Memorise Tabarak #3

Yahya Ibrahim


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Verse number three

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and Levy, a levy holla for SAP bass malware,

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t bap or a levy holla for a levy holla Sabha now the letter seen setback you are to clench your teeth your teeth are to be closed and your tongue is behind your teeth your tongue does not go outside of your teeth I said that I said that I said that and notice that I it's not said that. It said that I said that I said that I said man were teen setbacks. Were teen setbacks. Were teen setbacks. Were teen setbacks. Were teen fleabag for fleabag Pol Pot, pour not tear, pour, not Tear Tear.

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Tear taught taught said the SMM were

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the bad or setbacks were three bad setbacks by Sam where to play basketball and levy caulerpa said there were

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three bad for a levy holla

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man were

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the bad for a levy holla Kala pasa bass Allah

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Allah de Kala pasa bass and where do you fleabag fall? Allah de holla Casa bass

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fleabag Bob and levy hi Kala Casa da sama were to fleabag for mad Tara Mad Dog mad Tara Matt out off he Hello Manny. Matta Rafi Hello Manny. Many notice there's no order in our ramen, ramen. Ramen, you withhold your tongue touches the base. Nearly the the top of your mouth the roof of your mouth. Our rock man, our man, our rock man, Matt out off he Hulk rock man, Matt offie Hulk rock man he

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would when there is no

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viralization on the noon. This is something that you will hold for two stresses mail that firewood and you merge it into the next tab mill

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wood federal jail bass or federal jail bass or once again from the beginning. A levy holla Sabha SMS where to piggyback por la v ha la casa

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de bafo meta Rafi Rafi

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Matta Rafi offi rock man emu wood metal Rafi Hello, rock man emu

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wood. LLP holla Casa is a man where to play basketball. Matter off offie taluka rock man he

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would mean

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would mean

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would Matt down Rafi rock man he

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would levy Kala Casa

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de Baca Matta Rafi Hello, Manny dafair would Pharaoh gl basara Health era federal jail basara federal jail basara Health Tara health era federal jail basora Health era federal jail in bathala hell Tara Matt offi

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found federal g l basora. Federal j l basora. Federal j l basora. Hello Tara.

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For to Pharaoh j l basara. helter ah.

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Full to Pharaoh gra jail basora heltah Ramu fuku and levy ha la casa

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de Becque

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Matter offi Hello Kiera, man emu dafair wood, Pharaoh gr l basara. Tara mew fu to Pharaoh j l basora. Hello Tara for to a levy ha la casa bass where

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the backhoe? Matta Rafi rock man he

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would. Pharaoh j l basara. helter amin flew to la de la casa de la Santa.

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T back off tobacco matter often in many mean wood. Federal jail bathala heltah Ramu flew to la de la casa de Sena. Where do you tobacco matter? Rafi Hulk rock man.

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Deaf I would federal Jerry basara move to LA de la casa

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de Baca Matta, Rafi rock many many deaf I would Pharaoh j basora. Tara fuku la de la casa de Sena were to playback or Matta, Rafi rough man he

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would Pharaoh j l basora, helter or mu two