I tell you what our last example is higher. Allah says,

00:39:47--> 00:39:59

Don't do this. And don't do that. When unless prohibited. adultery and fornication is prohibited sexual misconduct is prohibited immorality and evil bad words is prohibited worshipping anyone or anything besides Him.

00:40:00--> 00:40:40

He is prohibited insulting others He wants you to be just and fair. He wants you to be disciplined, completely disciplined. He wants you to pray to get up at a certain time to sleep at a certain time. May Allah forgive us for our shortcomings, and sincerely, sometimes we actually make mistakes and we do wrong, intentionally or unintentionally but not out of defiance of Allah. So May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive all of us and grant us goodness, I hope these few words have actually motivated us in our worship of Allah alone. And in learning a little bit more and in obeying the instruction of Allah. Allah bless you all. Apollo Kohli, hava Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh